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Boots, Inactions, and Domestic Terrorists Denial
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio 
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People always say “follow the money” to get to the truth, but sometimes getting to the truth simply means adding up numbers while throwing anything but coincidences into the mix. And more times than not the gullible amongst us still believe that the federal government tells “We the People” the truth.

But in today's world a “constant” remains in that the Biden administration will always try to divert our attention away from the two domestic wars...yes wars...currently being fought here on American soil. And while most think of war as that which sees American “boots on the ground” fighting in a foreign country's war, know that “boots” come in many guises and refers to enemy “boots” as well. And said “boots” are now all around us courtesy of the continuing bio-war still being fought with China, and in a subliminal terrorist war with trains now replacing the proverbial “boots.”

First as to China...since Covid-19 reared it's ugly head back in late 2019, I have written* and talked about how this claimed to be “accidental release” was, in my opinion, no accident at all, except in that maybe it was released a bit too soon. And why did I discount the media spewed narrative about Covid-19 being “accidentally released”...because, to me, the narrative itself reeked from the beginning of having all the hallmarks of “gain-of-function” research. How so? With Covid-19 being derived from what was originally a naturally occurring bat virus genetically engineered and manipulated, again in my opinion, into becoming a bio-weapon of most certainly met the definition of “gain-of-function” in finding a way to transmit a designated pathogen in the fastest and most widespread manner, along with it having an optimum “kill rate.”

Released, first, into the Chinese population in what...I do believe...was a test run of sorts as a means of controlling both China's population and its devastating effect on the Chinese economy, Covid-19 started spreading outwards from in Wuhan province...killing, as I write this, 6,870,013 people worldwide. A global holocaust of sorts still being somewhat ignored by many, as China has yet to officially be held responsible and called to task for both its release and spread; no apologies have been issued; lies continue to be told; denials from China abound; and the word “transparency” is deliberately being kept out of the public discourse. Domestic terrorism perpetrated on American citizens by U.S. government in Dr. Anthony Fauci and crew...who deliberately and with malice intended not only fueled on the lies told...lies about Covid-19's origin and the steps needed to stop its spread...but doing so in an effort to change the outcome of an election...turn it in favor of a man in bed with the very country that is ground zero for this what was a bio-weapon attack.

Questions that went unanswered as fear spread...that is up until matter that said answers have been in plain sight all along. Unseen by many who were just too scared not to buy into the hype that government officials were selling...the now proven to be lies regarding masks, vaccines, and boosters needed...did nothing to help stop the spread of a bio-weapon masquerading as a disease. And the calls by some of us for antidotes not treatments were simply being ignored, for antidotes in no way fit the government narrative about an illness that was never a true disease. Heaven forbid the truth come out and become part of the public discourse for in doing so it would expose the very domestic terrorists hellbent on bringing our country down...bringing her down by transforming the political road America was destined to be on with a Trump second term in office, and doing so via both a virus that was anything but and a man named Dr. Anthony Fauci who knew the truth all along.

Simply, Dr. Anthony Fauci, in my opinion, is the very domestic terrorist whose “boots on the ground” helped fuel the war between science, medicine, and common sense resulting in, to date, 1,127,272 American deaths. And Fauci's weapon of terrorism used was but his lies told, his truths withheld, and a president and media as corrupt and in China's pocket as he is.

And to that affect we now find FBI Director Christopher Wray saying that the Covid-19 virus and ensuing pandemic “most likely” started after a Wuhan laboratory leak and that, “The FBI has for quite some time now assessed that the origins of the pandemic are most likely a potential lab incident in Wuhan,” as in said leak “came from a Chinese government-controlled lab." And in Wray's saying what many of us have suspected since day one, one has to ask why it took him and his agency so long to reach what is an obvious conclusion. And while the Department of Energy has now also reached said conclusion but labeling it "low confidence" in nature, one is left wondering why both agencies continue to believe that Covid-19 was not the result of biological warfare especially when “gain of function” research's main goal is to find new modes of biological warfare.

And with China not Russia actually being America's number one enemy coupled with Covid-19 still posing a problem for some...albeit not being the scourge it once was for even the most deadly biologic agents do dissipate over time...we find Joe Biden not even willing to entertain the truth about the origin of a deadly bio-agent masquerading as virus...a bio-agent that has not only killed American citizens but has disrupted our economy, wrecked havoc with our educational system, while still locking the masked fearful in their own homes. If that's not the hallmark of an “aiding and abetting” domestic terrorist than I don't know what is, and Joe Biden as well as Dr. Anthony Fauci fit that bill to a tee.

And with the Covid war being both the Chinese “boot” on American soil replete with “boots” also being worn by domestic-based traitors and sellouts in high places, the second act of domestic terrorism...the second act of domestic war...comes courtesy of the knowing but do nothing about incompetency of those charged with keeping America's railways not only up and running but more importantly safe.

And while safety must always be of prime concern, know that our rail system does remain one of the main drivers of America's economic growth. Built upon a public/private partnership, America's rail system is it has been for a serious state of disrepair primarily due to bottom line profits trumping both passenger and freight safety. And while the Biden administration did include our rail system in his “Build Back Better” plan under the guise of being a “second railroad revolution,” what does remain missing in said plan is a much needed allotment of a good sum of monies for a now long overdue overhaul of America's train tracks. Why so...because Joe Biden's plan focuses on switching trains from diesel to electric...has to keep the climate change loons happy after all...instead of those monies going into repairing the railroads crumbling in its tracks and trains.


So with Biden appearing to make light of or simply ignoring the increasing number of train derailments now occurring...many toxic in nature...know that more times than not these derailments did not have to be if much needed maintenance regarding both the trains and the tracks had been diligently followed through on a routine and continuing basis.

A simple lack of rail maintenance might just be the root cause of the majority of derailments, with even that being a masked form of domestic terrorism. How so? When the president appoints someone to a government this case Transportation Secretary...under which our rail system falls...a position he well knows said person is not qualified for yet still appoints that person for but political appeasement in his appointee fills the requisite number of social agenda must be met boxes...not only is the president not addressing the problems at hand, but with said appointee being his proxy of sorts, means that any problems that arise...especially those involving toxic spills and its linger heath and environmental rest squarely on the shoulders of Joe Biden and his joke of a Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

And through incompetence alone it took Secretary Buttigieg three weeks to even visit let alone address... and very poorly address I might add...the February 3rd toxic derailment and ensuing evacuation site in East Palestine, Ohio, something I now call domestic terrorism via his inactions...inactions that also include Biden's yet to even visit said site. And together this signals to me that if one doesn't care enough about a given issue at issue involving the very“health, safety, and welfare” of American citizens, then by acts of omission alone it willingly affords “free reign” to others out to do both bodily and tangible structural harm here in the U.S.

And “free reign” is indeed the calling card of domestic terrorists whether the harm they inflict be courtesy of inactions or those with a simple grudge just itching to do in the name of protecting the environment via their derailing diesel powered trains comes to mind...a remote possibility that cannot be ignored in regards to the currently increasing number of train derailments carrying toxic substances.

But no matter whom the perpetrators are...whether the domestic terrorists be Joe Biden, Dr. Anthony Fauci and his cohorts in China, Pete Buttigieg via incompetency, or even home bred eco-terrorists...domestic terrorism hence domestic war remains that which is perpetrated on both “We the People” and our country at large. And by its very verbiage alone, in regards to current train derailments and the targeting of U.S. citizens via acts of intimidation and coercion...think Covid-19, mask mandates, and the 2020 election here... the “boots” now being worn in both cases sadly do fit American feet. Case closed. 


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