Tuesday, January 30, 2018


TONIGHT, Tuesday, January 30th at a special time - 8:30pm EST - RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS carries President Trump's first official State of the Union Address, with commentary from Craig Andresen and Diane Sori both before and after the speech!!

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Just a Thought...
'Pink Slip' Them for a Job Not Done
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor

Tonight President Trump will speak to Congress and the American people in his first official 'State of the Union Address.' The Address will include the usual budget message and economic report, and will see President Trump outlining his legislative agenda... including immigration reform...and will set national priorities.

And all members of Congress whether they be Democrat or Republican are expected to be there, after all it is part of the job we elected them to do. But sadly, the usual crew of Democrat miscreants have said they will NOT attend and that some who do will be dressed in black to send a message.

Well I have my own message for them...if you do NOT do the job you were elected to do then tomorrow morning there should be a 'pink slip' on your desk...as in you're fired for a job NOT done.

FBI's No. 2 official McCabe, blasted by Trump, steps down

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, criticized by President Donald Trump and other Republicans for alleged bias against him and in favor of his 2016 Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton, has stepped down, U.S. officials confirmed on Monday.
McCabe, who served as acting Federal Bureau of Investigation chief for more than two months last year after Trump fired Director James Comey, had been expected to leave his post as the No. 2 FBI official in March.

The FBI said on Monday that David Bowdich, the No. 3 FBI official, would take over as acting deputy director.

It did not comment on the circumstances surrounding McCabe’s departure.9

White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders, asked about McCabe’s departure, told reporters: “I can tell you the president wasn’t part of this decision-making process.” Sanders said Trump continued to have “full confidence” in FBI Director Christopher Wray, who was appointed by Trump to replace Comey.

McCabe had intended to stay on the job for about six more weeks when he becomes eligible for retirement, but decided to leave earlier rather than be transferred to a lower-ranking post, according to a former senior FBI official familiar with the matter.

Shove It, DOJ: House Intel Committee Votes To Approve Release Of Damning FISA Memo

Shove It, DOJ: House Intel Committee Votes To Approve Release Of Damning FISA MemoEarlier tonight, the House Intelligence Committee voted along party lines to release the damning four-page memo that alleges egregious FISA violations. Some lawmakers said there were similarities to the Soviet KGB, while others said that there could be deep changes coming to the Department of Justice and the FBI as a result. Well, that’s already happened; Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe has been forced out of his position, though he will remain on the payroll until March—his projected retirement. It’s a “terminal leave.” 

The Department of Justice warned House Republicans that releasing the memo without them reviewing it first would be reckless, possibly detrimental to national security. Yeah, is that why parts of it were leaked to The New York Times after FBI Director Chris Wray reviewed it over the weekend? That was the real kicker to this saga regarding the FBI: this memo was reckless to release, but we’ll leak portions of it. A vote on the release of the memo was expected to occur some time today (via NYT):

Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee, apparently disregarding Justice Department warnings that their actions would be “extraordinarily reckless,” voted Monday evening to release a contentious secret memorandum said to accuse the department and the F.B.I. of misusing their authority to obtain a secret surveillance order on a former Trump campaign associate.
The vote threw fuel on an already fiery partisan conflict over the investigations into Russia’s brazen meddling in the 2016 presidential election. Republicans invoked a power never before used by the secretive committee to effectively declassify the memo that they had compiled. Democrats called the three-and-a half-page document a dangerous effort to build a narrative to undercut the department’s ongoing Russia investigation, using cherry-picked facts assembled with little or no context.