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Thousands of Doctors Dropped by Insurer After Obamacare Funding Cuts
By Newsmax Wires

UnitedHealth Group has dropped thousands of doctors from its networks in recent weeks, leaving many elderly patients unsure whether they need to switch plans to continue seeing their doctors, the Wall Street Journal reported Saturday.

The insurer said in October that underfunding of Medicare Advantage plans for the elderly could not be fully offset by the company's other healthcare business.

The company also reported spending more healthcare premiums on medical claims in the third quarter, due mainly to government cuts to payments for Medicare Advantage services.

"Medicare Advantage, an alternative to traditional Medicare, combines hospital and doctor coverage and often includes prescription drugs and perks like gym memberships," the Journal explained. "Enrollment has more than doubled since 2004 to 13 million in 2012, which represents about 27 percent of Americans on Medicare.

"The federal government pays private insurers a per-capita fee to manage the benefits. The rate is currently about 12 percent more than the average Medicare patient spends annually. The Obama administration plans to cut those extra payments to insurers by about $150 billion over the next 10 years to help pay" for the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare.

Some experts told the Journal that they expect enrollment in Medicare Advantage plans to decline sharply if that occurs.

The Journal report said that doctors in at least 10 states were notified of being laid off the plans, some citing "significant changes and pressures in the healthcare environment." According to the notices, the terminations can be appealed within 30 days.

Tyler Mason, a UnitedHealth spokesperson, was not immediately available for comment when reached by Reuters.

At least two state medical societies are seeking temporary restraining orders against UnitedHealth and other state attorney generals are investigating the firm.

Attorneys in Connecticut, acting on behalf of the Hartford and Fairfield County Medical Associations, filed suit Friday after UnitedHealth dropped doctors serving the popular Medicare program, The Courant reported.

Other states expressed similar anger over the changes. In Rhode Island, the state's attorney general and health department director on Friday sent letters to UnitedHealth's New England CEO, asking him to reinstate doctors until a full plan for such a transition could be put in place, Rhode Island Public Radio reported.

Rhode Island Attorney General Peter Kilmartin and Health Department director Michael Fine told United Health that they are concerned the continuity of care will be lost in the shakeup. They also noted that UnitedHealth has not notified customers of the changes, leaving that up to doctors.

But the insurer told the WSJ that its provider networks were always changing and that it expected its Medicare Advantage network to be 85 percent to 90 percent of its current size by the end of 2014.

UnitedHealth is participating in about a dozen new state insurance markets that launched on October 1 to offer subsidized health coverage under Obamacare. The insurer had said previously it planned to withdraw from some markets in 2014 because of the government funding cuts.

Another top health insurer, Aetna Inc , also warned in October that it expected slowing growth in 2014 in its Medicare Advantage plans.

Kerry tells Republican senators: "Ignore anything the Israelis say" about Iran talks

From Jihad Watch / Posted by Robert Spencer

The betrayal of our most reliable ally in the Middle East, a nation on the front lines of the global jihad, continues. "Senators Told to 'Ignore Israel' On Iran," by Elad Benari for Israel National News, November 14:
Republican senators who were briefed on Wednesday about recent talks with Iran were reportedly told to “ignore anything the Israelis say” about the issue, BuzzFeed reports. 
Members of the Senate Banking Committee who spoke to the website after a briefing by Secretary of State John Kerry and lead Iran negotiator Wendy Sherman sharply criticized the presentation.
The briefing came as part of an ongoing appeal by the Obama administration to the Senate to hold off on a new round of sanctions against Iran.
Senator Mark Kirk (R-Il.), a member of the Banking Committee, described the briefing as “very unconvincing” and, in what seems more disturbing, he said it was also “anti-Israeli”.
“I was supposed to disbelieve everything the Israelis had just told me, and I think the Israelis probably have a pretty good intelligence service,” Kirk told BuzzFeed. He added that the Israelis had told him that the “total changes proposed set back the program by 24 days.”
A Senate aide familiar with the meeting told the website that “every time anybody would say anything about what would the Israelis say they’d get cut off and Kerry would say, ‘You have to ignore what they’re telling you, stop listening to the Israelis on this.’”
“They had no details,” the aide told BuzzFeed. “They had no ability to verify anything, to describe anything, to answer basic questions.”...

Obama's Obamcare Fix is His Most Illegal Power Grab Yet

Conn Carroll / Townhall Columnist

Facing a Friday deadline from Democrats in Congress to "fix" Obamacare so that millions of Americans would not lose their current health care plans, President Obama announced Thursday that he was "offering an idea" that would enable more Americans to keep their plans.

Obama's "fix" allows insurance companies to continue selling the same individual health insurance plans they do now, but only to those individuals who currently own such policies, and only for another year. Under previously issued Department of Health and Human Services regulations, insurance companies were barred from selling such plans beginning January 1, 2013.

Mere minutes after Obama made his announcement, former-Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean said on MSNBC, "I wonder if he has the legal authority to do this, since this was a congressional bill that set this up."

The short answer is, "no."

But before we examine why this latest Obama executive action is illegal, let's step back and look at two of his previous transgressions:


Frustrated by his failure to pass the DREAM Act in Congress, on June 15, 2012, Obama announced his Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy for illegal immigrants. Pursuant to a memo signed by then-Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, Illegal immigrants who came to the United States before they were 16, were younger than 31, had been in the United States for at least 5 years, were either in school or had graduated high school, and had not committed “significant” crimes, could now be given “deferred action” status.

Illegal immigrants who are awarded "deferred action" status are allowed to obtain a work permit, get a Social Security number, and apply for a driver’s license. But Napolitano said the status is temporary and must be renewed every two years.

Nothing in any federal statute grants Obama or Napolitano the legal authority to create such a program. Instead, the Obama administration claimed that presidents have long exercised prosecutorial discretion on immigration enforcement. And it is true. There is a well established history, and case law supporting it, of presidents granting non-enforcement status to for particular groups for foreign policy or humanitarian reasons (like Haiti after a natural disaster).

But these acts of discretion were always done on an ad hoc, case-by-case basis. They were not a wholesale rewrite of immigration law, let alone one that had been recently specifically rejected by Congress.

Employer Mandate

Fast forward to July 2nd of this year, when the Treasury Department announced new regulations that delayed enforcement of Obamacare's employer mandate by a year. Nothing in Obamacare authorizes Obama to do this, in fact the statute very clearly says that the employer mandate must take effect "after Dec. 31, 2013."

So how did Obama justify changing the date with out Congressional approval? He cited a completely separate portion of the Internal Revenue Code, Section 7805(a), which the IRS has used in the past to delay enforcement of new tax laws. But, as I wrote at the time, 7805(a) had never been used on the scale that Obama used it:
IRS has previously used the section to delay a penalty under the 2007 Small Business and Work Opportunity Act and a tax hike in the 2011 Airport and Airway Extension Act.
But both of those delays were for less than a year (six months and one month, respectively), only applied to minor portions of much broader legislation, and were issued the same year the original legislation passed.
By contrast, the Obamacare employer-mandate delay was issued more than three years after the original law passed, will be in effect at least a year (possibly longer), and involves a major cost saving feature [$12 billion] of the underlying legislation.
The Latest Fix
Moving back to the if-you-like-your-plan-you-can-keep-it fix, the Obama administration is again unable to identify anything in Obamacare that gives them this authority, and they couldn't find anything in underlying HHS statutes either. Instead, they are citing a 1985 Supreme Court case, Heckler v. Chaney, which they say gives them the necessary enforcement discretion.

But Heckler v. Chaney had nothing to do with changing existing law. In that case, death row inmates sued the Food and Drug Administration in an effort to force them to apply existing regulations to the use of drugs used for lethal injection. The Court found that the FDA had discretion over how to enforce their existing regulations.

But the latest Obamacare fix is not just a decision not to enforce existing regulations, it creates brand new ones, including a requirement for what insurers must include in their policy cancellation letters.

More importantly though, if Obama can get away with citing Heckler v Chaney to rewrite Obamacare, he can cite it to rewrite any law, at any time he wants, for whatever reason.

From his illegal recess appointments to his illegal Solyndra contract rewrite, this Obamacare rewrite is Obama's most illegal act yet.

You Know You're in a Blue State When...The Last Tax Increase Needs Another Tax Increase to Fix It  
John Ransom / Townhall Columnist

If you get the feeling we’re surrounded by fools, you’re not alone.

Fools crowd about us everywhere. But nowhere do the fools congregate more than in Illinois, both off the lake, upstate in Chicago, and downstate in Springfield where governors go to get indicted.

For example, downstate, in Springfield, the Illinois Legislature in 2011 hiked corporate taxes 30% and income taxes 67% in attempt to stop government pensions from bankrupting the state.

“The corporate income tax will rise from 7.3% to 9.5%, a 30 percent increase, becoming the fourth-highest state corporate income tax in the United States,” said the Tax Foundation at the time, “and the fourth-highest combined national-local corporate income tax in the industrialized world.”

Not only has Illinois not stopped the pension crisis, which now tops $100 billion, but they have turfed the economy, especially the creation of new jobs. And it's new jobs that really create new tax revenues.

The unemployment rate stands at 9.2% in Illinois versus 7.3% in the rest of the country.

People warned Illinois pols at the time that the precipitous rise in taxes would only hurt the economy and chase businesses to other more tax-friendly states.

"It's like living next door to 'The Simpsons', you know the dysfunctional family down the block," quipped Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, the state just to the east (and south) of Illinois.

And indeed it is.

But business is still booming for the politicos.

Because there is only one thing better than a sock-it-to-the-corporation tax increase.

And that’s an EXEMPTION to the sock-it-to-the-corporation tax increase.

Who needs lobbyists when you have friends like these?

Businesses are lining up in Illinois to ask for special carve-outs and exemptions from the tax, because you know... taxes are bad for business (rimshot!).

Everyone knows that.

Or at least the folks at Navistar and Sears know that.

According to the Wall Street Journal they are amongst the companies that got carve-outs worth $500 million in tax breaks to stay in Illinois, with Office Depot on deck waiting for their carve-out next.

“In addition to Office Depot,” says the WSJ “at least four companies are awaiting word on special tax credits that require legislative approval. A proposal offering Archer Daniels Midland Co. ADM incentives to remain in the state and hire new workers also failed to pass in the special session.”

But that’s only because we have elections coming up.

Why give Office Depot-- or ADM-- for free what politicos can charge them for twice?

Not to be outdone, the fools upstate in Chicago just saw their credit rating from Fitch’s rating service drop, “citing the city's sluggish economy and its inability to find a solution to its union pension obligations,” reports CNBC.
In July, Moody’s downgraded Chicago debt saying: “While the onus is on the state to reduce the city's pension obligations, it is the purview of the city to increase revenues to support those obligations. Absent significant growth in the city's operating revenues, escalating pension funding requirements will increasingly strain the city's operating budget, as pension outlays compete with other spending priorities, including debt service and public safety.”

Yeah, like cops are getting laid off. Ha!

In Chicago? Riiiight.

Don’t you know that’s someone’s nephew?

The solution, as Moody’s points out, is more and higher taxes. Politicos have gilded pensions so thoroughly that there is no chance in getting relief from pension spending in Illinois. And that income tax increase passed in 2011 was only supposed to be temporary anyway.

So right on time State Rep. Naomi Jakobsson (D), who represents land of the endless highway, at the intersection of highways US-57 and US-74 has proposed a tax increase that would raise taxes on anyone making more than $18,000 per year.

I think I made more than that in my first job in 1979 (Bellman, Evanston Holiday Inn, pictured below).

Supporters say that the tax would raise “as much as an additional $2.4 billion in revenue under one scenario,” reports the

And you know what that means?

When you’re faced with a $100 billion pension shortfall and you raise $2.4 billion from middle class families, you can do a lot more carve-outs for campaign-friendly corporations.

True, unemployment in Illinois won’t get better, but for a lot fools’ nephews, it won’t get worse either.

Obama's Hope: Cancellations Will Continue
By DICK MORRIS / Published on
President Obama's program of misleading the American people continued today when he proposed allowing insurance companies to rescind cancellations of insurance policies for a year.
His proposal is a way to have his cake and eat it too.
By leaving it up to the insurance companies to decide on whether or not to cancel, he clearly knows and hopes that they will proceed with the cancellations.
He thinks they will because, obviously, they make more money if they force people into higher premium ObamaCare plans than if they renew the lower premium private coverage now in force.  In addition, insurance companies will not want to go through the administrative hassles and unreimbursed costs of backtracking on cancellations that may now be several months old.
Obama wants the cancellations to stand.  The more cancellations, the more people will have to enroll in ObamaCare at the exchanges.  It would be the only way they could continue health insurance.  Now that voluntary enrollments are lagging so badly, his only hope for decent participation levels is to cancel tens of millions of policies and force people onto ObamaCare.
He is also making a skillful political maneuver to make the insurance companies take the hit for cancellations by giving them the option of not proceeding with them.  Now, he can escape voter anger for cancellations and blame them on the insurance companies -- a populist posture with which he is familiar and loves to assume.
He hopes that free market Republicans will agree that the government must not tell companies that they cannot cancel policies.  He hopes that insurance company influence stops the GOP from embracing that position.
He may be right.  The legislation introduced by Congressman Fred Upton has the same flaw as the Obama Plan in that it provides that insurance carriers "may" renew policies that don't meet ObamaCare standards.
What is needed is the Landrieu bill which requires insurance companies to rescind the cancellations.
This entire controversy is going to be revisited next year when employer plans begin to fall to cancellation.  All the fixes -- Obama's, Upton's, and Landrieu's -- all extend only to individual policies.  But while about ten million individual policies are likely to be cancelled (five million already have bitten the dust), estimates suggest that an additional 20-40 million policies will be cancelled by employers, primarily by small businesses that are not required to provide coverage.
The precedent we are setting now on individual policies will guide how we handle the employer policies when they come due.
If we can stop those cancellations, nobody will sign up for ObamaCare and the program will quickly become virtually vestigial.
Politicians Are Actors In An Absurd Theater
by   / Personal Liberty Digest

Politicians Are Actors In An Absurd Theater

Politicians are employees of the government. The government pays their salaries and their health insurance premiums and funds their pensions. So it should come as no surprise that they always work to grow and expand government.

Government programs are never cut. Even when politicians are arguing over cutting some so-called “entitlement” or government agency, the cuts they talk about are cuts in growth. There are never any serious discussions about actually cutting government.

On the Federal level there is just one political party, and it is the government party. Any belief that there is any significant difference between Democrats and Republicans is pure fantasy. All supposed differences are merely Kabuki theater designed to keep the people distracted from the behind-the-scenes machinations of the elites. This is aided and abetted by a compliant mainstream media, which functions as a propaganda arm of the government and the parties.

Politicians — with only a handful of exceptions — do not care about the Constitution and generally see it as an impediment to their objective. Their No. 1 goal is to do the will of their masters, the moneyed elites and secret societies that use governments to advance their agendas. That way, politicians can hold on to their places of prominence and supposed “power” in government for as long as possible.
That’s why politicians who wear the “R” label as well as those who wear the “D” label are working in concert against those who seek to reign in government, reduce its scope, return it to its Constitutional parameters and reduce government spending.

Tea Party people — that is the original Tea Party people who are the small-business owners, veterans, blue-collar workers, white-collar workers, homemakers and retirees who form the backbone of the country — conservative Constitutionalists and libertarians are vilified by the MSM, the Republican Party establishment and Democrats. Their efforts to reign in government and return America to a republic with free market capitalism — as opposed to the crony capitalism/fascism that currently exists — are derided as whacky, crazy and dangerous by the elected establishment and their enablers.

Of special note is the similar language used by both “sides” to denigrate them.

That is because Tea Party people, conservatives and libertarians are rocking the establishment boat. The elites see them as a danger that could upset their designs.

Most people who are aware of politics on at least a basic level remain trapped in a false left/right paradigm. This includes most Tea Party people and most who consider themselves conservative.

It does not matter which Party is in control of the government at any given time. Regardless of whether the President and/or Congress is led by the “R” people or the “D” people, money debasement continues unabated, wars are started or expanded, regulations increase, the dependent class grows and government becomes more overbearing and more totalitarian.

Tea Party people and other conservatives are beating their collective heads against the proverbial wall attempting to reform the system by changing the Republican Party. I believe this is a fool’s errand.

While there will be some success at ousting statist and progressive big-government office holders, the establishment is too entrenched and has pockets too deep for this effort to make significant headway.

Look at the most recent gubernatorial races in Virginia and New Jersey. In Virginia, Ken Cuccinelli was conservative enough to draw the endorsement of Ron Paul, who called Cuccinelli a “Constitutionalist.” Cuccinelli has also been a leader in opposing Obamacare and filed the first State lawsuit against the individual mandate.

Trailing by double digits in the polls just a couple of weeks prior to the election, Cuccinelli closed the gap on Terry McAuliffe as the election neared, despite being underfunded and vastly outspent and having a faux libertarian candidate stealing 7 percent of the vote. Then the GOP establishment abandoned him. Obviously, the GOP establishment preferred Bill Clinton’s bagman over a “Constitutionalist” Governor in Virginia.

In New Jersey Chris Christie won re-election over token Democrat opposition. Christie is now the darling of the establishment, but he is no conservative. Like the GOP elites, Christie disdains Tea Party people and Constitutionalists. He ignored Cuccinelli’s pleas for an assist through a brief campaign stop. Cuccinelli took the anti-Obamacare vote and won even among married women and independents, so it’s quite possible that a Christie appearance on his behalf might have swayed a contest that Cuccinelli lost by 2 percent.

The promotion of Christie for GOP contender by the elites has begun. On Friday, Christie made his comedic debut on “The Michael J. Fox Show.” On Sunday, Christie prattled and preened on the Sunday “news” shows. Establishment types like Mitt Romney and Senator Orrin Hatch are touting him as the hope of the party in 2016. Big money is lining up behind him, including U.S. Chamber of Commerce money that is at the same time pushing for amnesty for illegal aliens, an act would hasten the destruction of the U.S. economy.

Yet Christie has done nothing to turn around his State’s economy. Unemployment in New Jersey remains above 8 percent, and it is ranked 49th in the Tax Foundation’s State business tax climate index. If he becomes the GOP’s standard bearer in 2016, the conservatives will abandon him as they did John McCain and Romney.

The Federal government and Congress are losing credibility as more and more people awaken to the slow-motion downfall of America. The country is in a fast-lane collapse economically, morally and socially.

Make no mistake. The master plan is to devalue the U.S. dollar, but to do it gradually. That’s why the elites can’t allow Constitutionalists and the Tea Party people to succeed.

The vote is meaningless and has been for 50 years. When you see politicians vote one way then turn around and vote to disapprove of their votes, you must surely realize that Washington is a show: It is a theater of the absurd.
Political band-aids do NOT a ‘fix’ make

By: Diane Sori

The rats deserted the sinking ship as 39 House Democrats* sided with the Republicans** in a loud and clear voice to tell Barack HUSSEIN Obama that his ObamaCare so-called ‘fix’ stinks.

And while Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and their ilk are mad as hell that Obama did NOT stand strong and demand enforcement of ObamaCare in the form it was passed in…the form they voted on in the middle of the night along party lines and then forced down our throats…the truth is that Obama’s ‘fix’ is NOTHING but a political maneuver that allows people to ignore the law for one year as they fight with their insurance companies to get their cancelled policies back…

…To get their policies back for one year as Obama hopes his anything but a 'fix' will make the voters forget that come January 1, 2015 back into ObamaCare they all go as cancellation notices go out anew.

In other words, Obama has now shifted the blame to both the insurance companies that rushed and sent out the cancellation notices in the first place and to those who got the cancellation notices. Making those who received said notices the ‘bad guys’ because they dared to complain about losing their what Obama calls sub-standard policies that they were happy with…as punishment for them calling him to task Obama has made it so that they must now beg and plead with the what he refers to as ‘money-grabbers’ to reinstate them.

And while these 5.1 million Americans who have gotten policy cancellation notices try to do what’s best for themselves and their families, Barack HUSSEIN Obama kisses his reflection in the mirror as he smirks that he once again successfully passed the blame…that he once again secured a fall guy…that he successfully (or so he thinks) put a band-aid on his cleverly crafted manipulative LIES.  And while the loyal sheeple are buying into his anything but an apology and his supposed 'fix’ bloviations, Americans across the country are slowly waking up to the real truths about this administration that we have long tried to tell them about.

So while the ObamaCare nightmare is still upon us, there is a glimmer of hope that in the end America will survive this most vile of laws for yesterday’s House vote proved that bi-partisanship can indeed happen, for in a vote of 261-157, the House voted to approve the bill sponsored by Michigan Rep. Fred Upton (R) called “Keep Your Health Plan Act.” This bill allows insurance companies to sell their old individual policies back to the policyholders who previously had them, as well as sell them to new people who are looking to buy individual policies but who do NOT want to go into the dreaded ObamaCare exchanges…and to do so for another year even if the policies do NOT meet ObamaCare’s mandated requirements.

And let’s NOT forget that two Democratic Senators…both up for re-election…have proposed bills that allow people to keep their policies. One of the first Democrats to break ranks with Obama, Senator Mary Landrieu’s (D-LA) bill would allow people to keep their policies indefinitely, and Senator Mark Udall’s (D-CO) bill would allow people to keep their policies for two years.

But you just have to love yesterday's House slap in the face to Obama’s so-called ‘administrative fix’…his ‘executive fiat’…a 'fix' he only wanted to apply to those policy holders enrolled in the plans before the cancellation notices were sent out. And this vote also slaps the faces of Obama's loyal Democrats who did NOT want to allow new customers to purchase private policies, saying that would undermine the intent of ObamaCare…an intent they claim is about wanting minimum health coverage standards for everyone. But what they dare NOT say is that it’s we taxpayers that have to foot the bill for that minimum coverage for ‘everyone’ by having us pay higher premiums...much higher premiums...for coverage we do NOT want, need, or can actually afford.

As for intent…the true intent of ObamaCare is NOT to afford Americans better comprehensive health care policies nor is it to give Americans access to better medicine and better medical care…the true intent of ObamaCare is to redistribute hardworking, taxpaying American’s divvy it up to give incentive to the ‘sponges’ of our society to stay loyal to the Democratic party…to assure they vote Democratic for generations to come. The ‘gimme-gimme you owe me’ crew will NEVER bite the hand that feeds them…or in this case gives them free medical care that we taxpayers pay for…and so they will do as they are told out of fear that if they don't their free-ride will come to an end.

And while yesterday Obama mouthpiece Jay Carney said that Obama “did what he can do administratively to address this problem,” and that he “will work with Congress so that Congress will do what it can do legislatively…but what he won’t do is support policies that are essentially designed to undermine the Affordable Care Act” what he and his boss do NOT get or get but refuse to accept is that ObamaCare is dying of its own accord as it simply does NOT work…is NOT monetarily sustainable...and is NOT something the vast majority of ‘We the People’ want.

And as Obama meets with health insurance company CEOs to discuss the changes in the now new and improved (gag) ObamaCare, he is doing so AFTER he announced his supposed ‘fix' instead of BEFORE when the insurance companies could have weighed in on whether his ‘fix’ was actually NOT only doable, but if it would even ‘fix’ the problems at hand. And how I would have loved to have been the proverbial fly on the wall when Barack HUSSEIN Obama informed those CEOsthat they had just 31 days to get the job done…to get the problems 'fixed'...after he had three long years to get ObamaCare right in the first place.

So as it stands right now the House bill has passed with bi-partisan support which one would think is a harbinger of good news, but its passing comes with one big caveat…Obama has said he will veto it.

And so the nightmare that is ObamaCare will continue on as Barack HUSSEIN Obama finds out that political band-aids do NOT a ‘fix’ make…period.

* 39 Democrats voted with the Republicans for the bill: Arizona Rep. Ron Barber, Georgia Rep. John Barrow, California Rep. Ami Bera, New York Rep. Tim Bishop, Iowa Rep. Bruce Braley, California Rep. Julia Brownley, Illinois Rep. Cheri Bustos, California Rep. Jim Costa, Oregon Rep. Peter DeFazio,Washington Rep. Suzan DelBene, Illinois Rep. Tammy Duckworth,Illinois Rep. William Enyart, Connecticut Rep. Elizabeth Esty, Illinois Rep. Bill Foster, Texas Rep. Pete Gallego, California Rep. John Garamendi, Florida Rep. Joe Garcia, Wisconsin Rep. Ron Kind, New Hampshire Rep. Ann Kuster, Iowa Rep. David Loebsack, New York Rep. Dan Maffei, New York Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, Utah Rep. Jim Matheson, North Carolina Rep. Mike McIntyre, California Rep. Jerry McNerney, Florida Rep. Patrick Murphy, Minnesota Rep. Rick Nolan, New York Rep. Bill Owens, California Rep. Scott Peters, Michigan Rep. Gary Peters, Minnesota Rep. Collin Peterson,West Virginia Rep. Nick Rahall, California Rep. Paul Ruiz, Illinois Rep. Brad Schneider, Oregon Rep. Kurt Schrader, New Hampshire Rep. Carol Shea-Porter, Arizona Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, Texas Rep. Filemon Vela, Minnesota Rep. Tim Walz

** 4 Republicans voted against the bill: Georgia Rep. Paul Broun, Oklahoma Rep. Jim Bridenstine, Texas Rep. Ralph Hall, and Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie…all need to be voted OUT of office in 2014