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The U.S. v. China...An Unlikely Scenario 
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio

Nancy Pelosi went to Taiwan knowing well the political problems her trip would cause what with China considering Taiwan but a breakaway province that needs to be brought back into the Chinese fold. And this is no matter that the Taiwanese people consider themselves to be a self-ruled nation and not part of China proper, whether Taiwan is officially recognized as an independent country or not. And with Biden's recent reaffirming that the U.S. would defend Taiwan in the event of a Chinese invasion, the stage was set for China to raise the tensions up a notch by conducting "military drills" that surrounded the island in a show of strength that some consider to be an actual prelude to war.

And musings of a possible war between China and Taiwan are being spoken of in hushed tones on both sides of our political isle as Biden tries to pretend being a commander-in-chief what with the recent drone take down of al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, But pretending is usually a game played by those with truths that must be kept hidden, and the truth where Biden and his fellow Democrats are concerned is that the timing of al-Zawahiri's demise did succeed, for a awhile at least, in taking our minds off their deliberately destroying our economy. And yet destroying our economy has quite literally become the Democrats payback tool of choice to help them “save face” come their November shellacking, with a possible war with China being but an added distraction used to their advantage.

And while history has shown that war itself, whether just or not, does spur on a nation's economy as war is the epitome of big business...a manufacturing windfall and a jobs creator on par with little else...history also shows that the best time to initiate a war is when your opponents leadership shows weakness across the board.

Enter Joe Biden's Afghanistan exit fiasco which emboldened Vladimir Putin to invade Ukraine, and where Biden's promises made to President Zelensky concerning U.S. equipment helping to fight this unjust war remains undelivered to some degree; Biden's now fingers crossed behind his back May promise made to Taiwan that a Chinese invasion of their country “will not happen” and “will not be attempted” saw the caveat being if the world could convince Beijing of the potential "long-term disapprobation" coupled with long term ramifications should China dare to do so. And both are the direct result of Biden's weakness having now helped to set the stage for China's current muscle flexing as the once thought to be “status quo” in the unofficial U.S. and our allies agreed upon “balance of forces” regarding shows outward signs of crumbling. After all, America under Biden's stewardship can no longer be trusted to back up words said nor promises made.

And while China's leader, Xi Jinping, and his People's Liberation Army (PLA), coupled with the internally driven political dynamics of the Chinese Communist Party favor national security priorities and the “saving of face,” the enforcement of China's sovereignty becomes paramount above all else, And with China physically and militarily outnumbering the forces of Taiwan, Xi's ultimate goal of conquest has now been emboldened by China's recently ended military drills. But more importantly, we now find that China's military strengths overpower those of the U.S. in a number of key areas, which could, if  Biden were to keep his promise of coming to Taiwan's aid if China were to invade, actually become even more unbalanced in Red China's favor.

And while Biden's words spoken are words that carry no true legal weight as Biden has now twisted, for his own personal political gain, the meaning of the 'Taiwan Relations Act of 1979,' the very act that allows an American president to sell defensive weapons and arms to Taiwan minus the promise of us sending boots on the ground to the break away would be island nation. And this allows a simple non-binding agreement on paper, coupled with ongoing bipartisan Congressional support for increasing arms sales to Taiwan, to ramp up both the tensions and the voices of war.

And with Taiwan's Intelligence Chief Chen Ming-tong still seeing any conflict between the two countries not likely to happen before 2024, I believe that to be but a hoped for fingers crossed guess especially with Christina Chen, an assistant research fellow at Taiwan's top military think tank, stating just the opposite as she sees the “likelihood of a military conflict in the Taiwan Strait in the near term getting high.” And sadly, I must agree with Ms. Chen that the probably of such an event occurring currently does outweigh the possibility of it not occurring, but it's not for the reasons most think. How so? I say a conflict between China and Taiwan will not only be over quite quickly what with China holding the military trump card, but with the fact that Biden will in the end give but lip service to Taiwan in the same vein he has given it to Ukraine...promises made not kept... promises that should never have been made in the first place.

Simply and to the point, Joe Biden will continue to use Taiwan as but a mere diversion with Taiwan ultimately becoming the much needed sacrificial lamb that helps take the collective mind of America off our failing economy as well as our falling presence on the world stage. But even worse, I think, is that Biden will play a dangerous game by throwing the proverbial ball in China's court to see just how far they will go regarding in will there be a complete military absorption of Taiwan back into the Chinese fold or will the ultimate takeover be political in name only not unlike that of Hong Kong?

While neither scenario is good for Taiwan the latter might make more sense for China as it would allow much needed trade between our two nations to continue on while still allowing China their coveted Taiwan prize. And not to be forgotten, whether we like it or not, is the fact that China v. Taiwan is in reality China's own civil war that they alone must fight for unlike Ukraine, which is a sovereign nation, Taiwan unfortunately is not.

However, for China to go into Taiwan physically destroy the break away island province like Putin has tried to do to Ukraine...I believe is not an option China really wants to do no matter its decades long military threats, for to do so would surely severe what economic ties we have left with China, which could include our cutting off of all modes of trade. Remember, China's economy is basically financed by trade with the U.S...we are it's biggest customer if you will...something Xi knows well. And for Xi to lose American dollars would send China's economy into a tailspin from which they might never recover, never mind that cheaply made Chinese goods already over flood the U.S. market. Bite the hand that feeds your nations coffers might just be incentive enough to keep China's takeover of Taiwan more like the aforementioned political takeover of Hong Kong, which would still garner China a publicity victory of sorts and would leave Joe Biden with egg on his face.

Simply, China would win Taiwan courtesy of military muscle flexed minus tangible battles fought with little Taiwanese blood being shed, while the U.S. again losing like we lost in Afghanistan in that we would have played Taiwan like we continue to play Ukraine with leading from behind diplomacy again being the order of the day. So while a war between China and the U.S. over Taiwan might remain on the table for some it's thankfully, I believe, not a likely least not in the near future...for there is something that many forget, as in China's mutual defense treaty with North Korea along with its strong friendship and both national security and economic ties with Putin's Russia.

Translation: a U.S. war with China could well morph into a war with both Russia and North Korea as well, something that would not end well for all parties involved. And that's never mind the possible nuclear option, which in today's heated political climate remains always on the table, nor is the fact that even if a stalemate of sorts were to be reached between us and China over Taiwan we could find ourselves becoming Taiwan's permanent and very expensive sole means of defense, and we all know how well that has worked out in the past...can you say Iraq and Afghanistan.

And besides, if China were to actually attack Taiwan they most likely would do so via a surprise attack, meaning we would not be militarily ready for war let alone be able to come to Taiwan's immediate defense for remember that no matter his words spoken Joe Biden cannot on his own decide that we will go to war to defend Taiwan, only our Congress can do that as written in 'Article I, Section 8, Clause 11' of the Constitution which expressly gives that power to Congress alone. And the time factor needed to get a declaration of war would allow China the time to quickly overpower and capture Taiwan as they have long been prepared for war. Simply, our military is not ready to take on China...nor anyone else for that matter...thanks to the Biden administration's woke neutering of America's fighting forces...a truly sad commentary indeed...a commentary that needs rewriting before it's too late for us all. Case closed.

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