Monday, May 31, 2021

Ending Republican Silence
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio

You can fool all of the people some of the time; you can fool some of the people all of the time, but you can't fool all the people all the time.”
- President Abraham Lincoln     

Just for the record I want to state a few important things that I, and the rest of America, were force fed over the past few years beginning with the supposed fact that the U.S. Constitution is an outdated document; the United States is a democracy; acquiescing to BLM is a now mandated must; the police are bad but rioting, looting, and arson are an accepted Democrat means to an end; there is no crisis at the southern border; the main proponents of climate change are a now much heralded former bartender and a Swedish high school dropout; the Palestinians are a legitimate people; muslim is a race; Hamas is good...Israel is bad; and the mullahs in Iran just want nuclear power for peaceful purposes.

Then there's the lies...yes lies...about Covid-19 not originating in a lab in Wuhan, China; masks are to be the daily must wear new norm; fracking is bad...beholden to Arab oil is good; gas at the pumps is skyrocketing even with Biden's son being a supposed energy and oil expert; there are 57 genders from which one can identify as; people don't kill people...guns alone do; tearing down statutes is okay as long as it changes what some believe to be America's racist history; reparations are owed to black folks who were never slaves from white folks who were never slave owners; Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide; George Floyd is a saint; Joe Biden got more votes than any president before him; and the 2020 election was not stolen by pre-programmed to alter the vote Dominion voting machines.

And dare I forget that toilet paper and Lysol spray are things that now and forever must be both rationed and treasured.

No, I am not trying to trespass on my Right Side Patriots partner Craig Andresen's sometimes snarky take on the world at large...I'm just repeating some of the forced upon us Democrat rhetoric that the mainstream media is still trying to pass off as absolute truth. And it's anything but truth they relish in force feeding the uniformed masses, the sheeple, the fence-sitters, along with assorted RINOs thrown in for good measure. But with all this said, now I am seriously asking why are the Republicans in D.C. sitting back, for the most part, and letting this happen for they surely know right from wrong and truth from lies...or do they? Or are they but cowards too afraid to stand up to the true string pullers of the now “powers that be,” as well as to what some Republicans believe to be the extremists within their own party, thus choosing instead to raise the white flag of surrender?

Sadly, it seems to be a combination of the two especially with Barack HUSSEIN Obama still being the prime force to be reckoned with no matter that he lurks in the no longer veiled shadows, after all the pocketbook needed to do harm to this great republic is basically unlimited courtesy of the forever infamous America-hating George Soros. And with neither man fearing the now seemingly emasculated Republican hierarchy, coupled with the angst many conservative Republicans feel thanks to the civility lost courtesy of the likes of RINO Rep. Liz Cheney and RINO Utah Sen. Mitt Romney, the “Grand Old Party” is seen by way too many as both disorganized on the surface and vindictive in the not so silent background.

But being silent does not just mean silence in regards to the Republicans failure to decidedly and outwardly fight back against the Democrats socialist agenda coupled with its progressive policy directives...they're definitely outnumbered in the House after all making it somewhat of a losing battle right from the start...but their failure to successfully address the all-important matter of the Democrats refusing to move forward with the everyday business of the government itself. And not to be forgotten is the ever present 500-lb elephant in the elephant that comes in the guise of an election being stolen by the manipulating of votes in key battleground states...manipulation accomplished via both corrupted vote tabulation software and biased poll workers. Thankfully, even though it's after the fact, we now know courtesy of “forensic audits” in Arizona, Georgia, and New Hampshire, that voting irregularities did indeed take place, and hopefully other states will soon follow the “forensic audit” suit.

But even if other states do reach the same findings as Arizona, Georgia, and New Hampshire did, it means nothing if Republicans still won't fight back leaving the truth learned to be but a Republican political version of Custer's Last Stand. And that is truly sad because with overall public distrust in the media now reaching somewhat of a crescendo, you'd think the vast majority of Congressional Republicans would be jumping back on the “Trump Train” post-haste. Yet it seems, as always, that most are just too cowardly to do so what with the 2022 mid-terms now starting to take shape, and with the concept of “election integrity” being but a mere unattainable pipe dream for Republicans up for reelection... Republicans who remain fearful of upsetting their voter based conservative apple cart. And of course there's the always present fear of violence again rearing its ugly head especially in Democrat controlled cities and states...violence as in “the element” behaving badly being but politically generated “social unrest” to the nth degree.

And it's “social unrest” riots here...that the Republicans fear most for “social unrest” in this country usually comes courtesy of a very vocal yet relatively small minority of black folks...the very folks whose actions and ideologies “We the People” have been forced by Democrats to accept thanks to their bowing to the likes of Black Lives Matter, Critical Race Theory, reparations, inclusion, and other such overtly racist in their own right, politically pandering for votes, nonsense.

But what if Republicans were to stand strong...united as one voice...if the 2020 election were proven to have been stolen...what would happen if more state governors started rejecting the BLM and racist theory nonsense...what really would happen besides the as expected riots, looting, arson, and mayhem? Would our great nation fall...would chaos be the order of the day...would the media's hold over the masses be broken...would overt in-your-face racism reign supreme...or would the ramifications be minimal at best? In fact, can a presidential election itself be redone if fraud was proven to have taken place?

To answer the last question first...while some legal scholars state that the language in Article II of the Constitution prevents the redo of a presidential election what with federal law setting a single Election Day which “mandates holding all elections for Congress and the Presidency on a single day throughout the Union,” other such scholars state that with judicial SCOTUS here...there is legal precedent for a presidential redo if there were legally proven “flaws” in the process found. And yet even this would become just another conundrum that would take years to settle...a waste of time and Republican effort for nothing would change in the foreseeable future as legal procedures do take time to work their way through the process. Sadly, Joe Biden would still be president...or probably Kamals Harris would the time 2024 rolled around and Trump ran again.

Now as for the very real tangibles of rioting, looting, arson, and mayhem again occurring...the Republicans and the majority of Americans worst fear...unequivocally yes they would take place and probably be even worse than before. But maybe we need to go to the worst place in order for the masses to wake up to the truth, for the visuals of destruction and carnage in American cities can be a powerful tool by which to bring back sanity and common sense to the political discourse...a discourse that clearly shows how Democrats want to destroy our country while Republicans, though far from perfect, do want the union to be held would our Founders and Framers.

And as for the all-important racial indoctrination aspect in all this, it's way passed time for “We the People” to stand up and throw away the politically manufactured chains of racial hated that the Democrats want to bind us all with, for the chains of hate are but a tool the Democrats and the media alone benefit from. And besides, reality shows  that forced indoctrination based upon lies and a politically self-serving agenda can only continue on if there are those willing to accept the premises being pushed forward...without acceptance said indoctrination will too, in time, burn itself out. Remember, history itself has shown that in the end no one group, race of people, or political party succeeds or falls based solely upon hate for time and circumstances have a way of evening things out as those once hated and feared eventually either become absorbed into the masses or simply fade away.

And as President Lincoln so wisely said and which I quoted at this article's beginning, “You can fool all of the people some of the time...” to which I add that is until patriots sleeping amongst us finally do wake up and start to fight back. And I do so hope the Republicans in Congress become some of those very patriots.

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