Thursday, November 13, 2014

Salute to Heroes

By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots on

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Veterans Day.

A singular day set aside to honor those who have served this nation, the cause of freedom, liberty throughout the world and here at home.

One day, when we should all come together and offer our thanks to those who, throughout the decades and centuries, have preserved our freedom, our rights and our way of life.

Just one day?


That’s simply not right.

Do we enjoy our liberty just one day of the year?

Do we live in freedom only on the 11th of November every year?

Are so many others, in far flung places around the world free for just a specific 24 hours according to a date on a calendar?

Certainly not.

Why then do we celebrate Veterans Day on only a single day? 

Architects of Obamacare deserve prison

Hi. I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. Let me read you the definition of “fraud” straight from the dictionary:
Fraud: Act or course of deception, an intentional concealment, omission, or perversion of truth… Willful fraud is a criminal offense which calls for severe penalties, and its prosecution and punishment (like that of a murder) is not bound by the statute of limitations.
Now let’s take a look at how Obamacare was sold. Almost one year ago, I asked right here at Personal Liberty: “Is President Obama Too Big to Jail?” 

I was referring primarily to the crime of fraud and misrepresentation used by Obama and his socialist cabal to sell Obamacare.

Right here at Personal Liberty months ago, I compared the fraud and deception used by Obama to sell Obamacare to the fraud committed by TV infomercial scam-artist Kevin Trudeau. I suggested Obama committed the crime of consumer fraud.

Trudeau was convicted earlier this year for using lies and misrepresentation to sell his products on television. The U.S. government rightfully claimed Trudeau couldn’t have sold his product (a book about weight loss) without lying to consumers. The government claimed without Trudeau’s lies, deception and misrepresentation, no one would have bought his book. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison. I said at the time this was exactly how Obamacare was sold.

Lo and behold, we now have proof that Obamacare was sold by Obama and his socialist cabal with the same kind of lies, fraud and misrepresentation used by Trudeau. The words of none other than Jonathan Gruber, the MIT professor and architect of Obamacare, have come back to haunt the Obama administration (clear as a bell on video).

I’m no lawyer (although I play one on TV), but it’s clear the selling of Obamacare was built on fraud. Gruber admits (actually brags) that Obamacare could never have passed if the American people knew what was in it.

Gruber brags that the bill was saved by a “lack of transparency.” Isn’t that a nice way of saying lying?

He calls American voters “stupid.” Isn’t that what con men like Trudeau and Bernie Madoff think of their victims?

He then admits the bill was written in a “tortured way” to hide the truth: that Obamacare was always designed as a big, fat tax to redistribute money. He says if the Congressional Budget Office “scored it” as a tax, it could never have passed into law. If a businessman says something in a tortured way to hide the truth, that’s the definition of fraud. Period.

Gruber doesn’t mention the biggest whopper of all: “If you like your insurance you can keep it.”

Obama told this lie while his own internal White House reports showed that up to 93 million Americans would lose their insurance because of Obamacare. Yet Obama kept repeating that famous line to the media and at speeches and rallies across the country. Isn’t that the very definition of fraud? Obama lied to sell Obamacare to “stupid American voters.”
Night Watch

North Korea-South Korea: About 10 North Korean soldiers approached the Military Demarcation Line around 9:40 a.m. local, Monday, according to an official source.

"After a warning broadcast, the South Korean side fired about 20 rounds of warning shots," the official said.

The North Koreans didn't fire any shots back and retreated from the heavily fortified area -- near Paju City, northwest of Seoul -- around three hours after the initial confrontation, the official said.

Comment: This incident occurred in the same region as that on 19 October. The incident on 19 October involved an exchange of fire. The reason for the incidents remains unclear, but the timing of today's incident seems intended to show that the release of the two Americans does not signify weakness or a reduction in hostility.

Note: North Korean media have been silent about the release of the two US nationals over the weekend. The media also has been silent about the latest shooting incident near the MDL.

North Korea-Russia: Over the weekend, North Korea's Minister of the People's Armed Forces, Vice Marshal Hyon Yong-chol, met Russian President Putin in Moscow. The 8 November meeting was held on the sidelines of Hyon's visit to Russia to celebrate the 90th birthday of the last surviving Marshal of the Soviet Union and the Soviet Union's last defense minister, Dmitry Yazov.

North Korean state television reported that Hyon conveyed North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's greetings to the Russian president, which was responded with "deep gratitude."

"President Putin and comrade Hyon Yong-chol talked in an amicable atmosphere," the state media reported.

Comment: Improved ties with North Korea appear to be part of President Putin's focus on Asia, in reaction to Western sanctions because of the Ukraine crisis. North Korean leaders always have been closer to the Soviets than to China. The entire North Korean armed forces are patterned on Soviet forces as they existed when Kim Il-sung served in the Soviet Army.

Details of the meeting between Hyon and Putin have not been released. Hyon almost certainly discussed arms issues.
Within hours of realizing that his party lost control of the U.S. Senate last week, President Obama nominated Loretta Lynch, the chief federal prosecutor in Brooklyn, N.Y., and an outstanding and apolitical professional, to be the next attorney general. The current attorney general, Eric Holder, resigned last month.
Lynch is sure to be confirmed by either the present Democratic-controlled Senate this fall or by the newly constituted Republican-controlled Senate early next year -- and she should be. But the process of confirming her should capture the interest of all Americans concerned about the loss of personal freedoms in our present-day Orwellian world in which the Obama administration has killed innocent Americans, spied on trillions of conversations and emails without probable cause, and declined to enforce laws with which it disagrees. Republican senators have a duty to ask her probing questions.

Is this just inside-the-Beltway stuff, or should you care who is the chief federal law enforcement officer in the land? You should care, and here is why. When the United States was founded, the essence of the government was the diffusion of power between the states and the federal government.

At the outset, state attorneys general were the engines that drove law enforcement, as the U.S. attorney general was involved exclusively with governmental relations between the states and the feds and protecting federal interests -- which included federal property and federal currency. The job came with a small office and a handful of remotely venued prosecutors. The states checked federal law enforcement excess by not cooperating with it or even judicially invalidating it.

Today, the opposite is the case. When the feds want something, they bully the states aside, and when the feds get away with something, the states will soon follow. Today, the states are powerless to check federal excess, and so Attorney General Holder became President Obama's enabler in some of the most egregious violations of the natural law, the Constitution and federal law in modern American history. Today, the attorney general -- often called "General" by law enforcement -- commands an army of 90,000 lawyers, FBI agents, investigators, clerks, pilots, even troops. There are currently in excess of 4,000 federal criminal statutes for her to enforce, and she sets the tone for law enforcement throughout the country.

Hence, I suggest to members of the Senate Judiciary Committee that they permit Lynch to distinguish herself from Holder by inducing her to answer the following questions:

In Wake of Muslim Demands, Maryland School District to Scrap Jewish, Christian Holidays

Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs

Montgomery County Public Schools have closed for the Jewish high holidays for at least four decades because of the significant number of students and teachers who are absent on those days. The Muslim population is not large enough to warrant making it a school holiday. But it’s not about that — it’s about imposing Islam on the public square. The school district is now considering dropping all religious holidays. What’s next? Christmas? The Muslims would love that. “Muslim students and parents are expected to demonstrate before the meeting, according to NBC.” They are protesting this, but these Muslim parents and their children don’t protest the Islamic State, Hamas, Boko Haram, honor killings,...

  / Jihad Watch
isis12n-4-webThe Islamic State has money from oil sales. Hamas has money from you and me, taxpayers in the West forking over money at the command of our governments, money that is given to Gaza for “humanitarian aid” — money that goes to the jihad against Israel.

“ISIS Richest Terrorist Group, Hamas Comes in 2nd,” by Lori Lowenthal Marcus, Jewish Press, November 12th, 2014:
Terrorist groups frequently operate as criminal organizations, engaging in activities such as drug trafficking, robberies and extortion, in order to finance their terrorist operations.
Perhaps not surprisingly, the most notorious, barbaric terrorist group at the moment, ISIS, is now officially the richest terrorist group of all time, according to Forbes Israel. Hamas, another Islamist terrorist organization, is in second place.
In addition to their criminal activities, the terrorist groups also raise substantial funds through “charities,” donations, and, incredibly, in some cases by government agencies.
As surreal as it is to be discussing ISIS in terms of a typical business model, the Forbes report also discussed how ISIS acquires and pays for various tasks similar to most other large organizations, including maintenance, salaries, training, acquisition of weapons and vehicles.
Not content with listing the richest men or women in the world, Forbes also provided a ranking of the ten richest terrorist organizations, including their net worth and rankings.
ISIS has an annual income of $2 billion. The terrorists in second place is Hamas, which takes in $1 billion annually. In third place is a non-Middle Eastern terrorist organization, one that has been around for a long time: the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia – the People’s Army (FARC), which rakes in $600 million annually.
In fourth through sixth place are more Middle Eastern Islamic terrorist groups:
Hezbollah ($500 million), the Taliban ($400 million), and Al-Qaeda and affiliates ($150 million).
In 7th place is another Islamic group, the Pakistan-based Lashkar e-taiba ($100 million).
This group was behind the deadly Mombai bombings in late fall of 2008.
In eighth and tenth places are two more Islamist groups, both based in Africa. In eighth place is Al-Shabab ($70 million), and tenth place is Boko Haram ($25 million)….