Sunday, February 5, 2017

By Aleksandar Pavic / WND

islamic-jihadFourteen people were arrested last Friday in raids in the Austrian capital of Vienna and the city of Graz.

Prosecutors said the coordinated action, which involved 800 officers, was part of an ongoing investigation into suspected membership in the terrorist organization ISIS.

Police also reportedly raided unofficial mosques where supporters of ISIS, against which the Trump administration has declared war, may have been meeting.

Among those arrested, at least four were from the Balkan country of Bosnia-Herzegovina, a former federal unit of Yugoslavia. They are suspected of being part of the so-called Bosnian Network, run by a preacher who received a 20-year sentence in July 2016 for recruiting young fighters for ISIS.

Known by the name of Ebu Tejma (real name Mirsad Omerovich), he “brainwashed” dozens of people ages 14 to 30 and enlisted a number of them to fight for ISIS in Syria.

Among other things, Ebu Tejma was implicated in the recruitment of two minor-age girls to fight in Syria.

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Trump on 'Killer' Putin, 'You Think Our Country Is Innocent?'

By Solange Reyner / NEWSMAX

President Donald Trump said he had respect for Russian President Vladimir Putin and asked whether the United States is innocent in an interview with Fox News' Bill O’Reilly set to air ahead of the Super Bowl on Sunday.

"I respect a lot of people, that doesn't mean I'm going to get along with him," Trump told O'Reilly.

"He's a leader of his country, and I say it's better to get along with Russia than not and if Russia helps us in the fight against ISIS which is a major fight and Islamic terrorism all over the world and major fight, that's a good thing. Will I get along with him? I have no idea."

When O’Reilly fired back, calling Putin a killer, Trump responded, "There are a lot of killers. You think our country is innocent?"

Trump has said he would be willing to work with Putin even after the Obama administration sanctioned Russia for its cyberattacks and intervention during the 2016 presidential campaign.

The interview will air on Fox broadcast stations at 4 p.m. Eastern ahead of Sunday's Super Bowl, which more segments airing on Fox News Channel's "O'Reilly Factor" on Monday and Tuesday.
Vox: Islam isn’t a race, but “Islamophobia” is racism

By Robert Spencer  / Jihad Watch


The Left grows more shrill, hysterical, and ridiculous by the day, and nowhere is this more apparent than at the hard-Left publication Vox. In this piece, Jenée Desmond-Harris, with help from Muslim academic Khaled Beydoun, explains that today’s “anti-Muslim hate” is a recrudescence of “Orientalism,” the process by which the arrogant, racist, colonialist West demonized […]

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Notorious BLM activist judge halts Trump travel ban nationwide

It is absurd to think it “unconstitutional” to take national security measures to protect the American people. Other Presidents have instituted immigration measures; why is President Trump exempt?

And where in the Constitution does it say that terrorists or any foreign national have a constitutional right to come here?

For those who never fully understood how deeply the enemies of freedom have firmly entrenched themselves in the courts, academia, government agencies, etc., this should be a wake-up call. Those of us doing this work day in, day out are keenly aware, but America is getting a real education in just how subversive and dangerous the left is.

They know where to file these lawsuits and which judges to go before. The web is extensive and well-funded.

This was another Bush spineless liberal appointee. The notorious activist U.S. District Judge James Robart has expressed a strong anti-police bias when dealing with a case involving Seattle police union’s contract negotiations. Judge Robart went on a rant against police and proclaimed, “Black Lives Matter.”

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