Thursday, January 5, 2023

McCarthy Reportedly Makes New Concessions                                                                                                          Leah Barkoukis / Townhall Tipsheet 

After two days of deadlock in the battle for the speakership, Republicans on Thursday will once again convene for a seventh vote at noon. Rep. Kevin McCarthy, who has failed to secure the 218 votes needed for the position, is reportedly making more concessions in an effort to bring at least some of his detractors on board.

According to Politico Playbook, he is now open to a rule change that would allow only one member to call for a vote to oust the speaker. Additionally, he would bring more House Freedom Caucus members onto the House Rules Committee, and has signaled an openness to voting on priorities among his opposition.

  • A one-member “motion to vacate”: The GOP leader appears to have finally acquiesced to a demand to lower the threshold needed to force a vote ousting a speaker to just one member. While McCarthy originally indicated that restoring the one-member