Tuesday, October 9, 2018

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With Nikki Haley now resigning her position as 
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Developing now, Tuesday, Oct. 9, 2018.
  • New Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh takes his seat on the high court for the first time Tuesday after President Trump apologized to him and his family during a swearing-in ceremony on behalf of the nation for a Democratic-led 'smear' campaign
  • Amid 2020 rumors, Bill and Hillary Clinton have announced plans to go on an international speaking tour after the midterm elections, and tickets promise to be pricey
  • Alabama has joined Florida in declaring a state of emergency as Hurricane Michael threatens to hit the U.S.
  • The opioid crisis in the U.S. has emerged as a major election issue with the midterms a month away
  • Google has decided to shut down the Google+ social network site as a report says the tech giant exposed the private data of hundreds of thousands of Google+ users, but chose not to keep it secret
  • Controversial hip-hop artist - and Trump supporter - Kanye West is reportedly expected to meet with President Trump at the White House this Thursday

Today, Tuesday, October 9th from 7 to 9pm EST on American Political Radio, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori discuss 'From Kavanaugh to New Jobs Numbers...It's Been One Hell of a Week;' 'Savor the Moment, But Heed the Warning'; and important news of the day.

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From Kavanaugh to New Jobs Numbers...It's Been One Hell of a Week
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

I applaud and congratulate the U.S. Senate for confirming our GREAT NOMINEE, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, to the United States Supreme Court. Later today, I will sign his Commission of Appointment, and he will be officially sworn in. Very exciting!”                            
- Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) 10/6/18

It's official...Judge Brett Michael Kavanaugh...a man dedicated to upholding the Constitution...is now Supreme Court Justice Brett Michael Kavanaugh. And while the Democrats tried to stop his appointment via a 'ready since July' cleverly measured campaign of smears, lies, and outright character assassination...in the end a good man triumphed over targeted evil...just like Donald J. Trump triumphed over the evil that is Hillary Rodham Clinton...the woman forever to be known in the annals of history as the “Butcher of Benghazi.”

And so in a Senate vote of 50 to 48, the nightmare the Democrats put Judge Kavanaugh, his family, and the American people through is over as these most vile of senators... especially those who sat on the Senate Judiciary Committee...will now be out looking for their own personal therapy puppies, bottles of bubbles, and safe spaces as they must finally face and accept as reality that Hillary Clinton did indeed lose in 2016. And in their attempted payback against Donald Trump, Brett Kavanaugh and his family became to them but collateral damage...collateral damage they thought could be easily sacrificed via the words of Brett Kavanaugh himself...in a “calculated and orchestrated political hit.”

But it backfired on them...and rightfully so...with special added bonuses for our side being that the Democrats political mob mentality and their draconian tactics actually not only fired-up the Republican base to get out and vote on November 6th, but brought fence-sitting Republicans back into the fold. And adding to that is now with Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation we have sitting on the High Court the strongest conservative majority since the New Deal...and it's a court that could upend...and rightfully so...uber progressive state and federal laws along with regulations for many decades to come.

And that would most assuredly be a very good thing for 'We the People' have born witness to how un-American both liberalism and progressivism really is.

So while we can finally take a deep breath and applaud and maybe even shed a few tears of relief that Brett Kavanaugh has now taken his rightful place on the Supreme Court, we must also applaud once Rinos Lindsay Graham and Mitch McConnell for their most decidedly growing a spine and calling the vile Democrats to task. And let's not forget how Maine's Senior Senator Susan Collins...who actually became the deciding vote...nailed the Democrats in a speech of what's now being called one of “historic proportions”...a speech that not only laid out the reasons why she would be voting 'yes' to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh by her citing historical precedence, while at the same time she very strongly admonished the committee's Democrats for their calculated lack of both civility and due-process in turn.


We have come to the conclusion of a confirmation process that has become so dysfunctional it looks more like a caricature of a gutter-level political campaign than a solemn occasion,” were but a few of Sen. Collins' very rightfully said words.

And to West Virginia's Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin...the lone Democrat vote to approve... all I can say is 'thank you' for putting both partisan rancor and politics aside and doing the right thing.
But while we most assuredly needed to focus on the Democrats ever so vile witch hunt against the good judge, and while I personally believe that certain arrests now need to be made for knowingly lying under oath...hear that Dr. Ford...there is something else of great importance that 'We the People' can now take the time to applaud...something that got lost in the political shuffle...as in the fact that the U.S. unemployment rate fell to 3.7 percent in September, the lowest number since December 1969, as well as it being the longest “streak of hiring” on record...a record that now sees more Americans heading back to work than since before what's called America's Great Recession.

“Unemployment has just hit its lowest point in nearly 50 years. It has been Republicans’ focus to help create an economic environment full of opportunities through pro-growth policies like tax reform—and now, we’re seeing more jobs available than people without one...” - House Speaker Paul Ryan on hearing the September jobs report

And like icing on the proverbial cake, the previous two months jobs gains was actually revised up by a combined 87,000 jobs, thus raising the monthly average for the past year to 211,400 jobs created, meaning that the now 3.7 percent unemployment rate is a true indicator that there are way more jobs available than workers to fill them. And this is also a good indicator that Trump's economic policies are indeed working...another campaign promise kept...no matter that the Department of Labor says employers only added 134,000 jobs in September...the lowest number in a year. But it must be noted that this is probably the result of Hurricane Florence...the recent category 3 hurricane that hit the Carolina's hard with many businesses damaged or destroyed.

However, critical to remember is the fact that the 134,000 jobs number was attained in spite of President Trump's recently-imposed tariffs on steel and aluminum...attained via manufacturing adding another 18,000 jobs in spite of said tariffs. And not to be overlooked is that health care, transportation, and warehousing also made strong gains, the last two adding 26,000 and 24,000 jobs respectively in September, while construction companies also hired 23,000 more workers during that same month. And all this was accomplished even though hourly pay increased by just 2.8 percent from last year...but even that's enough to both keep inflation around the Fed’s two percent target and to help keep the Federal Reserve on a path of gradual, if any, interest rate increases.

And seriously, any pay increase is still a move in the right direction as it helps to put more money in our pockets which in turn allows us to spend more...as in putting money back into the economy. And with the stock market recently hitting its highest number ever, and with the 10-year Treasury yield surging to a seven-year high...moving up to 3.22 percent...high investor confidence and falling prices also help to signal that true economic recovery is well on its way. And when you add the newest jobs numbers into that mix along with the fact that today's strong economic growth is also being fueled on by the Trump tax cuts coupled what's called “real personal disposable income” (which takes taxes into account) and the “employment cost index” (which includes the cost of benefits like health care), all this together shows that America is surely headed in the right direction.

And agreeing with that is Fed Chairman Jerome Powell who last Tuesday remarked that the economy’s outlook was “remarkably positive” and that he believed it was on the cusp of a “historically rare” era of ultra-low unemployment and tame inflation.

A booming jobs market for sure that sees consumer confidence at or near their highest levels in 18 years. And a recent survey of service-sector firms like banks, hotels, and health care providers, found that those industries were growing at their fastest pace in a decade. Now add in the fact that American households are saving nearly 7 percent of their incomes...more than twice the savings rate from before the recession...all signal that President Trump's economic polities are working...working contrary to Mr. 'I'm back on the campaign trail' Barack HUSSEIN Obama's recent public bloviations that it was his economic policies alone that spurred the current economic recovery. But the truth is that Obama had no hand in any of this and deserves absolutely no credit for it...all credit goes to the astute businessman turned president who understands both economics 101 and how to make deals that benefit both America and 'We the People.'

But it's not just our country and 'We the People' who benefits from a strong economy as our military benefits as well, and that in turn acts as a hedge against “depression.” How so? First, we all know that while America's defense budget is huge, the fact is that only about two-thirds of the defense budget is spent in the years for which it is allocated. This means that some spending can be accelerated without adding to the nation’s long-term debt or purchasing items that do not aid in our national security interest. 

Second, the military is our country's largest so-called “jobs program,” if you will. By the numbers, as of January 31, 2018 there are over 1.4+ million Americans now on active duty with about 200,000 active troops deployed in more than 170 countries; another 833,000+ in the reserves with many being full time; and with yet another 1,600,000+ civilians working for companies that supply our military with everything they need to be the world's number one fighting force. Imagine if all those people were not military employed...the U.S. unemployment rate would, as per some economists, be close to or over 9 percent. And not to be forgotten is that a war economy...which we are still technically engaged in...helps to mobilize our economy for war production...translation: said economy helps to create even more jobs than are currently being created in the private sector.

But the bottom line economically is this...under the leadership and economic policies of President Donald J. Trump, America is recovering from the damage done to her during the Obama years...years when extremely high unemployment numbers equated to even more federal government interference in our personal lives done so via Obama's misguided attempts to stimulate the economy not for 'We the People's' benefit but for his legacy alone.

And so an astute businessman was indeed needed at this current juncture in time not only to correct the economic mess he inherited...for only a businessman understands that government is a business and needs to be run as such...but also to shift priorities back to the right from eight long years of a leftist agenda that only served America's enemies abroad and her enemies within well.

And with Trump now at America's helm we are truly becoming economically sound, and as an added bonus with the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh the Supreme Court once again leans decidedly to the right. We've weathered the storm and this time we got it right.

Copyright @ 2018 Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / All Rights Reserved.

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Today, Tuesday, October 9th from 7 to 9pm EST on American Political Radio, RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS Craig Andresen and Diane Sori discuss 'From Kavanaugh to New Jobs Numbers...It's Been One Hell of a Week;' 'Savor the Moment, But Heed the Warning'; and important news of the day.

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