Friday, June 10, 2016

D.C. Minimum Wage Hike: Liberals Feel Dandy, Low-Income Kids Get HurtThe D.C. City Council has voted unanimously to adopt a measure to increase local unemployment, especially among minority youths, who are most in need of that entry-level job, and ultimately to usher in more automation.

Of course, they didn't quite put it that way.

As the Washington Post described it, the City Council "unanimously approved a plan to ratchet up the city’s hourly minimum wage to $15 on Tuesday, and Mayor Muriel E. Bowser pledged to sign the measure into law, likely lifting low-income pay rates in the District to among the highest in the nation within four years."

A prominent local labor leader, Jaime Contreras, vice president of the Service Employees International 32BJ, praised the Council and D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser for “pushing one of the nation’s highest minimum wages to help dig men and women out of poverty.”

Here is a news flash for Mr. Contreras: yes, the new minimum wage hike will definitely help a small number of workers. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 4.3 percent of hourly workers are paid at or below the minimum wage. Many of these, if their employers deem them worth the new minimum and keep them on, will benefit. But the new minimum wage will likely do long-term damage to far more people than it helps. In other words, it is a typical liberal cause celebre. Liberals feel dandy, poor people get hurt.
Hillary the First Woman Running for President... Not So Fast Hillary Clinton has been running on the platform, first woman president of the United States of America. Like most candidates she has also been more than happy to through her resume into the limelight. Her prerequisites to be the next president: New York's first female Senator (2001-2009), Secretary of State under Barack Obama (2009-2013), and her husband’s two terms as president (1993-2001). A grand strategy to win votes in the primaries, leading up to the DNC Convention.

As of June 7th, 2016, Hillary Clinton is the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee. The CNN headline, "…will become the first woman in the 240-year history of the United States to lead the presidential ticket of a major political party." may be not so true.

She is not the first female nominee to run for president. There have been many women in the history of America that have ran for the White House, all with serious campaigns. Let's give credit where it is due. History shouldn't be re-written for one woman, and least of all Mrs. Clinton.

Islamophobia Hotline could be coming to your community
By Christine Williams / Jihad Watch


Islamophobia Hotline could be coming to your community
So now there is an Islamophobia hotline, maybe coming to your neighborhood, too. This one is set up in Alberta, Canada. But let’s look at the truth about hate crimes: anti-semitic hate crimes, according to FBI stats, still by far surpass Islamophobia hate crimes, by a ratio of more than 3.5 to 1. One also has […]
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19 Yazidi girls BURNED ALIVE for refusing to have sex with their ISIS captors

Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs


Obama was too busy congratulating Muslims on the beginning of Ramadan and praising Islam to comment.
“19 Yazidi girls burned alive for refusing to have sex with their ISIS captors”, Fox News, June 6, 2016:
Nineteen Iraqi Yazidi girls who refused to have sex with their Islamic State captors were placed in iron cages and burned alive in front of a crowd of hundreds in Mosul on Thursday, activists and witnesses say.
“The 19 girls were burned to death, while hundreds of people were watching,” a witness told ARA News. “Nobody could do anything to save them from the brutal punishment.”
ISIS took the girls – and thousands of others — as sex slaves after overtaking a northern Iraqi region they called home in August 2014.
Appeals Court Upholds California's Strict Concealed-Carry Gun Rules

Image: Appeals Court Upholds California's Strict Concealed-Carry Gun RulesA ruling with the potential to vastly expand the number of California residents permitted to carry concealed weapons in public was overturned by a federal appeals court.

The U.S. Court of Appeals in San Francisco on Thursday set aside a three-judge panel’s 2014 ruling that San Diego County’s process for determining who qualifies for a permit to carry a concealed weapon violates the constitutional right to bear arms. The decision is a loss for gun rights advocates including the National Rifle Association who have attacked some of the nation’s strictest public-carry laws.

An 11-judge panel took up the case after California Attorney General Kamala Harris asked for reconsideration of the earlier panel’s ruling that any responsible, law-abiding citizen is entitled under the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment to carry a hidden, loaded gun in public for self-defense.

The earlier panel found that San Diego County’s sheriff overstepped his authority when he concluded an applicant for a concealed weapon permit didn’t demonstrate “good cause” to carry a Colt 1911 .45 caliber pistol in public.

State regulations on the carrying of firearms in public have become a new battleground over gun rights following a U.S. Supreme Court ruling in 2008 that struck down a District of Columbia law banning handguns in the home.

Breaking: Bernie Sanders Makes Campaign Announcement Following Meeting With Obama

B. Christopher Agee / Western Journalis

"The major point that I will be making..."

A much-anticipated meeting between President Barack Obama and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders came and went Thursday without any apparent impact on the Vermont senator’s plans to remain in the race.

Sanders has been under mounting pressure to bow out of his long-shot White House bid since former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton became the party’s presumptive nominee following the Puerto Rico primary earlier this month. Some speculated his recent meeting with the current president would serve as a final nudge in that direction.

Nevertheless, the Independent senator vowed in remarks made shortly after the meeting to stay in the race and advance his socialist-inspired message.

After taking a few shots at presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump, Sanders shared his goal of taking a firm message to next month’s Democratic National Convention.

“It is unbelievable to me,” he said, “and I say this in all sincerity, that the Republican Party would have a candidate for president who in the year 2016 makes bigotry and discrimination the cornerstone of his campaign.”

Sanders went on to say that he will “do everything in [his] power … to make sure that Donald Trump does not become the president of the United States.”

In addition to his clear denunciation of Trump, the 74-year-old senator shared a few of the policies he hopes to present to voters in Washington, D.C., ahead of the convention.

“This is the last primary of the Democratic nominating process,” he said. “The major point that I will be making at the citizens of the District of Columbia is that I am strongly in favor of D.C. statehood.”