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Uh Oh: Pelosi Takes Aim at 2020 Dems Promoting Medicare for All

Uh Oh: Pelosi Takes Aim at 2020 Dems Promoting Medicare for AllHouse Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said, in a round about way, that she disagrees with 2020 Democrats' Medicare for All plan. Specifically, she takes issue with people losing their private health insurance and doesn't see Medicare for All as a workable solution.

"I don't think you can decide one day that, in a matter of days, no one will have their private health insurance. I just don't see that as a path," Pelosi told CBS News' Margaret Brennan. "I do think that though people have these exuberance and their why and what excites them about running for office, and that has to be taken into consideration when we make judgments about their policies. Plus, everyone knows that once you're elected then you have to work together."

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Turkish government employs D.C. law firm to gather information on U.S. residents
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch

Turkish government employs D.C. law firm to gather information on U.S. residents
The Saltzman & Evinch law firm should not do the dirty work of the Turkish government at any price. And that government is not a friend. Not an ally. This sham alliance should be officially ended. “D.C.-based law firm gathers intel on U.S. residents for Turkey – WSJ,” Ahval News, November 14, 2019 (thanks to […]

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Today's Headlines

Impeachment...Change the Channel...Puleeze!
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Impeachment...impeachment...impeachment...that's all we hear about 24/7. Now it's will the whistleblower Eric Ciaramella testify or not...will Hunter Biden testify or not. Adam Schiff said no to both while Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell rightfully said that if those two key persons don't testify the impeachment itself, even if it's passed in the House, will not make it to the Senate floor let alone to vote. And even that is being a bit on the redundant side for even if the Senate did vote, the votes are simply and thankfully not there to formally impeach and remove from office duly-elected President Donald J. Trump.
And it's all gotten this far because a whiny bunch of Democrat crybabies still can't get over the fact that Hillary Clinton lost...that alone says a lot about today's sad state of American politics now doesn't it.    
But it's not just the politicians alone who are driving this impeachment nonsense forward as they're being aided in their misguided quest by the mainstream bought-and-paid-for liberal media who sees the sometimes bumpy road to impeachment...whether it actually succeeds or their road to both ratings and advertising revenue riches. And the mainstream media knows they've got the “masses” hooked and salivating waiting for the next episode of the “Impeachment Show” even while some folks are now starting to complain that it's enough already, yet they still tune in daily to watch the shenanigans in hope that maybe a game-changing bombshell or two will be dropped.     

I'll tell you right now that that simply won't happen.

And forgotten with the “Impeachment Show” being the main and sometimes only show on certain alphabet networks and many times even in print, is that there are indeed other newsworthy items not getting their fair share of news coverage. So I'll try to remedy that a bit with two news stories from last week that received mostly cursory coverage at best.

We all know that last Monday, November 11th, was Veterans Day, the day we honor all those who served in the United States Armed Forces. And while most people respectfully honor those who proudly wore our nation's uniform, a number of anti-Trumpers instead relished in ruining even that special day by turning what should be a day devoid of politics into a leftist political extravaganza aimed directly at President Trump...the first ever sitting president to address and lay a wreath at the site of the Eternal Light Memorial in Manhattan's Madison Square Park.

Delivering the opening remarks at the city's now 100th annual Veterans Day Parade...our nation’s largest event honoring military service...President Trump praised our military saying that, “This nation is forever in your debt, and we thank you all,” and that "you are the reason our hearts swell with pride, our foes tremble with fear, and our nation thrives in freedom." The president’s speech stayed focused throughout on the service of the various military branches and on the military accomplishments done under his administration...he is Commander-in-Chief of the military after all.

But instead of all  joining in what President Trump most assuredly intended to be a politics-free day, our president was greeted by angry protesters screaming "New York hates you," as well as calls for his impeachment. Also, on this day that should have solely been dedicated to those who helped to keep our country safe and free...we saw the words "impeach" and "convict" in letters taped to the windows of a luxury high-rise condominium overlooking the park venue where Trump spoke, and heard screams, as if on cue, of “lock him up” when he started to speak.

And in their doing what they did, these folks were ever so disrespectful not just to our president...who wisely chose not to recognize nor acknowledge the protesters...but disrespectful to the many veterans in attendance...veterans who came not just to honor their own but to honor the man whose strength and determination laid out the groundwork for the taking out of ISIS founder and leader Abu al-Baghdadi. “Thanks to American warriors, al-Baghdadi is dead. His second in charge is dead. We have our eyes on No. 3. His reign of terror is over, and our enemies are running very, very scared,” were President Trump's actual words said.

And know that this orchestrated show of disrespect for our president was done with malice intended to both corrupt what President Trump meant solely to be a speech of gratitude, and to turn the day into the “Impeachment Show” episode number “whatever” with the media's eyes now focused on them.

But this utter show of disrespect went even further, after all this is New York City...the east coast version of anti-Trump demonstrators protested not only his actual presence, but tried to steal the “thunder” away, if you will, from the accomplishes our military has made under this president's leadership. In fact, one 77-year old veteran who served in the 1st Cavalry Division in Vietnam...kept bloviating on that, "President Trump is a draft dodger,” and that while, “It's a special day. If Trump wasn't here, it'd be even more special.” Too bad this veteran, one Milt Kaye, ignored the fact that neither did Obama serve in the military nor did he ever honor or support our military in the way President Trump does...but then again how could he when Barack HUSSEIN Obama chose instead to “aid and abet” the enemy every chance he got...something which this disgruntled Democrat veteran dared not say let alone think.

Those who threaten our people don’t stand a chance against the righteous might of the American military,” President Trump went on to say as he recognized fellow New Yorker and World War II, Battle of the Bulge veteran, 94-year old Jack Foy who was invited to sit on the stage next to him; as well as recognizing the granddaughter of Master Sergeant Roddie Edmonds, whom Trump explained was the senior non-commissioned officer among a group of POWs in Germany’s Stalag IX-A, near Ziegenhai...the man who uttered the now famous line, “We are all Jews,” thus saving the lives of over 200 of his fellow Jewish POWs. Also, President Trump spoke of last week’s honoring Rick Rescorla, a Vietnam veteran who died while directing the evacuation of the South Tower on 9/11.

The men and women who have donned our nation’s uniforms are the bravest, toughest, strongest and most virtuous warriors ever to walk on Earth,” Trump told the crowd, which was quite apropos after a not so small group of anti-Trump protesters clashed with and disrespected another WWII veteran, believed to be a veteran by the name of Jimmy Bishop, who had come to the parade to honor those who fought alongside him as well as to honor our Commander-in-Chief, and actually showed for all to see what what real courage and fortitude looks like, and what total cowardly scum these anti-Trump miscreants really are.

And in spite of all the negativity the media chose to focus on, President Trump and First Lady Melenia Trump truly did our nation and our veterans proud, while at the same time those who chose to dishonor our president and in doing so dishonored our veterans as well, actually showed for all to see why President Trump will be elected to a second term in office by an even bigger margin than in 2016.

Another newsworthy story from last week also given but cursory coverage at best...coverage that like with President Trump paints her in the negative...regards former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley and her claims against both former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and former White House Chief of Staff Marine Corps General John whom she says were “exhausting” to deal with, especially Rex Tillerson.

In her new book 'With All Due Respect,' Haley writes of a private conversation where Tillerson and Kelly “defended resisting President Trump out of necessity,” and in a recent interview with CBS Evening News senior anchor Norah O’Donnell she added, "[I]nstead of saying that to me, they should've been saying that to the president, not asking me to join them on their sidebar plan." 
Exactly, but both men as per their words have proven themselves to be cowards and in traitors possibly set-up to infiltrate the Trump White House. And they're cowards in that they claimed, as per Haley, “that when they resisted the president, they weren't being insubordinate, they were trying to save the country” never specifying saving the country from what or from who, just that, as per Tillerson, that if he didn't do what he did that “people would die…." And while on the surface this seems quite odd, at least coming from General Kelly, the very general who was highly critical of Trump's predecessor Barack HUSSEIN Obama and his push to open combat roles to women. Saying it was his belief that Obama's push was solely "agenda-driven," and that it would lead to lowering the military standards, Kelly also opposed Obama's efforts to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay. 

And yet as odd as these words seem, Nikki Haley has no reason whatsoever to lie about these two gentlemen.

Now at this point in the CBS interview Nikki Haley did admit that she should have directly told both men to go tell President Trump what and where their differences lie, and that they should have voluntarily left their positions if they didn't like Trump's policies. Remember, Trump eventually replaced both men over policy differences.

Continuing on in the interview, Haley said that “to undermine a president is really a very dangerous thing. And it goes against the Constitution, and it goes against what the American people want. And it was offensive," and by all accounts she's right, especially in regards to Gen. Kelly. And why is Haley right in regards to Gen. Kelly...a gut feeling on my part perhaps due to the fact that I personally never felt comfortable with or fully trusted the general to be Chief of Staff because I felt he was a bit too similar in his placating temperament regarding islam...a bit too similar to both Gen. James 'Mad Dog' Mattis and Lt. H.R. McMaster in that respect...with both these men also being let go from positions within the Trump cabinet.

And what were Rex Tillerson's and General John Kelly's responses to former Ambassador Nikki Haley's accusations? When asked by CBS, Gen. Kelly replied, “If by resistance and stalling she means putting a staff process in ensure the (president) knew all the pros and cons of what policy decision he might be contemplating so he could make an informed decision, then guilty as charged.” Again, this seems quite logical on the surface, but I ask then why did the general also speak about “saving the country” when that is exactly what President Trump has been doing from the day he took office...”saving the country” unless Gen. Kelly has an unbeknownst agenda of his own.

As for Rex Tillerson, the man Nikki Haley said was dismissive of her opinions and that he did not make any secret about the fact that he believed his views carried more weight than hers, he now claims that “During my service to our country as the Secretary of State, at no time did I, nor to my direct knowledge did anyone else serving along with me, take any actions to undermine the President.” In other words Rex Tillerson is outwardly calling former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley a liar, and I have an uneasy feeling as to why.
Simply, while serving as our U.N. ambassador, Nikki Haley stood strong alongside President Trump in supporting the Jewish State of Israel's right to exist. She supported our embassy's move to Jerusalem...Tillerson on-the-record did well as Haley on numerous occasions calling out those sending rockets into Israel as well as publicly, on the floor of the U.N., calling to task Iran itself for their wanting to wipe Israel off the map. Also, Nikki Haley was and still is rightfully not in support of a “two-state solution” regarding the so-called Palestinians while both Rex Tillerson and Gen. Kelly were and still are, as they seem to be either aligned with the wrong side, were trying to protect their own political reputations, or a combination of both.

And it's here regarding Israel most especially, where I believe the final breaking of ranks emanates from, that and the fact that Nikki Haley has publicly defended President Trump in regards to the impeachment inquiry...the impeachment “witch hunt” that has morphed into a "political coup"...something I would surmise that both men support whether or not Haley's accusations are true...which I happen to unequivocally believe they are.

So there you have two news stories from last week that while reported on were done so only to a cursory and very limited degree...two news stories that do need more importance given to them not only because of their content, but for the simple fact that the non-stop impeachment going nowhere channels are truly becoming quite the partisan bore.

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