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Egos, Platitudes, and Will They Debate
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio 
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I'll begin by first saying that Donald J. Trump was a great president...economically great; foreign policy great; great at making us energy independent; the list of his greats is endless. And if he gets the nomination of course I will support and vote for him no matter the political baggage he unfortunately continues to carry.

But I do have a problem, a serious problem, when ego and narcissism become one's prime campaign posturing. And it goes beyond the silly nicknames called; beyond the need for constant adulation; and beyond the not so hidden fear that other candidates might bring something to the table that he, Donald Trump, at this point in time has not. And what is that something but the fact that Trump has yet to realize that he is not running against his fellow Republican nominees for the presidency, but against Democrat Joe Biden and his America defaming, America destroying policies.

For example, President Trump claimed in an interview last week that he’s under "total assault" because he’s leading in the 2024 polls...polls taken a year and a half out...polls which this far out really means not a thing. And the fact is...whether the “Only Trumpers” like it or not... Trump is not leading in any...I repeat any...of the Trump v. Biden match-up polls. The closest Trump gets is losing to Biden by one percentage point while Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is leading Joe Biden by at least three or more percentage points in not just a recent all-important Wall Street Journal poll, but in some state polls as well. In fact, the Wall Street Journal stated that the only...I repeat only...candidate able to beat Biden, as per today's candidate match-up, is Ron DeSantis... the very the man who has not even decided nor declared his intention to run yet.

And yet I will still vote for Donald Trump if he gets the nomination even knowing that with registered Democrats still outnumbering registered Republicans...and all elections are about numbers after all...there remains a strong possibility that Trump will lose to Biden again. And why will he lose...because as things stand now it will be the Independent voters who will decide the outcome of the 2024 presidential election....not Republicans nor Democrats alone. And right now neither Independents nor crossover Democrat voters are all too happy with Donald J. Trump...not with his political and personal baggage nor his self-serving “it's all about me” revenge based demeanor, and that also includes even some of we Republicans and mainline Conservatives as well.

Revenge politics is indeed a poor reason to re-seek the presidency as history itself shows that revenge is not something that sits well with the majority of voters in either party. And so it's the Independents who will not only decide who will sit in the White House, but decide the very direction in which our country will now in to the left or (hopefully) to the right. So do we allow Biden's puppet master his what would be fourth term in we now see Barack Obama's “fundamental transformation of America” finally reaching fruition where democracy in the guise of mob rule helps usher in the new era of socialism based dictatorial anarchy...or do we, with the Independents help, return our now seemingly unrecognizable country back to the Constitutional Republic she was always intended to be? The choice remains ours to decide, but we do need certain tangibles in place if we are to make informed, well thought out decisions about both America's leadership and America's future.

And the only way to get an idea of how our country will, or at least should go, is to listen to the candidates of both parties speak...speak in civilized tones putting silly name calling and innuendos aside...and compare and contrast each of their visions for America's future. All candidates need to present to the voters their individual policies proposed, how they would solve the issues facing us today, along with the direction they would like to see our country be taken in and why. And this is best handled in a civilized manner on the debate stage with words directly coming from the candidates mouths minus the theatrics that has sadly become the calling card of some in both major political parties.

Simply, theatrics and one's ego needs to be put aside for the good of American politics....for the good of America herself and for We the American People.

But unfortunately, even the time honored institution of debating has become a question, as to will the debates take place or not? And it's a question hovering over both major parties as the two key individuals involved are so acting like who should well know better, and the other, as all can now see, obviously not in his right mind.

And right now the fact is that We the Peopleinstead of gearing up for and looking forward to upcoming debates are instead witnessing both party's key players wallowing deep in the scenario of will they or won't they debate. Trump's super overinflated ego has him thinking that he doesn't need to debate because he's currently ahead in the polls, and Joe Biden has been told...more likely ordered...not to debate for what are visually obvious reasons, and also the fact that some in the Democrat hierarchy fear he won't survive a second term in office even if he were to be elected. 

And something not to be forgotten, lest they get lost in the shuffle, is that besides these two key players other candidates are jockeying to be their party's nominee. And it's these candidates who truly need to be seen debating for the act of debating itself will test their performative aspect of leadership, their mental and physical stamina, as well as we seeing and hearing how they act and how they react when up against their political opponents.

Remember, the simple act of debating allows we voters the chance to witness our candidate of choice in a one-on-one situation of sorts, and while listening to their words we also get to see how well said candidate acts under highly spotlighted stress. The last thing our country needs right now is yet another hotheaded nominee from either side of the aisle who acts solely based upon pent up emotions instead of by using simple common sense coupled with tangible logic...two things we should demand of whomever are the official final nominees.

And here again I will state that if Donald J. Trump does garner the Republican nomination I will, of course, vote for him for the third time in a row for the other party's most likely nominee has already, in not even one term in office, pushed our country to the abject abyss of both economic and foreign policy failure. And if Joe Biden were to garner four more years in office we will surely go over said abyss falling into a bottomless pit that will truly herald America's downfall.

And its debates alone that will bring out the best and the worst of all hoping to run for president. And if both Joe Biden and President Trump refuse to debate... whether it's Trump or Biden refusing to debate their respective rivals or their refusing to actually debate each other if both do respectively garner their party's nomination, the loser in either case will be America herself. Why and how so? Trump right now, for example, acts as if he's running against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for president instead of Joe Biden, while Biden clearly acts like a man neither mentally nor physically fit to be president...something becoming more and more apparent with each passing day...with both scenarios not good for our country nor for our allies at large.

Also, Kamela Harris remains patiently waiting in the wings you know...if that doesn't scare you I don't know what will.

So here I'll give President Trump four little bits of one-on-one friendly advice, after all he was indeed a great president and he has my vote if he is our Republican nominee. First, Mr. President...and with all due respect given...please stop obsessing over Ron DeSantis for he is not the one you should be worried about running against, Joe Biden is, and it's he and his policies alone that must be your focus. Second, Mr. President, if Ron DeSantis does decide to run...which I believe he will especially with his leading you here in the
must win state of Florida 44% to 39% in the latest Mason-Dixon survey posted in the Austin American-Statesman...why not debate him with the facts of what you accomplished when you were president for it's here where your accomplishments would serve you well. Third, please Mr. President, stop your endless cycle of Ron DeSantis attack ads currently running here in Florida...they're riddled with lies, falsehoods, and misplaced innuendos, and they're turning a lot of we Floridians off with some even saying that maybe the Never Trumperswere right.

How so...because we know well, as do you, that Gov. Ron DeSantis has proven what a great governor he is...probably Florida's best governor ever. And just one of many examples of where he shines is how he stands strong not only for Florida’s children but for our nation's children as he is a champion of education...old style education where children are taught the basics of reading, writing, math, science, and America's history... history minus the politically generated nonsense that is “Critical Race Theory,” and minus sexuality being taught to those too young to even know the true differences between the two...yes two...sexes. And you also know, Mr. President, that Ron DeSantis...the very man who kept Florida open, free, and thriving during the covid leading the charge against the left's forced down our throats ever dangerous wokeism agenda...with said education and forced indoctrination being but two of many important issues that we, up until now, have heard not a thing about from you.

Fourth, and lastly, Mr. President...and a personal pet peeve of that while you might have helped Ron DeSantis win the first time he ran for governor, the fact is that it was his policies and stances alone that got him re-elected last year without any help from in a 19+% landslide vote over his challenger...a vote that you thought would happen in the 2022 midterm election for candidates of your choosing, but simply did not. Says a lot now doesn't it Mr. President, and it should help knock down your ego a bit which would make you a bit more palatable to the Independent voters, maybe even sway some “Never Trumpers” over to your and the Republican side too.

Over to the Republican side...a side that stands for freedom, honor, and love of country...a side where American exceptionalism is heralded not shunned...a side that knows right from wrong, good from evil...a side that knows well that the left's sort after “fundamental transformation” of America can only be stopped with the right man or woman at America's helm. And if you, Mr. President, are once again to be that man then so be it, but if you are not our side's chosen nominee than please stand strong strong behind whomever that person is for the presidency itself is not what's all-important...saving our country and our freedoms is. Case closed.

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