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Earlier this week, Project Veritas Action released an important video detailing how the Hillary for America campaign willingly accepted foreign political contributions. Many journalists have created a good deal of ruckus about the supposed lack of seriousness of this exposé. Thanks to this commotion—or deliberate obfuscation—a great deal of confusion needs to be sorted out.

Project Veritas Action caught a Canadian citizen wanting to make a contribution to the Hillary campaign at its Roosevelt Island event. After some discussion, high-ranking campaign staffers and the Canadian came to an agreement to make the political contribution through a “straw donor.” That is, the American donor would give $40 of her own money and $35 of the Canadian’s all under her own name. However the Hillary campaign may spin it, this is simply illegal under the Federal Election Campaign Act.

The Hillary narrative goes something like this: nothing prohibits someone from buying campaign merchandise and giving it to a foreigner as a gift. That’s a fun story, but has no relevance here. It is not a “gift” to buy someone something when they give you the money to buy it for them. As is made evident in the video, the Canadian wants to make a political contribution to Hillary for America. And as is so common, campaigns provide “campaign swag” for certain levels of political contributions. No doubt about it—money given to the Hillary for America committee is not funding a new fashion line. It is funding her political campaign.

Federal law is abundantly clear about these issues. Candidates for federal office and their campaigns may not accept even a dollar of foreign money in political contributions. The Veritas Action video illustrates that Hillary’s staff was aware of this prohibition, discussed it, and decided to create a scheme to evade it. . Not serious? The law also prohibits the use of “straw men” contribution schemes where one person makes a political contribution for another. This kind of scheme landed conservative activist Dinesh D’Souza in jail. Apparently the law had very serious application for him, but is not so strict for Hillary.

In a sudden, nearly miraculous display of lenity toward campaign finance violations, many journalists are reporting that this video is about a Canadian wanting to buy a Hillary t-shirt. Of course, that’s not really the issue. Individuals are providing political contributions to the campaign—why else would the staffers be so concerned about federal election laws that barred foreign political contributions? Other journalists are reporting that this one incident is just nothing to be concerned about, because the Canadian only contributed about $35. But a candidate running for the highest office in this land who faces a series of controversies about foundation corruption, her private e-mail server, and now blatant disregard for federal election law should raise some eyebrows. This was just one incident one summer day in New York, and at least begs the question—how many other times have Hillary’s top campaign staffers lackadaisically skirted the law?

To be certain, the Project Veritas Action journalist who recorded the video committed a technical violation of the law—something akin to campaign finance jaywalking. By serving as a conduit, the Federal Election Commission could impose a small civil penalty against her. But the Hillary campaign, by contrast, engaged in the open evasion of federal election law and displayed a willingness to accept foreign contributions and devise a fraudulent conduit scheme. This sort of subterfuge appeared serious when the press covered the Dinesh D’Souza indictment. It should be treated equally seriously here.
Prosecutors will seek the death penalty against Dylann Roof, the 21-year-old who was responsible for a heinous racially-motivated shooting in June that left nine people, including a state senator, dead in Charleston, South Carolina (via NYT):
Mr. Roof has been indicted twice for the killings, in state court and in federal court, and each of those cases carries a possible death sentence. Until the court filing on Thursday by Scarlett A. Wilson, the South Carolina state solicitor overseeing the case, neither set of prosecutors had said publicly whether they would seek to have him executed, but state officials, including Gov. Nikki R. Haley, have said emphatically that the case warranted the death penalty. […] 
Prosecutors said they intended to present evidence on Mr. Roof’s mental state, adult and juvenile criminal record and other conduct, as well as his apparent lack of remorse for the killings.
A lone gunman walked into the historic church in downtown Charleston, and sat in a Bible study session for almost an hour before drawing a .45-caliber semiautomatic handgun and shooting people ranging in age from 26 to 87.
Roof’s shootings rehashed the debates about racism, the Confederate flag, and gun control. There is a legitimate debate over the Confederate flag on government property, though that was drowned out by political correctness and double standards; Amazon, eBay, and Walmart suspended the sale of the Confederate flag, but Amazon still allowed Nazi paraphernalia to be sold. Concerning gun control, none of Obama’s gun control initiatives  post-Newtown would have stopped Roof from engaging in mass murder. The FBI admitted that a clerical error within the National Instant Background Check System (NICS) allowed Roof to purchase a handgun, despite his admission to a drug charge that would have prevented him from buying a firearm.

Iran promises to “set fire” to U.S. interests
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


Iran promises to “set fire” to U.S. interests
Peace in our time! Note that this article refers to “the Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).” What does the I stand for?

The article doesn’t say. But the name of the group is actually the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, and Salami’s threats here have a strong Islamic character: “In a direct threat to both the United […]
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Congressional Democrats PAID BY IRANIAN LOBBY to support Obama’s nuke deal
Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs

Every senator who accepted money from the Iranian American Political Action Committee (IPAC) should be impeached and removed from office — or at very least, soundly defeated the next time he or she comes up for reelection. But the enemedia, true to form, will cover for them and do everything it can to keep them on the government payroll.


“Gillibrand and other pro-Dealers got Iran cash,” by Jeff Dunetz, The Jewish Star, September 3, 2015 (thanks to Banafsheh):
One of the many unanswered questions about P5+1 agreement with Iran is why so many Congressional Democrats are rallying behind the President on this issue when recent polls show the majority of Americans want Congress to reject the deal.
Part of the...


Falling from Political Grace...Falling into the Arms of the Enemy
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on

Two all-important stories in the news right an ongoing national disgrace...the other a possible harbinger of World War III.

Story one shows that even a Clinton can fall from Democratic political grace as the party faithful are now rightfully calling into question presidential hopeful Hillary 'What Does It Matter' Clinton’s honesty and trustworthiness, and many polls are showing the same trend as her favorability rating drops to an almost all-time low. From her once being a shoe-in to get the Democratic nomination, Hillary is now viewed favorably...according to a Langer Research Associates just 45% of Americans, a decrease of 7% points since just this past July, with 53% saying they did NOT have a favorable view of the once and forever infamous Secretary of State, and that's an 8% percentage point increase in the same time frame. And much to Hillary's chagrin, these numbers are close to her spring 2008 all-time low when she was viewed favorably by just 44% of Americans.

And to add insult to injury, the polls show avowed socialist Bernie Sanders...a man attracting more first-time caucus goers than closing the polling gap in Iowa where Hillary leads him by a margin of 37% to 30% among likely Democratic caucus goers, and that's according to a highly respected Des Moines Register/Bloomberg Politics poll. And Vice President 'Uncle Joe Bite-Me' Biden, who has NOT even announced a definitive run for the presidency yet, comes in at 14%. And all this translates into Hillary losing a full third of her Iowa supporters since May of this year. NOT good for the Clinton campaign folks...NOT good at all.

So what has led to Hillary's political fall from a word 'emails.' With almost 200 emails containing redacted classified information having been released to date, and with another 305 being 'flagged' for further review by the five intelligence agencies in charge of clearing Hillary's emails for public release, now comes this newest batch of emails...7,000 pages worth...released just this past Monday by the Department of State...a release that gives us a chance to see just how ugly this situation really is.

Ugly to the tune of about 125 emails in the latest batch being deemed classified. And while said 125 also appear in redacted form, they still clearly show Hillary discussing both what should be classified internal government operations as well as discussing government personnel on her private home server. And this is in addition to the previously released emails that pertained to the 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi... emails that even mentioned Ambassador Christopher Stevens by well as including thousands of pages of emails covering other personal and what should have been and most likely was classified professional issues.

And when you add in that two inspectors general have already said that Hillary's in-box most certainly did contain material that was classified when it was sent and received, and that by the very act of redaction...something we've seen time and again with this anything but most transparent administration in history...the email scandal is even uglier than we first suspected. Remember, when classified emails are redacted...blacked out to be assured they remain be second thing you just know is that they are anything but mundane as Hillary claims, for the truth is that the mundane need NOT ever be redacted...period.

Hillary's claimed mundane emails are all intact save for a few private phone numbers and addresses but, for example, full and complete redaction becomes the order of the day in first, an email draft of Hillary's testimony on the New START treaty before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and second, in the entire text of an email composed of talking points needed for a call with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Now that one I can see why Hillary needed hidden for she, like Obama, is NO friend of Israel... remember who her closest confidant is...none other than Muslim Brotherhood shill Huma Abedin...need I say more.

And of course Hillary is denying any wrong doing as she makes light of the trouble she and her campaign is now in. Continuing to claim that NO emails on her account were marked as classified at the time she received them, Hillary is trying to make us she tries to convince herself...with words to the affect that she's “being pulled into an inter-agency fight that reflects a predisposition for secrecy among some in the intelligence community.”

To that all I can say is “LIAR” for Hillary has changed her email story more times than a 'certain' supposedly Republican candidate has changed his party affiliation. So to try and take the focus of this presidential campaign-ender, Hillary changed her statements regarding the 'sensitivity' of the emails more times than you can say Benghazi. Remember back when this scandal first broke and Hillary was forced to admit that she did indeed use a private server, but was quick to add that none of her correspondence dealt with national security secrets saying, “There is no classified material.” Well now she oh so conveniently says that the emails were NOT classified at the time she sent and received them as they did NOT “bare any classification markings”...her words NOT mine.

And just yesterday Brian Pagliano...the man who played and continues to play a critical role in this email scandal...and whom I and my RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS partner and friend Craig Andresen said was the man who knows everything, set-up the server in question, and who was in collusion with Hillary right from the start...said he will 'take the fifth' when called to testify. The rat hole is getting stinkier and stinkier with each passing day and pretty soon the 'canaries' will surely start protect their own sorry butts that is.

Thankfully, Hillary has next month's hearing before Trey Gowdy and his committee to look forward to...sarcastically said of course...and know she has much explaining to do. But, like so many others, I look forward to watching Hillary squirm. And while she agreed to testify 'one time' and 'one time' only, I have a sneaky feeling that 'one time' to Hillary is NOT the same as it is to Trey Gowdy...meaning she best use the ladies room before she sits down because she ain't getting up for quite some time during her 'one time' on the stand...that I can guarantee.

As for the second we need to keep a very diligent eye is indeed a harbinger of World War III.

An Obama initiated harbinger that gives our traitor-in-chief a veto-proof coalition to protect his...YES his...Iranian nuclear deal...his sell-out... his capitulation...from being blocked by Congress even if Congress passes a 'resolution to disapprove' aimed at undercutting the deal. And with retiring Maryland Democratic Senator Barbara Mikulski announcing on Wednesday her support for this very bad deal...even while admitting that "no deal is perfect, especially one negotiated with the Iranian regime'...Obama has secured the magic number '34'... the number needed as per the Constitution to sustain a veto. And as of now only two Democratic Senators...Chuck Schumer of New York and Bob Menendez of New Jersey...out of the six needed to override said Obama veto...have announced they will vote to oppose the deal...oppose it as they stand strong and cross party lines to oppose something they know in their heart is NOTHING but words on paper that Iran has NO intention of upholding.

And many Republicans are rightfully angry because first, they feel a deal of this magnitude should rightfully be afforded a final up-or-down vote; second, this nightmare of an agreement is actually a treaty and as per our Constitution a treaty must be ratified by two-thirds of the Senate with the House NOT meaning that instead of having to get two-thirds of the Senate to approve, Obama acquiescers John Boehner and Mitch McConnell made it so that two-thirds of the Senate and the House has to override a veto; and lastly, just one-third of lawmakers in either chamber of Congress are making a decision against both the majority of Congress and 'We the People's' overwhelming across the political spectrum opposition.

So this Obama legacy-defining very bad now assured to become reality unless a miracle of conscience occurs and four more Democratic Senators have the guts and courage to stand strong against this miserable excuse of a president...a president who with this deal will have successfully armed Israel’s enemy who has vowed time and again to wipe the Jewish State off the map...armed them with nuclear weapons, the missiles for their delivery, and with billions of dollars in sanctions relief most definitely earmarked for terrorism NOT just against Israel but against America as well.

And with Mikulski's vote, we now sadly have 34 Democratic traitors to both America and Israel... and sorry to say but the truth is that anyone who voted for these jokers is just as guilty as they are. And with the reality of Obama's pushing through such an important piece of foreign policy legislation without support from the majority of Congress and with NO...I repeat NO...backing from Republicans in the Senate, you just know we as a nation are in serious trouble. And that NOT only looks bad but is bad.

"Thirty-four votes are obviously enough votes for the president's veto to be upheld...[but]...That is not satisfactory for us. We do want to try to go further. We'll continue to persuade." So said John 'Swiftboat' Kerry in speaking about Mikulski's sellout that brought the last needed vote to push this nightmare through.

And now having reached that magic 34 number, Obama and crew are free to greedily work to garner the 41 votes needed to block any disapproval measure’s passage in the Senate, thus sparing Obama the embarrassment and bad press of having to veto it at all. But Obama probably will secure those votes because those we elected to do 'We the People's' bidding have instead decided to do the bidding of a man...a president...hell-bent on bringing our beloved America to her knees... good little islamist that he is.

And that folks...having an enemy occupying the White the saddest thing of all.