Saturday, December 19, 2015

Federal judge rebukes Hamas-linked terror org CAIR
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


Federal judge rebukes Hamas-linked terror org CAIR
“CAIR is in trouble not only with its few surviving claims, but also with the possibility of a public trial that will most certainly expose CAIR for what it is – a subversive Islamist front group.”

This trial will be most interesting — hence Hamas-linked CAIR’s desperate attempts to stave it off. “Federal Judge Slaps […]
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Minn. students to sing Muslim prayer “Allahu Akbar” at high school Christmas concert

Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs

It’s endless. The leftist elites are ramming this genocidal ideology down our throats and demanding that we sacrifice our children to its altar.

I warn of this indoctrination and inculcation and what you can do about it in my book, Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance.
“Parents Question Choice To Sing ‘Allahu Akbar’ At Holiday Concert,” CBS news, December 17, 2015 (thanks to Van):
BLAINE, Minn. (WCCO) — Some parents in the Anoka-Hennepin School District are questioning a choir teacher’s decision to use a song about Ramadan performed in Arabic at a holiday concert.
At Thursday night’s concert at Blaine High School, one of the songs students will be singing includes...

Well, if there’s one thing that was left out of the president’s final press conference of the year, it was gun control. There have been rumblings that some policy initiative coming from this administration on guns could be announced after the holidays (via Roll Call):
So far, the White House is keeping its plans — and the details of its legal review — under wraps. But sources say the administration is zeroing in on the definition of just who is in the gun sales realm. 
“What we expect is that they are going to better define what it means to be ‘in the business’ of selling firearms,” said a source with knowledge of the administration’s thinking. Congressional aides say they are hearing similar rumblings.
Under current laws, only licensed firearms dealers are required to conduct background checks on those trying to buy guns. What’s more, the only individuals considered “in the business” are ones who must apply to be dealers — but that leaves countless people selling firearms without registering.
“Currently many people, even those who sell tons of guns each year, just say that they aren’t ‘in the business,’ or ‘it’s just a hobby,’ in order to get out of the licensing and its attendant background check requirement,” the source told Roll Call. “Because what ‘in the business’ means is so unclear, it’s very difficult and thus very rare for people to be prosecuted under this standard.

What if the Los Angeles public schools get another email promising a terrorist attack on Monday

And Tuesday? And Wednesday? If you close the schools the first time, what do you do the next time?

If I were a lazy terrorist with no guns, bombs or desire for martyrdom, I'd be keeping up a steady stream of bloodcurdling forecasts to the school authorities in Los Angeles -- and every other major city in America.

Well, maybe not New York. The people in charge there, after getting the same threat, read it, deleted it and proceeded with the business of educating kids.

Los Angeles, however, decided to take no chances, forcing 640,000 kids to stay home. It was an understandable choice. "I was not going to let something happen on my watch," said Superintendent Ramon Cortines the next day. "My priority yesterday was our children, our staff and our property."

New York City police commissioner William Bratton took a different view. "I think it was a significant overreaction," he said, and Mayor Bill de Blasio dismissed the email as "outlandish." They were willing to act on their best judgment and put their careers on the line rather than surrender to efforts to create mass panic and disruption.