Wednesday, March 18, 2020

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Deep State vs. Dark State...Part Two
By: Diane Sori and Craig Andresen / Right Side Patriots

In part one of 'Deep State vs. Dark State'...which you can find at: we explain why what is referred to as Deep State United Nations cannot ever be the winner in the battle for control of what is actually Dark State, and why it's simply but one of the many political entities buried deep within the abyss of what is generally considered to be Deep State. And that leaves only one possible entity as the driving force behind what is actually a global Dark State, but it's a driving force that must be separated into two parts...the first part being a religious front and the second part being its all-important political operation. 

Trump Admin Cuts Red Tape to Speed Up the Supply Chain and Get Essential Goods to Americans

Trump Admin Cuts Red Tape to Speed Up the Supply Chain and Get Essential Goods to Americans
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) on Friday temporarily rolled back regulations placed on truck drivers as a means of speeding up the delivery of essential goods to Americans across the country.

People have been purchasing essential goods, like food, water, and paper goods, at an unprecedented rate as a result of the Wuhan coronavirus. Because of that, the FMCSA suspended a trucking safety law that mandated drivers are on the road for only 11 hours in a 14-hour work period, Business Insider reported. They are then required to be off for 10 hours. The law was originally put into place in 1938.

Under FMCSA's emergency declaration, the following loads are exempt from the hours of service law (via Business Insider):

Director General of World Health Organization Severely Overstated the Fatality Rate of the Coronavirus Leading to Overblown Global Panic

On January 23, 2020, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus declines to declare China virus outbreak as a global health emergency. But he has no qualms now quarantining the world.
The Chinese are profiting immensely from the fire sale, as though they were prepared for it (6,7,8,9,10).  Also consider that China owns large portions of our media companies, and China virtually controls the World Health Organization (WHO).  When this thing started, Trump offered aid to China in the form of virology experts and medicines, but China refused that aid, insisting that everything be done through the WHO.  The WHO assisted in the hype by calling something that looked like a common cold, once it got out of China, a “pandemic.”
More on that here.

Full Coronavirus/Wuhan Virus here.

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