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On July 3, 2008, then-presidential candidate Barack Obama infamously called President George W. Bush “unpatriotic,” and his polices “irresponsible” for adding $4 Trillion to the country's "credit card." This was almost more than all other US presidents combined, he argued, and therefore was putting America on a dangerous path to fiscal insolvency. Less than six years into his own administration, however, the president has failed to reverse the untenable course set by his predecessor; and, indeed, is making America's heavy debt burden even worse. CNS News reports:
The total federal debt of the U.S. government has now increased more than $7 trillion during the slightly more than five and a half years Barack Obama has been president. That is more than the debt increased under all U.S. presidents from George Washington through Bill Clinton combined, and it is more debt than was accumulated in the first 227 years of this nation's existence--from 1776 through 2003…By the close of business on July 31, 2014, it had risen to $17,687,136,723,410.59—up $7,060,259,674,497.51 since Obama first inauguration day.
Again, this is not to say that President Obama is solely responsible for the nation’s unsustainable debt burden. As the graph below shows, federal debt first ballooned during the Bush years (although, in fairness, exploded shortly after he left office):

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For what it's worth, in February, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) wrote about some of the possible ramifications of a “large” and “growing federal debt”:
The large budget deficits recorded in recent years have substantially increased federal debt, and the amount of debt relative to the size of the economy is now very high by historical standards. CBO estimates that federal debt held by the public will equal 74 percent of GDP at the end of this year and 79 percent in 2024 (the end of the current 10-year projection period). Such large and growing federal debt could have serious negative consequences, including restraining economic growth in the long term, giving policymakers less flexibility to respond to unexpected challenges, and eventually increasing the risk of a fiscal crisis (in which investors would demand high interest rates to buy the government’s debt).
What also makes these astounding figures so egregious is that on the presidential campaign trail, then-Sen. Obama pledged to slice the national deficit in half at some point during his first four years in office. That obviously never came to fruition -- and, given where are federal debt burden stands today, perhaps we shouldn't be surprised.

Sunday’s “appalling” “horrifying” “indefensible” Gaza school attack now appears to be staged

Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs

Obama called it “indefensible.” His administration was “appalled” and “horrifying.” What is more appalling, horrifying and indefensible than denouncing Israel on the world stage with the facts.

If Obama and his jihad administration doesn’t publicly apologize to Israel, it will be “appalling” “horrifying”  and “indefensible.”

Sunday’s Gaza school attack now appears to be staged,” (thanks to Jihadwatch)
“The account promoted by Hamas and repeated by the United States and the U.N. on Sunday was that an Israeli mortar hit a U.N. school, killing 10 people, including children.
However, evidence is emerging that the Israeli strike hit outside of the school and the bodies were moved into the courtyard to make it look like Israel hit the school.” Will Obama apologize to Israel? Will the UN? Don’t hold your breath.
Sunday’s Gaza School Attack Now Appears To Be Staged,” by Jeff Dunetz, Truth Revolt, August 4, 2014:
The account promoted by Hamas and repeated by the United States and the U.N. on Sunday was that an Israeli mortar hit a U.N. school, killing 10 people, including children.
However, evidence is emerging that the Israeli strike hit outside of the school and the bodies were moved into the courtyard to make it look like Israel hit the school.
As reported by Rick Moran at the PJ Tatler, the U.K Guardian pointed out the attack was outside the gates of the school:

Hamas calls for ’3 day uprising’ during ceasefire

/ Jihad Watch
Hamas3An uprising during the ceasefire. Clearly Hamas sees that there is nothing it can do to lose the support of the UN, the EU and Barack Obama. So it’s full-speed ahead with the jihad, even during a “ceasefire.” “Hamas Calls for ’3 Day Uprising’ During Ceasefire,” by Yaakov Levi, Arutz Sheva, August 4, 2014:
Hamas on Monday specifically called on Arabs in Judea and Samaria to conduct attacks on Israelis, urging them to start the “third intifada” that would start with attacks on Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, and eventually move into the rest of Israel.
In a message sent out by Hamas Monday to “the Palestinians of the Occupied West Bank,” Hamas called on Arabs to “conduct mass riots” over the next three days as a “sign of support” for Gaza, and of “resistance” to “violence” by Israel.
On Monday night, Israeli media outlets, quoting Egyptian sources, said that Hamas and Islamic Jihad had agreed to an Egyptian demand for a three-day cease-fire. The sources said that the cease-fire could go into effect as soon as Tuesday morning.
In its message, Hamas called on residents of Hevron, Ramallah and Shechem to converge on the main square in their cities and demand that Hamas retain the right to keep its weapons – rockets and tunnels – against Israel.
Hamas on Monday praised the terrorist who killed an Israeli and injured four others with a tractor in Jerusalem. Hamas said that it “congratulated the free Palestinian of Jerusalem for his attack. This attack is a natural response to the occupation of our people,” Hamas said. In a statement, Hamas spokesperson Fawzi Barhoum said that “the action in Jerusalem was very brave, a natural response to the occupation.”

Democrats Make Millions Lying About Impeachment

by / Personal Liberty Digest

Finally, the Democratic leadership believes it has found an issue that will ignite their base, distract voters’ attention from their disastrous record and raise a ton of money for them. So what if it isn’t true?
Democrats Make Millions Lying About Impeachment
THINKSFinally, the Democratic leadership believes it has found an issue that will ignite their base, distract voters’ attention from their disastrous record and raise a ton of money for them. So what if it isn’t true?

Suddenly, every prominent Democratic leader is warning that if Republicans aren’t defeated this November, they will try to impeach President Barack Obama. Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.), the chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, warned a meeting of the National Urban League last week, “That’s what Republicans have told us … they’ll do.”

No it isn’t. House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) has said just the opposite. The Republicans have “no plans to impeach the President,” he insists, and “no future plans” either. Boehner says the whole thing is “a scam started by Democrats at the White House.”

As though to confirm Boehner’s accusation, the chorus from the Democrats warning about impeachment is getting louder and louder. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest says that “prominent voices” in the GOP, including some unnamed “senior members,” are calling for impeachment.

Dan Pfeiffer, the White House Director of Communications, said last week that Speaker Boehner “opened the door to Republicans pursuing impeachment at some point in the future.” Oh really?

Sounds to me like Boehner tried to do just the opposite.

Even First Lady Michelle Obama has joined the chorus. Speaking at a Democratic National Committee fundraiser in Chicago 20 days ago, she said that if Democrats lose control of the Senate this November, there will be more “talk about impeachment.”

Yes, there will be more talk about impeachment. And much of it will come from Democrats.

Confirming this, leaders of the Congressional Black Caucus took to the floor of the House of Representatives last Monday to warn about “the GOP march towards impeachment.”

Warning about impeachment isn’t just a trend, it’s a calculated campaign. And it’s working just as Democrats hoped it would.

Representative Steve Israel (D-N.Y.), chairman of the Democratic Congressional Committee, told a group of reporters last week that the Republicans’ message for the coming elections was “impeach, impeach, impeach.” Then he bragged that his committee had raise over $2 million in four days, in an email campaign to supporters warning about this nefarious Republican plot. He boasted that the issue is “energizing our base.”

And there you have it. All of these dire warnings about impeachment coming from Democrats are energizing their base and raising millions of dollars for their coffers. No wonder they love the issue!

They hope all of the talk about impeachment will distract voters from the issues that can really hurt them this year. Things like the huge crisis on our southern border, the growing unpopularity of Obamacare, the incredible failures of Obama’s foreign policy, and the growing threats from an out-of-control central government.

These are the issues that could increase the Republican majority in the House and give them control of the Senate. Let’s hope their candidates will stick to them, and not get lured into a trap by the Democratic tar baby called impeachment.

Until next time, keep some powder dry.

Illegals Hail from Countries with Ebola Outbreaks, Terror Ties

By Melanie Batley / Newsmax

Image: Illegals Hail from Countries with Ebola Outbreaks, Terror TiesUndocumented immigrants are 
transported to a U.S. Customs and 
Border Protection processing center 
after being detained. 

Illegal immigrants from more than 75 countries are attempting to enter the United States, including some from countries with outbreaks of the Ebola virus and others from terrorist hotbeds.

According to an intelligence report from the Customs and Border Protection agency obtained by Breitbart Texas, most of the human smuggling from Syria and Albania into the United States comes through Central America, and there is also an increasing number of border apprehensions of people from nations suffering from Ebola outbreaks.

In total, 71 people from three countries affected by the current Ebola outbreak have either turned themselves in or been caught attempting to enter the U.S. illegally between January 2014 and July 2014, the report said, according to Breitbart, some of which are at other points of entry than the southern border.

Meanwhile, Texas Gov. Rick Perry insisted in an interview on CNN's "State of the Union" on Sunday that his state is seeing "historic record highs" of people being apprehended from countries "that have substantial terrorist ties," including Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Syria.

"I'm the governor of the state of Texas," Perry said. "My citizens' safety is what is foremost here, and it hasn't got anything to do with anything other than those numbers of individuals who are coming across the border.

"And when you think about the idea that some of them are from countries that have substantial terrorist ties, whether it's Pakistan or Afghanistan or Syria, we are at historic record highs with individuals being apprehended from those countries."

Politicfact.com has said that it has not been able to substantiate similar statements Perry and others have made in the past. It said it has not been able to find any figures showing that U.S. has seen a surge in the number of people apprehended from countries on the State Department's list of state sponsors of terrorism or terrorist safe havens, and has called the claims "not accurate" and "ridiculous."

Nevertheless, the report obtained by Breitbart found that 28 people from Pakistan were caught attempting to enter the United States this year alone, with an additional 211 that either turned themselves in or were caught at official ports of entry.

In addition, four people from Yemen were caught by border agents in 2014, and an additional 34 turned themselves in or were caught trying to sneak through official ports of entry.

And four people from Somalia, another country known for being a source of Islamic terrorist activity, were caught trying to get past border patrol agents this year, while an additional 290 either turned themselves in or were caught attempting to illegally pass through official ports of entry, Breitbart reported.

Cease-fires broken as old hatreds surface
By: Diane Sori

Well they've done it again...Hamas has broken yet another cease-fire with their shooting and seriously wounded of an Israeli soldier in Jerusalem, and as a Palestinian man...in a terrorist attack...rammed the front end of a construction excavator into an Israeli bus crowded with people.

And while Hamas is trying to win the PR battle by having burka-clad women go on TV wailing that their babies have been killed by the Israeli rockets remember, NOTHING could be further from the truth as most of the deaths of Palestinian children have been caused by Hamas cowards who cover their faces so as NOT to be identified...who use women and especially children as human shields... who hide and then launch their rockets from civilian homes, hospitals, and schools... whose own rockets go astray so when a school or hospital is hit by said rockets they twist and turn it around saying, 'Israel did it...look what the Jews did.'

But does Hamas or any jihadi care at all about the deaths of those they use as human shields...beyond protecting their own miserable lives...beyond their twisted PR value...the answer is NOT at all as according to Yahya al-Libi’s 'Human Shields in Modern Jihad'...a reintroduction of the Hukm al-Tatarrus (the law on using human shields)...human shields are justified as they become martyrs for allah.

“The one which allows/accepts that their death is for the sake of jihad and is analogous with the death of Muslims when fighting [for Islam], in which case they are martyr,” al-Libi wrote.

Sick and perverted these people are yet the world is falling for Hamas' lies as they buy into their PR campaign against Israel. And when you add in the lies spewed by the Obama administration...an administration that does any and everything to paint Israel as the aggressor...as I write this Hamas launched 100 plus rockets into Israel today in just the few hours since the newest cease-fire collapsed.

Now here are simple facts whether some want to accept them or NOT...Israel launched this current Gaza military operation on July 8th in response to weeks of heavy rocket fire...in response to weeks of surging cross-border rocket salvos by Hamas and others. As per latest figures, Israel has rightfully carried out more than 4,600 air strikes on Gaza in response to the almost daily attacks on its cities. Ground forces were sent in on July 17th in what was deemed 'a limited mission' to destroy the tunnels used by Hamas to carry out attacks inside Israel.

Now for the numbers for the anything-but-victim Hamas...to date they have lobbed more than 3,200 rockets into Israel, but thankfully most of them have been intercepted by Israel's Iron Dome. And Gaza officials are now claiming that 1,834 Palestinians have been killed...with most of them civilians they say...but as of now there is NO definitive corroboration of those numbers. And Israel has confirmed that 64 of its soldiers have died in combat, while Palestinian shelling has killed three civilians in Israel.

Adding their two-cents in where they do NOT belong, the U(seless) N(ations) has claimed that more than three-quarters of the dead in the war have been civilians. And as U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon calls the attacks on Gaza a "moral outrage and a criminal act" and demands a quick but thorough investigation into what he calls war crimes against the Palestinian people, our State Department chimed in to condemn Israel's incursion into Gaza. But guess what...the overwhelming majority of Americans support Israel over the barbaric bast*rds known as Hamas. And it really is too damn bad about Palestinian being killed as war...all war...involves collateral damage, and there has been collateral damage on both sides but the media will NEVER report on the Israeli civilians killed now will they. And lest we forget that Israel being the 'civilized man' tries to avoid killing civilians even though civilian lives mean NOTHING to Hamas. And if truth be told, you dear reader know as well as I do that Israel...that the IDF...could take-out the entire of Gaza if they so wanted to, and they could do it in a mere blink of an eye.

And you also know that if the situation were reversed with Hamas having the military might to take-out Israel they most assuredly would do so...they would kill each and every Jew they could and any who survived their carnage would be rounded up and beheaded...you know it...I know it...and Obama knows it...yet he simply does NOT care about Israel as he sends more of our taxpayer dollars to aid Hamas in the quest to kill Jews...as well as sending his bloviating mouthpiece John Kerry over to the Middle East to insult Israel's leader Benjamin Netanyahu...the world's last great statesman and leader.
And you just have to love BiBi's response to all this...his response to both Obama and Kerry, "don't ever second guess me on Hamas," as he decidedly and forcefully told the Obama White House NOT to try and force a truce with Palestinian militants. Adding that the U.S. and the UN are naive in assuming that radical Hamas would ever honor any truce NO matter who brokered it, Netanyahu rightfully vowed that Israel will deal with Hamas, and with any other terrorists, on their own terms.

Kudos to BiBi...he knows he can't count on Obama to cover Israel's back...to stab Israel in the back for sure...to cover their back NO way.

And now as I write this Israel and Hamas have both accepted the Egyptian brokered truce set to start at 1am EDT this Tuesday morning and last for three days. And know that Egypt has sided with Israel in this conflict as they too oppose Hamas, but will that matter as we all know Hamas will break this cease-fire too. And again the world will look away and place the blame on Israel...will place blame on the Jewish State of Israel...will place the blame on the Jews...which they often try to disguise as NOT being anti-Jew but being anti-Zionism so as to appear to have tempered their hate.

And with the rise of anti-Semitism growing in Europe, and to a lesser but still evident degree here in America as well, know that this growth can be it's directly tied to Barack HUSSEIN Obama's NOT standing strong with Israel...NOT standing strong with the Jews. And while usually anti-Semitism is kept in-check here in America, now with the media shoving the Palestinian agenda down our throats on a daily basis...an agenda the Palestinians claim was forced upon them by their self-perceived injustices done to them by Israel...the old hatreds are starting to come to the surface as the all-important truth about these muslim barbarians takes a step back to their playing on our emotions with pictures of injured and dead children.

So as Hamas revels in winning the current PR battle let it be known that PR does NOT a war win, and rest assured that it will be Israel who is victorious when all is said and done.