Monday, October 11, 2021

Truth, Fear, and Constitutional Legalities
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriot / Right Side Patriots Radio
No, I never admitted defeat.” 
- President Trump to The Water Cooler host David Brody

Let's start with the simple premise that President Donald J. Trump did indeed win reelection in 2020, and that all the forensic audits, recounts, and legal challenges prove this to be so. And while that indeed would be a very good thing for our country as it would mean that technically Joe Biden is out and Donald Trump is in...unfortunately I don't think this will happen. And why...simply because even if it were the case that Trump did win...which I wholeheartedly believe he did...the problem lies within the U.S. Constitution itself for our founding document makes no mention of the ramifications of such a fraudulent situation occurring nor does it give the steps needed to remedy said situation.

In fact, even the go-to Federalist Papers do not broach this subject nor have legal cases been heard regarding such a dire situation. And know that our Founding Fathers could never have imagined and thus planned accordingly for such a situation occurring for even they could not grasp the concept that someday in the future time itself would produce such evil people who would be hell bent on destroying everything they had worked so hard to create...create as in a representative republic where freedom... and of course election integrity...would be valued above all other legal matters.

And even today when constitutional attorneys do delve into the Constitution's wording about the all-important Electoral College...the process by which the presidential winner is officially declared...the only fact that remains constant is that, to date, the Electoral College has never had to re-convene to recast their vote regarding presidential certification...whether it be because of a fraudulent vote cast or otherwise. So where does that leave President Trump and we his supporters if it were proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the 2020 election was stolen from him via overt fraud committed by those on the left whose agenda reeks of socialism...socialism that edges ever closer to the unabashed totalitarianism that is the hallmark of communism itself.

Would individual state courts now be forced to step in, in the states where the fraud had been proven to have be committed or would any decisions that needed to be made be made by the Supreme Court...the highest court in our land?

I think here I can safely say that the Supreme Court, as it stands now, with certain "activist justices" sitting within its own ranks, would pass the proverbial buck, if you will, on a case such as this for even they know well that their job is but to interpret the words as written in the Constitution not second guess what nonexistent words might or might not mean or even imply. And why do I say certain "activist justices" currently sit on the High Court...because if one does read some of their latest decisions and sees who sided where and with whom on certain key issues, nothing else makes any sense especially when supposedly conservative justices are in the majority. And yet it seems the needed majority did base some of their decisions not on the law as constitutionally written, but on the mood of the country at a specifically given time.

In fact, why else would the High Court not take up the issue of election fraud when it was first presented to them...with proof given but unheard I might add...proof that the vote tallies in some key battleground states saw more ballots being cast than there were voters eligible to vote. Why else indeed for if truth be it always must be...I believe the justices feared the outcome of what likely would lay before both them and the country...of what they alone would be blamed for causing...if they rightfully dared to rule in President Trump's favor. 

Can you say the “element” behaving ever so badly yet again...can you say miscreants and thugs again ruling the streets what with rioting, arson, mayhem, and maybe even murder again predominately happening in blue cities and cities and states where the police were defunded making them basically powerless to step in...and with it all happening again along the same racial and socioeconomic lines as last summer. Would the media again side with the “element”...would they again make excuses for them...using the “race card” to again give them a “free pass” so to speak...or would the blame be turned solely on the Supreme Court justices who would now be cowering in fear behind their what should be noble black robes.

Fear is a powerful usurper of justice just as fear, at times, does blind one to the truth... especially when it's a truth one does not want to hear or a fear one does not want to face... a fear that would likely be twisted by said “race card” of course being played yet again. No, I believe as it stands now, that the Supreme Court in a majority but not in a unanimous vote, would not get involved and that they would again pass the buck back down to the state courts as they have done on contentious issues many times before.

So if not the High Court getting involved what would happen even in a proven to be fraudulent election were to fall into the hands of the states...would the states themselves do right by President Trump? And with state legislators having the power to recall electors for fraud, would they have the courage and fortitude to take electoral college votes away from Joe Biden and rightfully re-certify the 2020 election in favor of the true winner, Donald J. Trump? I think not for not only would the Democrats tie up such a scenario in the federal courts for years...long past a Biden presidency...or would the issue of statute of limitations itself come into play what with electoral votes now being taken away almost a year after the election.

Personally, I think even if a legal call for re-certification was raised, I'm not sure it would happen, for again no mention of this occurring or how it would be handled is in the Constitution.

And not to be forgotten is the fact that today's political climate exists solely in an arena ripe with partisan driven politics...politics dirty way more times than not. Simply, the Democrats...both the rank and file in Congress and most especially the Democrat hierarchy...including it's not so shadowy puppet master Barack HUSSEIN Obama... would then tightly circle the wagons around Joe Biden, the now proven to be faux president rather than risk losing both the implementation of Obama's decidedly anti-America agenda or risk having a canary amongst them “singing” the truth in order to cut a deal to save his or her own political life. But with jail not being an option for certain believing themselves to be “above the law” folks still lurking in the shadows, know they would willingly sacrifice one of their own for “the cause,” especially if it kept their “puppet” still dangling on the puppet master's string.

So if a recall and re-certification of the 2020 election is slim to none possibility wise, where do “We the People” stand and what do we do knowing that America now has a Commander-in-Chief who should not be in office but is? Would our anger finally boil over, especially with the now disastrous Biden administration on full display for all the world to see...would it boil over to such a degree where only a military coup could right this grievous in mutiny in the name of saving the Republic if you will...a noble quest but would it work?

Maybe and maybe not for today's military hierarchy still seems to hold their allegiance not to Joe Biden, but to his puppet master Obama, the man who appointed most of them to their current positions. And while the rank and file troops overwhelmingly appear to side with the Constitution, as their oath of service demands, mutiny remains an action never to be taken lightly especially when the Constitution's Article II, Section 4: states that, The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”

And while one would think that election fraud does meet the legal definition of “High Crimes and Misdemeanors,” the problem remains, as before, in that the Constitution does not give detailed examples as to specific crimes except to allude to allegations of misconduct committed by officials, even though many legal scholars today do believe these words refer to what we call "felonies." So as of now we're still left wading through uncharted legal grounds regarding a situation such as that we are now facing.

And while one Thierry Etienne Joseph Rotty, a senior Controller at NATO, has laid out how a military coup of sorts could take place in the U.S. in but two simple steps...with the first being that with White House communications controlled by the military, communications would simply be cut off after having advised the Secret Service not to resist an impending assault and second, the 3rd Infantry Regiment would “assault the White House” and literally remove the sitting president with help from the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Secret Service if need be...but know this is highly if not totally unlikely to ever happen.

But for arguments sake let's say a military coup did happen, would Vice President Kamala Harris then assume the presidency? I believe she would not as she too would be subject to the same questions of in her also being elected via was Joe Biden, therefore she would not be deemed legally fit to serve as president as well. So that then leaves yet another nightmare scenario for it would be the infamous, ever power hungry House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who would become “acting president” until the next presidential election, as per the Presidential Succession Act of 1947. However, even if this were to occur Pelosi should would be rendered "politically impotent" if the Republicans did end up controlling both the House and the Senate.

But again, the above stated scenario is for arguments sake alone for the hard to accept reality and truth is that either Joe Biden or Kamala Harris will be president until 2024, a sad fact we Trump supporters must accept. And why...because with the bad guys in power even the 2022 midterms remain in question for voter fraud shows no signs of abating as states like California, but one state amongst other blue states, are now making it even easier for voter fraud to be committed via mail-in ballots being sent out to even unregistered voters. Simply, until Republicans take back the House, the Senate, and the White House, no election will matter for the fix is in with elections being decided even before the first vote...whether it be legally or cast.

The clock is ever so silently ticking down for a possible Second American Revolution to begin, but it will only begin when we patriots have reached the final breaking point... something that seems that for far too many has not yet been reached. Case closed.

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