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Want To Guess Which Republican Sided With Democrats On AG Barr's Contempt Vote?

Want To Guess Which Republican Sided With Democrats On AG Barr's Contempt Vote?Well, it’s happened. House Democrats are moving forward in holding Attorney General Barr and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross in contempt for not cooperating with their trash investigation into the 2020 Census. Democrats want to know why the Trump White House wants to add a citizenship question into the upcoming survey, which will be decided by the Supreme Court this session. That decision is pending. It’s coming.

Still, the fact that this is even an issue is puzzling; a citizenship question has been included before.

This isn’t new. It’s just Democrats doing everything they can to a) fight the Trump White House, and b) ensure that their position of power doesn’t change. With illegals out of the mix, the congressional maps in a lot of blue states—cough* California cough* cough*–will have their congressional districts rearranged. Democrats have done well dominating political landscapes by harnessing the illegal alien population, using them when it comes to drawing congressional districts and catering to them through ethnic representation on the Hill.  It’s why they’re against tough immigration measures. It’s why they like policies that foster open border mentalities. It’s why they don’t like deporting people who shouldn’t be here. It’s why they don’t care when criminal aliens murder American citizens. They see these people as new voters. It’s disgusting.

Islamic State regrouping, expanding in Afghanistan to attack the West, including America
By Christine Douglass-Williams / Jihad Watch


Islamic State regrouping, expanding in Afghanistan to attack the West, including America
The American and Afghan governments have warned “that the Islamic State is dramatically expanding its footprint in Afghanistan and planning to use it as a base for attacks on Western countries, including the United States.” The Islamic State, despite losing territory in Syria and Iraq, has long called for attacks on Western nations globally. General […]

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FIRST TIME EVER: India Votes with Israel at UN

India and Israel are two top targets for Islamic terror and have been through history. Theirs is an important alliance and together they will do great things. This is a new era in the fight for freedom in the region. For decades, the Indian government has kept its distance from Israel, for fear of its large Muslim minority and its dependence on oil. But Indian Prime Minister Modi is a visionary, and under his courageous and historic leadership, the two sides have come together and embraced a closer relationship.

I will be running a series of article by the noted thinker, Hugh Fitzgerald, on this historic alliance starting tomorrow. Check the Geller Report daily or better yet, subscribe, it’s free and its news the media won’t cover.

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Impeaching Trump...I Don't Think So
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

“I’ve heard enough of Mueller...The point is, the Senate’s not going to take it up, so, what does it accomplish?”
- Democrat Representative Collin Peterson (MN)

Thomas Jefferson incorporated into the Declaration of Independence three “unalienable” rights we all possess at birth...rights no one should be able to deny in the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” But sadly, due to today's political climate those very rights are being denied to some while those we elected to do the “people's business” continue to make a mockery of Jefferson's words.

A mockery for sure as right now we are a divided nation with much needed unity not even a pipe dream. And while we technically are “free” if the three rights are taken at face value, that freedom comes at a great price for how can “We the American People” enjoy said freedom when our freedom is but a bought and paid for commodity sold to the highest this case that bidder is without question the ballot box. And with everything for the Democrats revolving around the ballot box, morality, common sense, and simple decency gets pushed aside in their ongoing clamor for the illegals vote...millions of votes courtesy of our taxpayer dollars footing the bill for vote buying “free stuff.”

And while it's the Democrats alone doing said clamoring, Republicans are the ones ignoring the obvious even before those votes are cast. And what is the obvious? While President Trump is trying his best to derail the Democrats anti-American agenda whose core principal upon which everything else revolves is the buying, one way or another, of truly is hard for one man alone to stand against a party of immoral miscreants, liars, and thieves, most especially when his own party can't see that the call for his impeachment is but another "divert and deflect" action to keep our focus away from the southern border and all those incoming 2020 Democrat votes. Remember, for the next year and a half it will be all about votes, why else would Democrats have deliberately set out to not accomplish a thing since President Trump took office.

Remember, during Thomas Jefferson's time we united together to fight against both tyranny and a tyrant...a tyrant in the guise of England's King George...and we won. And yet today it seems too many Republicans are giving up the battle instead of uniting together to fight against the enemy in today's Democrat party...the very party whose media allies don't even try to hide their disdain and loathing for our president, his family, and his ever so successful economic policies.

Ignoring the fact that it's these very policies that have per Trump's campaign promise...“America great again” both economically and militarily at home and abroad, and that it's these same policies that have now reignited a sense of cautious optimism and pride we on the right have regarding our country's future...the media instead chooses to herald the anything but benefits of socialism as well as the new Democrat-Socialist party itself along with its new breed of leaders who do not have America's best interests at heart. And even sadder is that Republicans on “the Hill” remain eerily silent regarding the lefts all-consuming call for the impeachment of a duly elected president already proven by one of the Democrats own to have done nothing wrong,

So questions must be answered as to why certain Republican leaders remain silent while ignoring Trump's stellar track record, and why one in said party is now siding with the Democrats in their call for Trump's impeachment...we'll get to that in a bit. First let's look at that track in the fact that under President Trump's leadership and because of his policies the unemployment rate is at a 50-year low; companies here in America are adding a record number of jobs and American companies based overseas are now returning home; the gross domestic product (GDP) grew by 3.2 percent in the first quarter of this year; the stock market is soaring with analysts predicting it to go even higher; the Trump tax cuts allowed everyday Americans to pocket more of their hard earned monies; recession is not on the economic horizon; our country has regained the world's respect we lost under the presidency of Barack HUSSEIN Obama; etc., etc., etc...the list is one our president, our country, the Republican party, and "We the People" can be proud of...unless one is a Democrat of course.

Now think about this...the Democrats have accomplished nothing of substance legislative wise in the past two and a half years since President Trump, the man they call “lawless” and “a threat to democracy,” took office...except to point accusatory fingers at him while filing baseless lawsuits against him while Obama appointed activist judges stall anything pertaining to the implementation of his rightful immigration plan. Using that time to push forward their agenda of baby killing and garnering by any means possible the aforementioned illegal vote, Democrats have blatantly ignored the job they were elected to in the “people's business” focus instead on their newest call for Trump's impeachment based solely upon the alluded to words of a bought-and-paid-for Special Council who himself...I cannot repeat it enough... found that President Trump did nothing wrong.

And to add fuel to the smoldering impeachment fire we now see Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schummer having the unmitigated gall to earlier this week post on twitter these very words and I quote, “ President @realDonaldTrump ought to stop acting like a showman and start working with Democrats on our serious proposals to address the nation's most pressing needs.”

This from the man who helped lead the charge to block, ban or simply ignore each and every idea, proposal, bill or call for discussion initiated either by Trump himself or by anyone on the right side of the aisle. And Democrats are reveling in the fact that debate over whether or not to impeach President Trump has now totally dominated the entirety of discussion within the House Democratic Caucus and on Capitol Hill itself, thus allowing this to be their excuse for why they can't get any real work done.

And so the party without morals has now decided it's their moral duty to hold this president accountable no matter that they themselves have no interest in doing their jobs, choosing instead to waste more time and more of our taxpayer dollars on a call for impeachment that in the end even they know will go nowhere. And why...because while such a call might pass in the Democrat controlled House it will most definitely not pass in the Republican controlled Senate as the numbers simply are not there...and all America will have to show for the time wasted and dollars spent is shades of Billy-Boy Clinton all over again.

Translation: America's so-called “inheritance” is willfully and wrongly being spent on yet another wild “divert and deflect” political goose chase that Democrats hope will serve them well at the ballot box come 2020, as again it's all about votes.

So what are Republican leaders doing to stop or at least slow down the Democrats call for President Trump's impeachment...not enough for some it seems...while many Republicans hold out hope that this misguided and malicious attempt at payback for Hillary's loss will die of its own accord. And who knows maybe they're right, because many on the left are also getting tired of hearing the “Impeach Trump” mantra being spouted ad-nauseum over and over again.

And while the majority of the American people do want to put the 2016 election to rest...we unfortunately now see clamoring for his fifteen minutes of impeachment infamy one lone Republican...actually a libertarian masquerading as a Republican...Rep. Justin Amash from not only speaking out in support of the Democrats call for Trump's impeachment, but resigning from the House Freedom Caucus, which he was a founding member of, simply because of their support for President Trump. And Amash, an Orthodox Christian Palestinian-American, is the very man who has previously spoken out against Trump's policies regarding the war in Yemen, funding for the border wall, the proposed temporary muslim immigration ban, and was the only Republican to vote against New Jersey Rep. Chris Smith's (R), bill that would have enhanced the role of the anti-Semitism monitor (this failed bill preceded H.Res.183, the Democrat passed watered down version), as well as voting against additional funding for Israel’s anti-missile system.

Also, Justin Amash is rumored to be considering running as a libertarian against President Trump in 2020.

Now saying that President Trump’s actions and behavior, as per his take away from Robert Mueller’s report, do “meet the threshold” for high crimes and misdemeanors, but what Rep. Amash doesn't get is that it was deemed by Mueller himself that no crime was ever committed by Trump. So, I ask Rep. Amash this then can President Trump's actions and behavior "meet the threshold” of crimes being committed...simply...they cannot. And even 'Never Trumper' Utah Sen. Mitt Romney stated that while he thought Amash's words were a “courageous statement” on the Congressman's part...which I say they were anything but...Romney nevertheless made it clear to Amash that impeachment is not warranted based on the Special Counsel’s report. Even a Trump backstabber gets it right on occasion I guess.

But with everything for the Democrats remaining all about votes...illegal votes...dead votes...muslim votes...votes they'll do or say anything to get so long as those votes go straight down the might surprise some to hear yet another truth the media will not in not all Democrats are on board for impeachment as a few key Democrats realize that such a move might actually backfire on them and cause them to lose votes come the 2020 election. In fact, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently again stated that, “I don’t want to see him impeached, I want to see him in prison” in wanting to see Trump defeated at the ballot box and then be prosecuted as a private citizen for his “alleged crimes.” Thankfully, neither scenario is likely to happen.

Even House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer along with House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), Oversight Chairman Elijah Cummings (D-Md.), Ways and Means Chairman Richard Neal (D-Mass.) and Foreign Affairs Chairman Eliot Engel (D-N.Y.) are against impeaching Trump at this current stage of the game. In fact, Chairmans Schiff and Neal have both stated that if Democrats are going to open an inquiry into impeachment they best be ready to actually impeach, which the Democratic Caucus itself has said that is something they are not yet ready and might never be ready to do,

And while Hoyer himself recently stating that, “Going forward on impeachment is not worthwhile at this point,” several members of the House Judiciary Committee feel just the opposite and see impeachment proceedings as the only recourse the Democrats have left to right what they consider the Hillary wrong. Truly, the Democrats are a House divided amongst themselves, and it's this very division that just might be the Republicans saving grace for as the old adage goes, “A house divided amongst itself cannot stand.” 
I think Thomas Jefferson himself would agree, and I think even he would say to the Democrats, “Get back to the job you were elected to do, you've stonewalled the call to liberty and prevented a duly-elected president from doing all he can do long enough.” And I say wait until the Democrats see just how poorly they do at the 2020 ballot box...their bought-and-paid for votes sure aren't going to help them then...and no party deserves to go down in flames more than the obstructionist Democrats who still can't get over their 2016 presidential loss.

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