Friday, July 2, 2021

Big Tech, Covid-19, and Truths Kept Hidden 
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio
...Simply, it's Facebook and their fellow platform ilk who still relish in leading the blind following masses down the path to acceptance of deliberately orchestrated and ever so maliciously spewed lies...after all in their minds it's better to control the masses via lies and misinformation than to allow said masses to decide for themselves what is and what is not truth. Take away one's right to decide truth for oneself and the battle for said truth is lost before it even begins...that is except for those of us who can thankfully read between social media' mostly Facebook and Twitter here...constantly being forced upon us Democrat initiated lies...
Images from Hunter Biden’s laptop call into question Joe Biden’s denial of talking business with son
Images obtained by Fox News on Thursday cast new doubts on President Biden’s adamant claims during the 2020 presidential campaign that he never discussed overseas business dealings with his son Hunter. 

One of the pictures appears to show Biden next to Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim with Hunter off to the side. Two other executives are in the frame along with Hunter's associates.

The New York Post, which first reported on the photos, said Hunter and his associates were working at the time on energy deals in Latin America and Mexico.

The photos obtained by Fox News were from Hunter's laptop and provided by Robert Costello, an attorney for Rudy Giuliani. A timestamp indicates that the pictures were taken on Nov. 19, 2015. 

The timestamp also coincides with a scheduled 8:30 a.m. "Breakfast with Dad – NAVOBS," according to an email from the hard drive, an apparent reference to the U.S. Naval Academy, which is the vice president's residence. 

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Red States Lead Economic Recovery as June Jobs Report Beats Some Expectations
Spencer Brown / Townhall Tipsheet
The U.S. economy added 850,000 jobs in June while the unemployment rate rose to 5.9 percent according to the latest data released Friday morning from the Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

Among the industries with the most notable growth — as more states lift restrictions put in place due to the Wuhan coronavirus — were leisure and hospitality, public and private education, and professional and business services.

The number of "long-term unemployed" Americans increased by 233,000 to 4.0 million, while the average number of hours worked per week declined slightly to 34.7 hours. 

Overall, 9.5 million Americans are unemployed, "down considerably from their recent highs in April 2020 but remain well above their levels prior to the coronavirus pandemic," the Department of Labor reported.

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