Monday, September 19, 2016

Meet the Alt-Left
Alt-right is becoming a term of soft bigotry whereas “alt-left” accurately describes the political ideology of today’s Democratic Party.

“Alt-right is short for ‘alternative right’,” Hillary Clinton recently told a crowd of college students in Reno, NV. She continued:

“Race-baiting ideas. Anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant ideas—[these are] all key tenets making up an emerging racist ideology known as the ‘alt-right.’"

Hillary is only correct in stating that alt-right is short for alternative right. Historically, the term emerged from a desire for an alternative to mainstream conservatism along the vein of Patrick J. Buchanan’s libertarian-conservatism. Today, Democrats and the press use the term “alt-right” pejoratively, implying that if you support Donald Trump, you’re a white supremacist.

A strong offense is the best defense when fighting bullies. Today, our offense is to turn Hillary’s words against her. She and her ilk are the alternative-left. They have fallen away from the pragmatic Democratic ideals of John F. Kennedy and embraced a radical “power at any cost” fringe philosophy of Saul Alinsky and Bill Ayers.

Minnesota Man Goes On Stabbing Spree Inside Mall, ‘References To Allah” Made During Attack; UPDATE: ISIS Claims Responsibility

Minnesota Man Goes On Stabbing Spree Inside Mall, ‘References To Allah” Made During Attack; UPDATE: ISIS Claims ResponsibilityOn Saturday night, a man dressed in a private security uniform at the Crossroads Center in St. Cloud, Minnesota went on a stabbing spree inside the mall, which injured eight people. According to the St. Cloud Times, all eight were sent to the hospital, five were discharged, and three remain hospitalized with non-life threatening wounds.

The suspect was killed during the attack by an off-duty police officer in the vicinity, but this publication, The Hill, ABC News and KSTP—a Minneapolis-St. Paul ABC-based affiliate, all report that the attacker made “references to Allah” during the assault, though authorities aren’t calling this an act of terrorism at this time (via St. Cloud Times):
Eight people were injured and the suspect died at Crossroads Center on Saturday after an attack reported about 8:15 p.m. 
St. Cloud Police Chief Blair Anderson said the victims were stabbed by a man dressed in a private security uniform.
An off-duty police officer from another jurisdiction shot and killed the attacker, Anderson said. Anderson did not say where that officer serves during the news conference that started after midnight.

NY governor contradicts NY mayor, says Chelsea blast was terrorism, but says no evidence of international terrorism
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


NY governor contradicts NY mayor, says Chelsea blast was terrorism, but says no evidence of international terrorism
Cuomo may be implying that it was “right-wing extremism,” not jihad, but this really isn’t clear enough to go by. The only thing it establishes is that Cuomo is more realistic and honest than de Blasio. But this still doesn’t make it clear whether or not this was an act of jihad. If our leaders […]
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5 Questioned by FBI in Connection With NYC Bombing

Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs

This is the next wave of terror. No one is safe. Anywhere.
5 Questioned by FBI in Connection With NYC Bombing,” NBC News, September 18, 2016:
Five people from New Jersey are being questioned by the FBI after they were taken into custody following a traffic stop on the Verrazano Bridge Sunday night—a stop that played out as a suspicious package at a New Jersey train station halted traffic along the North East Corridor. 
The FBI confirmed Sunday night that a traffic stop on the Verrazano Bridge at 8:45 p.m. was part of an investigation into Saturday’s bombing in Manhattan that injured 29 people.
The agency said that the five individuals who were taken into custody are from Elizabeth, New Jersey. None of them have...
Why America’s Jews Must Vote for Trump…No Ifs, Ands, or Buts

By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots

November 8th…Election Day…is fast approaching and while the candidates are busy pandering for votes, and with each candidate playing to specific demographics at any given time promising each group what they want to hear…Hillary Clinton is promising the blacks even more ‘free stuff’ and promising the Hispanics who came here illegally that they will not only get to stay but that no wall will be built to keep more of them out…while Donald Trump is promising those of us on the right that he will build that wall and deal with the ‘muslim problem’ on day one…a good thing I might add…but lost in this shuffle of the candidate’s pandering to the blacks and Hispanics is the Jewish vote.

The Jewish vote…an important demographic often overlooked and it should not be for while Jews comprise just 2% of the American population, 90% of that 2% registered to vote make it to the polls, compared to just 74% percent of all other Americans. And when you add in that in 2013, 70% of American Jews were living in New York, California, Florida, New Jersey, Illinois, and Pennsylvania…states whose combined 167 electoral votes make up more than half of the 270 electoral votes a presidential candidate needs to win the election…the Jewish vote can very well be the votes that sway their respective states either into the red or into the blue column.

And yet with American Jews ranking at or near the top on most measures of education, income, and so-called ‘prestige’ jobs (doctors, lawyers, bankers, for example), one has to wonder why in the past they have been so committed to the Democratic Party with all its liberal leanings. And the answer to that is simply that American Jews as a whole have always been socially conscious, as in being concerned about the welfare and well-being of the underdog, because they know more than most other minority groups what it’s like to be the victim of outright hatred, discrimination, and prejudice. Remember, with liberalism being perceived by many as America’s social conscience, and with liberalism always being the voice of the Democratic Party, Jews saw being a Democrat as a comfortable fit…a fit I personally believe is and has always been misplaced and misguided in its loyalty.  

But thankfully now there is a new faction of Jewish voters who are voting Republican and doing so in fairly large numbers…as in younger Jews who do not affiliate with either party or who register as independents but who pull the Republican lever come any given Election Day. And in that group resides a large number of ‘single-issue’ Jewish voters not unlike their counterparts in the Evangelical far right whose vote is cast based solely upon the social issues…but in the case of these Jewish voters they cast their vote based upon what is best for Israel in regards to America’s foreign policy objectives. In other words, more Jews are voting Republican because of two simple words…‘Israel’ and ‘Iran’…and the lack of Democratic support for the former while they embrace the later.

Let’s start with Israel…during his two terms in office Barack HUSSEIN Obama, with Democratic support, has caused U.S. relations with Israel…our one true ally in the entirety of the Middle East…to sour…to sour to such a degree that neither he nor the Democrats…and that includes Hillary Clinton…can be trusted to stand by the Jewish state in a time of war let alone in times of peace… or what passes for peace that is. And America’s Jews are finally starting to see that a once slow stabbing of Israel in the back has now become an outright full-fledged Obama led, Hillary condoned, and Democratic supported assault not only on the Jewish people here at home…an assault not that very different from Obama's and his administration’s assault on Christians…but also an assault against the Jewish State of Israel itself…condoning instead of condemning the actions of those who wish to wipe Israel off the map.

And as more and more American Jews are starting to open their eyes to this above stated reality…a reality that is nothing less than the abandonment of Israel…it sadly becomes ever more apparent by his words and actions… and by the Democrats always voting as a bloc with him… that Barack HUSSEIN Obama, the kumbaya left, and Hillary Clinton herself are outward supporters of all things islamic…all things ranging from the Obama so welcomed Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of our government; to the appointing of persons to positions of power who are most decidedly anti-Semitic; to Obama’s unwillingness to even utter the words ‘islamic terrorism;’ to his and the Democrat’s laying out the welcome mat for more of those ‘unable to vet’ anything but Middle East refugees to come to our shores…and Hillary is all in favor of bringing them here…in fact both she and Obama want to bring them here in even higher numbers than originally announced. 

And none of that will change with a Hillary what amounts to a surrogate presidency. Things we Americans hold dear…things like individual liberties, freedom of speech, religious freedom, free enterprise, and the rule of law that promotes equal justice for all…not just a free handout for a chosen ‘who will vote for me’ few…will be abandoned to be replaced by a true socialistic welfare state with decidedly islamic leanings…as in a Hillary presidency will be Obama’s third term in office.

And as to anti-Semitic appointees that will surely continue under a Hillary presidency…just look at who her top adviser and BFF is…as in the infamous Muslim Brotherhood operative Huma Abedin. And Hillary can always keep John ‘Swiftboat’ Kerry on as her Secretary of State if she so chooses…they are good buddies after all…for he is second only to her as a world class anti-Semite... and Hillary’s having a Jewish in name only son-in-law means not a thing for many anti-Semites surround themselves with the very people they so abhor. 

And while labeling someone an anti-Semite is not something to be taken lightly, in Kerry’s and Hillary’s case the designation is quite fitting. Remember, John Kerry was the very man who publicly claimed that the expansion of Jewish settlements in the West Bank may be the very thing responsible for the continuing attacks by Palestinians on Israelis…as in Kerry’s portraying of Israel as the perpetrator and instigator against the poor and so misunderstood Palestinians (and I say that with all sarcasm intended)…misunderstood Palestinians who lob rockets into Israel on an almost daily basis. And yet has Hillary said a word condemning or calling to task the Palestinians about this…not a word to that affect has ever crossed her always lying, islamic-condoning lips and never will.

And let’s not forget that Hillary never condemned Kerry’s words pertaining to the then still in negotiations but ultimately failed peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority over the creation of a Palestinian state…a Palestinian state that Kerry, Obama, Hillary, and the Democrats called to be created out of yet another piece of the tiny sliver of land that is Israel. And with Kerry’s words being a decidedly calculated threat against Israel…a threat with words to the affect that if the then ongoing ‘framework’ peace talks between the two opposing sides failed, Israel would be the receiver of, among other things, violence, boycotts, de-legitimization, and isolation that have sadly come to fruition as Kerry, Obama, and of course Hillary, sit back and smile as they give a wink and a nod to their Democratic cohorts.

Also to be remembered is John Kerry’s fairly recent words before the Trilateral Commission mere days after PLO President Mahmoud Abbas signed what he himself called a “unity deal” with Hamas…lying hate-filled vile words…threatening words that if Israel does not “cut a deal” with the Palestinians and does not do it soon, Israel will either cease to be a Jewish state or it will become “an apartheid state.”

Yes…those were the words of our Democratic Secretary of State…threatening words that reeks of hatred for the Jewish state…hatred morphing directly into anti-Semitism for the Jewish people and for Israel. And of course nary a word to the contrary was spoken nor was a calling Kerry to task given from Hillary, Obama, or their fellow Democrats. And how Jews can still vote for Democrats or even consider voting for Hillary Clinton is beyond the scope of imagination.

And Barack HUSSEIN Obama himself…a follower of islam contrary to his saying that he’s a Christian as his actions prove otherwise…is an even bigger anti-Semite than is John Kerry. One case in point…Obama used our taxpayer dollars to fund numerous anti-Netanyahu campaigns and propaganda rhetoric during Israel's last elections and Hillary knew about this but kept her mouth shut. And let’s not forget where this administration’s and the Democratic Party’s loyalties lie in both the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and in regards to outwardly supporting anything even remotely islamic-related that goes against Israel and especially against Netanyahu himself …with the ‘very bad’ nuclear deal immediately coming to mind. Remember, BiBi warned us, in an address to Congress, that Iran could not be trusted to abide by any decision reached, and events of late with Iran circumnavigating certain parts of Obama’s ‘very bad’ deal have proven his words to be true.

Also important to remember is that Hillary Clinton was the chief architect of this ‘very bad’ deal while it was still in its infancy so in no way would she ever condemn what she gave birth to…and that means in her eyes Israel be damned.

And now because of the above stated reasons…and more…the Republican Party is rightfully seeing an influx of Jews joining the party…Jews who are bucking the long-standing tradition of Jews voting Democratic because they understand that the only chance for Israel not to be thrown to the wolves by Hillary and/or her fellow Democrats is to vote and elect Republicans to ensure Israel’s, and of course America’s, not just security but survival as well. And only by Jews voting for Donald Trump on November 8th can that very thing be accomplished. 

As to specifics as to why Jews should vote for Donald Trump…reason one, Donald Trump says that his number one priority is to dismantle Obama’s ‘very bad’ nuclear deal with Iran…Hillary Clinton not only says she supports this agreement that has, in her words, put “the lid” on Iran's nuclear program but that it keeps Israel safer. And all I can say is 'no it does not' and Hillary knows it but has willingly chosen, along with her fellow Democrats, to once again abandon both America’s Jewish community and Israel itself.

Reason two, Hillary Clinton, just like Obama, has no love for Benjamin Netanyahu and has joined with Obama in snubbing, insulting, and chastising the Israeli Prime Minister on his many trips to America. Remember back to 2010, when VP Joe Biden visited Israel at the same time Israel announced a new housing initiative…well...Hillary was furious about this…so furious that she personally called Netanyahu and read him the riot act…calling Israel an impediment to peace in the region…a phone call that was witnessed. And at AIPAC Hillary said, "Everyone has to do their part by avoiding damaging actions, including with respect to settlements," in other words screw Israel and Netanyahu.

And in 2012, Hillary Clinton…anti-Semite that she is…told the Saban Forum that Israel needed to do more to “demonstrate that it understood the pain” of the Arabs…as in Israel is the aggressor and the Palestinians are the victims. And to again jog your memory, Hillary supported Obama when he banned flights into Ben Gurion airport during the last (and always ongoing) war, held up arms shipments to Israel, and spoke of some Israeli actions in Gaza as “totally indefensible.” And Huma must have been by Hillary’s side every step of the way to cheer Hillary's words on.

Now let’s contrast this with but a few of Donald Trump’s stances on Israel and Iran…first, Trump has always been a strong defender of the Jewish state and at last year's Algemeiner Dinner, Trump proudly stated, “we love Israel 1000%!”  In fact, Donald Trump said that the U.S. will unequivocal support Israel and recognizes Jerusalem as “the eternal and indivisible capital of the Jewish state," something Hillary refuses to say. Second, Trump also commits America to "ensuring Israel maintains a qualitative military edge over all adversaries," a critical must as this tiny country is surrounded by enemies. Third, Trump has publicly called-out both Obama and Kerry for “selling out” Israel while at the same time telling the Israelis that they should keep building settlements in the West Bank as long as the Palestinians refuse to abandon terror and refuse to negotiate a peace agreement. Fourth, Trump has a positive relationship with Benjamin Netanyahu. In fact, and this is something most do not know, but in 2013, Donald Trump taped a video endorsing Netanyahu’s candidacy that was played on Israeli TV. And fifth, Trump opposes any measures intending to impose an agreement or to dictate Israel’s borders other than by Israel herself.

Bottom line, on November 8th, Jewish voters have a critical decision to make and it goes beyond just who is best to serve as President of these United States…it also crosses into the realm of who will stand by our ally Israel and who will come to her aid not if but when Iran tries to wipe her off the map. And know that person is not Hillary Clinton for there is no love for Israel or for the Jewish people within her being. Jewish voters must understand that only with Donald Trump as president does Israel have a chance of not only surviving intact, but in surviving at all…surviving in this tangible world of those working towards their goal of returning the entirety of the Middle East to the Levant…and know that in the Levant there exists no Israel at all.