Thursday, November 19, 2020

Wayne County Election Board Republicans Sign Affidavits Saying They Were Coerced Into Certifying the Election

Things in Michigan took a dramatic turn on Wednesday night when the two Republican members of the Wayne County Canvassers signed sworn affidavits saying they were bullied and coerced into certifying the election. The four member board voted to certify the election on Tuesday night. Originally, the two GOP board members voted no. Roughly two hours later a unanimous vote came down certifying the results. 

According to board chair Monica Palmer and GOP member William Hartmann, the county's corporate counsel, Janet Anderson-Davis, advised the board members that their job was "ministerial" and any concerns they expressed were outside of the board's authority.

"After the vote, public comment period began and dozens of people made personal remarks against me and Mr. Hartmann. The comments made accusations of racism and threatened me and members of my family. The public comment continued for over two hours and I felt pressured to continue the meeting without a break," Palmer said in her affidavit.

Election Will Be Overturned Based On GROSS VIOLATIONS of President Trump’s 2018 Executive Order On Election Interference

By Pamela Geller / THE GELLER REPORT

In 2018, President Trump signed the Executive Order on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election.

Apparently, the big steal doesn’t just upend the 2020 Presidential election – the theft apparatus affects a number of elections across the world…..

Funnily enough, it was the Democrat’s big, fat lie about Russia! Russia! Russia! that led to the order. Hoisted on their petard. That’s beautiful and damn near biblical.

More on that here: The U.S. Stolen Election

News Snippets Not To Be Overlooked
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on Right Side Patriots Radio

Three newsworthy snippets lost in the must have recount shuffle.

Today, we are suspending activities given our unique circumstances. We remain personally committed to the cause but at this time will have to pause efforts. We tried to power through but it became increasingly difficult to get the traction we needed to complete our mission.”

- Gregory Simon, The Biden Cancer Initiative president

Joe Biden is a con man...a snake oil salesman if ever there was one...a man who will lie, cheat, and steal in order to attain the ultimate political prize...the presidency of these United States. And while in the world of politics we expect such duplicity from the left, but what many don't understand is that certain individuals are so desperate for power that they will, if need be, even throw their own family members under the proverbial bus. And such is the case with the media's self-anointed, still for the time being presumptive presidential nominee, for this man has done what most would consider beyond despicable as Joe Biden, a supposedly still grieving least he's play acting as such...has used his dead son, Beau, to help him garner both sympathy and all-important election votes.

Remember, when he was running for the nomination Joe Biden, as do most candidates, made many politically motivated promises that while sounding good on the surface usually cannot be kept. And while for some those promises are quite altruistic with good intentions intended, this has not been the case in regards to Joe Biden's promise...his work tirelessly to help find a cure for cancer. Telling the story about how his eldest son Beau...who in 2015 sadly succumbed to glioblastoma (an incurable cancer of the brain)...was and would always be his hero, Joe Biden along with his wife Jill set up an initiative in Beau's honor.

The non-profit Biden Cancer reality an extension of the Obama White House's Cancer Moonshot Program which Joe Biden, in his role as vice-president, led...was officially established in 2017 to “develop and drive implementation of solutions to accelerate progress in cancer prevention, detection, diagnosis, research and care and to reduce disparities in cancer outcomes,” as well as it being yet another tribute from a father to his lost son. But now once again we find out that truth is indeed stranger than fiction for not only has Joe Biden not kept his promise as to what this particular Initiative would do, but I believe actually sees him making a mockery of both his son's illness and memory.

How so? Simply, the promise Biden made to continue funding cancer research (which the Moonshot Program did do to some degree) via this his newest Initiative saw zero...yes the roughly $40 million pledged by the Initiative's touted partnership with 60 pharmaceutical companies, health care firms, charities and others...along with the monies raised in the form of direct funding...being spent on cancer research. So where did those monies go? It seems the monies were spent on high priced administrative salaries and on a lot of what I call “incidentals.” And how do we know this? We know this because IRS federal filings don't lie. In fact, as being reported in The New York Post, said filings showed the foundation taking in $4,809,619 in contributions in 2017 and 2018, but instead of all those contributions going directly to promised research, $3,070,301 of it was spent on salaries for administrators and staff. Also, as per The New York Post, the IRS filing showed no money was shared through grants, another promise not kept.

And it only gets worse. Again, how so? It seems Gregory Simon, The Biden Cancer Initiative president and former Pfizer executive, was paid $429,850 during the 2018 fiscal year, which turned out to be twice the amount he received in 2017. And get this, it seems Mr. Simon also, quite (un)coincidentally, headed the cancer task force under the Obama administration. And also on the Initiative's payroll was Danielle Carnival, the former chief-of-staff of the Obama aforementioned Cancer Moonshot Program, who saw her salary being a whopping $258,207 in 2018, with numerous other administrators heading scientific sounding but actually useless departments also receiving six-figure salaries.

Seems the Initiative's hierarchy personally profited off this supposed non-profit now doesn't it. I wonder what (if anything) Joe Biden himself, behind the scenes, saw as his take.

So, where else besides these six-figure salaries did the monies pledged and raised about on travel and supposed conferences while the promised grant distribution for cancer research was nonexistent. And the same above mentioned IRS filings also show that in 2017, the Biden Cancer Initiative spent $56,738 on conferences and $59,356 on travel expenses, but that in 2018 those dollars went way up respectively showing $742,953 and $97,149 being spent. Makes you wonder exactly what the grieving father was really doing to honor his lost son besides wearing and flaunting a rosary around his wrist at all-important photo-op times.

But Joe Biden “indefinitely suspended” “hiatus”...the Biden Cancer Initiative’s outward fundraising operations in July 2019, a mere two years after its founding, due to his both “suspecting” that he'd eventually become the Democrat presidential nominee... read: becoming Barack HUSSEIN Obama's defacto third term in well as to hedge what surely would be viewed as ethics violations if he did become the nominee. 

And what was once part of the Biden Initiative's mission statement regarding its efforts to “protect and advance the rights and opportunities of all people through educational programming and public policy analysis,” still sees the Initiative trying to secure its own separate tax-exempt status while it officially remains operational under a “fiscal sponsorship agreement” it already had in place with the Biden Foundation itself. And in their doing so while maintaining three board members during the Initiative's “hiatus,” means that under federal nonprofit rules, the Initiative will not have to reincorporate if revived at a later date.

And all these doings seem a bit too close and shady in nature to the doings that go on over at the Clinton Foundation if you ask me.

So while Beau Biden might be his dad's claimed hero, I wonder what Beau himself would think of all the shenanigans dear old dad was pulling with this Initiative while capitalizing on and possibly profiting off Beau's sad and untimely death...just saying.

And then there's these two news snippets...directly related to each other yet polar opposites in tone.                                                                                                        

It seems that hell did indeed freeze over a bit as earlier this week avowed Trump critic, CNN's Jake Tapper, heralded both President Trump and his put into place Operation Warp Speed, the program he tasked with working towards the creation of a COVID-19 vaccine. An "unmitigated success" is what Jake Tapper called it...a “success” that should be acknowledged he said...for it was by their working under Trump's program that Pfizer was able to announce that it had created a vaccine that prevented more than 90 percent of infections while Moderna, also working under Operation Warp Speed, announced that its stage three clinical trials are showing their vaccine to be 94.5 percent effective.

And if a uber liberal CNN talking head can acknowledge a Trump success, especially a success with far reaching positive ramifications, you'd think or at least hope that liberal politicians could do the same or at best keep their big mouths shut.

But unfortunately that was not the case for enter center stage New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, a man who has no business criticizing President Trump's or anyone else's response to the nasty little virus from China, after all he was the man who knowingly sent elderly COVID-19 ill patients back into nursing homes to “cull the herd” if you will. And if that's not bad enough, Cuomo's reaction to President Trump's recent Rose Garden announcement not only adds insult to injury but proves that COVID-19 has become but a politically weaponized instrument the Democrats can and do use against President Trump, and by default against “We the People” as well.

How so? Governor Cuomo's words and partisan driven attitude say it all for after President Trump's recent announcement that a COVID-19 vaccine would most likely be readily available to the general public as early as next April (first responders, the elderly, and those at high risk would obviously come first), Trump rightfully called Cuomo to task for condemning both his and his administration’s vaccine roll-out plan as being “flawed.” Remember, Cuomo had earlier stated that, “We can’t let this vaccination plan go forward the way the Trump administration is designing it because Biden can’t undo it two months later, we’ll be in the midst of it,” and that, “I've been talking to governors across the nation about that; how can we shape the Trump administration vaccine plan to fix it, or stop it before it does damage."

Translation: I believe Andrew Cuomo's mindset is that only a vaccine roll-out managed by the “supposedly” incoming Biden administration will do, and that any and everything possible must be done to prevent President Trump from being the one whose administration gets credit for helping to end the COVID-19 crisis. And I do also believe that Cuomo is encouraging the Democrats to continue politically weaponizing this virus so that a Biden administration gets said credit for the vaccine roll-out even if it means more folks must fall ill and die from something that could have been prevented. After all, we know well that Governor Andrew Cuomo does love “culling the elderly herd.

So while Cuomo prattled on that he doesn't trust “where the vaccine is coming from” the Trump administration here...he was, when called to task, quick to flip-flop his words, sort of, saying that, “We trust Pfizer, what the American people don’t trust is Trump.” Just more typical Democrat rhetoric via his citing a recent study that “supposedly showed” that over half of all Americans don’t trust a vaccine at this time because they're afraid the vaccine has become a political tool. And on that Andrew Cuomo is correct, but not because the vaccine has become a tool of the right, but because it has become and remains a partisan driven weaponized tool of the left.

And while Governor Cuomo has stated that only after he is able to have a second independent panel review the vaccine...and know that only Democrats will comprise his anything but independent panel...will he will feel both confident and comfortable enough to tell New Yonkers to to get the vaccine. “There will be no delay,” Cuomo's now claiming, and “Our review will be simultaneous with their (the vaccine's) delivery.” I'm not going to hold my breath for that for as long as President Trump remains in office Andrew Cuomo will be a political thorn in his side with New Yorkers health needs be damned.

So there you have three news snippets that while not directly related to the ongoing rightful recount efforts, they're still newsworthy in their own right for these snippets concern gentlemen who really do not have our country's best interests at heart... gentlemen who would serve us better by being behind jailhouse bars. 

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