Saturday, November 12, 2022

Inflation slowdown? Not in some cities, where consumer prices still top 12%
Phoenix, Atlanta see highest inflation among US cities
Inflation is finally beginning to show signs of slowing down in the U.S., but any financial relief that Americans may have felt hinged on where they lived.  

The Labor Department reported on Thursday that the consumer price index, a broad measure of the price for everyday goods including gasoline, groceries and rents, rose 7.7% in October from a year ago, the slowest pace since January.

But in some parts of the country, the pace of inflation was much higher. 

Several Mountain states have become a hotbed for inflation, with the region — which includes Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, Idaho and Montana — reporting that prices soared 9.3% in October.

Herschel Walker Rakes In Over $3 Million As Georgia Senate Runoff Takes Off
Sarah Arnold / Townhall Tipsheet

Republican Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker is picking up speed as the race heads into a runoff against Democrat opponent Raphael Warnock. 

Just one day after the election went into a runoff, Walker raised $3.3 million as his new campaign kicks off. 

The following day, Walker brought in, even more, raising $4.3 million. 

During Tuesday’s election, the Republican brought in 35,000 votes short, putting Warnock in the lead. 

Sources say that Walker will focus his energy rallying in large-populated areas where turnout happens, to energize supporters of former President Donald Trump ‘soft Republicans and independents to vote in the runoff contest.”