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Deportations and Reparations...It's All About Democrats Buying Votes 
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Politics Radio

“At the request of Democrats, I have delayed the Illegal Immigration Removal Process (Deportation) for two weeks to see if the Democrats and Republicans can get together and work out a solution to the Asylum and Loophole problems at the Southern Border...If not, Deportations start!"
- Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 22, 2019

Last week vague musings started making the media rounds that President Trump will start deporting millions of illegal aliens. And while said musings were dismissed at first as rumors solely to stir up his voting base, it seemed those rumors were true. How so...ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) itself confirmed that they would begin rounding up and deporting millions of illegals...mostly Mexicans and Central Americans...beginning with those having “exhausted all their legal appeals” yet are still living here illegally. 

Sounds good right...right but with a wrench now thrown into the mix. More on that wrench in a bit.

So while President Trump continues to be painted as the villain regarding deportations, he's also wrongly being painted as the fall guy never mind that the illegal crisis we face today is solely the fault of one Barack HUSSEIN Obama. And why...because Obama was unwilling to deport any what would be future Democrat voters coupled with the fact that Mexico didn't want them or the financial responsibility that comes with taking them back.

Mexico has been a problem, illegal wise, for almost a century now, and has only recently started taking responsibility for their own and those using Mexico as a pathway to the U.S. Pressured by President Trump with the real possibility of a 5%+ tariff being placed on all Mexican goods coming into our country, sees Mexico now starting to crack down on those who hopefully now will never reach our border.

Remember, Mexico has flooding of our country with Mexican nationals...Mexican citizens...because better we support them then they do. And Democrats forget that it was their very own Democrat icon, FDR himself, who during the Great Depression ordered the federal government to began the deportation of Mexican workers...those here illegally and legally...rather than include them in New Deal welfare programs. In other words, FDR did not want to take away needed aid from American citizens and give it to the question is why was it okay for FDR to deport illegals then but it isn't okay for Trump to do just that now? Simply, because Democrats need the illegals votes...for Democrats it's always been about votes...especially with it being all about 2020 votes.

Also remember back to the Dwight D. Eisenhower years, when in 1955 as many as 1.3 million Mexican what was then called “undocumented workers” were rounded up in “Operation Wetback,” the then biggest mass deportation of illegals in U.S. history. Accomplished with the help of the Mexican government...a government who sought the return of Mexican nationals to alleviate a labor shortage within their own country...border patrol agents and local officials used “military techniques” and engaged in a coordinated, tactical operation to return the illegals home to Mexico.

In other words, mass deportations can successfully be accomplished if the country the illegals came from are willing to take them back, otherwise just dumping folks into said countries will see them breaching our border and returning here illegally once again. And the reason for that can be summed by current ICE Director Mark Morgan in his rightful blaming of Congress for withholding funds from the agency’s immigration enforcement budget, thus denying ICE the ability to do their jobs, as well as for slandering ICE as a “brutal force” that should be shut down.

Saying in a recent interview in The Hill that, “We remove people every single year. And we’re going to continue to do that,” Director Mark Morgan knows well that while it's not realistic nor possible to send back all approximately eleven million illegals currently in our country in one fell swoop, but that it can be done in manageable stages. 

And with simple logic dictating the same, stage one has begun with Morgan telling reporters that “the massive job will be getting underway next week,” and that he planned to “ramp up” interior immigration enforcement and deport more “undocumented families” know the ones AOC foolishly claims are being held in “concentration camps along our southern border.” Adding that while ICE does intend to prosecute non-criminal illegals it will go after criminal illegals first while at the same time continuing its routine “targeted enforcement operations” against individuals subject to removal orders as well as doing standard work site enforcement.

But I say ICE is being forced, due to politicians playing political games, to overlook the fact that the illegals got here by their knowingly breaking our laws. Remember, once captured, processed, and released as per our current immigration laws, not only do most of these folks not show up for their court immigration status hearings...a mandatory court date is set upon their release...but they often obtain false identities, collect federal welfare and other perks, and continue to illegally work in our country at the expense of American workers.

So while ICE Director Mark Morgan has said that the deportations are about “addressing the border crisis by upholding the rule of law and maintaining the integrity of the immigration system, as created by Congress,” and while ICE itself issued a statement that the agency "will continue to conduct interior enforcement without exemption for those who are in violation of federal immigration law," Democrats are now breathing a sigh of relief as President Trump is delaying those very deportations for two weeks. And during this time know the Democrats will work feverishly to come up with some sort of plan to help them from losing even one of these much needed 2020 votes.

And what exactly allowed for this newest deportation delay...the a fore mentioned wrench being thrown into the mix?

It seems Nancy Pelosi called President Trump this past Friday night to ask him to please call off the deportation raids by appealing for the same compassion that he showed in declining to strike Iran because of the potential for innocent lives being lost. And when Trump did delay the deportations for two weeks Pelosi responded to his announcement by tweeting, "Mr. President, delay is welcome. Time is needed for comprehensive immigration reform. Families belong together."

But I say let the deportations said deportations, Ms. Pelosi, will indeed allow families to stay together...back in their home countries that is. It's the right thing to do for our country...America and Americans first...always.

And something else right for our country is to say an emphatic “no” to paying “reparations for slavery” for it too is just another Democrat ploy to garner this case black votes. Democrats don't care about America's blacks just as they don't care about illegals...they just care about their votes and keeping them tied to the government's...and hence their...purse strings.

Remember, Democrats are the ones who have destroyed the work incentive amongst many...but not today's black communities, especially those living in Democrat controlled inner cities. Keeping them tied to the government teat with welfare programs that pay more than hard but honest work does, has created multiple generations of blacks with the mindset of “you owe me.” But the thing is we...whether we be white Americans or our country itself...owe you nothing for no one alive today owned slaves and no one alive today was a slave. The sins of the past are behind us, they don't need to be revisited just to buy votes.

And besides, reparations have already been paid tenfold in the blood of Americans who helped free the slaves. And while the opinion polls show that the vast majority of Americans are against paying the so-called “descendants of slaves” reparations, what shouldn't be forgotten is that the issue of reparations itself treads dangerously upon a slippery slope for paying reparations to but one group of people then opens the door to other groups of people claiming that America did them wrong in times past. Forgetting first that some form of slavery has always existed, including amongst free black citizens in the antebellum South, those now striving for reparations also forget that it would be hard if not outright impossible to decide who exactly gets reparations. Would it be just those who could prove they're descendants of slaves or would it also include descendants of those who were affected by Jim Crow laws?

Either way reparations makes no sense for the simple fact that to even be discussing this issue actually makes those who were slaves but slaves once again as their sole identity becomes tied up in who they were and not in the free men and women they became.

And all the psycho-babble that today's black youth are suffering from “post-traumatic slave syndrome”...are suffering because of unresolved mental turmoil due to their ancestor's simply just nonsense. Instead certain tangibles need to be addressed...tangibles as in the fact that in key segments of today's black population anger, resentment, and jealousy that they don't have what most white Americans have has not motivated them to take responsibility for their own lack of positive actions nor has it allowed them to understand that the actual driving force needed to improve one's lot in life was taken away from them by the very party...the Democrat party...not only to keep them “down” if you will, but to do so by fooling them into believing that programs like “Affirmative Action” would help them attain the equality they so desire.

Instead these programs became slavery's “enablers” because they're based solely upon the color of ones skin. And this helped to create not only the racial divide ongoing in our country today, but allowed the Democrats to hold sway over the enslaved votes as blacks for decades have had it ingrained within their psyche that their Democrat enslavers are actually their saviors. Simply, they are not for what better way to keep a people enslaved than to to take away their motivation to improve their lot in life. And when that lack of motivation comes dressed in the the guise of political altruism and phony do-goodness, a trap has been set that few have the gumption nor the will to break free of.

Black slavery isn't dead in America, it's just been replaced with "slavery of the mind" coupled with misplaced loyalty to the enslavers...this being the Democrat party taskmasters.

And dare we not forget that the issue of slavery has become not just a political game for votes, but is also an attempt by Democrats to shame white America into accepting collective guilt for things they never took part in. And besides, while forms of physical slavery are sadly still ongoing in parts of the world today, slavery in the U.S. has morphed into getting specifically targeted minorities, along with the weak-minded, to become “mind-slaves” to the Democrat party.

And to that affect last Wednesday, the House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties held a hearing to examine "the legacy of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, its continuing impact on the community and the path to restorative justice." In other words, Democrats foolishly held a witch hunt to look into what was not only the societal norm but big business from centuries past to try by any means possible to affix the happenings then to the happenings in today's black communities. Lawmakers even considered a bill proposed by Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee (TX-D) to set up a commission to study the question of reparations for slavery...monetary reparations to be paid by we taxpayers for the sins of a small number of Americans from so many generations past. 

But if honesty is to be the case, this hearing was done solely to mask the Democrats true discussion of how much to pay each black American for their 2020 vote.

And while the Democrat presidential candidates are singing the reparations song, know that it too is done solely to garner the black vote for while some form of reparations might pass the Democrat controlled House, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has made it clear that no reparations bill will pass while he controls the Senate, and might I add even there after for the Senate votes simply and rightfully are not there.

So while this discussion of what is paramount to bribery will surely continue on, know that not all black Americans are buying what the Democrats are trying to sell. In fact, key Republican witness Coleman Hughes, an African-American "Quillette" columnist and philosophy major at Columbia University, said it best in that any reparations "would insult many black Americans by putting a price on the suffering of their ancestors." And to that I add selling those very ancestors into slavery yet again.

And by Mr. Hughes adding that, "If we were to pay reparations today, we would only divide the country further, making it harder to build the political coalitions required to solve the problems facing black people today," these word show that not all black Americans are willing to sell their what could be a bright future for what is but mere pocket change.

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