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2020: A Most Horrendous Year
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio

Let's skip all the niceties and cut to the chase...2020 was a horrendous year...politically, economically, and of course health wise...none of which, contrary to what the Democrats and media say, was President Trump's fault.

Remember, 2020 was initially ushered in on a positive note thanks to our president's economic and foreign policy initiatives...economic policies that saw job numbers increasing at a rate unseen in many years coupled with both increased consumer spending and stock market numbers hitting record highs, along with new Middle East alliances and friendships slowly and quietly being forged behind the scenes. But the Trump (rightfully) ordered January 3rd airstrike that killed Iran's Quds Force Gen. Qassem Soleimani, drew harsh criticism from the traitorous left, setting into motion an emotional negative tone that was to follow throughout the year.

And emotions spiked early when on January 9th the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that a new and deadly coronavirus had emerged in Wuhan, China, and was spreading outwards from there. And on January 16th partisan emotions reached a crescendo when House impeachment managers read aloud two “articles of impeachment” against President Trump, both articles relating to his supposedly asking Ukraine to investigate former VP Joe Biden and his son Hunter. And while at the requisite Senate trial our president was rightfully acquitted, the anger the Democrats felt over Trump's acquittal was witnessed by all when on Tuesday, February 4th House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, on camera, ripped up the official Congressional copy of President Trump's State of the Union address.

And so the political war that started with Hillary's loss in 2016 continued on, and by the end of February we saw the Democrats newest weapon of choice being the oh so politically incorrectly stated virus from China. Now seeing it as their best chance of succeeding in doing what the impeachment hearings failed to in ousting our sitting president from office...the Democrats were willing to wait until the November election if need be. And their chosen “general” to lead the charge was their partisan shill Dr. Anthony Fauci who, in late February, told both President Trump and the American people that “at this moment, there is no need to change anything that you’re doing on a day-by-day basis,” and that masks were not necessary to prevent the spread of the Chinese initiated coronavirus now named COVID-19.

So while President Trump did fight back against the Chinese viral invader by fast-tracking at “Warp Speed” the creation of a COVID vaccine, said vaccine did not become available until after the 2020 election thus allowing the political damage the Democrats intended to come to fruition...more on that at year's end.

And in March WHO officially declared the virus from China to be a global pandemic with our president being forced...thanks to Dr. Fauci's constant informational flip-flops and his underlying political shut down the U.S. economy and issue “stay at home” orders. 

Also, March 2020 will forever be known as the month we witnessed toilet paper being the most coveted item of the year, as well as being the month when “We the People” were told to start masking-up and start social distancing...with the much needed call for “herd immunity” only being spoken of by but a few of we independent bloggers. And lest we forget, March was also the month when the virus set off a global recession as countries worldwide went into lock down mode, and where on March 9th the Dow Jones dropped a record-breaking 2,013.76 points and where oil prices crashed by 30%.

Now with April coming in as anything but a lamb, what with new health guidelines foolishly “recommending” we wear masks even at home, folks were getting antsy about still being cooped up and unable to work, while sadly witnessing many “Mom and Pop” businesses starting to close. And those in Michigan were the first to take to the streets to release their pent-up anger and frustration that so many of us had also been protesting their governor's “stay at home” orders. And while by mid-April, President Trump recommended that states, in stages, start reopening their economies... economies that should never have been shut down in the first place...the words "Let us work" became the protesters battle cry after Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) extended Michigan's lock down order through the end of April and into May.

And while May seemed like it would be just one more COVID dominated month, on May 25th that all changed as violent protests turned into riots first in Minneapolis spreading outward from there after the killing and media anointed sainthood of convicted felon George Floyd. And while the mode of Mr. Floyd's death did appear horrific what with a white officer's knee being pressed on Floyd's black neck, the Minneapolis ME's autopsy report proved what appeared on the surface was not the actual cause of the man's appears his own drug addiction and underlying, unattended to health conditions were. “I can't breathe” now became BLM's and other malcontents battle cry along with unproven claims of both “systemic racism” and “police brutality” against blacks poisoning the minds of way too many folks, with those lies being passed off as truth to this very day. And while “Black Lives Matter” became May's slogan of the month, what was and still is being ignored by the BLM sorts is that white, brown, yellow, red, and those wearing blue see their lives mattering too.

And in June we saw our president stating that he would deploy the in the National Guard...if local officials did not put a stop to the anything but peaceful Antifa and BLM protesters who were the root cause of all the violence, looting, arson, and mayhem done in George Floyd's name. And with President Trump being called the “president of law and order,” it came as no surprise that the mayors and governors of these Democrat controlled cities and states refused our president's help, choosing instead to relish in the political messages being sent and the damages being done, after all it helped perpetrate their socialist and anti-police agendas.

Also in June, we kept our fingers crossed that the Chinese virus would start burning itself out what with warm weather taking hold nationwide. And while the virus did level off to some degree, it returned with a vengeance come fall. And dare we forget that in June, “Basement” Joe Biden became the Democrats choice for president and that hundreds of protesters led by Antifa took over several blocks of downtown Seattle and transformed it into the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” or “Chaz” as it was more commonly known...while foolishly thinking they had successfully seceded from the union.

So now we're halfway through this horrific year, and while things did start politically going from bad to worse, in July we did witness a modicum of normalcy...sort off...what with Major League Baseball returning albeit with socially-distancing cardboard cut-outs of fans scattered randomly throughout the bleachers shouting canned hoots and hollers that were laughable at best. And in early July we were actually diverted away from the 24/7 COVID news cycle for a bit what with Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s infamous madame and cohort, being arrested on July 2 on sex-trafficking charges. Gotta wonder if Billy-Boy Clinton got then and remains now a wee bit nervous with that one...just saying.

And then in August the upcoming election rhetoric really starting heating up when on August 11th “Basement” Joe announced, to much fanfare, his selection of a running mate. And his pick was the woman who slept her way into the political arena, as in California Senator Kamala Harris, a fraud, liar, and avowed socialist. Chosen solely because of her gender and supposed race (contrary to the Democrat's bloviations Harris is not an African-American women as Biden had promised would be his pick, but is a woman of mixed Negroid, Caucasian, and Asian race), but what we best get used to is the fact that Kamala Harris will in short time become Obama's defacto third term in office. And if that doesn't scare you, I don't know what will.

Also in August the Chinese virus infection and death count numbers slowly started to tick up again, while wildfires raged in California killing man and animals alike, eventually changing the landscape of a once lush state into but a smoldering shadow of its former self. Then on August 24th all hell broke loose yet again with protesters in Louisiana and Wisconsin violently taking to the streets after police (in the line of duty) shot and killed two black men. And over the next few days violence committed against the police spread nationwide culminating on August 29th with protesters setting fire to the Portland, Oregon police union building just as the city was entering its third straight month of increasingly violent protests...protests egged on by BLM, Antifa, and the media of course.

But August also saw one of two true positives of this most horrendous of years when on August 13th President Trump announced the signing of the Abraham Accords,” a peace deal his administration helped broker between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the Jewish State of Israel. And such an accomplishment it was that on September 11th, Bahrain joined in on the deal with Sudan signing on in October, and Morocco doing the same in December. And while Saudi Arabia cannot be far behind what with the Saudis now giving Israel permission to fly over their air space, these beginnings of a lasting peace in the ever volatile Middle East were either ignored or given a cursory mention at best by the media who will never herald any of Trump's successes.

And then came September, the month where the Chinese virus really started renewing its assault on the U.S. And on September 18th, 87-year old SCOTUS Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg passed away assuring that President Trump would get to nominate yet another conservative to the Supreme Court, thus turning the High Court decidedly to the right for decades to come. And in September we also witnessed the first Presidential debate taking place... a debate chock full of heated interruptions, interjections, and fiery accusations, along with moderator Chris Wallace obviously being in "the bag" for Joe Biden. And so “the steal” began in earnest.

And the ever busy month of October started to take shape early on when on the 2nd, President Trump announced that both he and Melania tested positive for COVID-19. Hospitalized for three days at Walter Reed Medical Center before continuing his recovery at the White House, our president made a swift and full recovery after being treated with remdesivir and the steroid dexamethasone, thus bringing focus back onto increasing COVID numbers and the desperate need for a vaccine...a vaccine he had promised would be available by the end of the year.

October also saw, very much to the Democrats chagrin, the confirmation of constitutionalist Amy Comey Barrett to the Supreme Court as well as early voting beginning in record numbers, which immediately and rightfully raised suspicions. And then on October 14th, a New York Post article about Hunter Biden's seemingly forgotten to be picked up laptop hit the newsstands exposing information not only about now former VP Joe Biden withholding loan guarantees to Ukraine...blackmail of sorts done to quell a corruption investigation into both Burisma and Hunter well as exposing Hunter and “the big guy's” in daddy Joe's...dirty dealings with communist China amongst others. And what did the media do with said story but either bury it in the political muck or simply deem it a Trump initiated smear campaign, after all they had to protect their newest anointed one before the upcoming election.

Finally, November came and what we feared most came to fruition when on Tuesday, November 3rd we bore witness to an election rigged straight from the bowels of hell with President Trump being defeated by Joe Biden. And this defeat was courtesy of Democrat manufactured and tampered with mail-in ballots...most of which were delivered in the dead of night when poll watchers were no longer present...and with Dominion's corrupted vote tabulating machines actually changing Trump votes to those for Joe Biden. But worst of all was the fact that not only did the media have a hand in all this, but that our nation's courts threw out...most on procedural technicalities...legitimate cases brought before them by the Trump campaign...and did so without even bothering to see the proof in hand....proof that clearly showed more Democrat votes were cast than there were registered voters. Can you say voter fraud...I sure can. 

And lastly we come to December with our president's cases regarding election/voter fraud being slapped down not just by the Supreme Court but even by some in his own Republican party...cowardly sorts who simply have no backbone for a fight...a fight not just to set a stolen election right, but a fight to garner the rightful monetary help "We the People" so need in this the year a nasty little virus from China turned our country upside down. And while the year did close on a second positive note, this regarding the promised vaccine that thanks to Presient Trump was developed and approved in less than a years time and is starting to be delivered, we must not forget that this virus won't be the last of its kind, in fact it's already morphed into a more transmittable variation of its former self.

So now as the New Year begins we'll witness the fight for our country's very survival as formal certifying (or not certifying) of the electoral vote will take place on January 6th. And while the chances appear slim that this fraudulent election will be overturned...mostly I think because cowardly politicians fear the "element" will behave badly again...I've learned never to underestimate President Donald J. Trump for if anyone can pull the proverbial political rabbit out of a hat our president is just the man to do it.

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