Friday, May 27, 2016

At This Point, It Should Make All the Difference

It seems the more this campaign moves forward the less popular Clinton is -- even to Democratic voters, as polls show Bernie Sanders now in a statistical tie with her in California. This does not make me sad, but it should scare the pantsuits off Democrats.

There's ample reason for Clinton's unpopularity. She's dishonest, unlikable, corrupt, arrogant and so much more. Can you imagine being so smug from a lifetime of unpunished misconduct that you feel legally immune and politically invincible? But her fate could finally change.

At issue is Clinton's use of her personal email account to conduct official business while secretary of state, a practice she has casually passed off as routine.

The State Department inspector general issued an audit report blistering Clinton for flouting federal records "rules" and cybersecurity guidelines and for refusing to cooperate with the IG's investigation. Though the report acknowledges "longstanding, systemic weaknesses" in the State Department, it singles Clinton out for far more serious violations.

Judicial Overreach: Small Court, Big Economic RamificationsJudicial overreach is moving beyond a theoretical political debate, as one Delaware state judge could throw the livelihoods of nearly 4,000 people into uncertainty and have sweeping ramifications for other major American employers.

TransPerfect Global is by almost any measure a successful company, with more than $500 million in revenue and more than 3,500 fulltime employees. It’s the world’s largest privately-held translation software company, with offices in 90 cities. The company itself doesn’t seem dysfunctional – managing to be quite profitable despite litigation between the co-founders. However, Delaware Court of Chancery Chief Judge Andre Bouchard ruled the company must be sold because the co-owners can’t get along, and he will soon make a determination on the sales process.

While this might seem like one small state judge’s opinion, it affects more than just TransPerfect and has a reach well beyond Delaware. That’s because this small state is the incorporation capital of the world. Because of state laws that make it easy to form a corporation, lower taxes and fewer regulations, more than 50 percent of publicly-traded companies and 65 percent of Fortune 500 companies are incorporated in Delaware. The New York Times previously reported that 285,000 corporations – including Walmart, Coca-Cola, American Airlines, and JP Morgan Chase list their location at a single address in Wilmington.
The state’s laws have not only been a boon for Delaware state revenue, but it’s what numerous multi-national corporations have come to rely on. Nothing can send tremors through the economy more than uncertainty – and this court ruling can only create uncertainty for so many of the nation’s biggest employers.

Taliban chooses Islamic legal scholar as its new leader
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


Taliban chooses Islamic legal scholar as its new leader
Clearly the Taliban hasn’t gotten the memo that terrorism has nothing to do with Islam. John Kerry and Pope Francis need to fly to Peshawar, make their way to Taliban headquarters, and explain to Haibatullah Akhundzada how the true Islam is peaceful and rejects all forms of terrorism and violence. “How the Taliban Hastily Chose […]
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70-year-old Christian woman STRIPPED NAKED AND PARADED through streets by MUSLIM mob

Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs

Everyone in the West has to realize this could be their mother or grandmother: just give it time.

The Nazis did this to the Jews. It’s the same thing.

As if it weren’t enough. the Muslim mob also burned down seven homes belonging to Christian families, according to an unusually outspoken statement issued by the local Orthodox Coptic church.

Perhaps the families hadn’t take their #islamphobin.
“Elderly Christian woman stripped naked and paraded through streets by mob,” By Adam Withnall, The Independent, May 26, 2016:
The 300-strong mob of Muslim men in rural Egypt also burned down seven homes belonging to Orthodox Coptic families, over rumours of an affair between a local Christian man and a Muslim woman

What Do Vietnam and Gitmo Have in Common...a Traitor Named Obama 
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on

While Obama's minions are heralding him as the president who ended two wars...never mind that he announced for the enemy and the world to hear our 2011 withdrawal date from Iraq...only to then send over 4,000 soldiers back into harm's way...Obama was off to Vietnam on another leg of his infamous and oh so traitorous 'apology tour.'

You know Vietnam...the war that Obama said was "the work of politicians"...was the war that lingered on for 20 years...from 1955 to 1975...was the war that divided our nation like no other since the Civil War...was the war full of media-generated misinformation that led many to believe that America had lost the war when the reality is that the war was lost by the South Vietnamese when Saigon (now known as Ho Chi Minh City) fell on April 30, 1975, a full two years after our troops 'officially' left behind that hell hole of heat, humidity, and of course of napalm and 'Agent Orange.'

Vietnam...a stalemate actually...saw 58,220 American casualties with 40,934 of our troops killed in action, and with 5,299 troops dying of wounds received. Vietnam... where American civilian workers and government contractors who stayed on for the two years after we 'officially' left accounting for the rest of that number.

Vietnam...which made enemies of our brave troops who returned home not to accolades deserved but to the leers of those who met them with taunts of being baby-killers and with in-their-face-hate, with some even spat upon. And the cause of all this...yet another Democratic president...this one being Lyndon B. Johnson...and a media hell-bent on proudly showing their misrepresentation of the facts as to how the war was actually going as they catered to and defended the anti-war movement engulfing our country...engulfing our country doing more harm to America than the war itself.

And while Obama was in communist-ruled Vietnam this week acquiescing, pandering, and spewing to our once enemy that freedom of the press, assembly, and religion, coupled together with freedom of speech and expression "fuels" an economy, and "that is how some of our greatest companies began," I guess he thinks what's good for Vietnam is not good for we here in America as these are the very rights he and his administration are so desperate to take away from 'We the People'...focusing instead on his all-important, all-consuming, inane issue of who should go to the bathroom where, and how best to take our guns away.

Addressing Vietnamese authorities on state television regarding their still dismal human rights record, Obama said that while the U.S. is not trying to "impose the American form of government on Vietnam," and that "basic human rights are not a threat to Vietnam" nor to their communist system of government, the country should still be more open to what he called "scrutiny" in order for their country to grow much "stronger and more prosperous" economically, which he claimed in turn would help start companies that are good for the country...a country that will still remain mired in communism, good companies or not, as long as its one-party system remains the rule of the day.

And guess which company Obama had the audacity to cite to the Vietnamese people as an example of a 'good company'...Facebook...the very company that is one of the biggest violators of our freedom of speech. Something very wrong with this picture I would say.

But the most grievous of all concerning Obama's visit to Vietnam was this past Monday's lifting of a decades- long embargo on the sale of lethal weapons to the communist country...the country where over 58,000 of our men and women were killed. In a joint news conference in Hanoi with Vietnamese President Tran Dai Quang, Obama said that the lifting of the embargo was part of a "deeper defense cooperation" with the country while at the same time denying what some have hinted at as being a way...or so Obama stop...China's ever-growing muscle flexing throughout the southeast Asia region...a region where China has recently tried to claim territory in the South China Sea that actually belongs to others...including claims by Vietnam...and where they have been building artificial islands and military-grade installations on some of the atolls and reefs they control and claim.

Continuing by saying...with a straight face I might add...that it was his goal to "continue normalizing" relations...where have we heard those words before...between the United States and Vietnam... meaning to put relations between us and our former enemy on a 'supposed' equal footing...which is a so very wrong line of well as to build upon 2001’s bilateral trade deal and Vietnam’s signing onto the U.S.-led Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)...the very partnership most American's oppose yet a partnership that would serve Vietnam and their interests well.

And Obama wants to do away with said embargo "based on ideological division between our two countries." And these words mimic almost to a tee his nefarious 'very bad' deal with Iran...and we all know how that deal has been working out now don't we. And like with Iran and other countries with dismal human rights records, Obama spoke that sales of said weapons, along with strategic information, would be evaluated on a "case-by-case" basis.

You mean one weapon or one bit of information for one political that Obama's definition of case-by-case...just saying.

"China should think twice over anything they can do to Vietnam or the South China Sea," said. Nguyen Ngoc Truong, president of Vietnam's Center for Strategic Studies and International Development after Obama spoke. "They (China) should get the message," but if truth be told any 'message' sent by Obama has been proven to be good for those not truly our friends while traitorous to these United States.

And what do we get by the lifting of this embargo...just like with the Iran 'very bad' nuclear deal we get nothing...nothing..because Vietnam needs us more than we need them especially regarding their dispute with China over the above mentioned contested islands and where Obama is playing a very dangerous game...a game where he hopes that the arming of Vietnam will turn them completely against China and allied with us...something that is not likely to happen even with the island dispute, at least not in a way that is beneficial to the U.S.

So now we sit and wait while Obama continues his 'apology tour' in Japan...we wait for the final ramifications and fallout of his visit to Vietnam to make themselves known. And rest assured it will not be pretty and will end up in some way, some how, hurting our Vietnam vets in the end.

Now as for Obama's newest deal...aiding and abetting the enemy as far as I'm concerned...a deal to transfer two-dozen* more long-held Gitmo detainees...the "worst of the worst" according to one anonymous official...all I can say is that this most miserable and pathetic excuse of a president continues to go directly against the wishes of both Congress and 'We the People' who want Gitmo to remain open. And why...because the simple fact is that if these bastards stay in Gitmo we would not have to worry yet again about some of them joining up with the 30% or more who have already returned to terrorist activities...activities which including the killing of American troops.

In fact, according to a report issued earlier this year by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, the number of detainees released from Gitmo who have "reengaged in terrorism" has doubled since July 2015, translating to date into 118 out of the 676 detainees released who have been confirmed to have "reengaged" in terrorist acts since 2009...and that includes three from the infamous 5-for-1 trade...where five Gitmo-held Taliban leaders were traded for one American traitor...Bowe Bergdahl.

And now Obama wants to transfer two-dozen more terrorists...and yes that is what these so-called' detainees actually half a dozen mostly Middle East countries before the end of July... countries who might not be able to keep them locked up or even be able to successfully track them. And while the list of these countries has not yet been released just know that some if not all of these countries are surely not America's friends as they willingly turn a blind eye to terrorist groups operating and/or recruiting from within their borders. And while all those now scheduled to be transferred have been approved for said transfer either through the 2010 internal review process or as a result of the quasi-parole hearings known as Periodic Review Boards, some of those detainees have not yet received the needed certification by Defense Secretary Ashton Carter as required by law before officially notifying Congress.

But that is of no importance to Obama what with his having only eight months left to come through with his promise to close Gitmo...and we know this is one promise he intends to fulfill solely because it aids his blood brethren.

And what a promise it is...a promise drawn straight from the devil's playbook...a promise that has Obama intending to transfer all the remaining detainees who can be safely transferred to willing host countries and to be done so post-haste. Also, Obama intends to charge and try as many remaining detainees as he can through the military justice system, and for the few remaining who are too dangerous to transfer or who for whatever reason will not be charged by the military, Obama wants those men placed in maximum security prisons here in the U.S. for indefinite detention calling them enemy combatants. And this will have you shaking your head in disbelief as Obama wants any new captures to be brought here to the U.S. to be charged in U.S. federal courts even though those captured in a time of war should be tried, convicted, and sentenced at the military level not at the civilian.

“It's a recruiting tool for those who wish to do us harm," Obama spokesman Eric Schultz continues to say as he tries to justify Obama's wanting to close Gitmo, but according to Thomas Joscelyn, senior fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, Obama's laser-focused drive to close Gitmo is “all about ideologically driven policy" ...a policy that shows where his true allegiances lie...and we all know those very allegiances are not with America. And the fact is that those engaging in terrorist activities are more likely to do so because of their general but all consuming hate for Israel, for Jews, for Christians, and specifically because of the Israeli/ Palestinian conflict, than they are because of the prison camp known as Gitmo.

"I don’t want to pass this problem onto the next president, whoever it is,” Obama also keeps saying, but saying so requires the person saying it to be more than a bit altruistic which we all know Obama is not. “And if as a nation, we don’t deal with this now, when will we deal with it?” he continues to ask, but if truth be told there remains an easy solution...leave Gitmo open and operational and no future president will have to deal with it...and if other nations have a problem with that well that's just too damn bad as the safety of America and 'We the People' trumps anything any other nation thinks or says.

So what do Vietnam and Gitmo have in common...a traitor named Barack HUSSEIN Obama...a man who would rather do for the enemy and those not truly America's friend than do for the nation he swore to serve and protect...but I guess when one's fingers are crossed behind one's back promises made mean not a thing especially when they're made by a man whose allegiance truly does lie with those out to kill us all.
* Out of the original 800 detainees only 80 currently remain at Gitmo, which opened in 2002