Thursday, September 22, 2022

Biden Wants to Expand Notoriously Corrupt UN 
Katie Pavlich – Townhall Tipsheet
Speaking in front of the 77th United Nations General Assembly in New York City Wednesday, President Joe Biden called for the expansion of the global entity. 

“Today, 193 of you, 193 member states, have willingly embraced its [UN] principles.  And standing up for those principles for the U.N. Charter is the job of every responsible member state,” Biden said. “The United States supports increasing the number of both permanent and non-permanent representatives of the Council.  

This includes permanent seats for those nations we’ve long supported and permanent seats for countries in Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean. The United States is committed to this vital work.”

Biden made the call without also demanding accountability for the notoriously corrupt and expensive body. The United States pays significantly more than any other country to be a member and countries like China and Russia sit on the UN Human Rights Council. Read more here.