Saturday, April 25, 2020

Connecticut Governor Praises Trump's Reopening Guidelines

Connecticut Governor Praises Trump's Reopening Guidelines Democratic Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont is praising Trump and the coronavirus task force for developing guidelines on how states can being safely reopening amid the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic.

"Their guidance has been helpful, but then they leave it up to the governors which I think is appropriate," said Gov. Lamont.

Earlier this month, the White House released guidelines for governors to consider as they begin reopening their states. The guidelines set forth a phased reopening that empowers state and local governments as they begin to loosen restrictions put in place to slow the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus. The guidelines suggest a 14-day period of observance as states move through different phases of lifting stay-at-home orders and other restrictions.

Gov. Lamont is joining a growing chorus of unlikely governors who have praised President Trump's response to the coronavirus outbreak.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo continues to heap praise on Trump and the federal government for their actions during the pandemic.

"What the federal government did working with states was a phenomenal accomplishment," the Democrat marveled on Sunday.

Usually a staunch critic of the president's, Calfornia Gov. Gavin Newsom has repeatedly admired Trump's response to the coronavirus.

"I would be lying to you if I said [Trump] hasn’t been responsive to our demands," Newsom admitted to CNN's Jake Tapper early this month. "Every time I’ve called the President, he’s quickly gotten on the line. When we asked to get support for that 'Mercy' ship for southern California, he was able to direct that in real time. We have 2,000 of these field medical sites that are up, almost all operational now in the state because of his support. Those are the facts."
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Omar Funds Another $3000,000Campaign Funds To Her Husband's Firm (-----> HERSELF) 

Unbelievable corruption from the dirty Dems. The American people must see to it that this corrupt and depraved party goes down hard in November.

How is this legal??

Omar Funnels Nearly $300,000 More to Her Husband’s Firm
By Washington Examiner,

Democratic representative Ilhan Omar (D., Minn.) continues to push cash from her campaign committee to her now-husband’s consulting firm.

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