Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Biden moves to extend key parts of COVID-19 relief bills with American Families Plan
The legislation is an effort to build on the American Rescue Plan
President Biden is expected to announce the American Families Plan during his first joint address to Congress on Wednesday that has been framed as a complement to earlier massive investments during the COVID-19 era, but critics will likely seize on the plan as an attempt to extend major parts of the earlier relief packages.

The legislation is an effort to build on the American Rescue Plan, which was the $1.9 trillion behemoth passed in March. Republicans were opposed to the earlier plan because they argued that only nine percent of the funds went to actual COVID-19 relief.

Larry Kudlow, the former Trump economic advisor and Fox Business host, said Tuesday that rumors of Biden’s tax plan has galvanized the Democrats' socialist wing of the party.

"This is redistribution, assault on investment and it makes left-wing ideology -- I will say [Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez] is correct: the progressive left won Biden’s heart, absolutely," he said.

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Abbott: I'll Sign Constitutional Carry If It Gets To My Desk
Cam Edwards / BEARING ARMS

Before this year’s legislative session had even begun, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott called on lawmakers in Austin to send him a Second Amendment Sanctuary bill. Now, in the waning days of this year’s session, the governor is throwing his weight behind a Constitutional Carry bill as well.

The Texas House has already approved Constitutional Carry language, but the Republican leadership in the Senate seems less inclined to take up the issue, but Abbott’s comments may be enough to get the bill moving again. The governor sounded pretty confident that the legislation will receive a Senate vote in an interview with a Dallas radio station yesterday.

“Once the Senate passes it out, the House and Senate will convene and work out any differences and get it to my desk,” Governor Abbott told WBAP’s Rick Roberts on Tuesday. “And I’ll be signing it.”


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