Monday, October 21, 2013

First, this video montage of HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius assuring the American public and Congress that Obamacare will be ready (read: working) on October 1:

With so much to say about the new healthcare law before the exchanges opened, Sebelius has been conspicuously silent since October 1. Of course, the new health care law’s roll-out has been a complete failure so it’s not surprising. Some members of Congress have even called for Sebelius to resign over it for “gross incompetence.” Others are, at the very least, demanding answers:
Leaders of the chamber’s Energy and Commerce Committee are pressing for public answers after the Obama administration and companies involved in the site's development and launch said the online health care exchange was “on track” for the October 1. start. […] 
Committee Chairman Fred Upton began focusing on Secretary Sebelius after she went to Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” last week to talk about the website.
“Secretary Sebelius had time for Jon Stewart, and we expect her to have time for Congress,” the Michigan Republican has repeatedly said.
The committee is scheduled to hold a hearing Thursday that will focus on whether officials involved with the site “Didn't Know or Didn't Disclose” problems. And the committee has for the third time in the past two days publicly called upon the administration to send witnesses to Capitol Hill to provide answers.
The requests, which have so far been rejected, include a letter Thursday directly to Secretary Sebelius. […]
"It's well past time for the administration to be straight and transparent with the American people,” Upton said recently. “Top administration officials repeatedly testified everything was on track, but the broad technological failures reveal that was not the case… The president and top officials were quick to boast the number of visitors to, but they have since gone silent.”
Sebelius, as it turns out, has time to attend the inaugural Kennedy forum gala in Boston on Wednesday night, but won’t be available to answers questions at the congressional hearing the next day. Imagine that.

Tired of depressing news? Smile, because here is some very positive news: 50 U.S. Senators—both Democrats and Republicans—have pledged to stop Obama’s latest attack on the Second Amendment.

Last week, all 50 senators wrote a letter to Obama pledging not to ratify the United Nations’ Arms Trade Treaty. In order for this treaty to be ratified, it would need 60 “yay” votes in the Senate. This means, gun owners will not need to forfeit their God-given right to self-defense and President Obama is on notice that his latest attack on the Second Amendment is dead on arrival in the Senate.

This fall, the Obama administration signed the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty. As I warned gun owners in August, this treaty undermines your Second Amendment rights, places international law on a pedestal above our Constitution and encourages the creation of a national gun registry.

Obama pledged that he would never sign the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty. In October of 2009, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that the U.S. would only enter the Arms Trade Treaty by “the rule of consensus decision-making.” However, these 50 U.S. Senators write that Obama broke this pledge, because: “in April 2013, after the treaty failed to achieve consensus, it was adopted by majority vote in the U.N. General Assembly. We fear that this reversal has done grave damage to the diplomatic credibility of the United States.”

These 50 senators write that this treaty: “encourages governments to collect the identities of individual end users of imported firearms at the national level, which would constitute the core of a national gun registry.” This means that Obama broke another promise to the American people by signing this treaty. On March 25, 2013, his spokesman told the press that Obama was absolutely not working to create a national gun registry. Apparently, he was.

U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe sponsored an amendment in the Senate to show opposition to the treaty. Now, this letter is a further sign that the U.S. Senate will not allow our President to subvert both the Second Amendment and our ability to, as this letter states: “conduct our own foreign policy.”

Obama’s own State Department has called the treaty “ambiguous” and so senators are very concerned that the terms of the treaty would severely restrict our ability to exercise our national sovereignty and conduct our own foreign policy. This treaty would effectively put global bureaucrats in charge of micromanaging our interactions with our own allies.

Here are the names of the 50 U.S. Senators who courageously took a stand for your freedom against the Obama administration:

Sen. Lamar Alexander, Sen. Kelly Ayotte, Sen. John Barrasso, Sen. Mark Begich, Sen. Roy Blunt, Sen. John Boozman, Sen. Richard Burr, Sen. Saxby Chambliss, Sen. Jeff Chiesa, Sen. Daniel Coats, Sen. Tom Coburn, Sen. Thad Cochran, Sen. Susan Collins, Sen. Bob Corker, Sen. John Cornyn, Sen. Mike Crapo, Sen. Ted Cruz, Sen. Mike Enzi, Sen. Deb Fischer, Sen. Jeff Flake, Sen. Lindsey Graham, Sen. Chuck Grassley, Sen. Kay Hagan, Sen. Orrin Hatch, Sen. Dean Heller, Sen. John Hoeven, Sen. James Inhofe, Sen. Johnny Isakson, Sen. Mike Johanns, Sen. Ron Johnson, Sen. Mary Landrieu, Sen. Mike Lee, Sen. Joe Manchin III, Sen. John McCain, Sen. Mitch McConnell, Sen. Jerry Moran, Sen. Lisa Murkowski, Sen. Rand Paul, Sen. Rob Portman, Sen. Mark Pryor, Sen. James Risch, Sen. Pat Roberts, Sen. Marco Rubio, Sen. Tim Scott, Sen. Jeff Sessions, Sen. Richard Shelby, Sen. John Thune, Sen. Pat Toomey, Sen. David Vittor, Sen. Roger Wicker

If your senator is one of the above 50 who signed this letter to Obama, please write to them and say “thank you” for standing up for your natural, God-given right to self-defense as well as our country’s right to manage our own foreign policy.

Gun owners like you have been speaking up loudly and clearly against this treaty. By speaking out, you have encouraged these 50 Senators to take a strong stand for freedom. Even though this treaty is now dead on arrival in the Senate, if your senator is not one of these 50, you should write him or her and encourage them to get on-board. All Americans need to be on the same team: Team Freedom.

"Palestinians" fly Nazi flag over major Israeli thoroughfare

From Jihad Watch / Posted by Robert Spencer


And the Leftist enablers of jihad have the chutzpah to charge foes of jihad with neo-Nazism, when in reality the jihad is a quintessentially Nazi movement: Jew-hating, authoritarian, and brutal.

"Again: Arabs Fly Nazi Flag Near Road," from Israel National News, October 19 (thanks to all who sent this in):
For at least the second time in five months, Arab residents of Beit Umar in the Palestinian Authority (PA) have placed a Nazi flag over a major thoroughfare where Jews pass in their vehicles.
Beit Umar is located between Halhoul and the Etzion Bloc, not far from Hevron.
Soldiers from the Haruv battalion in Kfir Regiment tried to take down the flag Saturday, but encountered difficulty because it was placed very high up.
A similar event took place at Beit Umar in May, when hundreds of residents of Gush Etzion who drove down Highway 60 were astounded to see an oversized Nazi flag flying next to a mosque in the Arab town.
In a recent key seech [sic], Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu quoted numerous historical sources showing that the leader of the Palestinian Arabs in the first half of the 20th century, Mufti Hajj Amin Al-Husseini, was “one of the initiators of the Holocaust of the Jews of Europe,” and that he was constantly encouraging the Nazi leadership to annihilate the Jews, throughout the war. He cited evidence that the Mufti even visited the gas chambers at Auschwitz with Adolf Eichmann.
"The Mufti is still a greatly admired figure in the Palestinian national movement," said Netanyahu. "These are the weeds that need to be uprooted," he said. "The root of the conflict is the deep resistance among a hard core of Palestinians to the right of the Jewish people to its own state in Israel."
The Phony ‘Fight’ And The Real Story
by / Personal Liberty Digest

The Phony ‘Fight’ And The Real Story
At the 11th hour and to the surprise of no one, right on cue, the self-proclaimed party of small government capitulated.

Anyone who remains lost in the false paradigm that there are two political parties is blind and divested from reality. There is only one party, and it is the government party.

The government shutdown that wasn’t was nothing more than so much theater. It was theater of the absurd.

The so-called compromise deal that reopened government signaled that the status quo big-spending, big-government, big-money-printing policies will continue straight through to collapse. Although a couple of politicians” took a stand” against big government (particularly against the Obamacare deathcare trap), there was no real appetite for fighting to shrink government or roll back any aspect of its increasingly intrusive power. In fact, the bill is laden with more pork than a bacon truck.

The so-called furlough of a few hundred thousand government employees became just a paid vacation for them. And in addition to a payoff to Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell in the form of increased funding for river construction project and other lucre, tucked into the bill is a charming nugget of $174,000 for the widow of deceased Senator Frank Lautenberg. Lautenberg was listed as the eighth wealthiest U.S. politician in 2011 (his net worth then stood at $55.33 million), so his widow is by now no doubt in terrible financial distress. Finally, the privileged elected class and their staffs will be exempt from Obamacare, while the more mundane among us are consigned to the death system of rationing and extortion. These facts all prove the system is set up to benefit the elites at the expense of the people.

House Weeper John Boehner signaled the shutdown was all for show in his post mortem comments: “We did everything we could to get [Democrats] to the table to negotiate. They just kept saying, ‘no. No, no, no.’ There’s just no reason for our members to vote no today.” He conveniently ignored the millions of Americans who were saying no, no, no to more spending in general and Obamacare in particular.

Most Republicans, particularly Senate Republicans, had signaled their capitulation early on. The “fight” was over before it began even though some, responding to voter support for Senator Ted Cruz’s efforts to defund Obamacare, at least gave lip service to the idea that they should attempt to try and delay if not defund the implementation of the deathcare system that is killing jobs and creating a part-time economy now and will be killing people soon.

The elected class and their bureaucratic enablers in the Washington, D.C., cesspool all suffer from a psychosis that allows them to lie and steal without compunction. They ginned up a crisis in order to keep Americans distracted while the Obamacare rollout collapsed, and they worked behind the scenes to craft a bill that will grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.

Then they all agreed to reopen government until Jan. 16 and lift the debt ceiling through Feb. 7.

Supposedly, House and Senate budget conferees are required to reach a budget deal by Dec. 13, but Washington found itself acting the part of fighting over the government shutdown precisely because there has been no budget agreement since 2009 and, therefore, no reign on government spending.

But with government funny money and phony accounting in play, a budget agreement is irrelevant. Additionally, all the sound and fury from the elected class resulted in only a 90-day “fix.” Crisis governance will resume after the first of the year unless some cataclysmic event occurs before then.

The United States was never in any danger of defaulting on the debt, because there is no real U.S. debt and there is no intention for it to ever be paid. Government can and does create money out of thin air. With this ability there cannot possibly be debt. And if there is no debt, there is no possibility of default. Until this is understood by the American people, the elected class will continue to abuse the system and use fear and confusion to rule over and subvert the will of the American people.

For proof of this, the so-called debt, according to the Department of Treasury, remained at exactly $16,699,396,000,000 for 150 straight days. Were this a true and accurate accounting number, such a thing would be impossible. The numbers are much like the green strips you carry in your pocket: Created out of thin air. But people believe this sham and the media never questions it.

In May, the Congressional Budget Office estimated the Federal government would confiscate a record $2.7 trillion in tax receipts in fiscal year 2013, which would surpass the previous record of $2.6 trillion in 2007. Yet despite this, Democrats are already signaling they want to use the budget conference to raise taxes even more to support even more spending.

The CBO also said in May that government spending is expected to hit $3.55 trillion in 2013. That represents 22.2 percent of gross domestic product, the largest share in decades.

The Federal Reserve is throwing $85 billion a month into the air. Americans remain ignorant to its effects. The stock market is irrational. It spikes on bad news, knowing that the Fed will continue throwing $85 million into the air each month for the foreseeable future.

This money benefits the banksters and Wall Street, but it is devastating the holdings of the savers and retirees.

Corrupt political and monetary fiat systems always self-destruct, as they always spend out of control. The U.S. government is engaged in the greatest transfer of wealth in the history of the world. Most Americans are oblivious. Government is stealing by devaluing the U.S. dollar. Creating these new dollars dilutes all the dollars in existence. This is economic war carried out in secrecy and under pretense.

Trust in government and its monetary system begins to give way as the facade of benevolency and democracy morphs into force, intimidation and confrontation.

The process is gradual except when the elite miscalculates and does things such as assess private bank accounts to pay for the corruption of the debt money system as happened in March 2013 on the island of Cyprus.

The increase of overt repression and intimidation — as we saw with the closing of the monuments during the “shutdown” — will alert more and more people to the crime of government.

Exchange controls are a sign of a failing regime. Chase Bank (aka JPMorgan Chase) has instituted exchange controls. Thousands of account holders received letters last week indicating they will no longer be allowing international wire transfers or cash deposits or withdrawals in excess of $50,000 monthly beginning on Nov. 17. JPMorgan Chase — along with the other “too big to fails” — is a primary shareholder of the Federal Reserve.

Then HSBC USA announced its clients will have to wait a minimum of five days to transfer funds to their own international accounts beginning Oct. 20.

These are the first signs that the collapse is getting closer. Exchange controls are emergency measures enacted to during times of economic distress and are precursors to wealth seizures by the State.

Your time to remove your money from banks is growing short. Get it out before the bank runs begin.

Protect yourself with gold and silver and stored food and supplies needed for survival. Guns and ammo are essential to own. We have very hard times ahead; but after the cataclysm, we can start anew.