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It would be unreasonable to expect a student with the reading, writing and computing abilities of an eighth-grader to do well in college. If such a student were admitted, his retention would require that the college create dumbed-downed or phantom courses. The University of North Carolina made this accommodation; many athletes were enrolled in phantom courses in the department of African and African-American studies. The discovery and resulting scandal are simply the tip of the iceberg and a symptom of a much larger problem.

A UNC learning specialist hired to help athletes found that during the years 2004 to 2012, 60 percent of 183 members of the football and basketball teams read between fourth- and eighth-grade levels.

Eight to 10 percent read below a third-grade level. These were black high-school graduates, and their high-school diplomas were clearly fraudulent. How cruel is it for UNC to admit students who have little chance of academically competing on the same basis as its other students? Black students so ill-equipped run the risk of ridicule and reinforcing white stereotypes of black mental incompetence. If these students are to retain their athletic eligibility or minimum GPA requirements, universities must engage in academic fraud.

Academic fraud benefits the entire university community except the black students. If universities can maintain the scholar-athlete charade, they earn tens of millions of dollars in sports revenue. Other than as a pretense, academics can be ignored. The university just has to create academic slums, where weak students can "succeed." Stronger academic departments benefit because they do not have to compromise their standards and bear the burden of having to deal with weak students. Then there's that feather in the diversity hat upon which university administrators are fixated. I guarantee you that academic fraud is by no means unique to UNC. As such, it represents gross dereliction and dishonesty on the parts of university administrators and faculty members.

Unfortunately, and to the detriment of black people, there is broad support among black members of the academic community for practices that lead to academic fraud. In the wake of the UNC scandal, the Carolina Black Caucus -- a campus group of administrators, staff and faculty -- rushed to the defense of the black athletes and the department of African and African-American studies, claiming an unfair investigation and unfair public and media attack. One campus student group said that the student-athlete fraud scandal is actually a result of "white supremacist, heteropatriarchal capitalism."

Focusing solely on the academic problems of blacks at the college level misses the point. It is virtually impossible to repair 12 years of rotten primary and secondary education in the space of four or five years of college. Proof of that is black student performance on postgraduate tests, such as the GRE, LSAT and MCAT. The black-white achievement gap on those tests is just as wide as it is on the SAT or ACT, which high schoolers take. That's evidence that primary and secondary education deficiencies have not been repaired during undergraduate years.

The academic achievement level for white students is nothing to write home about. Only 25 percent of white high-school graduates taking the 2011 ACT met its benchmarks for college readiness in all subjects for which it tests. Only 4 percent of black students were college-ready in all subjects, according to their scores on the ACT.

The high academic failure rate among blacks means one of two things. Either black students cannot learn or primary and secondary schools, parental choices, black student attitudes, and cultural values regarding education are not conducive to what young blacks need for academic excellence. Colleges admitting underperforming black students conceal, foster and perpetuate the educational damages done to these youngsters in their earlier education.
As Katie noted last week, President Obama gave little indication that he’s going to alter course regarding his agenda that sunk his party in the 2014 midterms.

"To everyone who voted I want you to know I hear you, to the two thirds of Americans chose not to participate, I hear you too,” said Obama in a less than subtle dig at Republicans by telling the they have no mandate.

As Dan wrote earlier this week, there was low voter turnout during this cycle–and it’s being used by liberals to diminish the impact of this Republican wave; a wave that led to Democrats losing the Senate, failing to retake the House, and losing governorships in deep blue states.

Right now, the GOP has not controlled this many state legislatures since 1920. Nearly 50 percent of the population lives in states where the GOP controls the state legislature and the executive.

So, how do folks feel about this new Red America? According to Gallup, 53 percent want the GOP Congress to have more influence than Obama:

Following the midterm election that some have termed a Republican wave, the majority of Americans want the Republicans in Congress -- rather than President Barack Obama -- to have more influence over the direction the country takes in the coming year. This is a switch from early 2012 when a slim plurality, 46%, wanted Obama to prevail in steering the nation. 
Republicans' 17-percentage-point edge over Obama on this measure exceeds what they earned after the 2010 midterm, when Americans favored Republicans by an eight-point margin (49% to 41%). It also eclipses the nine-point advantage Republicans had over Bill Clinton following the 1994 midterm in which Republicans captured the majority of both houses.

The midterm election provided a clear signal as to which party voters want to control Congress. That message is echoed in the results of the latest Gallup poll showing Americans expressly asking for the Republicans -- rather than Obama -- to guide the direction the country takes in the next year. But, after four years of partisan gridlock, most Americans are not optimistic that the election's outcome will improve things.
Lastly, 34 percent say the country will be better off with Republicans in charge of Congress; 19 percent said we’re going to be worse off; and 44 percent said it wouldn’t make a difference.

The only question is will Obama get that his brand, his policies, and his presidency were rejected last week? I would not bet the mortgage on it, but Senator Obama might agree that 2014 was a clear message that Democrats and their policies aren’t working.

After all, in the wake of 2006 midterms that brought upon a Democratic Congress, he made such sentiments about Republican losses.

ObamaCare architect: ‘Stupidity’ of voters helped bill pass
Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs

After Americans voted not once, but twice for this dangerous and contemptuous subversive, I quoted Mayor Ed Koch after Dinkins was elected Mayor — “The people have spoken…and they must be punished.” And so they have been.

As for the citizen journalist who uncovered the video — I have to love him.
“Key architect of Obamacare admitted that it was passed by exploiting political ignorance,” By Ilya Somin, Washington Post, November 11, 2014

At an October 2013 panel, MIT economist Jonathan Gruber, a key architect of the Affordable Care Act, admitted that it was passed by exploiting political ignorance. If voters had known that the law would work by forcing young and healthy people to provide massive...


Qatar warns Washington to support Muslim Brotherhood, likens group to “Christian democratic parties”

/ Jihad Watch
al Kuwari
The Center for National Interest in Washington, DC, recently gave Muhammad Jaham al-Kuwari, Qatar’s ambassador to the United States, a platform to spew out Al Jazeera style propaganda, specifically in the context of Islam’s “good cop/bad cop” routine.

Among other pro-Brotherhood propaganda, Qatar’s ambassador stressed the need for Washington to support what he described as “Islamic democratic parties”—naming the Muslim Brotherhood by way of example—as the best way to counter “militancy” and “terrorism.”

At one point Kuwari said that “Parties like al-Nahda in Tunisia and the [Muslim] Brotherhood in Egypt are mere counterparts to the Christian democratic parties in Europe.”

He stressed that the West must legitimize and support “moderate Islamists” and differentiate them from “radical Islamists”; that not to do so would only empower the latter.

Finally Al-Kuwari  connected the rise of the Islamic State to the overthrow of the Muslim Brotherhood, arguing that groups like the Brotherhood should be safeguarded from the state (in this case, Egypt) and that its members should not be imprisoned or exiled, for doing so “leads to a political vacuum that leads to the rise of groups like the Islamic State.”

Philae touches down on the surface of a comet

By Dave Gilbert and Ed Payne, CNN

London (CNN) -- Touchdown! The Philae probe has landed on the surface of a comet, scientists from the European Space Agency (ESA) announced Wednesday.

It is the first time a soft landing has been achieved on a comet.

Shortly after news came, the probe tweeted: "Touchdown! My new address: 67P!"

"This is a big step for human civilization," ESA director Jean-Jacques Dordain told colleagues who had waited anxiously for confirmation of the landing. "The biggest problem with success is it looks easy."

And William Shatner,who played Captain Kirk in the science fiction series "Star Trek" tweeted: "touchdown confirmed for away team @Philae2014, captain!"

Led by ESA with a consortium of partners including NASA, scientists on the Rosetta mission hope to learn more about the composition of comets and how they interact with the solar wind -- high energy particles blasted into space by the Sun.

Comet landing an 'engineering miracle'
Lander snaps goodbye picture of Rosetta 


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Tying Obama's Lies Together
By: Diane Sori

So many much betrayal on so many levels...and now threats against Congress to do his amnesty reform bidding or else. And this man is still president...all I can say is...why.

Let's examine four current issues out of the countless many that Barack HUSSEIN Obama has betrayed or lied to 'We the People' about.

First, let's start with Obama's playing the 'race card' as he so loves to do, as he is now pushing the envelope with his helping to perpetrate the lie about racism in Ferguson, Missouri yet this lame-duck Congress remains mum to it all. After the justified shooting by one white police officer of one black thug, (I believe) Obama's cleverly crafted plan to orchestrate a 'race war' over false accusations of racism was set in motion by he and his cronies. After the residents of Ferguson ignored the reality that the officer acted in self-defense, professional paid agitators started turning up in Ferguson... agitators like the New Black Panthers that Obama and his crony AG Eric 'Fast and Furious' Holder looked away to as they dismissed then white-washed...pun intended...charges of voter intimidation leveled against them.

And isn't it odd that amongst the agitators who turned up in Ferguson are reported to be a number of the 'supposed' misplaced by the government Mexican ILLEGALS...most of whom are gang members, thugs, and hoodlums and possibly armed with guns secured during the 'Fast and Furious' fiasco. And now imagine the threatened violence becoming reality if the grand jury finds NO reason to indict Officer Darren Wilson...which I believe will be the case if the jury has NOT been 'bought' that is...and some innocent person gets killed by one of those weapons...that would then lay at Obama's feet as well.

Now in China at the 21-member Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Leaders’ Summit to try and cut deals with Asian-Pacific leaders to work against a Chinese-proposed free trade Obama's chagrin the APEC leaders instead of siding with the U.S. and with his proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (as they previously would have done) agreed to a Chinese proposed two-year study of the Free-Trade Area of the Asia-Pacific rim. Yet even after being so outwardly rebuffed, this man still allowed deals to be made that extending Chinese visas in our country but NEVER brought up American journalistic freedoms of reporting in China in this deal...shades of NEVER mentioning Sgt. Andrew Tahmoorissi in all his phone calls to Mexico's President Nieto I would say.

And all this was done after he dressed in Chinese attire...pandering I would suppose...and bowed his head to communist Chinese President Xi Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan. Remember, Obama has a long and tainted history of bowing to foreign leaders, especially to Arab leaders and America's he forgets...on purpose I'm sure...that an American president bows to NO one. Now happily relishing in further embarrassing the U.S. on the world stage with that deep bowing of his head to the Chinese president, this sitting Congress while NOT actually bowing their heads to the traitor-in-chief instead chooses to turn their heads sideways and look away.

And let's NOT forget Obama's stance on the issue of net neutrality. Saying that, "an open Internet is essential to the American economy, and increasingly to our very way of life," what Obama is NOT saying is that most believe that net neutrality does NOT help anyone because it prevents people from doing so-called 'legitimate' things on the internet. And if Obama is a proponent of something, you just know that something has to be bad for America.

Remember, net neutrality is just another way to control 'We the People' and what we have access to. And while most Americans erroneously believe net neutrality is just a way of making sure that the internet is NOT censored...thanks to the Obama controlled media telling us neutrality is actually a way of allowing internet providers themselves to filter and censor content that 'they' and 'they' alone think is illegal, or slow down content that 'they' think is taking up too much cyber-space. This in turn gives the federal government controlled FCC way too much power over the internet 'superhighway' allowing them to dictate what 'We the People' can or CANNOT see.

As Texas Senator Ted Cruz says, "Net Neutrality is Obamacare for the Internet; the Internet should not operate at the speed of government," and I so agree that net neutrality is simply a government takeover of the internet...meaning that the internet would be regulated like any other public utility. And we all know how Obama loves to regulate our lives, so much so that he is advocating to reclassify internet providers and regulate them under Title II of the Communications Act. Fitting right into his plan to further regulate every aspect of our lives, Obama has once again betrayed the trust we should have in our president.

And lastly, Barack HUSSEIN Obama...the man who claimed his administration would be the most transparent in history put it simply...a liar...a calculatingly deceitful and malicious liar whose goal is to hurt 'We the People' any way he can. As per the recent statement by ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber, who admitted that the legislation was "intentionally complex and misleading" in order to pass Congress with limited outrage from the “stupid American public"...Obama's lies in his 'supposed' selling points included his true Pinocchio moment when he stood before the "stupid American public" and said if you like your health care plan and doctors you could keep your health care plan and doctors, and we bought it hook, line, and sinker.

And when you add in the lies told about the average premiums under ObamaCare decreasing by about $2,500 in the first year alone...the lies about ObamaCare being budget-neutral as it was neither a tax nor a penalty...the lies about 'death panels' that do indeed exist...just ask any cancer patient trying to get into the limited number of clinical trials left after those trials have been pillaged raw so their monies could be funneled into yet more freebies and handouts for the party loyal 'sponges' of our can see that the lies about his deemed signature piece of legislature were done solely to screw the "stupid American public."

And while there are so many more instances where this president has betrayed and lied to the American people one fact remains...Congress as it now sits is complicit in his lies and betrayals as they have done NOTHING to stop him or call him to task. Hopefully though with Tuesday's shellacking things might least I have my fingers crossed that they do but I'm NOT holding my breath that they will.

Today from 2 to 4pm EST on RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS on CPR Worldwide Media Craig and Diane will discuss the possible impending riots in Ferguson MO, Obama's trip to China, the now infamous "stupid American people" comment made by the architect of ObamaCare, and  other important issues of the day.

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