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It's never enough. American taxpayers have surrendered billions and billions and billions of dollars to the social-justice-spender-in-chief. But it's never, ever enough.

The latest paroxysm of urban violence, looting, and recriminations in Baltimore prompted President Obama on Tuesday to trot out his frayed Blame The Callous, Tight-Fisted Republicans card. After dispensing with an obligatory wrist-slap of toilet paper-and Oreo-filching "protesters" who are burning Charm City to the ground (he hurriedly changed it to "criminals and thugs" mid-word), the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize winner got down to his usual business: hectoring his political opponents and grousing that America hasn't forked over enough money for him to make the "massive investments" needed to "make a difference right now."

If we are "serious" about preventing more riots, the president declared, then "the rest of us" (translation: all of us stingy conservatives) have to make sure "we are providing early education" and "making investments" so that inner-city youths are "getting the training they need to find jobs."

Narcissus on the Potomac wheedled that "there's a bunch of my agenda that would make a difference right now." Me, me, me! His laundry list of the supposedly underfunded cures that he can't get through Congress includes "school reform," "job training" and "some investments in infrastructure" to "attract new businesses."

I'll give POTUS credit: He can lay it on thicker than a John Deere manure spreader.

Let's talk "massive investments," shall we?

If you haven’t heard of the Export-Import Bank Of The United States (Ex-Im), you’re not alone. It wasn’t until recently that this institution founded in 1934 became something of a front-and-center issue for conservatives. According to their website, the Ex-Im Bank “is the official export credit agency of the United States. Ex-Im Bank's mission is to assist in financing the export of U.S. goods and services to international markets. Ex-Im Bank enables U.S. companies — large and small — to turn export opportunities into real sales that help to maintain and create U.S. jobs and contribute to a stronger national economy.”

That sounds great, until you basically find out it's an arm of crony capitalism.

During a media call last week, Luke Hilgemann, Americans for Prosperity’s Chief Executive Officer, said the Ex-Im Bank is one of the top priorities for AFP’s legislative agenda. He called the institution the definition of corporate welfare, and the damage it can do to taxpayers and small businesses across the country. He added that all the crony capitalism does is get in the way of the free market and end future economic opportunities for everyone; it’s damaging our chances for a vibrant economy.

Since the 1990s, the Ex-Im Bank has been doling out cash, billions in taxpayer-backed loans to foreign corporations. It should not be the taxpayers’ responsibility to foot the bill for these risky foreign projects.

Brent Gardner, AFP’s Vice President of Government Affairs, noted the organization’s efforts to build a grassroots army to break the bank. It’s a fight that’s been lasting a little over a year, said Gardner–who also added that this is another example of the government picking winners and losers.

He also added that some of the investments of the Ex-Im Bank are so risky that normal lenders won’t touch them. 

Muslim Congressmen want to block “Islamophobic” Geert Wilders from entering US

By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


Muslim Congressmen want to block “Islamophobic” Geert Wilders from entering US
Ellison and Carson should instead be blocked from Congress for their opposition to the First Amendment. They are desperately afraid of Wilders because he enunciates truths that most politicians in Europe and the U.S. don’t dare tell.

Like their fellow Islamic supremacists, they are fascist authoritarians who want to silence forcibly those whom they hate […]

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Palestinian Authority pays Gaza terrorists $10 million a month

Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs
obama abbasThis is Obama’s “peace partner.” As the feckless post-American president said in 2013: “Of course, Israel cannot be expected to negotiate with anyone who is dedicated to its destruction. But while I know you have had differences with the Palestinian Authority, I believe that you do have a true partner in President Abbas…”

“How Much Does the PA Pay Terrorists?,” by Dalit Halevy, Ari Yashar, Arutz Sheva, 4/24/2015:
While the Palestinian Authority (PA) has often been touted as a peaceful alternate to Hamas by some, a Hamas MP in the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) has revealed just how involved the PA is in funding terrorism.
The MP, Yahi Musa, stated that the PA government in Samaria’s Ramallah has...

It's ALL a LIE folks...the whole damn thing is a LIE!!!

IMPORTANT INFORMATION...the link to the original document is accessible but we are being denied access to it...being denied access to a PUBLIC document.

Allstate Good Hands For Freddie Gray – Records Indicate Spinal Injury Pre-existing, Part Of Settlement

The media is leaving out much of the career criminal history of Freddie Gray in their reporting. It seems now that they may also be failing to discuss his very relevant medical history, one which may have included multiple surgeries for spinal injuries incurred in a car crash.

Health privacy laws limit the availability of medical information, but a public records search in the Howard Court Civil System website provides evidence that Gray had received a settlement and had engaged with Peachtree Funding to obtain a lump sum payment.

The media has been remiss in reporting this information, preferring to portray the career criminal as the victim of police misconduct. Other anonymous sources indicate that Gray may have had surgery as recently as ten days prior to the incident in which he was involved in a forty-five minute flee to evade the authorities. He could have easily re-injured himself in his reckless attempt to avoid capture.

Regardless of the amount of time that has passed since his most recent spinal surgery, it was clearly not an action by the officers involved that severed his spine. It was his own actions in combination with his earlier accident that led to his re-injury and ultimately to his death.

Black lives do matter, so do the lives of police officers of any color as well as the lives of the residents of Baltimore which have been turned upside down. The truth matters as well. Just as with the incident in Ferguson, there doesn’t seem to be any urgency on the part of the media to cover that aspect of the story and the Democrat administrations, both locally and nationally are more than willing to feed fuel to the fire.

The original settlement documentation is available at this link, case number 13C14101574,a copy of the display is below:

H/T Wendy Patterson…/inquiry-index.jsp

See the documents by clicking on

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Baltimore: An American War Zone

By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on CPR Worldwide Media

An American city in trouble...a city now engulfed in flames, rioting, looting, and raw violence against both civilians and those in authority as police in riot gear take up positions around Baltimore and National Guardsmen stand guard outside City Hall. Taking up positions and standing guard yet doing NOT a thing to stop the violence while the people of Baltimore are shaking their heads as they watch them watch. And all this over yet another thug's death...and yesterday Barack HUSSEIN Obama had the gall to sent an 'official' representative to that thug's funeral.

So now the Obama wanted, Al Sharpton instigated, Jesse Jackson condoned, and Eric Holder legalized, race war has begun...and the “fundamental transformation of America” has truly begun...begun because at the bottom of it all is Obama's deliberate pulling the scab off of once-healing racial wounds.

And all this over the death of 25-year old Freddie Gray yet another black thug...and one who had 18 previous arrests in but a few short years but saw NOT one day of jail time. (See his arrest record here: And while answers to questions regarding his death from a spinal cord injury suffered while in police custody still must be addressed that does NOT give these 'animals'...feral packs of 'animals'...the right to do what they are doing...does NOT give them the right to use this thug's death as their reason to think they are 'entitled' to commit the acts of savages...does NOT give them the right to cry fowl over what they perceive is the longstanding issue of the police vs. young black issue seen as truth in their minds and their minds alone.

Young black men who wander through life aimlessly...young black men whose lives consist of hanging out on street corners doing drugs, boozing, and committing petty crimes to get cash to do what they do...uneducated and unmotivated young black men who think white society 'owes' them something just because of the color of their skin...young black men too concerned about and consumed with hate to improve their own lot in take responsibility for their own actions...and to become productive members of society.

Young black men...young black thugs...who on Monday night alone caused at least 15 officers to be wounded with six of them seriously...young black men...thugs all...who in one night set 144 vehicle fires and 15 building fires...young black men who (rightfully) saw 200 of their fellow young black men...thugs... arrested...and all this over the death of yet another young black thug...whose life was paralleling the life of other now dead young black thugs like Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown.

And so on day one of the riots, looting and carnage broke out just a few short blocks away from where the funeral of the young black thug was held and spread out from there through much of West Baltimore and by the end of the day reached into East Baltimore, reached into neighborhoods close to downtown, and reached very near the Baltimore Orioles baseball stadium. Fed on by a hatred of the police these young back men through their criminal actions have forced the hand of Maryland's Governor Larry Hogan...forced his hand by his having to declare a state of emergency and with it the activation of 1,500 National Guardsmen all while firefighters continue to battle blazes set by young black men who in their misguided anger are destroying mostly black businesses...hurting their own but NOT giving a damn that they do. (See video of the riots here: or here:

Young black men NOT giving a damn even as a one-week citywide curfew has been put into place...a curfew that began last night at 10pm. Yet a multitude of young black men and a smattering of young black women did NOT give a damn, but then again why should they when Baltimore's very own black Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake stood before the news cameras a few days ago when the demonstrations over the thug's death began to turn violent and said that, “We also gave those who wish to destroy space to do that as well.” Saying those words while she tried to explain how she had sought to maintain “the very delicate balance” between the right to protest and the safety of police officers, this vile woman's words prove that for some the color of their skin will now and forever trump all...including trumping the very basic societal concept of civility and decorum.

And truth...let's NOT forget to add in the societal concept of truth as this woman...this mayor...true to the liberal Democratic concept that lies become truth if they are repeated enough...had the nerve to than say when called to task that the media had twisted her words...words caught for posterity on camera. But these words of hate, permission, and excuses will become buried when this story finally does come to an end.

And when this story does come to end...and know that it will...the last chapter will be an excuse for the first chapter even though this woman's words helped to fuel what came after. But know as fact that Baltimore's mayor will NEVER be held accountable simply because first, she is black and second, because she is a woman. And herein lies ground zero of all the problems between some (and notice I say some NOT all) blacks and some whites today...between some young black men and a smattering of young black women who love to blame 'whitey' for their own failures, inadequacies, and loss of some young black men and a smattering of young black women still believe they have a right to behave in ways of their own choosing simply because generations ago their ancestors were slaves...meaning NOT only must they NOT be held accountable for their own actions but that they must actually be rewarded for their very actions of behaving badly.

And NO matter the rewards given...rewards that sadly Congress has allowed to be given...rewards in the guise of government awarded freebies and handouts...they still insist on behaving badly as NOTHING given is ever enough nor will it be until they have it all. And have it all means getting it through rioting and looting that is condoned and egged-on by the true racists living amongst us... true racists like Barack HUSSEIN Obama, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Eric name but a few...who sit on the sidelines lining their own pockets from the very profitable business of racism as they munch on some popcorn while watching American cities burn...and it starting with Ferguson and has moved outward from there.

Baltimore is today's news...I just wonder what American city those behaving badly will make into tomorrow's news...just saying.

Today, Wednesday, April 29th, on RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS on CPR Worldwide Media from 2 to 4pm EST, Craig and Diane will discuss the government's targeting and auditing of conservative radio stations, thugs behaving very badly in Baltimore MD, and things come to light regarding Hillary's uranium scandal that you need to know.

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