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Europe Infiltrated...Is America Next?
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on

And so it a word...infiltration. By the thousands they come NOT families for the most part but young strong muslim men creeping their way into Europe, raping and murdering as they go, and the governments of Europe seem powerless or even willing to stop them.

An infiltration NOT seen in Europe since the end of World War II when the battle scarred and weary were left without homes, families were destroyed, and poverty was the norm. And with this group of infiltrators...many if NOT most of whom are either members or supporters of ISIS...the aftermath of World War II will pale by comparison for those scattered throughout Europe at war's end were trying to rebuild a world...Obama's buddies are trying to destroy one.

Obama's buddies whom he egged on as they spread violence and terror throughout the Middle East...violence and terror as he helped them overthrow Egypt's president Hosni Mubarak; violence and terror as he orchestrated to some degree the horror that became Benghazi; violence and terror as he destroyed the peace GWB had won in Iraq while turning his back on the students trying to stand strong against the mullahs in Iran; and much violence and terror as he allowed Bashir al-Assad to run amok in Syria while at the same time arming the opposition who proved to be NOTHING but a tentacle of ISIS.

ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaeda, and other assorted nasties seem to be those Obama and his ilk have NO real problem with for if they did ISIS and the others would be NO more. And proof of this lies with that fact that just 60,000 ISIS fighters are winning the battle against would should be an army of close to a million...allies united together...but instead all Obama and his minions do is pay lip-service to the enemy with a little bombing here...a little bombing there...making NOT a dent in those out to kill us all. With the goal always in mind to advance the interests of both the Muslim Brotherhood...who have already infiltrated our very halls of government...along with that of Iran...via of course his very bad and most dangerous of nuclear deals...Barack HUSSEIN Obama wants the Middle East to be swallowed in flames so the caliphate can move in, take over, and run the show.

And aiding Obama in his endeavor...all while Christian heads continue to roll with little or NO direct help from their fellow Christians in the the U.S...are the very European governments who are now allowing this newest infiltration to move move forward with the words 'allahu akbar' on their lips as they go. And forward they come on boats, on trains, and on foot...young muslim men, few women, fewer children, and even fewer older people...all the people truly suffering...all the people truly needing help...all the people being left behind by said young muslim men to fend for themselves in nations savagely destroyed by the own kind.

And so the nations of Europe, who for years have been bankrolling the very countries whose people are now infiltrating them, are getting a pay-back of sorts for NOT supporting or protecting the very people who they as well once tried to wipe off the map some 70 odd years ago...the entirety of European Jewry. If these countries did NOT turn away as trains were being packed full of humanity on a one-way ride...if these countries had supported Israel since its inception in 1948 instead of supporting savages...they would NOT be seeing and living the nightmare they are seeing and living now for it's proving to be that those coming are NOT desperate political refuges seeking freedom for them and their families...NO... these are violent islamists hell bent on bringing Europe to her knees and after they do that they intend to infiltrate America as well...but if truth be told that infiltration has sadly already begun.

Hostile and and oh so violent invaders bringing chaos and misery with them...misery in the guise of most being from war-torn Syria or from Libya, and remember earlier this year when ISIS threatened to flood Europe with half a million 'migrants' in what they said would be a 'psychological' attack against the West...well... ISIS has more than proven that claim to be true as boatload after boatload cross the Mediterranean on their way to the self-perceived cash-cow countries of Germany, France, and Great Britain...once proud countries that have become paramount to welfare states who in time will indeed run out of money by which to keep these invaders in line somewhat. And when that happens then what...out and out war but this time a war with the foreboding of Iran having a nuclear weapon hanging over their heads...this time a war driven on by sheer hatred of anything NOT islamic.

And as Europe...comprised of countries for the most part being champions of globalization via their one-world mentality...falls into a great divide with those countries who for misguided beliefs of altruism are welcoming the onslaught by opening their borders to the 'migrants' vs. those countries, like Hungary, who are trying to stop this flow of muslim invaders from entering their borders. And the EU itself is flailing and is near the point of self-destruction as some member countries are rightfully putting their own self-interests above that of once taken for granted European solidarity for they are wise enough to know that it's either 'them' or 'us' so to speak.

And the numbers speak for themselves what with 150,000 migrants crossing into Europe during the first six months of 2015 alone, translating further into a staggering 715,000+ having applied for asylum in the EU just during the past twelve months. And sadly, most are coming through Hungary...a country that is part of the EU's passport-free Schengen zone as per the Dublin Regulation...meaning that once the invaders have made it to Hungary, they can travel freely throughout most of the rest of the EU without further border checks. Nice huh...

And how many of these invaders are actually Christians...true Christians...running for their lives from muslim savages out to either convert them or kill them. Very few in fact, and that has led movements being started all across Europe in an effort to try and stop what is in reality an islamic invasion. Pegida, an anti-muslim movement, has organized street demonstrations to denounce what it calls Europe's 'creeping islamization' and in Greece...another port of entry for thousands...the ultra-right group Golden Dawn says they have plenty of 'secret' supporters within the ranks of the Greek Orthodox church who are sick and tired of being lied to about about exactly whom these migrants invading their lands truly are.

And who they are should be obvious as these anything but Christians who are en-mass getting baptized with their fingers crossed behind their backs...taqiyya style...are doing so NOT because they have truly found the Lord, but because conversion will make it easier for them to gain 'legal asylum' while playing on the sympathies of religious Westerners who value life...meaning now 'they' can claim that if 'they' were to be deported back to whence they came they would be executed for apostasy. But that is anything but true for if they get sent back another infidel will get to live to see yet another day...another infidel will NOT become a notch on their much notched 'allah belts.'

And like in World War II, 'resistance' becomes a key element in stopping the ever-growing onslaught of those in the forefront of the islamization of Europe. Front-line resistance in the guise of fences...a proven deterrent but sadly something we still have NOT done along our Southern border. Hungary, for one, is building an additional fence and reinforcing walls and fences already in existance; Greece has erected a 6.5 mile long, 13 foot high barbed-wire fence along part of its border with Turkey; Spain has fortified existing fences in the North African enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla; Bulgaria's new fence is 21-miles long and 10 feet high and runs along its border with Turkey; and Britain is building more than two miles of nine-foot-high fencing at the Channel Tunnel port of Calais in northern France, as they try to stop thousands from breaking into trucks bound for England. And Austria, Denmark, France, and Italy are slashing much sort after benefits...the freebies and handouts if you the hope of lowering the numbers coming into their respective countries.

And all this is being done as the European Commission continues working on a so-called 'relocation plan' that would have EU member countries accepting 40,000 Syrian asylum seekers from Italy and Greece over the next two years. And this is coupled with a 'resettlement plan' to bring to Europe 20,000 Iraqi and Syrian refugees currently living in camps in the Middle East...instead of saying let their own more stable Arab countries take them in. And if truth be told European greed tied in with its need for oil is the driving force behind all this NO matter that those coming in are again, for the most part, NOT Christians...after all the Middle East has for the most part already been 'cleansed' of Christians and they know it.

So as Europe falls deeper into crime rates rise...and as more and more keep coming...what of America in all this. Well as per the newest press releases out of D.C., our very own traitor-in-chief...Barack HUSSEIN Obama...has told his administration to take in at least 10,000 'displaced' Syrians over the next fiscal year beginning in October from the fewer than 2,000 we took in this year. And again, few are Christians, most as expected are muslim extremists meaning possible terrorists. And how so...well if they were Christians why are the women still covered in hajib-like head scarfs even after they are safely removed from their 'supposedly' dangerous for them home countries...just saying.

And while international refugee relief groups want us to take in as many as 65,000 Syrian outrageous number supported by 14 of course bleeding-heart Democratic Senators along with former Maryland governor and Democratic presidential candidate Martin O'Malley, the truth is we should take in zero...YES... zero...of these people as our country is already being infiltrated by ILLEGALS from south of our border, and the last thing we need is to be infiltrated by those who would like NOTHING better than to kill us all.

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