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Keeping That SCOTUS Majority May Mean Some Hard Choices, And Soon

Keeping That SCOTUS Majority May Mean Some Hard Choices, And SoonThe opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not represent the views of
It just takes a cursory look at the ages of current Supreme Court justice to notice that Democrats have a distinct disadvantage, for now. That’s because its two oldest justices, Ruth Bader Ginsburg at 86 and Stephen Breyer at 80, are both long past the time when normal working folks typically trade in their work boots for fedoras and beach sandals.

But SCOTUS is no ordinary job, and these are not ordinary times. Both Ginsburg and Breyer know the politics behind any potential retirement plans, and both are doubtless planning to cling to their jobs like a pair of good dentures until it’s no longer humanly possible, or a Democrat is elected president, whichever comes first.

After Ginsburg and Breyer the age count drops a decade, and next up is conservative Clarence Thomas at 70, and after him another Republican appointee, 69-year-old Samuel Alito. With Roberts (Republican) and Sontomayor (Democrat) both virtual spring chickens at 64, barring something unforeseen, any thoughts of the court’s immediate future likey rests on its four oldest justices.
Islamic State defector reveals ISIS plot to send jihadis into US from Mexico

By Christine Douglass-Williams / Jihad Watch

Islamic State defector reveals ISIS plot to send jihadis into US from Mexico
An Islamic State defector who was interviewed by researchers from the International Center for the Study of Violent Extremism revealed that the Islamic State “plotted to send terrorists into the US through the border with Mexico to attack the financial system” and “cripple the economy.” Abu Henricki al Canadi (a pseudonym) however, said that he […]

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DOJ Documents Show Bruce Ohr Was Given a $28,000 Bonus During Russiagate Investigation Plus a Raise
Cash for coup. Kick-backs for treason.  The more that comes to light, the darker it gets.

DOJ Documents Show Bruce Ohr Was Given a $28,ooo Raise During Russiagate Investigation Plus a Raise

(Washington, DC) Judicial Watch today released documents from the U.S. Department of Justice in response to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request showing the removal of Bruce Ohr from the position of Associate Attorney General in 2017; his transfer from Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force to International Affairs in 2018; and that Ohr received a total of $42,520 in performance bonuses during the Trump/Russia investigation. Ohr’s bonus nearly doubled from $14,520 (received in November 2015) to $28,000 in November 2016.

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The Political Game Called Conspiracy
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

First we saw two years time being wasted, over 500 subpoenas being issued, with almost $35 million of our hard-earned taxpayer monies being spent on an investigation that itself was corrupt from the start, an investigation pushed forward by the disgruntled simply because Hillary Rodham Clinton...who was to be Barack HUSSEIN Obama's coveted third term in office...lost to Donald Trump.

And we all remember how the Democrats, especially those of the “snowflake” kind, threw temper tantrum after temper tantrum while hugging their therapy puppies, blowing bubbles, and coloring in coloring books while safely ensconced in their “safe spaces,” as the party hierarchy was busy helping to “manufacture” a dossier in a desperate attempt to right what they perceived was an election wrong.

But in their trying to prove that then candidate Donald Trump colluded with the Russians to win the 2016 election, what the Democrats did instead was prove themselves to be the very colluders they accused Donald Trump of being. And their recourse...their hoping to save “political face” if you to call for now President Trump's impeachment even though no wrong doing on his part was found...except to beat Hillary Clinton that is.

Refusing to set the entire sorted mess aside, and with the gaggle of Democrat presidential hopefuls having no legitimate platform to run on, the Democrats desperately need the collusion now morphed into the impeachment nonsense to remain a key component of the 24/7 news cycle and to remain so right up until November 3, 2020.

Impeachment is now their sole platform as Democrats have proven themselves to be totally useless in Congress for they refuse to do the job they were elected to in focus on the truly important issues we as a country now face. And besides, too much time and too much money has already been wasted not to keep the collusion morphed into impeachment nonsense's the Democrats way and has been since even before they retook the House in's just more laser focused now.

So with the Democrats call for impeachment showing no sign of abating, what is the current status of two of the key players in this most vile of political games...a game called "conspiracy" whose end they hoped would see the overthrow of newly-elected President Donald Trump.

Let's start with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, the man charged back in 2017 with conducting the investigation into eleven “episodes” supposedly involving President Trump...“episodes” ranging from possible collusion with the Russians to the firing of FBI Director James Comey to Trump's 'supposed' attempts to dismiss Mueller himself... that man decided in the end to play both sides against the middle when in a public statement concerning the end of his investigation said that, “We concluded that we would not reach a determination, one way or the other, about whether the president committed a crime,” because it would “be unfair” to accuse the president of a crime when he can’t be legally charged.

And with those words Mueller has now basically left the charge of “obstruction statutes” open to if not further investigation at least to further time and money wasting discussion.

But discussion of what exactly? How about discussion asking the questions did President Trump’s actions meet three key elements pertaining to “obstruction statutes” in were said actions obstructive acts; did said acts progress to an official proceeding; and was there corrupt intent in said actions. And by leaving this discussion basically open-ended in both time and content, Mueller has allowed the call for impeachment to gain momentum amongst those on the left side of the aisle even though he knows well the answer to those three questions is an

And while Robert Mueller might take some warped sense of pride in his now actually being the defacto leader of the “Impeach Trump” movement, he is also the man who once again is finding himself being suspected of having committed a crime...the crime of violating the Brady Act.

And what is the Brady's the very act that clearly states all prosecutors must turn over all the exculpatory evidence to the defense, which Mueller did not do in the case pertaining to Lt. General Michael Flynn and 13 Russian agents. This was the case where the prosecutors were members of the special counsel’s office and defendant Lt. Gen. Flynn was a cooperating witness. Simply, Mueller refused even when ordered by D.C. District Court Judge Emmet G. Sullivan to produce and turn over any and all FBI interview reports (called 302's) and/or memorandum pertaining to the original interview of Lt. Gen. Flynn...a witch hunt actually of President Trump's first choice and probably best choice to be National Security Advisor... until John Bolton came along that is. And this request is standard procedure in order to "protect a defendant" before sentencing as it's the defendant who must bear the burden to prove that the undisclosed evidence was both material and favorable.

But why at this point in time are Brady Act allegations again being talked about regarding Robert Mueller... because with Mueller having withheld evidence during the Flynn case it's believed by some that he's withholding evidence now...evidence that would exonerate President Trump of all charges leveled against him. And why so... because with Mueller and his team having learned about the Steele dossier from some of Lt. Gen. Flynn’s former national security team members while the case against the general was both ongoing and dominating the media spotlight means Robert Mueller knew of the Brits serious concerns about said dossier long before being appointed to investigate possible election collusion... he knew and still went ahead with this anything but impartial farce of an investigation.

It seems that a week or so before President Trump’s inauguration Great Britain's top National Security Adviser, Sir Mark Lyall Grant, sent a private communique to a few key members of the incoming Trump administration...a communique addressing Britain's part in the counterintelligence probe into the Trump-Russia collusion accusations. Kept from the media and the public, as well as from President Trump himself, was the fact that the British government lacked “confidence” in both the “credibility and reliability” of Christopher Steele's supposed evidence.

Lacked confidence...translation: the Brits did not believe either Christopher Steele himself or his vile dossier's musings...and yet Mueller knew this and went ahead with the investigation or should I say witch hunt. And how do we know this...because Lt. Gen. Flynn was told about the communique when Mueller’s team questioned him during debriefings after Flynn reached a plea deal on a charge of “making false statements to the FBI” as well as making a “cooperation agreement” with Mueller...a keep your mouth shut or else deal perhaps. And Robert Mueller in turn kept the communique from the investigators, the media, President Trump, and most importantly from his finalized investigative report.

So even though Robert Mueller has resigned his position as special council and while he also officially resigned from the Justice Department itself saying, “I'm done with the investigation and will not testify if asked,” Democratic House leaders remain salivating over these words of Mueller's, “If we had had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so. We did not, however, make a determination as to whether the president did commit a crime.”

Translation: for the Democrats the race to impeachment is courtesy of Robert Mueller's very own words..words that implied that both the Constitution itself and the institutional legitimacy of Congress as an independent body requires an immediate start to impeachment hearings...the right side of the aisle and the truth be damned.

But in the end Robert Mueller will, I believe, be subpoenaed to testify before Congress not if but when impeachment charges are brought to the House floor, and his apparent newest Brady Act violations will rightfully be brought up by Republicans. Remember, the Michael Flynn case was what started the actual ball rolling against President Trump.

Now regarding main character number two...actually ground zero of this entire baseless witch hunt...enter center stage the Steele Dossier itself and its author, former British M16 operative Christopher Steele. According to leading British papers, Steele...who had declined being interviewed in the past because of the possibility of “impropriety” regarding his involvement in a previous internal Justice Department investigation...will now supposedly meet in London with Justice Department officials within the next few weeks to discuss his “dealings with the FBI.” But Steele's willingness to meet comes with an important caveat...the caveat being only if U.S. officials first reach an agreement with the British government for him to do so. Interesting to say the least.

But why the intense focus on the Steele dossier and it's nefarious Obama and Hillary supporting author now and not before the official investigation got underway? The answer is really quite simple...because while the claims Steele made in his dossier were known beforehand by Mueller to be but a compilation of lies, Mueller needed those lies as the basis by which to go forward with said investigation that saw to the Democrats chagrin their hoped for “Trump is guilty” scenario instead not being substantiated by the very key piece of “manufactured” evidence at hand...the bought and paid for Steele dossier. And logic then dictates that without the much needed substantiation, and with Mueller not even mentioning the dossier in both his investigation statement and his news conference, how can Mueller's report, let alone the investigation itself, be taken seriously...simply it cannot.

Remember, this is the very same dossier talked about in the communique from British National Security Adviser Sir Mark Lyall Grant...the very same dossier that Grant claimed the British government lacked “confidence” in... the very same dossier Mueller knew was “unreliable” way back when Lt. Gen. Flynn was under investigation. And Mueller and his team never bothered to personally check on the dossier's verifiability let alone its accuracy, as they needed Trump to be proven guilty of collusion. All the key players knew well that said dossier was dirty...that its author was dirty; that it was funded by the DNC and the Hillary campaign (with Hillary obviously knowing); and most importantly their actions or lack thereof allowed the dossier to be used in 2016 by then-President Barack HUSSEIN Obama to secure surveillance warrants for former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.

Also, not to be forgotten regarding what is indeed actual collusion is that back in August 2018 it was revealed that Steele himself...the very man who had assisted in past FBI investigations and who in October 2016 reached a deal with the FBI to continue doing research and to be paid for what became the Steele dossier...saw that deal being made in the guise of his being a “Confidential Human Source” (CHS). In fact, Steele himself told the FBI that he had informed a “third party” that he was acting as a CHS for the FBI...the what was then the Comey corrupt, Hillary supporting FBI that is.

So with AG William Barr's appointment of Connecticut U.S. Attorney John Durham to lead the review as to what was the FBI’s role in the Russia probe, and with Barr saying that he himself as well as the Justice Department will be reviewing the “very unusual” role both Christopher Steele and his dossier played in the Trump-Russia investigation along with whether or not British officials supported intelligence-gathering activities targeted at Trump and his associates or if they coordinated in any way with Christopher Steele.

And to this affect, I believe, somehow, someway William Barr will get to the bottom of this sorted mess and that in the end arrests will be made. And here I mean arrests of the true conspirators and collusionists behind it all...former CIA Director John Brennan, former FBI Director James Comey, Robert Mueller himself, information-leaker and disgraced FBI counterintelligence agent Peter Strzok, sore-loser Hillary Clinton, as well as the head of the Barack HUSSEIN Obama himself...the man who in my opinion gave the orders to Christopher Steele to compile “whatever was necessary” to take Trump down....after all his third term in office truly depended on it.

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