Monday, August 13, 2018

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Strong Patents: Key To A Strong Economy

Strong Patents: Key To A Strong EconomyThe opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not represent the views of

I recently had the pleasure to sit on a panel with a number of incredible inventors and leaders on innovation issues in an experience that was both inspiring and infuriating.  Discussing a new documentary on the patent system – Invalidated: The Shredding of the US Patent System – which I had the honor of being interviewed for, we discussed the state of the patent system and American innovation.

I was inspired by these inventors who joined, and others who participated in this movie. Through ingenuity, creativity and persistence they have created inventions that save lives, increase productivity, make life easier or simply bring joy to our lives. The success of their inventions often takes years, emptying of savings accounts and other tremendous sacrifices. Our system of property protection – through the granting of patents - rewards those risks by guaranteeing the right to benefit from your invention.
Erdogan to US: “Shame on you. You are exchanging your strategic partner in Nato for a priest.”

By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch

For years I have called for a reconfiguration of our international alliances to reflect new alliances. Now it is happening of its own accord. Rapidly re-Islamizing Turkey has not been a reliable ally of the US for years. It is long overdue that this sham alliance be brought to an end, and our alliances with […]
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Democrat hater Ocasio-Cortez endorses Ilhan Omar of “may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel” infamy

The democrat party – the party of jihad, Jew-hatred and sedition.”The Democratic Party is sinking further into the abyss.”

The far-left rallies around a proud Israel hater with a questionable past to replace [woman beater] Keith Ellison.

Posted by William A. Jacobson, Legal Insurrection
Minnesota State Representative Ilhan Omar is running in the Democratic Primary to replace Keith Ellison in Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District.
Ellison, as you will recall, is the former Nation of Islam activist who has a long history of promoting and associating with anti-Israel groups. Ellison embodied the Red-Green alliance, far-left and Islamist anti-Israel politics.
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Fox News First

Fox News First
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Developing now, Monday, August 13, 2018
  • Investigators say they have recovered human remains and the flight data recorder from the plane that an airline employee stole from a Seattle airport and crashed on an island in nearby Puget Sound last Friday
  • The White House has accused former reality star and ex-Trump aide Omarosa of having disregard for national security after she released a purported secret recording of Chief of Staff John Kelly allegedly 'threatening' her
  • Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Massachusetts police officials have slammed Sen. Elizabeth Warren for calling the criminal justice system 'racist'
  • The fraud trial of ex-Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort resumes Monday, and prosecutors could rest their case
  • Clashes between hundreds of counterprotesters, including Antifa, and white nationalist demonstrators and police marked 'Unite the Right' march in Washington, D.C. on Sunday
  • Another bloody string of shootings rocked Chicago this weekend, leaving one dead and at least 27 wounded