Monday, November 2, 2020

Tomorrow is Election as if your country's very future was at stake because it is! 


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If New Batch of Polls are Correct, Trump Will Soar Past 300 Electoral Votes 

Matt Vespa / Townhal Tipsheet

From Minnesota to New Hampshire, Biden is down. PollWatch, Larry Schweikart, and David Chapman have been some of the people who have been tracking the early vote totals and the overall state of polling, in general, this cycle, cutting through the liberal nonsense. 

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President Trump’s Top Ten 

The U.S. President’s list of little-known achievements which the mainstream media completely ignore, compiled by German Jewish newspaper J├╝dische Rundschau.

Donald Trump has been President for almost four years now. He’s a loud-mouth and a straight-talker. He has a very different style than Barack Obama. He questions politics as usual and thinks out of the box. That’s all Never-Trump journos and politicians need to attack and demonize him, to undermine all his great successes, to portray him as unliked and unpopular, and to blame him for all the ills of the world.

If we take a neutral, objective view of Trump’s first term, however, without all the Trump derangement, we are left with an astonishing success list. So, without further ado, here are Trump’s Top Ten!


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