Monday, March 13, 2023

The Cause and Effect of Silencing Free Speech
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio 
Below is my opinion and beliefs based upon my having attended and having watched our broadcasted city meetings, plus information and videos I readily found in the public record and do not necessarily represent the views of
There's an old saying that “all politics is local,” and to some degree that certainly does ring true especially in matters concerning what I believe to be a mean-spirited and inconsistent elected official who has their eye set on moving up the political ladder, an official who...sadly it seems...will willingly sell their city and constituents out in the process of doing so. And this is more than a bit troubling in that said official, who is term limited out...will...if the rumors are moving out of the city once their allotted time left in office is served.

And individuals such as this do, at times, deem themselves to be above the law regarding a constituent's First Amendment right to “free speech” as “they”...“they” most times being a city or town's mayor in their role as parliamentarian...will sit on the dais barking out threats of one being removed from the speaker's podium by the police if one dares to criticize, even politely criticize with proof in hand, their actions or votes taken. Basically hijacking a constituent's constitutionally given right to verbally and in person address via publicly stating their grievances, said official has then set themselves up as both judge and jury of the constituent's words spoken. And why...simply because those words might dare to help expose possible wrong doings on the officials part or might even reek of possible “appearance of impropriety”...which by state statute could lead to said official having to recuse themselves from voting on the issue pertaining to stated grievance, being officially and/or publicly reprimanded, or in some cases all three.

And when said vote regards an issue that the overwhelming majority of a city's constituents are against, one has to wonder why the deciding vote would be cast by the very person said constituent(s) tried to expose, but were silenced from doing so via threats of bodily removal from the meeting's premises.

Sadly, such is the case in my small city...the name of which and the persons involved I legally dare not put in writing...a case revolving around a petitioned for structure that not only goes against the long-standing architectural integrity of our city but the safety and well being of city residents as well. And just as importantly, said structure would predominately serve non-city residents instead of those who call our city home.

And why would said structure be serving non-city residents as opposed to residents... because the latest official U.S. government census report, along with the campaign donations of the official involved, definitively shows this very disparity as being truth. And by my saying the official involved, to that I must also add those individuals who knowingly or even unknowingly might be involved to a lesser but just as important degree.

How and why so? The act of misinterpreting the law has, at times, proven to be just as dangerous as not following the letter of the law, and in this case especially being when the wishes of in non-residents...non-residents whose pockets run deep...are more important to some on the dais than the “health, safety, and welfare” of the constituents they were elected to serve. And when fear of a petitioner's possiblelegal reprisal is thrown into the mix a dangerous situation usually arises as fear alone does tend to temper down and cloud ones better judgment and use of common sense.

We've all heard the term “block busting” which as per Merriam-Webster Dictionary means “profiteering by inducing property owners to sell hastily and often at a loss by appeals to fears of depressed values because of threatened minority encroachment and then reselling at inflated prices.” And while this is the most known and accepted definition of said term, and in the past primarily referred to black families moving into white neighborhoods that definition, thankfully, no longer applies to persons “of color”...most especially not in this case...but instead encompass a certain so-called “religious minority”...a “religious minority” whose long range goal, I and others believe, is not to stay a minority much longer and do so by any and every means possible.

And it's here where this particular issue comes into play for my city...a small sized city...a city now predominately comprised, dollar wise, of mid-to-high end single-family homes along with A-rated public schools...a city with no real “urban center” that would normally tend to draw outsiders in. And said city now sees a structure being proposed that the multiple times per day destination point of those whose demographics do not reside in our city. In fact, our city's current population, in regards to those residents who would be using said structure, sees those very folks comprising but -1.0% of our city's total religiously affiliated population, and yet their same non-resident demographics, but in way larger numbers, contributed large sums of money, in one month, to what was the then candidate, now term limited out reelected official...the very official who was the deciding vote after the petitioner's original variance request was denied. But with said official's vote cast...after having basically silenced resident's dissenting voices who were against the structure... “conditional approval” in a 3-to-2 vote (and thanks to both commissioners who stood strong with their constituents) was approved for the very structure the overwhelming majority of residents do not in any guise want.

But I'm sure some of my readers are curious as to why this particular structure is so rightfully opposed by most of our my opinion it's simply because we all know what will come next. All anyone has to do is just drive down the road about three or so miles from where the proposed structure is to be built to see exactly what will come next, but in my city's case, and again in my opinion, it will be the aforementioned “block busting” but on a city wide scale.

How and why so...because down said road a huge mega “compound” pretending to be one family's's actually as per my research being built to house an entire greatly extended family village of still undergoing construction against that city's residents wishes, with huge sums of money also coming into play. And while said “compound” will house folks of the same minority religious denomination as those who likely will attend our city's structure in question, most of the “compound's” neighboring residents for blocks around have “For Sale” signs on their property as they watch their multi-million dollar property values drop simply because of what is being built in an upscale residential area of their city. And know that the “compound's” owner has been busy buying up surrounding properties to expand not only said “compound's” size, but to firmly establish his presence into said neighboring city.

And that will also happen here in our city if this unwanted structure is built, as residents will surely start selling their homes and our overall property values will also start dropping, first in said structure's surrounding neighborhoods and move outward throughout our small city from there. Yes, one structure can destroy a city...a city known statewide for its American hometown feel...and do so when, in my opinion, appearances of improprieties are being ignored; when the majority of residents...of constituents...wishes are also ignored in favor of outsiders with money; and when I, and many others, tend to believe that a certain elected official acts as if saying the hell with the constituents; property values be damned; I'm eyeing higher political office; and besides I'll be out of here before the last brick is laid.

This is the scenario I truly believe my city is now facing as our voices are, for the most part, being voice included. And this leaves the only option left to getting the truth out being to put pen to paper...or in my case fingers to the truth not only about an elected official running amok must be told, but that the truth about increasing incursions into our cities and towns by folks with a decidedly anti-America agenda must reach the public discourse. After all, history itself does not lie... it's unchangeable by its very nature...yet some will always relish in lying, with certain folks actually being commanded to lie. And it's these very folks, along with their questionable ideologies, who remain, in my opinion, threats to our American values, beliefs, ideals, and all we hold dear. And besides, even a threat can sometimes manifest itself in the simple guise of a building...a building seeing constituent silencing elected officials seemingly having helped them in their bidding.

So it's now up to “We the People” to help stop incursions like my city is facing, and do so via our legal right to work towards changing or updating zoning and permitting laws previously passed that are not now, nor will they be in the future, in the constituents best interest. So how do we do this...simply by petition. And this means that it is up to us to garner in collect enough be able to force what are now, and possibly will remain, very divisive issues, and having them be placed on the ballot instead of their being commission decided. And we need to do this in the name of all resident's whose voices are being silenced yet who are willing to fight back against injustices rendered, and do so no matter the amount of administrative red tape some city officials most assuredly will throw in our way. Not to take a stand now...for us to just roll over and surrender to those who I, and many others, believe have now overstepped ethical/impropriety bounds...means that what's currently happening in my small city just might come to your small city next.

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