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This latest polling nugget from Fox News isn't unusual. In fact, it's the stability of the question's trajectory that's so remarkable. Public disenchantment with Obamacare has calcified, and no amount of self-serving spin, racial demagoguery, ginned-up "winning streaks," or hollow triumphalism from the Left has moved the needle, dating back more than a year:


"Glad it passed" has been hovering in the mid-to-high 30's, with "turn back the clock" edging into the mid-50's in every survey. A Reason/Rupe poll asked a nearly identical question back in December, and produced nearly identical results. The law has been underwater by double digits in virtually all polling since its failed roll-out, with undecided (but likely) 2014 voters overwhelmingly opposed. In the new Fox survey, just 29 percent of respondents said Obamacare has made the country "better off." Obama administration officials privately conceded that the numbers aren't likely to change anytime soon, which no doubt contributed to this sort of urgent advice from Democratic pollsters and consultants:

One Democratic incumbent who's vowing to eschew Obamacare advice from her party's messaging men is Sen. Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire. "Absolutely:"

See video here:

Whether she actually follows through is a separate question, of course, and Scott Brown's camp is praying that she will. The law is highly unpopular in New Hampshire, where cancellations (breaking a familiar Shaheen promise), sticker shock, and especially access shock have hit consumers hard. As projected premium increases continue to pour in from across the country, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office has thrown in the towel on tracking the law's overall fiscal impact, thanks to the administration's flurry of unilateral delays, exemptions and changes -- which are impacting Obamacare's pay-for's in disruptive and unpredictable ways. News also recently broke that more than two million of Obamacare's "eight million" sign-ups (a large majority of whom previously had insurance) are facing data discrepancies that could threaten coverage or result in higher costs. By the way, while the CBO has given up on keeping the big-picture score on Obamacare, they're still churning out related projections:
Four million United States taxpayers will be forced to pay USD4bn in Affordable Care Act (ACA) individual mandate non-compliance penalties to the Internal Revenue Service in 2016, increasing to USD5bn annually in 2017-24, according to a new report from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and the Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT). Within the provisions of the ACA, most Americans will be required to maintain "minimum essential" health insurance coverage, and employers will be encouraged to offer that health coverage. Those individuals and employers who do not comply with these mandates – the individual "employee mandate" and "employer mandate" – are to make "shared responsibility" payments, or tax penalties, to the IRS.
According to Americans for Tax Reform, the "overwhelming majority" of those liable for the tax earn less than $250,000 per year, another direct violation of Barack Obama's "firm" tax pledge of 2008.

Four million is a much lower number of people subjected to the tax than previously expected, thanks in large part to the aforementioned waivers and exemptions. Parting thought: Why would anyone pay this tax when there are generous, verification-free "hardship exemptions" to be claimed? Going that route is certainly easier than trying to navigate this Kafkaesque maze. Click through, and locate the "honor system" graphic. There's your golden ticket, would-be individual mandate taxpayers. Sure, it'll further undermine the financial architecture of the law, but at this point, who's counting?

WASHINGTON - The government reported last week that the economy created only 217,000 jobs in May, with hardly a peep of serious complaint from the White House or Democrats in Congress.

The news media's economic reporters, who are usually given to whitewashing these dreadful jobs figures, said it was a sign the Obama economy is on the comeback trail. There were no fulminations from Democratic leaders that this was a shameful report in a rich, $17 trillion economy of about 160 million workers, many of whom still can't find good, full-time jobs.

Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid, whose home state of Nevada suffers from 8 percent unemployment, uttered no criticism about the job data or the impotent, economic policies that produced it.

Other Democratic leaders across Capitol Hill were just as mute, but not everyone was going to take this situation lying down.

When the minuscule job numbers were reported on CNBC, the business news network, only Rick Santelli, the popular, pugnacious bond market analyst, didn't mince words. He flatly called the employment figure "mediocre."

Labor Secretary Thomas Perez wouldn't go that far, of course, but even he didn't like the way the job market's been underperforming.

"There's no victory laps being done around here. We have a lot of unfinished business," he said. No kidding?

Still, for the most part, the nightly network news shows generally fell in line with a generally positive, things-are-improving view of the jobs report. But most left out some of the worst statistics that were either buried in the report or showed up elsewhere.

The number of Americans who have been without a job for six months or longer -- about 3.4 million -- remained virtually unchanged. They constitute about one-third of the nation's jobless.

An additional 700,000 people told survey workers for the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics they have stopped looking for a job. Add up these dropouts, and the workers who are forced to take part-time employment, when they need full-time, and the real unemployment/underemployment rate is over 13 percent.

Millions of discouraged Americans who have given up looking for a full-time job because they can't find one, or for other reasons, remain the major, driving force behind the decline in the official unemployment rate over the past five years, according to business economist Peter Morici.

More than 7 million Americans who worked in part-time jobs last month said they need full-time employment.

America's shrinking labor force remained unchanged at 62.8 percent, its lowest rate since the 1970s, and another critical economic symptom of an economy in decline.

The news broadcasts and all the newspaper headlines touted the official, national, average jobless rate, which remains stuck at 6.3 percent.

But millions of Americans do not work in the "average" column. Take a look at BLS's state-by-state unemployment rate, and the numbers tell a sharply different and far more depressing story.

Nearly half of all the states (23) have unemployment rates over 6 percent. Fifteen of them are near, at or over 7 percent.

And we're talking about the biggest and most populated state economies, too. California (7.8 percent), Michigan (7.4), New Jersey (6.9), and New York (6.7), to name only a few.

At the same time, while the network news shows were cheering May's employment figures, they ignored jobless data that rarely gets much attention.

All but overlooked was the fact that unemployment rose for large sectors of young workers who disappear through the large cracks in the news media's shallow reporting.

Unemployment actually climbed for Americans who have only a high school diploma, from 6.3 to 6.5 percent, and jumped from 8.9 percent to 9.1 percent for high school dropouts.

But what may be equally worrisome is the length of time the Obama economy has been struggling to get out of its "recovery" phase and accelerate its painfully slow pace of economic growth. Or, as we saw in the first three months of this year, no growth. The economy shrank by 1 percent between January and March.

Last week, CNBC's Rick Santelli used a chart to remind viewers that we've been through many deep recessions or economic downers, and have come roaring out them by an average of two years. He gave three very instructive comparisons.

The bottom of his chart showed how Obama's economy has been limping in and out of the recovery doldrums for the past 60 months.

Then he pointed to the initially lackluster economy of the 1990s that came to life in President Clinton's second term when he signed a Republican bill to slash the capital gains tax. That sparked an explosion of investment growth and job creation that led to a full employment economy.

At the top of his chart was the across-the-board, tax cut-driven Reagan economy in the 1980s when the U.S. came out of a deep recession within just two years.

Santelli's point was unarguable. Pro-growth, pro-job and pro-capital investment policies always work, as they did for Reagan and for Clinton (and for President Kennedy before them), both of whom championed trade expansion and robust energy development as part of their economic revitalization.

Obama did the opposite. He raised taxes, gave only lip service to trade, then hit the brakes on energy and blew about $1 trillion on an inept, waste-ridden, job stimulus spending program that left our job-challenged economy where it is today.

For the past year or more, Americans say the economy and jobs remain their highest concerns, according to every poll. Friday's pathetic jobs report shows that's not going to change as long as Obama is president.

Analysts: Cantor Defeat an 'Angry' Warning to All Republicans
By Cathy Burke, Todd Beamon and Greg Richter

"There's just a sense that they want the establishment out," Schoen said. "It's a rejection of everything the Republicans stand for."

Brat, an economics professor with no political experience, was "basically running against Washington and against the establishment," Schoen added.

Specifically, he said, Brat's victory sends a chilling message to the GOP leadership.

"[I]t's also a shot across the bow at [House Speaker] John Boehner," Schoen said. "The Republican electorate wants change. It's certainly a warning sign in that direction."

L. Brent Bozell, chairman of ForAmerica, hailed Brat's victory.

"Eric Cantor's loss tonight is an apocalyptic moment for the GOP establishment," he said, The Washington Post reported. "The grassroots is in revolt and marching."

Larry Sabato, director of the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia, said Cantor's loss will have major implications for immigration reform, an issue that Cantor became linked to.

"Everybody agrees that if immigration reform was on life support before, they're pulling out the plugs" because no other House Republican will want to end up like Cantor, he said.

"The Republican electorate has become very conservative, and that was demonstrated in conventions like last year" and occasionally in primaries, he added. "What Republicans don't seem to want to come to terms with is that Virginia is a purple state."

Fox News Political Editor Chris Stirewalt said Brat's election means comprehensive immigration reform is "dead meat."

His colleague, Fox News Senior Political Analyst Brit Hume, said the conventional GOP wisdom in Washington is that Brat's victory is bad news long-term for Republicans and good news for Democrats. It will kill immigration reform, the conventional wisdom goes, which will make it difficult for a Republican to be elected in 2016 as president.

Hume said he isn't sure he agrees with the conventional wisdom.

The vote shows the GOP cannot ignore the tea party, Hume said. The establishment wing will have to make peace with the tea party, he said, if it hopes to survive past November's midterm elections.

South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham fared better in his own primary because he saw the tea party challenge coming and had a positive message, Stirewalt said. Graham decided to make peace with the tea party while Cantor decided to go on the attack.

Some of Cantor's attack ads aimed at Brat were of "questionable veracity," Stirewalt said.

Former Minnesota U.S. Rep. Vin Weber called Cantor's loss "an earthquake."

"No one thought he'd lose," Weber told The Post about his friend's defeat.

The theme of this election was supposed to be the death of the tea party and the revenge of the establishment, American Enterprise Institute fellow and ex-George W. Bush speechwriter Marc Thiessen told Fox News.

"The tea party is alive and kicking," Thiessen said.

Virginia Republican strategist Chris LaCivita told The Post that Cantor's defeat reflected an irony of his success at raising money for the GOP cause.

"He spent days, weeks and months traveling the country, raising money to add to the Republican majority," he said. "What can be attributed to Eric in doing so is unquestionable. Unfortunately, it had a price."

CNN political editor Mark Preston said Cantor's defeat was nothing less than stunning.

"This came out of nowhere," he said, adding that it is likely to have national implications, given the prevailing view that Cantor was a potential House speaker had he returned to Washington.

The National Journal found little historical precedent for a majority leader's losing a primary.

In 1994, Tom Foley became the first House speaker in more than a century to be defeated for re-election when he lost the general election during that year's Republican wave. His predecessor was Speaker Galusha Grow, a Republican who lost his seat during the Civil War, the Journal noted.

In the upper chamber, one-time Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle is the only party leader in recent history to lose an election, in 2004.

.@BarackObama’s #epicfail: Al-Qaeda seizes Iraq’s third-largest city as terrified residents flee

Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs

Hasn’t anyone told the thousands of Iraqis fleeing Iraq’s third-largest city that Obama insists that al Qaeda is on the run? Vanquished! These terrified, fleeing Iraqis must be islamophobes. Racists! Bigots!

While Obama mulls moving American bases located across Europe and the Pacific in order secure the victory of World War II not to combat the gravest threat to freedom — the global jihad — but to fightclimate change, any gains made by previous pro-American administrations have been destroyed and dismantled by the foreign agent in the White House

Add this to Obama’s towering pile of monumental, game-changing failures.
“Al-Qaeda seizes Iraq’s third-largest city as terrified residents flee,” By Colin Freeman, Telegraph, JUne 10, 2014 
Militants storm northern city of Mosul, freeing thousands of prisoners, as Iraqi prime minister declares state of emergency and offers to arm citizens who volunteer to fight against militants 
Al-Qaeda seized control of Iraq’s third biggest city on Tuesday, freeing thousands of imprisoned fellow fighters in a series of jailbreaks and sparking a mass exodus of refugees.
The assault on the city of Mosul, 225 miles north west of Baghdad, saw the Iraqi army retreat to the outskirts after a sustained assault by men armed with heavy machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades.
As well as seizing the main governorate building – forcing the city’s governor to flee – the gunmen were also reported to have gained control of three different jails, numerous police stations and an airport, where several military planes and helicopters were based.
The loss of the city, home to around one million people, is potentially a huge challenge to the Iraqi government, which has been struggling to quell a regalvanised al-Qaeda insurgency for more than two years. 
Related Articles
As residents fled in their thousands, they spoke of seeing militants raising al-Qaeda’s black flag from buildings, and of newly-released prisoners running through the streets in yellow jumpsuits.
Iraqis fleeing violence in the Nineveh province wait at a Kurdish checkpoint (AFP)
“Mosul now is like hell. It’s up in flames,” said Amina Ibrahim, who like many others was heading for northern Iraq’s more stable Kurdish-controlled zone. “I lost my husband in a bomb blast last year, I don’t want my kids to follow him.”
The militants are believed to be from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), the joint Iraqi-Syrian al-Qaida affiliate that is also fighting President Bashar al-Assad’s regime in neighbouring Syria. Seizing control of Mosul, which lies on a stretch of the Tigris less than 100 miles from the Syrian border, would help the group in its aim of carving out a swathe of uncontested territory straddling the two borders.

Obama’s top intel officers warned that 4 out of the 5 Taliban jihadis swapped for Bergdahl would return to jihad

/ Jihad Watch
TalibanjihadistradedIt was obviously of no importance whatsoever to Barack Obama that these jihad terrorists would return to jihad in Afghanistan and try to kill American troops there. Eli Lake says that the prospect of their killing Bergdahl presented Obama with a “painful dilemma.”

It will get more painful once these jihadis murder a few more Americans.

“4 of ‘Taliban 5’ Will Likely Fight Again, U.S. Spies Say,” by Eli Lake, The Daily Beast, June 9, 2014:
Obama’s top intelligence officers warned that four out of the five Taliban prisoners swapped for Bowe Bergdahl would return to the battlefield.
A top intelligence official told lawmakers in a classified Senate briefing last week that he expected four out of the five Taliban leaders released by the Obama administration to eventually return to the battlefield.
According to a pair of U.S. officials, the briefing from Robert Cardillo, a deputy director of national intelligence, represented the latest community-wide U.S. intelligence assessment on these Taliban Five, completed in 2013.
It also means that President Obama was faced with a particularly excruciating choice as he weighed whether or not to swap these five for American hostage Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.
The government of Qatar, which agreed to look after the five Taliban leaders as part of the deal for Bergdahl, warned that factions within the Taliban were growing impatient, and campaigning to kill Bergdahl instead of trading him.
“Time is not on your side,” they told U.S. negotiators, according to two senior defense officials. They described a growing split within Taliban and Haqqani Network (which held Bergdahl) over how to best use the soldier—a split confirmed by multiple Taliban and Afghan sources in the region.
Making matters more desperate for Bergdahl was the fact that in September a CIA drone killed Mullah Sangeen Zadran, the Haqqani Network commander who first captured Bergdahl, a move that could have scuttled any chance at all for a prisoner swap.
It all added up to a painful dilemma for the White House: free Taliban leaders who might return to the fight—or risk losing America’s last service member held abroad. Obama ultimately chose to make the deal, despite his intelligence services’ estimate that four of the five Taliban detainees would ultimately resume their struggle against American allies.
The Associated Press also reported last week that Rob Williams, the national intelligence officer for South Asia, told the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence that he assessed four out of the five would return to combat.
The Daily Beast has learned that these Taliban figures are Mullah Mohammad Fazl, Mullah Norullah Noori, Khairullah Khairkhwa and Mohammed Nabi Omari….

LEGALS Yes...ILLEGALS No...period  
By: Diane Sori 
“I am disturbed and outraged that President Obama’s administration continues to implement this dangerous and inhumane policy, meanwhile neglecting to answer crucial questions our citizens demand and deserve." - Arizona Governor Jan Brewer

They mostly come in through Texas...through the Rio Grande Valley...and I.C.E rounds them up and dumps them in Arizona to become Jan Brewer's unwanted and unneeded headache.

Overwhelming our Border Patrol through their sheer numbers alone, thousands of people mostly from improvised Central American countries, including 700 children traveling without their parents, have now become Arizona's responsibility both monetarily and emotionally as what does one do with all these people especially with the children traveling alone...exactly who and where do you send these children back to when you don't know who their parents are. And while your guess is as good as mine as far as the children are concerned, the adults are a quite different simply round them up and ship them the hell back to wherever they came from...period.

But of course Obama has NO plans of ever doing that, as now I.C.E. and Border Patrol agents have been told by those in Obama's D.C. orbit to ship these ILLEGALS straight to Arizona...meaning Arizona has now become Obama's garbage dump of sorts but a garbage dump with perks as he's forcing Arizona to make these ILLEGALS' accommodations as pleasant as possible. NOT caring that anything they are given here is a lot better than anything they had back at home, this pandering comes with a hefty price tag...a price tag that increases every day as the dumping numbers increase along with it.

And pray tell what kind of parents would send their children ALONE on such a journey as this knowing full well that they could be killed in the process...well let me tell you what kind...parents who are using their children as their own passport to America and to all the freebies and handouts America...Obama...will most assuredly give them...give them NO matter that they broke our laws getting here... hence the name 'ILLEGALS' NOT 'IMMIGRANTS' fits them quite well.

And when all the layers are stripped away, by Obama's dumping these people what he's actually doing...what he's the smuggling of human cargo for votes...cargo that includes children ...and as of now he is getting away with it.

So there is NO need or want to be politically correct when I say that those here ILLEGALLY are being allowed by this administration to rape the bounty of what we LEGAL Americans worked so hard to achieve.

And the payback these ILLEGALS will give to America is their unwavering loyalty to the Democratic party for generations to come as they would NEVER bite the hand of the party that clothes, houses, and feeds them. And so the screwing of 'We the People' continues on as we LEGAL we American citizens...are forced to take a back seat to criminals, for criminals is what they are simply by their coming here by knowingly and willfully breaking our laws...period.

So while immigration officials can immediately and quite legally return Mexican ILLEGALS to the border, NO such program or legality is in place to deal with Central American ILLEGALS in the same manner. And with the number of ILLEGALS being shipped to and dumped in Arizona rising every day, when confronted by Governor Brewer about this situation, Barack HUSSEIN Obama had the audacity and unmitigated gall to say this dumping will continue on NO matter Brewer's demand that he terminate this vile and unjust practice.

And reports are now being released by Border Patrol officials dealing just the number of children crossing our borders both ILLEGALLY and alone. As of today, roughly 195 children traveling alone are crossing the border into the U.S. ILLEGALLY each and every day, and that if NOT stopped...and I mean completely stopped...that number will grow to 142,000 children crossing ILLEGALLY into our country within the next year. And guess again who gets to support and pay for them all...'We the People' and our taxpayer dollars do...and I for one NEVER gave anyone permission to use my portion of those dollars to support what amounts to criminals conducting a criminal activity.

And as serious as the situation in Arizona now is some of the uninformed are screaming and saying that since Arizona has been a haven for ILLEGALS for years before this newest Obama maneuver, why hasn't Governor Brewer simply fined...and fined heavily...the companies that hired them. Well the fact is that in the past the liberal judges throughout the Arizona court system kept knocking Brewer down when she did just that, and it cost millions of taxpayer dollars each time she brought a new case to court. However, the U.S. Supreme Court recently upheld what Brewer was trying to do with the 'Legal Arizona Workers Act' act which stated that if companies are caught hiring ILLEGALS without running them through the e-verify system first that they could indeed be fined and eventually shut down. But the problem is that this law is just now slowly coming online, however, with this newest mass influx of ILLEGALS it will take some time to fully implement because of the sheer numbers of ILLEGALS that are now flooding the system.

But there is indeed a solution to the problem of dumping all these people into fact there's a solution that could be applied in Texas, California, and any and all states with ILLEGAL problems as well...and it's a solution that costs just the price of a one-way bus ticket as Governor Brewer could lead the charge as she loads up her own buses and ships the ILLEGALS straight to DC and deposit them on the White House doorstep. Let Obama deal with them and all their crap...let Obama pay for their insurance with ObamaCare, let Obama learn Spanish and press one for English, let Obama use his own dollars to fund all their freebies and handouts...and let Obama deal with people who will assimilate into the fabric of American society only one step above how his muslim brethren have done.

And then seal the borders in full...and oh yes, ship any and all ILLEGALS we can back to the countries they came from as we have enough criminals here in America as is...we sure do NOT need any more. 
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