Tuesday, May 6, 2014

65% of Americans Want Next President to Change Obama's Policies  
Heather Ginsberg / Townhall Tipsheet
It doesn’t really come as a surprise, but a new poll out today confirmed many of our suspicions. We can finally see that most Americans don’t like President Obama’s policies. In a new poll out today, it was revealed that almost two-thirds of Americans want the next president to change the current agenda.

The new Pew poll results show that Obama is truly in a second-term slump. 65 percent of Americans surveyed said they want the next president to have different programs or policies from those of President Obama. Only 30 percent said they wanted similar policies carried out when we get a new president in the White House.

Back in 2006, when President Bush was facing a similar slump, 77 percent said they wanted different policy initiatives. This desire for change was a big reason why Obama was elected, and now once again we are seeing the voters dissatisfied by their choices. Will we ever be happy with the choices we make for our leadership?

At the very least we can be pretty sure this is going to have a big impact on what happens in 2016. Perhaps this is something that the republicans will have to try and capitalize on come 2014 and again in 2016.
I never wonder to see men wicked, but I often wonder to see them not ashamed. – Jonathan Swift

Even Illinoisans are ashamed.

The wickedness has become so obvious, so entrenched and so brazen, that the state that used to take pride in their corruption, because it “worked,” now understands the Faustian bargain they've made.

Last week it was revealed that half of all Illinoisans want to leave the state.

"Every state has at least some residents who are looking for greener pastures," says Gallup, "but nowhere is the desire to move more prevalent than in Illinois and Connecticut. In both of these states, about half of residents say that if given the chance to move to a different state, they would like to do so. Maryland is a close third, at 47%. By contrast, in Montana, Hawaii, and Maine, just 23% say they would like to relocate. Nearly as few -- 24% -- feel this way in Oregon, New Hampshire, and Texas."

A Gallup poll revealed previously that by a wide margin Illinoisans trust their government less than any other state in the union.
According to Gallup only 28% of people from Illinois have a great deal of trust in their government.
  The Land of Lincoln is followed by Rhode Island, Maine, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, California and Maryland-- all of which post numbers from 40% to 49% level of trust by resident.

Residents from small government, pro-market states North Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, South Dakota, Nebraska, Texas and Alaska rate their government's highest in terms of trust, posting numbers as high as 79% of residents saying they have a great deal of trust in their government.

And that's not really a coincidence is it?

“Even though Midwesterners are generally more positive about their states,” writes the Chicago Tribune, “Illinois residents are the exception, with 25 percent declaring that it is ‘the worst possible state to live.’ The particularly grim outlook of Illinois residents could be attributed to factors like high-profile scandals and high taxes.”

And it can also be attributed to the fact that the same bozo that is running the country right now, came from Illinois.

Or more succinctly, Chicago. And Chicago is certainly the worst thing that ever happened to Obama, in the same way that Obama is the worst thing that ever happened to Chicago.

So like a lot of stories these days, Chicago works its way in there as a burr buried deep in someone’s hair since the 1960s.

If you are like me, you’re about as tired of my hometown of Chicago as the Detroit Lions are of Soldier Field. You are as tired of being ruled by aging hippies from there—like Hillary Clinton-- as you are of seeing slobbering media try to prop up an administration that deserves no props.

Chicago’s become the punchline behind the joke on the Obama administration in the same way that Monica Lewinsky became the punchline for the joke on Bill Clinton’s administration.

Metaphorically, there’s a great big stain splotching up the frock Chicago’s wearing. And we don’t have to wait for the DNA test to show who the culprits are or what they are up to.

Let me tell you what the history books will say.

The history books will say that these were the days of the last hurrah for the Democrat party machine; they will say that Chicago took a corrupt machine politician, packaged him as the reform candidate, realizing that they either had to export their corruption or die.

"When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him," wrote Swift.

And that applies especially to the genius of smaller government.

At a time when technology has given citizens the ability to be better informed, better educated and lead better lives, the dunces are conspiring to take away choices, rather than truly empower citizens.

So far from being truly “progressive”, in any meaningful sense of the word-- as opposed to the ideological sense of the word-- the nation's experiment in Chicago type politics can be seen as reactionary rather than something new, honest and hopeful.

And it’s not just Illinoisans that are paying attention.

Young people are too.

Conservative is becoming counterculture thanks to organic mismanagement, petty opportunism and lies-- the cornerstones on which the liberal freemasonry rests.

We saw that same effect under Jimmy Carter, as counterculture icons like Saturday Night Live helped turn the peanut farmer’s administration into a real life parody of a Saturday Night Live skit.

From there SNL and liberalism had nowhere to go but the mainstream, thereby creating hordes of young people, like me, who looked at liberalism as a swindle, a contrivance and a fraud.

So prepare, my friends, for the next American Century-- a conservative one.

Illinoisans are.

And that says a lot.
Obama Officials to Israel: Like It Or Not, “Palestinians” Will Get State; “We Need Another Intifada”
Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs

Obama’s jihad against Israel escalates. He is deeply, deeply anti-Israel. There was a time when he tried to mask his antisemitism; now he reveals it.

Summing up Obama’s approach to the conflict — freedom vs submission:

Muslim Brotherhood? Check!

Al Qaeda in Syria? Check!

Al Qaeda in Libya? Check!

Muslim Brotherhood in Syria? Check!

Muslim Brotherhood in Gaza (Hamas)? Check!

Jihad regime in Iran? Check!

Israel? Bully, threaten and humiliate the tiny Jewish state.

But the law of unintended consequences will surely kick in (as it has in everyone of Obama’s catastrophic foreign policy blunders). Israel will rely it on her own power. Israel will not look to America. Israel will no longer subjugate her national self-interest to the capricious whim of America.
“US officials: Even if Israel doesn’t like it, Palestinians will get state,Times of Israel, May 3, 2014:
Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 11.59.01 AM
From left: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, US President Barack Obama and PA President Mahmoud Abbas during a trilateral meeting in New York, Sept. 22, 2009 (photo credit: Avi Ohayon/GPO/Flash90)
American officials directly involved in the failed Israeli-Palestinian peace process over the last nine months gave a leading Israeli columnist a withering assessment of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s handling of the negotiations, indicated that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has completely given up on the prospect of a negotiated solution, and warned Israel that the Palestinians will achieve statehood come what may — either via international organizations or through violence.
Speaking on condition of anonymity to Nahum Barnea, a prominent columnist from Israel’s best-selling daily Yedioth Aharonoth, the officials highlighted Netanyahu’s ongoing settlement construction as the issue “largely to blame” for the failure of Secretary of State John Kerry’s July 2013-April 2014 effort to broker a permanent peace accord.
They made plain that US President Barack Obama had been prepared to release spy-for-Israel Jonathan Pollard to salvage the talks. And they warned that “the world will not keep tolerating the Israeli occupation.”
Barnea, who described his conversations with the American officials as “the closest thing to an official American version of what happened” in the talks, said the secretary is now deciding whether to wait a few months and try to renew the negotiating effort or to publicize the US’s suggested principles of an agreement.
Detailing how the US sought to solve disputes over the core issues of a two-state solution, Barnea wrote on Friday that, “Using advanced software, the Americans drew a border outline in the West Bank that gives Israel sovereignty over some 80 percent of the settlers that live there today. The remaining 20 percent were meant to evacuate. In Jerusalem, the proposed border is based on Bill Clinton’s plan — Jewish neighborhoods to Israel, Arab neighborhoods to the Palestinians.”

An open-letter to Rep. Trey Gowdy
By: Diane Sori

Dear Rep. Gowdy,

As expected, yesterday Speaker of the House John Boehner announced that he had appointed you to head a select committee to investigate the 2012 Benghazi attacks. Like he had a choice after your name lit up the airwaves and internet all weekend long. To back out of that appointment now would have been political suicide for Boehner what with his primary election today, but the good news is that you are the best there is to find...if it exists...a Boehner tie to the Obama cover-up of what happened that fateful night...after all one has to wonder why Boehner of all people opposed this committee for the longest time.

And Boehner's words that he decided to form the special committee “in response to the release of emails showing the White House was more involved in misleading the American people than previously known and the revelation that the Obama administration had withheld these documents from a Congressional subpoena," do NOT ring true for the only reason Boehner is doing this is because if he didn't the calls for his immediate resignation would have resounded within the party loyal...the party loyal NOT the party RINO.

As for the attacks themselves...'stand down' orders and all...Rep. Gowdy, you know as well as I that Benghazi was a cover-up of the first degree from start to finish...and the finish was to make sure Ambassador Christopher Stevens was silenced at all costs. You know as well as I that Stevens was a 'targeted kill'... Obama orchestrated and carried out by his 'people' and that Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty were collateral damage and NOTHING more to this most vile and cunning of men.

And you know why he had to be silenced for Ambassador Stevens had (I believe) found out about Barack HUSSEIN Obama's under the radar guns and weapons running operation to the al-Qaeda backed rebels in Syria. And I believe you have known this for quite some time as well for this to be discovered as truth right before the presidential election would have led to the election possibly having a vastly different outcome that even the media would NOT be able to cover for.

A silly nonsensical YouTube video...'The Innocence of Muslims'...'supposedly' defaming the 'supposed' prophet mohamed and his made-up equally 'supposed' false-god allah...and please note I capitalize NOTHING pertaining to these islamic bast*rds...was fed to the American people as the 'supposed' reason the muslims ran amok. Come on now Rep. Gowdy, did Obama and crew really think we'd believe that one...did he really think the American people are that stupid...maybe his sheeple are but the rest of us sure the hell weren't back then nor are we now...and if NOT for our continuing outcry Barack HUSSEIN Obama just might have made Benghazi go away.

“To underscore that these protests are rooted in [an] Internet video, and not a broader failure or policy,” wrote then White House Deputy Strategic Communications Adviser Ben Rhodes as the "goal" to be had in the immediate aftermath of the Benghazi attacks...was the story concocted to blanket the truth of acts of 'aiding and abetting the enemy' that needed to be covered up...was the words in one of the e-mails that might, if you play the cards right, bring down the most corrupt and traitorous president these United States has ever known...and take down his accomplices and cohorts one by one starting with Hillary 'What Does It Matter' Clinton. Hillary Clinton...the woman who over the preceding months leading up to the attacks ignored Ambassador Stevens' many pleas for help and was the woman who hired the enemy to guard our consulate, and then closed her eyes and looked away when our people's blood was shed.

And Rep. Gowdy, the others involved and those who willingly perpetrated the LIES...like former U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice and Obama mouthpiece Jay Carney...are equally as guilty and too must be called to task. And if the establishment GOP power brokers and RINO turncoats allow you to do what needs to be done, and does NOT stop you in the name of 'political correctness' from getting what they deem too “mean spirited” with an election a mere six months away, maybe then the truth can be gotten and those killed that fateful day can finally 'Rest in Peace' knowing their deaths had some meaning beyond being dragged through the mud by Democratic islamic sympathizers who wish those four names would just go away.

And Rep. Gowdy it too must raise your ire and peek your interest as to why just days after the e-mails were made public that our ever-loving Traitor-in-Chief hired Neil Eggleston...a criminal defense attorney...as his legal counsel. Pray tell why would Obama need the very same criminal attorney who pulled Billy-Boy and Hillary's butt out of the Whitewater fire and who got former Obama Chief-of Staff-and current Chicago Mayor Rahm 'Dead Fish' Emanuel off the hook in the Blagojevich pay-to-play scandal...I think you know why as only a man with much to hide would call in the big guns to protect his nasty old self.

So in closing, Rep. Gowdy, with your having served as a federal prosecutor you are just the right man to stay focused on the prize...to nail Obama and crew for NOT only the murders themselves, but for the planning, carrying out, and covering-up the LIES that ensued. The families of the slain and 'We the People' are in your corner NO matter that the truth is NOT wanted by some on the right who are as far right as some on the left are far left, for both fear the truth will tip the applecart on America's first 'supposed' black president and both fear the ramifications of the political and civil unrest that would surely follow.

But getting to the truth about what led up to and happened on that fateful day...what led to four brave Americans to lose their lives as they became awash in a sea of LIES trumps any and all obstacles the Democrats and RINOs throw in your path.

Good luck Rep. Gowdy, because with the likes of John Boehner and his fellow RINOs looking over your shoulder at every turn you need all the luck and best wishes that 'We the People' can send your way.

Diane Sori for The Patriot Factor