Saturday, February 4, 2017

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Listening to Words Not Said
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor

So now some are whining that President Trump is starting to turn his back on Israel. And why...because he recently said Israel should NOT announce when she is going to build settlements. But once again they are listening only to his words said NOT to the actual meaning of those words. Trump said "not to announce" he did NOT say NOT to build...HUGE difference.

Wait–Sanctuary Cities Get How Much In Federal Funds Every Year? (Hint: It's In The Billions)President Donald J. Trump signed an executive order putting sanctuary cities in the crosshairs. In Texas, Republican Gov. Greg Abbott is also putting sanctuary cities in his state on notice, threating to cut off funding. He also said he would remove officeholders, mostly likely local sheriffs, who refuse to comply.

Now, the Left argues that the policy is not meant to shield illegal immigrants, but to provide them with an avenue to report crimes without fear of deportations. So, it’s a law and order initiative, you see? Try telling that to family members who have lost loved ones to illegal immigrants.

Christine wrote about Laura Wilkerson, whose son Josh was tortured and murdered by an illegal, asking House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi which of her grandchildren would be expendable due to her support of this policy. Yet, as we debate this policy, let’s also discuss that $27 billion goes to cities that offer sanctuary status. Liz Harrington of The Washington Free Beacon has more:
Sanctuary cities receive over $27 billion each year from the federal government, giving President Donald Trump significant leverage over cities such as New York and San Francisco to enforce immigration law, according to a new report.
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As New Sanctions Against Iran Announced, US Warship Heads Into Territory

"... a new day in U.S.-Iran relations ..."

President Donald Trump announced new U.S. sanctions against Iran Friday in response to a ballistic missile test conducted by Iran last week.

In addition to the sanctions, defense officials confirmed Friday the USS Cole has been moved to patrol the waters off the coast of Yemen to protect waterways from attacks on ships by the Houthi, a militia group aligned with Iran.

The USS Cole is the same ship that was attacked while in port in Yemen by a terrorist bomb in 2000, killing 17 U.S. sailors.

A Saudi warship off the western coast of Yemen was attacked by a suicide bomber earlier this week, causing an explosion that killed two crew members.

U.S. officials feared the attack was either intended for a U.S. ship, or was a practice run for a similar attack against a U.S. ship.

The move comes approximately five months after the U.S. military launched cruise missile strikes aimed at destroying three coastal radar sites in areas of Yemen controlled by Houthi forces. That attack was a retaliation for failed missile attacks by the Houthi on another U.S. destroyer.

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Islamic Republic of Iran: “We are the strongest power… America should be careful!”

By Christine Williams / Jihad Watch


The Obama administration in the U.S. was, and the Trudeau administration in Canada still is, bent on cultivating a delusional “peaceful” relationship with the rogue, terrorist-funding Iranian Islamic regime. They have a blind spot that prevents them from comprehending the obvious, that Iran has no problem in being deceptive. Iran does not have any interest […]

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Donald Trump Makes Surprise Stop to Honor SEAL Killed in Yemen Raid

Donald Trump, Ivanka TrumpPresident Donald Trump deviated from his normal schedule to make an unannounced – and largely secret – stop at Delaware’s Dover Air Base to honor the first U.S. combat military member to die under his White House watch – Chief Special Warfare Operator William “Ryan” Owens, a 36-year-old serving with the Navy SEALs.

Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, accompanied.
Trump’s travels to Dover were kept secret.

From the Associated Press:
“The president and his daughter, Ivanka, departed the White House in the presidential helicopter with their destination unannounced. A small group of journalists traveled with Trump on the condition that the visit was not reported until his arrival.
“Marine One landed at Dover shortly before a C-17 believed to be carrying Owens’ remains touched down. The president met with Owens’ family during a two-hour visit to the base. The sailor’s family had requested that Trump’s visit and the return of Owens’ remains be private.”

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