Saturday, November 21, 2015

Let's say it loud and often. If we want to destroy ISIS, we can destroy ISIS. Perhaps I am stating the obvious, but I want to state it anyway. Why? Because I am not hearing it enough.
 I'm certainly not hearing it from the White House, where the original goal of destruction is barely mentioned now. President Obama is listless. He's also petulant, pointing political fingers at Republicans. But he doesn't have a trace of a coherent policy to destroy ISIS. Not a trace.

This is from Gen. Jack Keane, in his recent congressional testimony: "Having the best security defensive system in America is not sufficient; we must have as good an offense to stop and defeat ISIS. We do not. We are not even close."

But very few people are talking about destroying ISIS.

Some in the Republican Party and on the campaign trail are saying it, but they're not saying it enough. Not repeatedly. Not so as to boost the morale of the country.

We need determination. We need to be unflinching. We need to be focused on the goal of destroying ISIS.

We are at war. Our homeland is in danger. Yes, the moratorium on Syrian refugees must be in place. That's easy. But what's not easy is coming up with a coherent plan for destroying ISIS and telling America, "We can do this." That is leadership.

Hillary: Muslims “have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism”
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


Hillary: Muslims “have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism”
How will President Hillary Clinton have the slightest chance of defeating the Islamic State when she is so divorced from reality as to say something like this? “Hillary: Muslims ‘Have Nothing Whatsoever To Do With Terrorism,'” by Guy Benson, Townhall, November 20, 2015: Behold, the woman who shall soon be crowned Queen of the endlessly […]
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American Citizen KILLED in Islamic Attack at Luxury Hotel in Mali; 3rd American This Week
Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs

Last week an American college student was shot to death in cold blood in Paris, yesterday an American teenager was murdered in Israel, and today an American citizen was brutally murdered in the Islamic attack on a luxury hotel in Mali — and Obama’s only concern is that no one, and he means no one, calls the Islamic attacks Islamic. Democrats and the DNC are viciously attacking Republicans for using the words “radical Islam” (a redundant term if ever I heard one).

American citizens are being murdered in cold blood, and the left is furiously mopping up the blood.
AOL News: Islamist extremists armed with AK-47 rifles and grenades stormed a hotel packed with foreigners Friday in the former French colony of Mali, killing...
O Christmas Cups, O Christmas Cups…
By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots

cup 1

The whole world, it seems, is going to hell in a handbag.

Look around…Syria, Russia, Ukraine…Iran is getting nukes for the love of God. Iraq is a disaster, Afghanistan is too and nearly every Butt-Crackistan in the region is either fighting some absurd 7th century civil war or all their jihadis are invading Europe.

China is building islands…THEY’RE BUILDING ISLANDS…in the South China Sea and threatening us and Japan over them and that little sawed-off twerp over in North Diarrhea keeps promising to attack South Korea and US with HIS nukes.

The Palestinians, who are really Jordanians, are attacking Israelis because Israelis keep building homes…IN ISRAEL.

And now…Paris and Mali with ISIS making global threats…

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