Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A Terrible Weapon That Achieved Much GoodEVEN AFTER seven decades, the American bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki generates controversy. President Obama's planned visit to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial next week is sure to revive once more the debate over Harry Truman's decision to drop the atomic bombs that destroyed the two Japanese cities, killing 200,000 people and forcing Japan's unconditional surrender.

Ben Rhodes, Obama's deputy national security adviser, let it be known on Tuesday that the president "will not revisit the decision to use the atomic bomb at the end of World War II." But perhaps Obama should "revisit" that decision — not to apologize for it, but to reaffirm that it was right and just, ultimately saving countless lives, ending a terrible war, and freeing the people of Japan from a savage and fanatic regime.

However contentious it later became, the deployment of atomic firepower was not controversial in its time. On Aug. 6, 1945, as Truman announced to the nation that an atomic weapon had been used to annihilate Hiroshima, there was no hint of ambivalence in his words. "The Japanese began the war from the air at Pearl Harbor," he declared. "They have been repaid manyfold, and the end is not yet."

Far from feeling sorrow for having to unleash such gruesome force, Truman celebrated it as "the greatest achievement of organized science in history." And he was blunt about America's intentions: "We are now prepared to obliterate more rapidly and completely every productive enterprise the Japanese have above ground in any city. We shall destroy their docks, their factories, and their communications. Let there be no mistake; we shall completely destroy Japan's power to make war."

Grim Choices

We must frankly face the fact that the front runners in both political parties represent a new low, at a time of domestic polarization and unprecedented nuclear dangers internationally. This year's general election will offer a choice between a thoroughly corrupt liar and an utterly irresponsible egomaniac.
Grim ChoicesThe Republican establishment, whose serial betrayals of their supporters created the setting for a Donald Trump to arise, must now decide how best to deal with the apparent inevitability of his candidacy.

Choosing among various unpalatable options may require some tricky maneuvering on their part, but they have been used to tricky maneuvering before, which is how they find themselves in this predicament in the first place.

Apparently some Republican leaders have opted to try to make the best of a bad situation by creating at least the illusion of party "unity" going into this year's elections. But the toxic image of Donald Trump can follow the Republicans repeatedly in future elections.

The careers of young Republicans are especially at risk of acquiring an indelible stain by being associated with Trump, much as Marco Rubio may never live down his association with Senator Chuck Schumer's attempt to create bipartisan amnesty.

Iranian Navy Commander: If Americans “make even slightest mistake, their naval vessels will be sunk in the Persian Gulf”
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


Iranian Navy Commander: If Americans “make even slightest mistake, their naval vessels will be sunk in the Persian Gulf”
Reminding the Americans who’s boss, as if the Obama administration didn’t know. “IRGC Navy Commander Fadavi: American Vessels Will Be Sunk in the Persian Gulf If They Make the Slightest Mistake,” MEMRI, May 10, 2016: In a recent TV interview, IRGC Navy Commander Ali Fadavi said: “The Americans are aware that if they make even […]
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“Moderate” Jordan: “The more hostile to Israel you are the more popular you become”

Pamela Geller / atlas Shrugs

Atef TarawnehIn moderate Jordan, Jew-hatred is populist rhetoric. Islamic Jew-hatred: it’s in the Quran.

“Expert dismisses Jordanian rhetoric against Israel as election ‘propaganda,’” by Ariel Ben Solomon, Maayan Groisman, Jerusalem Post, May 15, 2016 (thanks to Christian):
A Jordanian expert is dismissing comments opposing the peace treaty with Israel by Jordanian House Speaker Atef Tarawneh, who has a history of making anti-Israel statements, calling it election propaganda.
“This is a kind of propaganda, the parliamentary elections in Jordan will take place within six months,” Dr. Abdullah Sawalha, director of the Amman-based Center for Israel Studies, told The Jerusalem Post.
“Unfortunately, the more hostile to Israel you...