Saturday, September 5, 2020

WaPo Fact Checks Biden on Misleading Ad About Trump's Plans for Social Security

WaPo Fact Checks Biden on Misleading Ad About Trump's Plans for Social Security
The Washington Post called the Biden campaign's bluff on a new ad that makes some lofty accusations about President Trump's plans for Social Security.

Trump recently signed an executive order that would suspend the payment of payroll taxes until the end of the year starting on September 1. The majority of Social Security is financed through the payroll tax. Of course, taxpayers would still be expected to pay at a later date. The deferral was intended to help Americans who are struggling through the coronavirus pandemic, the White House explained. Trump also said that, if re-elected, he would aim to end the payroll tax altogether.

Here's how the Biden camp spun it in their new ad, "Depleted."

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Report: Bahrain next to announce normalization with Israel

By Geller Report Staff

President Trump is performing miracles every day. Times are rapidly changing for the better in the Middle East. And that is because of the GOAT president.

Sources tell media outlet kingdom hopes to announce move after Israel UAE deal signed in ceremony expected in D.C. later this month

Bahrain is expected to become the next Gulf kingdom to formally normalize ties with Israel, an Israeli official told Kan public broadcaster Wednesday.

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