Sunday, September 22, 2013

Hamas-linked CAIR's wildly inaccurate new "Islamophobia" tars virtually every foe of jihad terror as "Islamophobic"

From Jihad Watch / Posted by Robert Spencer

Hamas-linked CAIR's new "Islamophobia" report reveals more about itself than it does about anyone who is defamed in it. It is full of wild inaccuracies, notably about Jihad Watch -- howlingly false financial data and inaccurate information such as its claim that Pamela Geller is Jihad Watch's President. She is not and never has been, and any source claiming otherwise is in error -- but what cares CAIR for facts? In this new report they make clear what I have pointed out many times: that contrary to their claims to be distinguishing what they consider to be acceptable criticism of Islam and jihad from "Islamophobia," actually they smear anyone and everyone who says the smallest critical word about jihad terror and Islamic supremacism as an "Islamophobe" and try to destroy him or her with defamatory claims and charges.

The goal, of course, is to remove all impediments to the advance of jihad terror and Islamic supremacism.

"CAIR attacks Fox News, Limbaugh, Levin as ‘Islamophobic,’" by Caroline May for the Daily Caller, September 19:
WASHINGTON — The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) denounced a number of popular media organizations and Americans as “Islamophobic” in a report released Thursday. 
The Muslim advocacy group calls out such entities as Fox News, The Rush Limbaugh Show, the Washington Times, National Review, The Mark Levin Show, and The Savage Nation as part of the “outer core” of the so-called “Islamophobic Network.”
According to the report, the 32 “outer core” groups are comprised of “[g]roups or individuals whose primary purpose does not appear to include promoting prejudice against or hatred of Islam and Muslims but whose work regularly demonstrates or supports Islamophobic themes.”
The outer core is not quite as explicitly Islamophobic as the “inner core,” the group alleges, tagging 37 groups “whose primary purpose is to promote prejudice against or hatred of Islam and Muslims and whose work regularly demonstrates Islamophobic themes.”
Included in their list of “inner” groups are the David Horowitz Freedom Center, the Middle East Media Research Institute and the American Islamic Forum for Democracy.
The report traces the money to and from “Islamphobic” groups and people, looks at the level of Islamophobia in America, “anti-Islam” legislation, and discrimination.
CAIR — an un-indicted co-conspirator in the 2007 Holy Land Foundation trial — also calls out Foster Friess for his support of CAIR-proclaimed Islamophobes including presidential candidate Rick Santorum. The group includes former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain, New York Republican Rep. Peter King, Former Florida Republican Rep. Allen West, and the president of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy Zuhdi Jasser on their so called “Worst List Inductees”
New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie, Illinois Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin, and the Democratic members of the House Homeland Security Committee, on the other hand, are named on CAIR’s “Best List Inductees.”
CAIR held a news conference on the report –“Legislating Fear: Islamophobia and its Impact in the United States 2011-2012” — Thursday morning.
While The Daily Caller was absent from CAIR’s list of Islamophobic news outlets, CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper prevented TheDC from attending the press conference Thursday — showing TheDC to the door — for being a “hate” group and not “legitimate.”
You’re credentialed with a hate site,” Hooper said, when TheDC showed Hooper media credentials.
When TheDC pointed out that The Daily Caller is not listed in CAIR’s Islamophobe report, Hooper replied, “you’re not in our news conference either.”

Look closely at the energy-related news stories of the past dozen or so days, and, between the lines, you’ll see a theme: government makes predictions and assertions that cannot be backed up by data to protect or project preferred messaging.

Fracking News
The unusual collaboration of the University of Texas (UT) and the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) conducted a first-ever detailed examination—more than 500 wells were analyzed—of individual drilling sites to determine the total amount of escaped methane from shale gas operations.

The study was released on September 16 by the National Academy of Sciences. The New York Times story on the study opens with: “Drilling for shale gas through hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, appears to cause smaller leaks of the greenhouse gas methane than the federal government had estimated.” It reports: “Previous E.P.A. estimates relied on engineering calculations, and other studies gathered data via aircraft flights over drilling sites.”

Why does this matter? Because environmental groups have used previous methane-leak estimates to claim that leaks offset the environmental benefits of the clean-burning natural gas the wells produce.

Such claims are used to bolster fracking opposition. A September 17 press release from the US Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works states: “methane leakage from shale gas development is not releasing nearly as much methane as U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) had predicted. EPA’s grossly exaggerated estimates have been widely used by critics and far-left environmentalists to discredit the benefits of hydraulic fracturing.”

The exaggerated estimates of methane leaks came from a study released two years ago when two Cornell University scientists, Robert Howarth and Anthony Ingraffea, reported catastrophic levels of methane were being leaked by fracking operations. According to Forbes, “a slew of experts” discredited the research, which just reviewed EPA data and relied on estimates and hypotheticals.

Jon Entine cites the Park Foundation as the source of funding for much of Cornell’s anti-fracking research. Park also funded the anti-fracking Gasland movies. Entine states: “Two years ago in an interview for an investigative story on Park and Howarth for Ethical Corporation, the Cornell professor blurted out to me that he was recruited by a Park Foundation family member who thought a university study criticizing fracking and challenging the ‘green credentials’ of shale gas would advance the cause.”

The Associated Press “Big Story” titled: “Study: Methane leaks from gas drilling not huge,” concludes: “While methane concentrations in the atmosphere have been rising since 2007, federal scientists say they’ve found no sign that gas or oil drilling is contributing because the methane emissions come from a different part of the globe.”

Opposition to fracking also uses threats to the water supply and earthquake fears to scare people.

Back in 2011, the EPA blamed fracking for groundwater contamination in Pavillion, Wyoming.

Reports declared: “For the first time, federal environmental regulators have made a direct link between the controversial drilling practice known as hydraulic fracturing and groundwater contamination.” Then, after the report was found to be flawed, in June, the EPA announced: that “it does not plan to finalize or seek peer review of its draft Pavillion groundwater report.” Now, as of September 11, the EPA has “officially washed its hands of the investigation.” Marcellus Drilling News explains: “Now, with hardly a peep, the EPA published an official notice in yesterday’s Federal Register that they’ve turned the lights out on their Pavillion investigation.” Referencing the EPA Pavillion study, on May 16, 2012, Investors Business Times states: “if eventually upheld, [it] would be the first time that drilling for natural gas itself contaminated water from underground aquifers.”

Apparently, by admission that it will not “finalize or seek peer review of the final draft report,” the EPA couldn’t uphold its findings.

Reporter Mark Green posted an overview of a September 12 briefing he attended, regarding a peer-reviewed study done on hydraulic fracturing’s impacts. The study, Green says, is “hailed by the author as the first comprehensive look at the environmental impacts of hydraulic fracturing.” The study was conducted at the 1000-acre Inglewood oil field in the heart of Los Angeles and concludes: “energy development using fracking and horizontal drilling technologies is safe, doesn’t threaten water supplies or cause earthquakes.” The study specifically examined groundwater, seismic activity, well integrity, and air emissions.

At the briefing, the study’s lead author Dan Tormey, a hydrologist, geochemist, and civil engineer, talked about how the public receives their information. Tormey told of addressing the public with the facts, when an audience member said: “Gasland is our facts, and you’re trying to present these as your facts.” Tomey told the crowd at the September 12 briefing: “I found that really interesting because the first-generation studies were really a data-free zone, and the purpose of this study was to be very data-rich.” He added: “Facts have a longer row to hoe than fear.”

Some of the study results Green cited include: “Fracking had no detectable effect on vibration and did not induce earthquakes,” and “emissions associated with high-volume hydraulic fracturing were within standards set by the regional air quality authority.”

Tel Aviv — Israel routinely gets crucified by its enemies, not least for the behavior of the Israeli military. The Jewish state’s reckless soldiers eagerly spill Arab blood, as if for sport. Or so the story goes.

Kuwaiti officials accuse the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) of “intentional killing, intentional destruction of civilian objects, intentional scorched-earth policy.” Pakistani authorities complain that the “horrors of Israeli occupation continue to haunt the international community’s conscience.”

“The IDF faces a challenge,” according to Colonel Richard Kemp, former commander of British forces in Afghanistan and an outside expert on the IDF’s strategy and tactics. “It is the automatic, Pavlovian presumption by many in the international media, and international human rights groups, that the IDF are in the wrong, that they are abusing human rights.”

If Israel’s critics would calm down and face facts, they would be astonished by the IDF’s efforts to reduce or eliminate civilian casualties through its policy of military restraint.

Captain O (as I was asked to call him) is stationed atthe Dov Air Base just north of Tel Aviv, in the shadows of a huge power plant. The serviceman recently discussed this topic with a delegation of U.S. journalists who visited here on a fact-finding mission sponsored by the America-Israel Friendship League. Captain O is a charming Israeli with British-born parents, medium-brown hair, and blue eyes. The surprising result looks and sounds like a twenty-something, Jewish Jude Law in a pilot’s uniform.
 photo wingedthing_zpsff509049.jpg

A flying camel is the logo of the 100 Squadron of the Israeli Air Force, headquartered on this base. “In 1947, the Arabs said Israel will have an air force the day camels grow wings,” Captain O smiles. The warplanes that fill the sun-drenched tarmac nearby more than answer those Arab skeptics.
Dov specializes in aerial surveillance and real-time visual intelligence to support other operational assets. The 100th flies U.S.-made Bonanza A-36 aircraft retrofitted for military use.

“We will do almost anything to prevent killing or hurting civilians,” Captain O says inside a small, spartan briefing room. “We try to pinpoint our targets. We destroy the rocket launchers, but avoid the kindergarten. We spend time and money to do this.”

 photo Israel-IDFmapofGazalaunchsites_zpsad16a830.jpg Last November’s Operation Pillar Defense involved some 1,500 targets. Independent of Israel’s Iron Dome anti-missile shield, the goal of Pillar Defense was to foil the Palestinian rockets that rained down from the Gaza Strip onto southern Israel and, eventually, the outskirts of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Gaza is controlled by Hamas, a radical Islamofascist terrorist group that enforces Sharia law.

The preamble of the Covenant of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas’s official name) states: “Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it.” According to Article 7 of the covenant, “The Day of Judgment will not come about until Muslims fight Jews and kill them.”

Article 13 also is instructive: “There is no solution for the Palestinian problem except by jihad. Initiatives, proposals, and international conferences are but a waste of time, an exercise in futility.”
Before the IDF hit Hamas-operated targets, it scrutinized them to protect the safety of non-combatants.

“Our goal,” Captain O says, is to assure that “no innocent civilians are hurt.”

Twin terror! Church bombed, mall attacked

At least 135 dead in massacres in Pakistan, Kenya

WASHINGTON – Just a day after Muslim terrorists stormed a shopping mall in Kenya, killing at least 59, the Taliban is suspected of orchestrating a suicide bomb attack on an historic church in Pakistan, killing at least 75.

Hundreds more were injured in the attacks that began midday yesterday in Nairobi, Kenya.

The latest attack this morning in Peshawar, Pakistan, occurred as hundreds of worshipers were coming out of the church in the city’s Kohati Gate district after services to get a free meal of rice offered on the front lawn, said a top government administrator, Sahibzada Anees.

“There were blasts and there was hell for all of us,” Nazir John, who was at the church with at least 400 other worshipers, told the Associated Press. “When I got my senses back, I found nothing but smoke, dust, blood and screaming people. I saw severed body parts and blood all around.”

Blood stained the floors and white walls of the All Saints Church in the worst church attack in the country’s history. The floor was littered with bodies and plates of rice.

The suicide bombers detonated their explosives almost simultaneously, said police. Authorities were recovering body parts in a grisly effort to identify the victims and their ages.

The blasts killed more than 60 people and wounded 120, said Arshad Javed, top health official at the hospital in Peshawar where the victims were being treated. The dead included several women and children, said Sher Ali Khan, another doctor at the hospital.

The hospital ran out of caskets and beds for the wounded.

No group has yet claimed responsibility for the attack.

“This is the deadliest attack against Christians in our country,” said Irfan Jamil, bishop of the eastern city of Lahore.

Meanwhile, the death toll is rising in Kenya, where Saturday an al-Qaida terror affiliate attacked a shopping mall in the capital city of Nairobi, killing at least 59 and wounding hundreds with gunfire in a coordinated attack.

Israeli military advisers are reportedly involved in routing out the terrorists, who are still holding hostages inside the mall.

Attackers released five hostages around 1:30 a.m. local time – about 6:30 p.m. Eastern. However, they are refusing to negotiate with Kenyan authorities and reported to be digging in for a long siege.

Two gunmen are reported dead. Kenyan Cabinet Secretary of the Interior Joseph Ole Lenku announced in a press briefing shortly that the government believed between 10 and 15 gunmen were still inside the Westgate shopping mall and described the situation as “delicate.”

About 293 civilians have already been treated for injuries, but authorities are running out of blood for transfusions. The wounded range in age from 2 to 78, according to police.

A circle of insults and America...our troops...and to 'We the People
By: Diane Sori

The nightmare that is Benghazi continued last week as 15 Democrats added further salt into still open and raw wounds.  By getting up and walking out of the Bengahzi hearings just as testimony was about to be given by Sean Smith's mother and Tyrone Woods' father, an insult like NEVER before seen, at least NOT in my memory, was done as these 15 Democrats defamed and dishonored NOT only those lost at Benghazi, but also dishonored the American people as well for they showed us that they were NOTHING but cold-hearted political grandstanders who did Obama's bidding...and know this was NOT decided as a spur of the moment action but was well planned out in advance.
Benghazi has become a reoccurring nightmare that America cannot wake up from as the truth about what happened that fateful night must be kept hidden in a circle of lies at all costs for fear the truth might bring this miserable president and his equally miserable administration well it should.  But when elected officials do NOT even have the decency to listen to the words of the families of those deliberately and with malice left behind to die, it shows just how low this administration...and the Democrats...have sunk.
Benghazi was part of the War on Terror whether Barack HUSSEIN Obama cares to believe it or NOT for Benghazi was and still is all about this president aiding and abetting the enemy...grounds for treason as per our Constitution.  But while Obama's loyal minions continue to circle the wagons around him as they try and paint him as a loyal American just doing the job he was elected to do, 'We the People' can see the myth of the media manufactured 'anointed one' stating to unravel.
And NOT just because of Benghazi.
Aiding and abetting the enemy comes in many guises...some in-your-face obvious and some stealthily executed.  And Barack HUSSEIN Obama has done both, but setting himself above our rule of law to aid his muslim brethren is something that must NOT go unpunished for Obama has, with cruel and deliberate intentions, waived a provision of a federal law that prevents supplying guns and weapons to terrorist groups...terrorist groups like the Free Syrian Army and Jabhat al-Nusra (a radical Salafist faction of the Free Syrian Army who our government declared a terrorist entity in December 2012) who are fighting Bashar al-Assad in Syria...the free Syrian Army and Jabhat al-Nusra who are slaughtering Christians, beheading opponents and gassing civilians...the Free Syrian Army and Jabhat al-Nusra who Obama claims are really 'freedom fighters' yet who are anything but as both have sworn loyalty and allegiance to al-Qaeda.  This is who Barack HUSSEIN Obama is using our taxpayer dollars to send guns and weapons to.
Aiding and abetting the enemy with our taxpayer dollars...just like he did when he supplied guns, weapons, Abrams tanks, and F-16 fighter jets to the Muslim Brotherhood puppet President Mohamed Morsi in Egypt.
Citing his authority under the Arms Export Control Act (AECA), Obama is waiving (ignoring is more like it) the prohibitions in sections 40 and 40A of the Act related to such a transaction that prohibits his sending guns and weapons to countries described in section 40(d): "The prohibitions contained in this section apply with respect to a country if the Secretary of State determines that the government of that country has repeatedly provided support for acts of international terrorism," AECA reads. And worse yet, this law allows Obama to waive those prohibitions if he "determines that the transaction is essential to the national security interests of the United States.

And while Syria is indeed a hotbed of terrorism and has been for many years...Syria poses NO threat to the national security of the United States...yet Obama is sending them guns and weapons with our taxpayer dollars...guns and weapons that will be given to the so-called rebels without any background checks or registration that Obama says are necessary for 'We the People' here in America.

Sending terrorists guns and weapons just like he did with the Mexican drug in 'Fast and Furious' and we all know how that turned out.

And what's so sad about all this...that is in addition to callously and maliciously emboldening our that by his very actions Obama is knowingly and willingly dishonoring all our troops who fought and died in the 'War on Terror...a war he said was NEVER really a war...yet a war in which 6,727 brave American men and women gave their lives so we can enjoy the freedoms our great nation affords us...a war started on September 11, 2001, when 3,000 Americans were murdered in the worst act of terrorism ever perpetrated on American soil by the very same group of muslim terrorists...YES muslim terrorists...that this man is now supporting and funding with our taxpayer dollars.
And so we come full circle back to Benghazi where under-the-table and for quite some time (I believe) Barack HUSSEIN Obama was funneling those very guns and weapons through Turkey to the Syrian so-called rebels...funneling guns and weapons that he now suddenly cites presidential authority to do so...and to do so with our taxpayer dollars.
And when the parents of those whose murders his guns and weapons caused want answers he gets his minions to dishonor their memories even more than he already has, as 15 Democrats got up and walked out hearing nary a word from those whose hearts have been broken by this traitor-in-chief' and those who orbit around him.