Monday, July 28, 2014

America is supposed to be the land of the free and the home of the brave.

But as we become bogged down in our many problems, I see, unfortunately, a mentality in which we are becoming increasingly a nation of the unfree – the victim – and the timid, in how we’re approaching these challenges.

Ohio Republican Senator Rob Portman wrote a column this week drawing attention to the latest dire projections from the Congressional Budget Office.

CBO projects the nation sinking deeper and deeper into an ocean of red ink.

Under a business-as-usual scenario, the Senator notes, we’ll pile on another $10 trillion of debt over the next decade and another $100 trillion in the following two decades.

On the spending side, “after averaging 20 percent of the economy over the past 50 years, spending is projected to jump to 23 percent, 29 percent, and then 34 percent of the economy over the next three decades…”

At the center of the problem, the Senator continues, driving this out-of-control spending and borrowing fiscal Titanic are entitlements – “Social Security, health entitlements, and the resulting interest costs on the swelling national debt.”

This is a time for action. But we are not getting action, and the proposals we are hearing typify more the land of the unfree and the home of the timid.

When Social Security was enacted in the 1930’s it seemed like a good idea. Everyone working would pay a small tax and those revenues could be used to pay a retirement stipend to retirees.

But then there were 45 Americans working for every retiree. Because of longer life spans and shrinking families, this ratio is down to three to one today.

This makes it impossible for this system to work. CBO projects that in 20 years there will be no funds to pay one third of the benefits of retirees.

Among Senator Portman’s proposals are to raise the retirement age and to means test – meaning to reduce benefits of higher income earners.

But why, in the land of the free, should government tell us when we can retire? And if the wealthier pay taxes but don’t collect benefits, Social Security becomes just another big national welfare program.

I have been a long time supporter of changing the whole system, turning Social Security into a retirement savings program. Instead of paying a tax and getting a government benefit in the future, just let everyone invest those funds in their own personal retirement account.

My organization, CURE, is now floating an idea that would help transition into this type of reform.

We’re calling it the 30/30 plan.

Give every working American 30 years old or younger, earning $30,000/year or less, the option to stop paying payroll taxes and use all those funds to invest in a personal retirement account.

Not only would this begin to unwind a hopelessly broken Social Security system, but also it would start building an ownership society in the parts of our country where the welfare state has done and is doing the most damage – among low income Americans.

The stock market is surging today, but little benefit accrues to low-income earners. According to a Pew Research survey, 80 percent of households earning $75,000/year or more own stocks, but in households earning $30,000 or less, only 15 percent do.

Average savings in retirement accounts in white households is $115,990. In black households, it is $17,620.

The 30/30 plan starts to solve our Social Security crisis and also starts building ownership and wealth in low-income households.

This is a time to return to the first principles of our free society, to re-embrace those principles, and move forward with courage and faith.

The 30/30 plan is an approach worthy of the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Netanyahu: This is the cruelest, most grotesque war I’ve ever seen

Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs


Watch the latest video at
“The point is that there’s one side that is clearly bent on escalation and one side, that is Israel, that is bent on defending its people, as any country would under similar circumstances,” Netanyahu said.
Of Secretary of State John Kerry’s hot mic remark that Israel was engaging in “a hell of a pinpoint operation,” Netanyahu said he doesn’t “want to deal with off the cuff remarks.”
“I’ll tell you what my experiences have been. I’ve been in war. I’ve been in battle. And when you take a surgical operation, you can’t guarantee when your soldiers are being fired from Hamas homes, that is, Hamas is targeting people with — from private homes.
And you hit them back. Of course, some people are going to be hurt. That’s totally different from deliberately targeting them,” he said. “We asked these civilians, before we went in, we said, please leave. We text them. We call them on cell phones. We drop leaflets. We told them where to go. And those who left were safe.”
“Now, those who didn’t leave, you know what they didn’t leave? Because Hamas told them to be there, because Hamas, while we try to avoid Palestinian civilian dead, Hamas wants Palestinian civilian dead. The more the better, so they can give you telegenic fodder. So this is the cruelest, most grotesque war that I’ve ever seen. I mean not only does Hamas target civilians, ours, and hides behind their civilians,...

Obama demands that Israel accept “immediate, unconditional” ceasefire, while “strengthening the Palestinian Authority”

  / Jihad Watch 
“On the call with Netanyahu, Obama stressed the need to enact a ‘sustainable ceasefire’ that both ‘allows Palestinians in Gaza to lead normal lives, and addresses Gaza’s long-term development and economic needs while strengthening the Palestinian Authority.’” On the other side would be “the disarmament of terrorist groups and demilitarization of Gaza” — but the jihad terror groups would not honor that, and Netanyahu knows it: “Hamas,” he said, “has broken five cease-fires that we accepted.” He should not accept Obama’s one-sided demand here, which would only strengthen the jihadists — like everything else Barack Obama has done.

“Obama pushes for ‘immediate’ ceasefire between Israel and Hamas,” by Laura Barron-Lopez, The Hill, July 27, 2014:
President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke by phone on Sunday as a ceasefire with Hamas broke apart.
Obama reiterated his “strong condemnation” of rocket and tunnel attacks against Israel by the militant group Hamas, but also expressed “growing concern” about the rising number of Palestinian civilian deaths in Gaza.
Obama called for an “immediate, unconditional” humanitarian ceasefire, according to a White House readout of the call.
Negotiations to extend a 12-hour truce broke down over the weekend. Israel says it offered to extend the ceasefire for another 24 hours, only to see new rocket fire from Gaza. Israel then resumed its own military actions in Gaza.
“Hamas has broken five cease-fires that we accepted,” Netanyahu said on Fox News Sunday. “They rejected all of them, violated all of them, including two humanitarian cease-fires in the last 24 hours.”
On the call with Netanyahu, Obama stressed the need to enact a “sustainable ceasefire” that both “allows Palestinians in Gaza to lead normal lives, and addresses Gaza’s long-term development and economic needs while strengthening the Palestinian Authority.”
Any lasting solution to the ongoing conflict would only occur with the disarmament of terrorist groups and demilitarization of Gaza, Obama said.
Muslims Take Fifty Innocent People, Cut Their Heads Off, And Place Their Heads On Poles All Throughout The Area (Must See Footage)
By Theodore Shoebat and Walid Shoebat / Shoebat Newsletter

After the ISIS defeated the Raqqa base manned by Division 17 of the Syrian army, the countless POWs were then beheaded and their heads were displayed for public view in the city square. was the first to obtain this extremely gory footage: also translated what the ISIS spokesperson said during the filming:
In the name of Allah, most gracious, most merciful
He had fulfilled his promise and defeated the enemy by himself.
Your brothers here, the soldiers of the Islamic Caliphate,
Allah had blessed us a great blessing from him.
He had allowed us to defeat Division 17. This is a victory from Allah.
We thank Allah for our strength and power, and our armament.
Today, and till the day of judgement, devils who Allah had allowed us to defeat, and to be hung in this place, and we ask Allah to complete this victory the great victory of your brothers in the Islamic Caliphate.
Allah had promised the believers that they will dominate the land as it was dominated previously. And will strengthen the religion to be acceptable to him.
“And after their fear he will give them safety to worship me, that they may not worship others besides me and whoever disbelieves, these are the wrongdoers. They must worship me! and must associate anyone with me” (Quran), and that means that they believe in the absolute oneness of Allah. The nation has been victorious, that its base is the unique oneness of Allah. Just as Muhammad was victorious in Mecca when he was surrounded for three years, but the oneness faith has proclaimed itself in the hearts in the individuals, and Allah gave them victory over the land. Here are your brothers, by the will he gave them victory with the oneness of Allah, to defeat the kafirs. But when the oneness was proclaimed, your brothers were victorious. Here are heads that have ripened, that were ready for the plucking.
Division 17 is the largest military base of its kind in north-eastern Syria and is said to be well-stocked with weapons and ammunition.

The ISIS spokesperson continued to speak to each head asking them “why didn’t you defect” as a warning to other Syrian soldiers. “The Oneness” the spokesperson mentions is regarding Allah not being Triune and is the basis of Islam’s war with Christianity. Regardless that the victims are Shiite, ISIS proclaims it ultimate goal is to establish the oneness faith over Christianity which believes in the Trinity.

Obama Eyes Giving Millions of Illegals Work Status

Todd Beamon / Newsmax

As President Barack Obama prepares to announce his executive orders on immigration in the coming weeks, he is believed to be considering two major actions: granting temporary relief from deportation and giving work authorization to millions of illegal immigrants.

"There are two ways this could go," Marshall Fitz, director of immigration policy at the Center for American Progress, told Time magazine. Obama could either be seen as "the deporter-in-chief, or the great emancipator. Those are the two potential legacies."

What Obama plans to do continues to remain a secret, Time reports, but aides have declined to say how many of the estimated 11 million illegals could be helped by his actions.

Vote Now: Do you believe the Obama administration has secured our border with Mexico? Vote Now

"He seems resolute that he’s going to go big and go soon," says Frank Sharry,  executive director of the pro-reform group America’s Voice, who has met with Obama.

"I don’t want to put a number on it," cautioned a senior White House official, noting that the president planned to take action before the November congressional elections.

Regardless of the steps he takes, Republicans will charge the president with granting amnesty to millions of illegals.

Obama has requested $3.7 billion in emergency aid from Congress to address the escalating crisis of illegal minors being arrested at the South Texas border in recent months — and both Republicans and Democrats have whacked billions from the request in bills they plan to vote on next week.

"How Congress chooses to act in the coming hours and days will determine whether the president succeeds in his plan to nullify the immigration laws of the United States," Alabama GOP Sen. Jeff Sessions told Newsmax in a statement on Saturday.

"No member — House or Senate, Democrat or Republican — should support any bill with respect to the border crisis that does not include language explicitly prohibiting the administration from taking such action," Sessions added. "Congress must foreclose any possibility of these unlawful executive actions before congressional funding is granted. This is an essential precondition."

The work permit issue is a particular hot button among Republicans, as the nation grapples with a 6.3 percent unemployment rate — 10.7 percent for African Americans — and reports that nearly all of the job growth since 2000 went immigrants, both legal and illegal.

Of the nearly six million more people working in the United States since 2000, 5.7 million of them are immigrants, according to the study by the Center for Immigration Studies.

In other words, the number of new jobs obtained by native-born Americans fell slightly during the period, from 114.8 million to 114.7 million.

During the period, immigrants have obtained jobs across the full employment spectrum: construction, food service, retailing, office support, management, computers, and healthcare.

"Immigrants have made gains across the labor market in lower-, middle-, and higher-skilled jobs," Steven Camarota, the center's research director, told The Washington Times.

Republicans and those opposing immigration reform argue that granting more work permits to illegals would drive native-born joblessness even further, contrary to business leaders and reform advocates who argue that more immigrants would ease labor shortages in a variety of fields.

"During a time of low wages, high unemployment, and surging welfare rolls, the Senate bill doubled the existing and expansive rate of legal immigrant and guest-worker admissions into the U.S.," Sessions charged in a recent opinion piece for The National Review.

Can The U.S. Go Bankrupt?

by / Personal Liberty Digest

Can The U.S. Go Bankrupt?
When an individual goes bankrupt, he has spent more than his income. His debts and the interest on those debts exceed all the income he has to such a degree that they are beyond his ability to repay.

Most people believe that national governments go bankrupt because they spend too much or spend more than their income. This is what colleges and universities teach and propaganda media parrot.

Furthermore, when governments “overspend,” they call it “deficit spending.” But there is no such thing as national bankruptcy as the word “bankruptcy” implies or as it applies to the individual.

There are certain key words and phrases cleverly put into use to conceal the source of government finance: Federal budget, government spending, government deficit and Federal income tax. Believe it or not, none of these terms relates to government finance. But they do cover government fraud on an unbelievable scale.

The terms Federal budget, government spending and government deficit are meaningless when the Federal government and the central bank (Federal Reserve) create money in the form of paper and numbers called credit, in unlimited amounts. The government does not want public knowledge of its monetary trickery. This is why universities teach “accounting” and “finance.”

A simple axiom: To go broke or bankrupt in the national government sense implies that there is a finite or limited supply of money available to national governments. But money does not exist, and no one has ever proven that it does. People think that paper “dollars” are money. In truth, no one has ever seen a dollar. A dollar is not a thing. It is a unit of measurement the same as the terms quart or ton.

Don’t believe me? Will you believe the Federal Reserve’s own publications from the 1970s?
  • “Today, most coin and currency is ‘fiat’ money — money by virtue of government declaration and public acceptance. Fiat money isn’t valuable in itself and doesn’t represent a claim on gold or silver. Fiat money is acceptable because people know money’s true value is its purchasing power — its ability to buy goods and services.” — The Story Of Money, p. 19, Federal Reserve Bank of New York.
The Allen West Foundation

Just got a call about the possibility of flying over to Israel next week to speak regarding the current conflagration facing our best ally. What an incredible and special honor it would be to be able to personally let the people of Israel know that we stand with them.
Hamas Tells
Its Civilians to Provide Cover. Israel Tells Its Civilians to Take Cover.
I can think of no more critical time for me to be in Israel and the Middle East, to lend my voice and support to liberty, freedom, and the promise of "never again." And to my brother and sister Warriors in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), I have only one request, and that is to be able to visit with you in southern Israel and shake your hand -- especially Artillery and Paratroop units. I also hope to visit with the families of the two dual citizenship -- American and Israeli -- IDF Soldiers who gave the last full measure of devotion to God and country.

As I have stated firmly, there is no equivocating on this issue, either you stand with Israel or with Islamic totalitarians and jihadists. And I also want to express my support to the leadership and people of Egypt for making the stand against our common enemy, the Muslim Brotherhood. I find it appalling that our current administration is not releasing the promised Apache attack helicopters to you, while they released tanks and fighter jets to the Morsi government.

Better than anyone, our veterans realize the threat America faces from Islamic terrorism.

The phone call really touched my heart and the FAA better not put a travel restriction in place at the last minute -- then again, I am jump qualified!

Shalom, Steadfast and Loyal,

Allen B. West
Lt. Col. USA (Ret)
The truth about the Palestinian myth
By: Diane Sori

Israel is once again at war with those out to wipe her off the map. The nation that only wants to live in peace is fighting for its very survival yet again as Barack HUSSEIN Obama funds her enemies and ties her requests for emergency aid to an immigration bill that has NO business being. And now with the IDF's discovery of more than 30 Hamas dug tunnels...tunnels dug to infiltrate Israel from under the's more important than ever to understand the truth about of the so-called 'occupied' territories (the other being the West Bank).
But Obama and the media do NOT want the American people to know the truth, so I will tell you that truth, and it starts with the fact that Gaza is NOTHING but a complete and total welfare state as its economy and budget exists solely at the discretion of foreign aid...especially U.S. foreign aid. And the UN caters to those in Gaza, the countries of the world cry for those in Gaza, and the media paints Israel as the aggressor and the enemy of those in Gaza.

But those in Gaza...the 'so-called' Palestinians who the world cries for...are simply an invented people...a people made-up to aid Yasser Arafat in his PLO endeavors. In fact, the term 'Palestinian People' was first used in the preamble of the 1964 PLO Charter drafted in Moscow, and included a statement calling for the destruction of the State of Israel...a statement that even today has NOT been removed from said charter. And only after this charter was affirmed by the first 422 members of the Palestinian National members handpicked by the KGB...did the term 'Palestinians' became part of the media jargon.

And lest we forget...NO matter what the media and Obama's so-called 'Palestinians' are just regular run-of-the mill Arabs...NO different than any other Arabs who populate the Middle East. And their sole claim to having their own state at the expense of Israel is their warped belief that they're the original inhabitants of the land...inhabitants that were driven out ages ago by those who actually were the keepers of the land...that being the Jews...the Jews of the Old Testament to be more specific...with Israel being a Jewish nation two thousand years before islam was even a glimmer in mohamed's twisted mind.

In fact, the 'so-called' Palestinians are descendants of muslim conquerors who drove the Jews out of their ancestral homeland long ago...a homeland the Jews had dominion over for one thousand years with a continuous presence in that region for the past 3,300 plus years...making the 'so-called' Palestinians NOTHING but non-indigenous colonizers who overran the land in tribal groups. And the very name Palestine itself is just the Romanized version of the word ‘Philistia,’ the name given to the region by Rome in the first century. And naming it for the Philistines... who were enemies of the Jews...was done to add insult to the injury of their enslavement.

The name Palestine stayed through the ensuing centuries as the name recognized mostly by the European nations. And as more Arabs flooded into the area as the Byzantine empire was collapsing, even those settling in had NO name for themselves other than just being called Arabs for they knew they had NO history with the land upon which they now lived. And at the end of the British Mandate period in 1947, when UN Resolution 181 recommended a partition of the territory into two for the Jews (Israel) and one for the Arabs (TransJordan)...the Arabs rejected said recommendation, because for them it was all or NOTHING. So the Jews were given back what they, the UN, considered to be the whole of their ancestral lands after the nightmare of the Holocaust that defined WWII...and the Jews called the whole of that land Israel...Israel...the name originally given to the land by God.

And with once-called Palestine officially becoming the State of Israel in 1948, every nation in the world recognized the new nation of Israel by international agreements. In fact, the first time an Arab country had any agreement of any kind with Israel... and that includes simple trade agreements or even accepted Israeli help in times of a disaster...they recognized the fact of Israel being a sovereign nation, as this is what's known as ‘the right of recognition.’ And know that every Arab nation has done so at one time or another to some degree over the ensuing 65 plus years.

And that brings us back to the non-existent 'Palestinian' people themselves. Once again, there are NO Palestinian people just as there are NO Jordanian people, NO Egyptian people, and NO Syrian people...just different clans living behind a set of borders drawn-up by European in the 20th century. This translates into the simple fact...which many still refuse to accept...that the 'so-called' Palestinians really have NO national identity...NO cultural or true religious identity that would make them a 'people' their identity rests solely in their being Arabs like all other Arabs.

And the 'so-called' Palestinians are indeed devoid of all things that make a people a nation for to be a nation one must have a history. Remember, the Palestinians and what they call 'their Palestinian nation' had NO founders (except Yasser Arafat on paper), NO borders, NO major cities, and NO capital (and while they want Israel's capital of Jerusalem as their own that will NEVER happen for while Jerusalem is mentioned over 800 times in the Bible it is NOT mentioned even one time in the qur'an). Their 'so-called' Palestinian nation has had NO succession of presidents or leaders, NO economy but for the one other nations give them, NO official currency, language, or religion. And Palestine as a nation was NEVER recognized by any other nation as to actually being a nation, so with NO Palestine existing today, the critical points of what caused its demise and when did said demise occur NEVER happened... necessary points in the life and death of a true nation and its people.

And most importantly...if today's 'so-called' Palestinians are anything but a hodge-podge collection of Arabs from all over the Arab world, and if they really do have a specific ethnic identity that gives them the right to self-determination, then why didn't they ever try to become an independent nation before the Six Day War and why did they only wait until after Arafat told them to push themselves on the world to do so.

And again I'll tell you why...because there is and NEVER was a nation called Palestine and there is and NEVER was a Palestinian people...period. There are terrorists who call themselves Palestinians...Hamas being a case in point...there is the media giving credence to the anything but creditable rants of those trying to sell the Palestinian myth...and of course there is and will always be the haters of Israel and of the Jewish people. Anti-Semitism has been reborn NO thanks to an American president who stabs Israel in the back every chance he gets.

And as the Palestinian myth has taken on a life of its must the Palestinian myth die NOT on its own but with the help of America standing strong and proud with its friend and ally Israel. But I won't hold my breath for that to happen with the man who currently occupies the White House...sigh...