Saturday, August 6, 2016

Never Hillary...Period
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots

Hillary Clinton must NEVER become president. She lied to the Benghazi families, she lied about the emails, she lied about her support for Israel, she just lies, lies, and then lies some more about every and anything. But even before these lies...and so many others...Hillary did this... and this picture says more than any mere words can say. So please know the true character of the woman who will become America's next president unless we Republicans and Conservatives UNITE and UNITE now...and in this election cycle our consciences be damned.

This is a picture of the little 12-year old girl that Hillary called a liar and who she said wanted the 41-year old man to have sex with her...all while knowing he brutally attacked and raped her. That man served only two months in jail...and Hillary laughed about it when talking to a reporter. Thankfully, the law firm Hillary worked for at that time fired her for the unspeakable torment she put that little girl through while on the stand, and for her total unethical behavior regarding this case.

So if you want this vile, disgusting, evil, and oh so miserable excuse of a woman as your next president...then by all means go vote your conscience but may this picture (and the many pictures of those she helped murder in Benghazi...Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, and Tyrone Woods) be ingrained in your conscience forever...a conscience that helped in America's demise.

Ecological Double Standards

Paul Driessen / Townhall Columnist
Ecological Double StandardsDonald Trump recently said he supports giving local communities control over hydraulic fracturing. “If some areas don’t want” fracking, the decision should be “up to them,” he commented.

Trump supports this proven and safe technology to develop America’s enormous oil and natural gas deposits, create millions of jobs and generate billions in revenues. However, his stance on local veto power is the same as Hillary Clinton’s, though she would also try to regulate fracking into oblivion.

Their willingness to cede control over this single energy technology to thousands of communities across shale country appears to reflect common misperceptions that fracking causes earthquakes, water contamination and air pollution. As explained in articles,commentariesreports and documentary films, there is no evidence to support these claims.

Fracking-induced earth tremors are akin to vibrations from a dump truck on your street. No groundwater contamination has ever been traced to hydraulic fracturing. Methane in tap water results from water wells improperly drilled through gas-prone rock formations and was an issue long before fracking. Air emissions are below what we find in residential neighborhoods during non-rush hours.

But anti-fossil fuel activists assiduously promote disinformation about this revolutionary technology, as part of their agenda to fundamentally transform the way we produce energy to support our livelihoods and living standards. They want to replace affordable, reliable hydrocarbons with expensive, unreliable, subsidized, crony-corporatist, environmentally damaging wind, solar and biofuel sources.
25 Reasons Not to Vote for Hillary Clinton
1) Hillary Clinton is almost 69 years old; she had a serious head injury after passing out in 2012 and she’s had a much remarked upon uncontrollable cough throughout much of this year’s campaign. The presidency is an enormously demanding job that visibly ages the person in the Oval Office. If someone who simply isn’t well enough to be President becomes the leader of the Free World, it could lead to devastating consequences as she futilely struggles to do the job.

2) If you really want a telling indication of what type of person Hillary Clinton is when she’s not lying or coughing in public, know that Secret Service agents considered being tasked with guarding her to be a form of punishment.

3) “Hillary demanded White House workers never speak to her and hide behind the drapes when she appeared.” You think someone like that cares about you? At all?

4) Hillary is so mentally unstable that she believes she had discussions with Eleanor Roosevelt and Mahatma Gandhi.

5) She is so out of touch she hasn’t driven a car since 1996.

6) When she was practicing law, Hillary Clinton defended a man who raped a 12 year old girl. She tore the little girl apart on the stand, got the rapist off with a light sentence and later laughed about it with a reporter.
Khizr Khan on Pakistan news channel: Allah is making Trump make mistakes
By Robert Spencer / Jihad Watch


Khizr Khan on Pakistan news channel: Allah is making Trump make mistakes
Here is even more powerful interference in the presidential election than that of the Saudis: “He said that Allah makes people like Trump to make mistakes to discredit them in public eyes forever.” Khizr Khan has made this election into a referendum on the power of Allah and Islam. “You’re not acceptable to US: Khizr […]

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Howard Dean: ‘I Don’t Consider Iran to Be a Muslim Country
Pamela Geller / Atlas Shrugs

Howard-DeanDean says this because he knows Islam is a religion of peace, don’t you know? Therefore, when the Islamic Republic is repressive and brutalizes its own citizens, it “is the farthest thing from an Islamic Republic.”

Dean represents the fantasy view of Islam that dominates our government and has gotten us into the fix we’re in.

“Howard Dean: ‘I Don’t Consider Iran to Be a Muslim Country,’” by Adelle Nazarian, Breitbart News, August 1, 2016:
PARIS — Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean told Breitbart News that “Iran is the farthest thing from an Islamic Republic” and that Iran is not “a Muslim country.”
Instead, Dean said, Iran is “a republic that’s been hijacked by thugs and murderers.”...