Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Of course it's too early to talk about 2016. Now that we've gotten that out of the way ...

The most interesting dynamic about the presidential race so far is that the Democrats are behaving like Republicans -- and vice versa.

Since 1940, with the arguable exception of Barry Goldwater, Republicans have nominated the guy next in line. Thomas Dewey almost beat Wendell Willkie for the nomination in 1940, so in 1944 -- and 1948 -- it was his turn. Dwight Eisenhower, whom both parties wanted as their nominee, was a special case, given that whole invading-Europe-and-defeating-Hitler thing.

But Richard Nixon had been Ike's vice president in 1960, and in 1968 Republicans believed he had been the victim of John F. Kennedy's stolen election, so they nominated him again. Gerald Ford was Nixon's VP and the sitting president in 1976. Still, Ronald Reagan almost beat him in the primaries, so the next time around the Gipper got a shot.

In 1988, Reagan's VP, George H.W. Bush, had his turn. Bob Dole (Ford's running mate in '76) had almost beaten Bush in '88, so he got the nod in '96. George W. Bush was nominated in 2000, in part because the rank and file felt nostalgic for his dad during the sordid Clinton years. In 2008, John McCain cashed in his runner-up coupon for the nomination. And in 2012, Mitt Romney did likewise.

Meanwhile, Democrats tend to favor outsiders: George McGovern in 1972, Jimmy Carter in 1976, Michael Dukakis in 1988, Bill Clinton in 1992 and Barack Obama in 2008. Two of the three exceptions were former or sitting vice presidents -- Walter Mondale in 1984 and Al Gore in 2000 -- who used their positions to consolidate power. The third was John Kerry, who won the nomination because of a combination of the mistaken belief that he was the Democrats' best shot at beating Bush -- whom Democrats hated more than they loved outsiders -- and Howard Dean's sudden implosion.

(Exit polls showed primary voters didn't like Kerry so much as think he was the most electable.)

On the Democratic side for 2016, the two top-tier candidates are both next-in-liners, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden (stop laughing). Clinton is the indisputable front-runner: She's more popular; she was the runner-up in 2008; she's the dashboard saint of elite feminist groups; and she and her husband have been working the party machinery nonstop while Biden has been, if you believe The Onion, waxing his vintage Trans Am in the White House driveway.

The contrast between the two parties is amazing.

To say that the GOP base has soured on this next-in-line thing is an understatement on par with "Dennis Rodman wouldn't make an ideal baby sitter." Talk to a conservative audience about the "next-in-line" habit and you'll likely hear the sorts of boos and hisses you'd expect at a sports bar when you change the channel to a C-SPAN hearing on rural electrification.

Republicans want an outsider, which is why the senators aiming for the nomination -- Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio -- spend much of their time denouncing the city they work in. The governors -- Scott Walker of Wisconsin, Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, Chris Christie of New Jersey, Mike Huckabee, formerly of Arkansas -- have it easier, but they certainly never miss an opportunity to express their disappointment in Washington. Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, Romney's running mate in 2012, is the one candidate who could claim next-in-line status without setting off a riot, but he's unlikely to run. Jeb Bush is beloved by the party establishment, but nothing short of a legal name change would appease the Tea Party.

Meanwhile, it's not clear what the Democrats actually want. They certainly expect Clinton to be the nominee. But should they? She's easily one of the most overrated political talents of the last quarter-century. Both McCain and Romney were hobbled by the fact that they couldn't distance themselves from an unpopular GOP president. Having served as Obama's secretary of state (never mind being the "grandmother" of Obamacare), Clinton would probably have a similar burden. Perhaps the possibility of a female president will substitute for the thrill of nominating an actual outsider.

But given where the country is -- and likely will be in 2016 -- I'd put my money on the real thing.
Well it appears the Department of Energy, which has long lobbied for more clean energy, is now finding that this clean energy is a lot more expensive than they thought it would be. The Obama administration’s plan to fight global warming was to limit carbon dioxide from new power plants. So in order for new coal plants to be built, they would need to spend a lot of money on carbon capture and storage technology.

I guess the EPA then forgot to think about the next logical step. If the power plants have to spend more money on this technology, they are going to have to pay for it somehow; hence the higher prices for consumers.

The deputy assistant secretary for clean coal at the Department of Energy told House lawmakers that this new technology will cause wholesale electricity prices to rise by 70 or 80 percent.

So what doesn’t seem to be clear is why this even becoming law. This is not helping the American people. Even though these are the estimates for the first generation of increases, the second generation is not much better and is still higher than what we currently pay.

I don’t know about you, but I thought the government was supposed to be helping me. Instead these new “clean coal” laws are hurting me. Energy is already so expensive, and without exploring more energy resources, we are not going to be able to afford this much longer.

Starving “Palestinians” update: Hamas received $2 billion from Iran; Islamic Jihad gets $150 million annually

/ Jihad Watch

hamas-forcesThe entire “Palestinian” jihad is a massive edifice of lies, beginning with the “Palestinian” nationality itself and continuing to the endless tales of Israeli atrocities and “Palestinians” being deprived of basic life necessities. And the mainstream media eagerly repeats it all to a credulous world that then rains down condemnations upon Israel, ignoring the genocidal jihadist rhetoric that is a daily staple of the “Palestinian” media’s offerings.

“Expert: Hamas Received $2 Billion From Iran; Islamic Jihad Gets $150 Million Annually,” by Joshua Levitt for Algemeiner, February 11:
Terror group Hamas has received more than $2 billion from Iran, while rival Islamic Jihad receives between $100-$150 million annually, according to Ali Nourizadeh, Director of the Center for Iranian Studies, in London, Persian-language Raya News reported.
Nourizadeh said Hamas receives the aid through various channels, either in cash, when Hamas leaders visit Tehran, or through Lebanon’s Hezbollah, and the $2 billion figure is the total received since Hamas’s inception. Islamic Jihad receives its money via Hezbollah or through banks in Beirut or Malta.
However, Nourizadeh said, Hamas’s loyalties lie elsewhere.
“Iran has paid a lot to strengthen its relationship with Hamas to be used as a card but it did not succeed because [Hamas] has good relations with Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the Arab states and Iran is no longer the main source of funding Hamas, so Iran considers its investment in Hamas to be unsuccessful,” Nourizadeh said.
Nourizadeh said Islamic Jihad fighters are trained in Iran and the group’s weapons all come from Iran, with Hezbollah playing an important role in the supply line. On the other hand, no more than 500 Hamas fighters were trained by Iran.
Additionally, according to Nourizadeh, a new rapprochement effort is now underway between the PLO and Iran. Fatah official Jibril Rajoub recently visited the Islamic Republic following a New York meeting between PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.
He said the Palestinian Authority, and, earlier, the PLO, has not received any aid from the Islamic Republic since the regime’s rise to power in the 1979 revolution.
The Raya News report was flagged by blogger Elder of Ziyon.
Justice NOT served  
By: Diane Sori

“Brian is my hero...he was a dedicated American. He would always say, ‘This is the best country in the world, Mom.’”
Josephine Terry, mother of murdered Border Agent Brian Terry

On Monday, sentence was handed down for one of those involved in the cold-blooded murder of Federal Border Agent Brian Terry...30 years in prison. 
Manuel Osorio-Arellanes...the only man taken into U.S. custody in connection with Terry's murder and the only one to date sentenced in said 37 years old, meaning he'll probably get out of prison before he ever serves the full 30 years...hell...Obama will most likely pardon him before he leaves office.

Is this justice served...NOT in my opinion especially when Osorio-Arellanes is NOT the actual shooter of Brian Terry, and is but a man who pleaded guilty to felony murder in a plea deal with federal prosecutors in exchange for their taking the death penalty off the other words a man who was out only to save his own life NOT caring about the life he helped take.

The life he helped take in what became known as 'Fast and Furious'...the nefarious gunwalking operation that happened between September 2009 and December 2010, where Eric Holder's Justice Department sanctioned the ILLEGAL sale of more than 2500 rifles that allowed suspected straw gun buyers and drug smugglers to obtain weapons from gun shops in Arizona.

'Fast and Furious'...with more than 1400 of those guns still missing in Mexico.

'Fast and Furious'...where weapons from that operation were found at the scene of Brian Terry's murder and at numerous crime scenes in Mexico and the United States.

'Fast and Furious'...where just one man out of the five involved has been brought to justice and again, he's NOT even the shooter of Agent Terry.

'Fast and Furious'...where two other suspects in Terry's murder have been taken into custody in Mexico and are awaiting extradition to the U.S. (which might never happen as Mexico will NOT extradite anyone who is facing a death sentence... meaning it's alright to kill one of ours but we dare NOT kill one of theirs even if found guilty in a court of law) while the two others involved still have NOT been caught.

'Fast and Furious'...where certain guilty parties of in Attorney General Eric Holder and President (gag) Barack HUSSEIN Obama who have yet been called to who is hiding something by his evoking 'executive privilege' over documents involved even after he denied having any knowledge of the event...and doing so on the same day the other one was found in contempt of Congress for his refusal to cooperate with the investigation.

Something still stinks here doesn't it for we know Obama and Holder are experts at covering-up any semblance of anything even related to the word 'truth'...and neither has answered for their deflection and dismissing of the truth about 'Fast and Furious'...just saying.

And before handing down the sentence U.S. District Court Judge David C. Bury said to Osorio-Arellanes, “You illegally entered the United States with the sole intention of committing armed robbery...there is no doubt that your prey was human. Law enforcement got in your way, as is their duty, and as a result a good agent died.”

And herein lies the crux of all that went wrong and all can be summed up with two simple words ..."illegally entered."

"Illegally entered"...the murderers of Brian Terry entered our country ILLEGALLY... were able to cross our borders ILLEGALLY simply because our borders are NOT sealed. Would Brian Terry be alive today if our borders had been sealed...there's more than a good chance that he would be.

The fact is that in the past few years drug related violence of all kind has increased ten-fold in many northern Mexican cities, with ILLEGAL drugs and so-called 'undocumented' (translation: ILLEGAL) immigrants continuing to cross over the border into our country undetected...or as in the case of 'Fast and Furious'...eyes were being closed to their entry.

Drugs...drug smugglers...the last thing America needs any more of. And while most of those who ILLEGALLY cross the border are people coming here to work in the fields or in construction, there still is a large number of people...a number that increases everyday...who come here solely to sell drugs (monetarily advantageous to working in the fields for minimum wage or less) or to be part of criminal gangs hell bent on committing crimes...including murder. And to that effect there are hundreds of drug tunnels all along the U.S./Mexico border built by the drug cartels. And the smugglers (like those who murdered Brian Terry) who used to move just illegal drugs across the border have now branched out into smuggling these very ILLEGAL immigrants that this country does NOT need any more of.

And all this adds even more credence to all the other reasons (just being ILLEGAL is criminal, taking jobs away from Americans, raping our welfare rolls and health care system, etc., etc., etc.) why sealing our southern border with Mexico...all 1,969-miles of a must...a must with the final goal being 'zero tolerance' for any and all ILLEGAL crossings...for we cannot allow more Brian Terry's to happen... period.

And oh YES...we must bring charges against Barack HUSSEIN Obama and Eric Holder for their cover-up of the facts concerning the murder of Border Agent Brian Terry and for the 'Fast and Furious' operation's simply the right thing to do.