Monday, August 1, 2022

A Failed Presidency Exposed
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio

Three and half weeks of escapism goes by way too quickly especially when it's your older son's destination wedding/vacation. But now it's time for me to get back to the real world and once again face the fact that the Democrats and their media cohorts...the very party and its propaganda arm who still refuse to acknowledge the differences between a man and a woman...continues on with the same old tired distractions from before I left. And it's all in a misguided yet ever so divisive attempt to divert our attention away from the undeniable fact that Joe Biden's presidency...his objectives, his policies, and his agenda...remains a total disaster, something we must focus on as the mid-term election draws near.

And said disaster encompasses both domestic and foreign policy issues. First, Biden's domestic disasters see soaring gas prices blatantly being manipulated to fall back down as the midterm election draws near while he ignores the basic principle of “supply and demand;and the now 40-year high in across-the-board inflation shows no sign of abating any time soon. Couple that with continuing supply chain shortages (with baby formula supplies reported to be worse off now than they were four months ago), and sadly recession has become the new reality as the GDP fell another 0.9% in the second quarter of this year, leaving one to easily see how our economy under Joe Biden is simply, to put it mildly, a mess.

But how could it not be when the ongoing crisis at our southern border is helping to drain our government's monetary coffers what with almost two million folks with their hands out for the Democrats promised “free stuff” having crossed our border ILLEGALLY last year alone with almost that many crossing this year, to date, as I write this. And yet DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas still claims that the border is highly secure and “getting securer by the day” while border patrol agents themselves state that, “Hundreds of thousands crossing every month is not the definition of secure,” and that, “They are liars and anyone who believes them are fools.” Could not have said it any better myself.

And surely not to be forgotten are the issues of “domestic terrorism” and supposed “insurrection” lurking not so silently in the background. And while “insurrection” coupled with “domestic terrorism” truly does come in the guise of government hating, America defaming groups like Antifa and BLM, remember as fact that neither group has yet to be called to task for the rioting, looting, mayhem, murder, and the burning of American cities all done in their name, let alone their outright government subversive agenda... true “insurrection” that's willingly being overlooked by their Democrat naysayers. 

And yet we only hear the word “insurrection” in regards to the “Trump Impeachment Hearings Part 3” otherwise known as the unfair and unbalanced televised House January 6th hearings. And really, how can the word “insurrection” even be bantered about in regards to January 6th when no one who was arrested or tried, to date, has had the charge of “insurrection” being levied against them, especially when many who were present claimed that the Capitol police quite willingly opened the Capitol doors to let the protesters in.

Also on Biden's failed domestic front we continue to see crime figures soaring as America's streets are turning red with the blood of innocent victims what with the police still being ordered to “stand down.” And while some in the political arena are now calling for a “refunding” of the police, their voices are being drowned out by those whose hatred of the police still runs as deep as the color of their skin. It's no wonder why we need the Second Amendment now more than ever before, after all we need a means by which to defend ourselves and our families, because if the police can't or won't do it we must do it ourselves. And with the rise in gun violence coupled with the federal government acting more like the Gestapo incarnate, perpetrators of crimes are turned into heroes or victims while crimes true victims are barely given lip-service at all.

And here let's separate gun violence into two categories with the first being when a firearm is used in the process of committing a crime, like robbery for example, from that what's now referred to as
“mass shootings” where killing is done for killing's sake alone. To try and take firearms away from both petty criminals and we law abiding citizens while not addressing the mental issues of those who commit mass shootings does no good at all for firearms...for guns...will not only always be gotten by those hell bent on doing bodily harm, but those of us “behind every blade of grass” will not nor must not give up our firearms willingly for to do so will lead directly to the downfall of American freedoms. Remember, it's only those of unsound mind who commit mass shootings, and besides guns themselves do not kill people...people knowingly and willingly kill people...gun free zones be damned.

And lastly on the domestic front, for this article anyway, we continue seeing both abortion and Covid on the front pages. So while Democrats are up-in-arms (pun intended) over the fact that their sanctioned killing of babies in the womb has been dealt a not unexpected blow with the SCOTUS' overturning of Roe v. Wade, Covid fear-mongering lingers on as Joe Biden, the man who just a year ago said, “You’re not gonna get Covid if you get the shots,” has (as I write this) Covid himself. Quite telling I'd say as “our bodies ourselves” in liberal-speak matters only when the killing of unborn babies is involved while the willingly “unjabbed” (like me) still remain healthy and Covid free. 

Now, as if on cue, enter Monkey Pox...the newest disease de jour...what with Covid scare tactics starting to wane.

And as for Biden's ongoing foreign policy disasters...of which I will highlight but a few...we must start with his foolishly ordered unilateral Afghanistan withdrawal that never should have been, most especially under what was then the current circumstances that presented in the country. Seeing the Taliban now winning the war that we should never have lost, left our troops returning home to find that it was more important for our military to become “woke” than anything else. What a sad commentary our men and women in uniform were now forced to face.

But Biden's forcing the leaving behind of millions of dollars of military equipment in what was a hastily conceived exit where the enemy dictated the timeline...led not only to a still ongoing humanitarian crisis, escalating starvation, and Afghanistan's general economic collapse...but to our arms being used against the very people we once proudly helped free. And not only does the media give little lip-service to this, but this only compounds the damage already done by Obama's “hearts and minds” directives...proving Joe Biden to be anything but a true commander-in-chief let alone one who is respected by both the military and we civilians alike.

And then there's Biden's recent trip to Israel, the Palestinian territories, and Saudi Arabia where in Israel he stated that he and his administration “won’t wait forever to get back into the (nuclear) deal.” In trying to placate Iran, Biden not only stabbed Israel in the back, but the self-called “messenger of peace” spoke out of both sides of his mouth when announcing America's “firm support” for Israel and that we would “ensure Israel’s military security” if Iran did obtain nuclear weapons. Empty words spoken for Biden then met with Palestinian leaders and announced a new $235 million aid package for the Palestinians, the very folks aligned with, financed by, and who receive the bulk of their weapons courtesy of Iran. And to add insult to injury, Biden repeated his support for a “two-state” solution ignoring the fact that the so-called Palestinians already have a's called Jordan...proving that all Biden did while in Israel was to again channel his inner Obama.

Then it was on to Saudi Arabia to beg the Saudis to produce more oil. Unfortunately, the highlight of Biden's trip to Riyadh was a disrespectful “fist pump” with Saudi Prince and future King Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud, who in effect is already Saudi Arabia's leader. And while no serious one-on-one oil negotiations took place between the two men Biden did promise...with fingers crossed behind his back no “reconsider the decision to ban the sale of offensive armaments to Saudi Arabia.” And know this most likely will not happen what with Saudi Arabia now forging relationships with Israel as they share and must keep in check their common enemy, Iran. Simply, Biden’s attempt to cozy up to the Saudis has proven to be an embarrassment for our country as it has done nothing to ease let alone undo Biden and the Democrat's self-inflicted energy crisis.

And also not to be forgotten is Ukraine, a still ongoing foreign policy disaster for Joe Biden, what with the sum total of promised U.S. aid in regards to much needed equipment still not reaching Ukrainian hands out of fear of Russian reprisal. So while Zelensky and his loyalists continue their fight against Putin's forces, Biden shows weakness in not only his fear, but in his lackadaisical attitude towards Vlodimir Zelinsky himself, a man who has more courage in his little pinkie than Biden has in his whole body. But then again Ukraine is a sore point for both the "big guy" and his son Hunter, and blood always proves thinker than water...blankets anyone?

And lastly dare I not mention the misnomer known as Biden's “climate change” agenda...which in reality is but the “weather.” Remember, recorded human history itself has shown that the seasons run and will continue to run in cycles with summers always being hot while winters will always be cold...after all “Mother Nature” herself cannot ever be changed. And why do I now list “climate change” as a Biden foreign not domestic policy disaster...because what is now called  “climate change”...remember it was first called global warming then global a key part of the globalist “Green Energy” agenda. And not only does Biden's “Green Energy” policies signal trouble here at home...both cost and common sense wise...but they do so on a global scale as well for failures here at home do tend to echo world wide.

And Biden's only success, if you can call it that, in all these aforementioned disasters is that he has allowed himself to become the willing puppet by which the which Obama himself...can still openly try to destroy our beloved America. And Biden is oblivious to it all, after all, fools rarely know they are fools for the spotlight blinds them to the truth.

 And so reality continues on as my escapism and vacation time is now sadly over.

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