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Picked For All The Wrong Reasons 
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots / Right Side Patriots Radio

After the U.S. Senate, in a 47-53 vote,* approved Ketanji Brown Jackson as America's next Supreme Court Justice she had these words to say,
“In one generation, my family went from segregation to the Supreme Court of the United States," adding that she hopes her “ascension to the court” is a moment in which all Americans can take great pride. And my answer to soon-to-be sworn in Justice Jackson is, “No way do I take pride in this...and in no way did you ascend to anything as you were a given before the first nomination hearing was even called into session...period.”

Simply, in my opinion, former public defender and appellate court judge Katanji Brown Jackson has none of the much needed qualifications to sit on the High Court, and yet because of her skin color and gender alone she was chosen to fulfill a promise made by Joe Biden to the likes of AOC and her socialist leaning cohorts...a promise that he would only nominate a black woman to the Supreme Court when a position became available in exchange for their support when he ran against Donald Trump in 2020.

And so when Justice Stephen Breyer does finally retire this summer at the
end of the High Court's current session...and know his retirement was surely forced by the Democrat hierarchy...Ketanji Brown Jackson, when officially sworn in, will become not only the first black woman appointed to the High Court, but will be an openly “activist” justice who will champion the left's decidedly anti-white (even though her husband is white), pro-abortion, open borders, anti-military, soft on crime, socialist anything goes political agenda. After all, her nomination was based upon her being a black female, hence her being supported by and beholden to major civil rights and liberal advocacy groups. And this in turn would make it very hard for her not to show personal judicial prejudice or to detach herself from what's referred to as "inappropriate considerations" when dealing with racially based and/or motivated cases.

Not good folks, for while soon to be Justice Jackson's appointment does maintain the current conservative favored 6-3 judicial split, we so cannot count on Chief Justice John Roberts or Justice Amy Coney Barrett to side with the conservative justices on all major issues, especially on issues pertaining to “social justice” and issues far left Democrats and black militants perceive as racially based “injustices.” And it's the later where Judge Jackson's record speaks for itself for the woman who actually clerked for the very justice who she will replace, stated at the Senate hearings that, race would be the kind of thing that would be inappropriate to inject in my evaluation of a case,  yet her rulings in cases previously presented before her speak otherwise.

And adding to this, I believe, will be Barack HUSSEIN Obama, the man who in 2016 vetted Jackson as a potential Supreme Court nominee to fill the vacancy left by the death of Antonin Scalia, and who once again will be lurking in the shadows advising what will be Justice Jackson on how best to vote to “legally” complete his narcissistic self-initiated “fundamental change” of America.

In fact, on June 17, 2021 when Jackson became a Biden appointed judge for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, her first decision rendered as an appellate court judge was to in throw out...a 2020 rule set into place by the Federal Labor Relations Authority that restricted the bargaining power of federal-sector labor unions. Says a lot now doesn't it as the ruling was a perfect fit for a labor union friendly supporting woman...and yes Ms. Jackson you are indeed a woman even if you can't define what a woman is, but thankfully there's no need for a biologist's decision here.

Simply stated, the possibility of Justice Jackson rendering decisions regarding big union, civil rights cases, or even the Democrats call for “reparations” in monies being forced to be paid to blacks who were never slaves by whites who were never slave owners...are indeed cases I doubt she could be counted on to put race or political promises made aside let alone be decided by the letter of constitutional law. 

And why...because it's my opinion that Ketanji Brown Jackson is but a sociallywoke” academic turned judge and now justice, who when she publicly stated that she was “inspired” byCritical Race Theory,” the “1619 Project,” and “Black Lives Matter” protests showed her true core ideologies. 

So with Jackson still serving, as I write this, on the board of trustees for the Georgetown Day School...a private Washington, D.C. school that teaches “anti-racism” to children from pre-K to 12th grade using the guidelines set down in “Critical Race Theory” (CRT)...the (erroneous) theory that racism remains deeply embedded in U.S. policies and laws... now sees our newest Supreme Court justice basically ignoring the fact that no minority in our nation's history has ever received more perks, advantages, opportunities, and catering to than the generations of black Americans who came after slavery's end. Simply read in-your-face “black privilege” here.

And as far as BLM and Jackson's saying that she was “inspired” by their protests...protests which started in the summer of 2020 and turned more violent over time...know that Ketanji Brown Jackson herself took physical part in black protests when she attended Harvard University, so no real shock here. Her protest activism, if you will, started after a white male student displayed a Confederate flag on campus leading her to become an active member of Harvard's “Black Students Association” (BSA). Now being involved with organizing rallies, sit-ins, petitions and sending out or posting fliers...a prequel of sorts to today's ever vile “cancel culture” movement...saw Jackson back in 1990 saying during a student protest that if more faculty was not placed in Harvard’s Afro-American Studies department that, “We can embarrass the university in front of the alumni.” Embarrass just how I wonder...words sounding more like a veiled threat of violence to me .

But then what do you expect from a woman who as a leading member of the above stated "Black Students Association," did not even try to stop her group from inviting known CUNY anti-Semitic Professor Leonard Jeffries to speak before Harvard's black student population. Says a lot about Jackson's personal racial and religious prejudices simmering below the surface... says a lot about her not raising a voice of opposition against a dangerous and hateful black man who claimed that “rich Jews who financed the development of Europe also financed the slave trade,” and that “the Jewish Holocaust is raised as the only Holocaust.” And to that I say...guess what it was and remains the only true Holocaust in so-called modern day history. I hope Ketanji Brown Jackson now understands this as fact and does not harbor anti-Semitic feelings.

Now here I'm paraphrasing some interesting little tidbits reported on by Politico last month, but for obvious reasons was not given airtime by the mainstream media. Let's start with the fact that back in 1989 while still a college undergrad student, Ketanji Brown Jackson's uncle Thomas Brown Jr., was sentenced to life in prison in Florida for a supposed “nonviolent” drug offense. In 2005, when Jackson was serving as an assistant public defender in D.C., Brown appealed to her for help, and on her personal referral a law firm took on his case, leading to Barack HUSSEIN Obama commuting his sentence when he was president.

Also, know that Ketanji Brown Jackson did work as a poll monitor for the Obama campaign with the group “Lawyers for Change” during the primary and general elections. Quite interesting I'd say what with the word “change” being a touch point of both Obama himself as well as for the far left, especially when in 2012 Obama, in kind, nominated Jackson to a D.C. District Court judgeship. And it was here where Jackson authored 578 deciding opinions, with ten of those decisions actually being reversed, and where she showed a history of adjudicating lenient sentences regarding child pornography offenders as well as for other assorted criminal sorts appearing before her.

And lastly, for this article anyway, know that Ketanji Brown Jackson was and remains no fan of Donald Trump for in 2018, she ruled against three of Trump's executive orders related to the federal workforce, including one that made it easier for federal employees to be fired...something that is, in my opinion, desperately needed. And then in 2019, she blocked the Trump administration from “expanding its powers” to fast-track the deportation of “undocumented immigrants” ILLEGALS here...via what was to be an “expedited removal” process. I guess entering our country legally is not something this woman championed...meaning it's also something she most likely would not champion as a Supreme Court justice as well. 

In fact, I truly believe that Ketanji Brown Jackson is indeed an activist judge whose decisions as a Supreme Court justice will more times than not be in lock-step with those of the Democrat-Socialist far left who want to keep our borders open in an effort to garner the votes needed to help keep them in power while extending their control over the masses intact.

And so the woman who envisions herself a hero of sorts forgets that heroes earn said status, that they are not entitled to it just because the color of their skin and their gender meets the political agenda of the current party in power. And it's also my opinion that if Ketanji Brown Jackson truly respected not only herself as a black American woman but respected the position to which she was being nominated for, she would have turned said nomination down. And why...because a truly qualified and honorable individual would have been insulted by a nomination made based solely upon their skin color and sex.

So now we have soon to be seated Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, seemingly a leftist ideologue's dream come true, a woman who will not only play to her far left base, but to liberal legal activists and black reformers who see her as their ticket to easy street, as well as to the big union sorts she (and Obama) obviously favors. And pushed to the side, amongst other things, will be the usually rendered by soon to be justices, all important, formal position paper expressing her overall legal philosophy which we have yet to see hide nor hair of, even though we already know her legal philosophy leans to the far left. 

And so Justice Jackson along with her fellow Democrat justices will continue to push the political agenda of the left down We the People's throats regarding issues ranging from but not limited to abortion, gun control, open borders, and reparations, while the crime wave sweeping America and our fallen status on the world stage become but mute points.

A list of must dos leaving her no time to help preserve both the now tarnished legacy of the judiciary itself, as well as the rule of law that is the U.S. Constitution. But hey, we now have what was most important to unqualified black individual who knows not what a woman is sitting on the United States Supreme Court making major decisions that affect each and every one of us...may God help us all.

All stated remains my opinion alone, and I stand by every word said. Case closed.  _____________________________________________

* Sens. Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins, and Mitt Romney sided with the Democrats

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