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Reports: These Places Will Be Re-opened First Under Trump's Post-Wuhan Coronavirus RoadmapAs we speak, President Trump is speaking to the media, part of his daily Wuhan coronavirus presser, where he stresses that the country needs to re-open. He’s right. In four to six weeks, some businesses might be wiped out. American workers are hurting. And there isn’t enough bailout money that can keep the enormity of the US economy afloat. It needs people to shop. It needs activity. It needs to re-open.

The Washington Post reported that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, along with FEMA, is drafting a blueprint for a phased-in re-opening of the American economy, and President Trump wants something soon so he can make recommendations to some states. Schools and daycares are at the top of the list concerning the first phase of re-openings but stressed that some areas might have to wait longer until a vaccine or some level of communal immunity is reached.

Hunter Biden Still Listed As Board Member Of Chinese Company He Pledged To Resign From In October, Retains 10% Equity Stake

There is absolutely no accountability for the Democrats. Power without law

Hunter Biden received wall-to-wall media coverage and praise from his father, former Vice President Joe Biden, in October when he announced he would resign from the board of a Chinese private equity firm by the end of the month.

But six months after Hunter Biden pledged to relinquish his position with BHR Partners, no evidence has surfaced to prove he actually followed through on his promise.

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Politics, New York, and the Truth About Masks and Gloves
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on Right Side Patriots Radio

Threats, accusations, and misplaced words of panic continue to be spewed from the mouths of Democrats while our country is in the midst of not just a medical crisis but an economic and governmental one as well.

And to that affect House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has alluded that she might extend the House's official return to session even longer than the April 20th scheduled return date, and that she may not call the House back to session until well into mid-May or beyond. In other words, once again the job these folks were elected to in “the people's business”...will not get done while they sit home doing nothing but collecting their just raised paychecks and maybe watching a little TV.

Talk about adding fuel to the fire of our country's current woes.

Now add in that Pelosi and her fellow Democrats continue, as I write this, to hold up the monies allocated for small businesses as per President Trump's CARES Act stimulus package. And couple that with last Thursday's warning by Ms. Pelosi that President Trump best keep the country under stay-at-home orders for even longer than he originally planned and that not to do so could further send the U.S. economy into a tailspin as secondary infections take hold...secondary infections that have yet to be proven will happen...making her words just another orchestrated call to panic. And besides, if ever there was anybody holding the economy at bay it's Pelosi and the Democrats holding up the above stated small business monies, and they're doing so simply because they feel there's not enough “pork” in the current stimulus package...partisan politics at its very worst.

And while said holdup is ongoing, Pelosi and her economic task force are drafting yet another coronavirus relief package, a package to be introduced on the Congressional floor when Congress returns from its now appearing to be extended recess. A fourth relief package that will likely for the foreseeable future also be denied the American people as Pelosi holds Congress and our country hostage to her whims and ways while ignoring the fact that President Trump has created an economic recovery task force of his own...a task force comprised of Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow, and other learned administration officials. Tasked with studying both general economic issues and the return to work time frame, this task force will make recommendations to President Trump on when to reopen the economy based not upon partisan politics but upon what is in the best interest of our country as well as on what is best for the health, safety, and welfare of the American people. And they'll do so while Nancy Pelosi continues to delude herself into thinking that it's she who will decide when it's safe to go back to work, that is after she decides when it's the right time to lift the stay-at-home guidelines currently in place.

Laughingly, Ms. Pelosi's delusions of self-importance are not unlike Joe Biden thinking that come November he can beat President Trump.

And delusional is also a moniker that can just as easily be worn by New York's Governor Andrew Cuomo, a man who relishes in giving multi-million dollar companies tax breaks yet blames President Trump for both New York's current financial crisis and for its now being the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak. How quickly Cuomo ignores the fact that it was he and his liberal policies that caused most of New York's financial and coronavirus woes. 

How so? Elected in 2011, Andrew Cuomo, the man who dares to criticize President Trump's handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, is the very same governor who for years has been warned about critical health care and emergency room shortages in New York's hospitals yet willingly chose to remain silent about said shortages. And that's coupled with the fact that it was Andrew Cuomo himself, who just five years ago, callously passed on the chance to purchase 16,000 ventilators...ventilators that in total would have cost the state less than $600 million...a purchase that would have been but 0.4 percent of New York's total 2015-2016 budget. 

So where did the governor choose instead to spend New York's money? How about that Cuomo allocated $2.3+ billion for ambiguous “economic development projects” as well as funding “social issue” causes...which together laid the foundation for New York's current monetary crisis... and that he did so while ignoring repeated requests from Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli for the state to be ready in case a serious medical emergency arose. Stressing that time was of the essence and that New York must be ready before such an emergency occurred, DiNapoli strongly suggested putting in place both better safeguards against such a scenario as well as creating a reserve fund that could be used if such an emergency did occur. Yet Cuomo chose to ignore DeNapoli's requests, and as a result the people of New York are paying for the governor's willfully negligent choices, and sadly many are paying with their lives.

And to add insult to the injury Cuomo has caused New Yorkers, as per The New York Post, New York State already adds a 9.6 percent surcharge to hospital bills paid for by the in “penalizing the patient for getting sick”...while employers covering insurance costs are hit with an extra fee determined in the form of an in-person assessment. And when added together these charges allow New York to garner about $5 billion for the state, "making such a fee the third-largest source of revenue after income and sales taxes," again according to the The New York Post.

And yet New York State is still broke thanks to Gov. Cuomo's misguided, mismanaged, and wasteful “fluff” spending on things like retiling two city tunnels with the state's blue-and-gold color theme instead of doing much-needed structural repairs, and placing 500 totally useless "I Love New York" signs along the state's highways. And let's not forget this is the governor who also allocated $30 million for college tuition for illegals when those very monies could have and should have been spent on ventilators and other needed medical equipment as per Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli's request.

So while Andrew Cuomo continues to whine about what he perceives to be New York's disproportional amount of federal funding in relation to the number of COVID-19 cases in his state, this self-serving little man has no one to blame but himself for New York's current coronavirus woes as he could have spent the state's monies on much needed medical supplies and equipment as he was advised to do, but instead chose to spend money on things of little to no importance. Now also blaming President Trump for what he claims is the administration's complete dropping of the ball on the lack of warnings issued concerning the seriousness of the virus, the precautions needed to slow the spread of the virus, and also on what he says is still being delayed testing, what Cuomo ignores is the actual logistics of the virus itself, but more importantly why certain precautions do not and will not work in slowing COVID-19's spread no matter the untruths the media states as fact.

But first let's start with the only thing that actually helps stop the virus' in “social distancing.” Simply, all “social distancing” means is not getting in each others faces or “space” while one is sick or feeling like one is getting sick. Common sense advice indeed but where common sense takes the proverbial left turn is when it deviates into unneeded panic. And while we're being advised to stay inside our homes and that if we must venture out to stay at least six feet away from the nearest person while wearing a paper or surgical mask and disposable gloves, the fact is that it's only “social distancing” itself that works in stopping COVID-19's spread. How denying the virus a needed host upon which to create its havoc.

Viruses are strange entities indeed for their goal is not to kill its host but to live and replicate within its host. A dead host does not serve a virus well for when its host dies the virus dies too. What's needed in regards to COVID-19...besides life-saving for natural immunity to build up both in a given host and in the general population so that our immune system can contain and keep the virus in check or at least tone down its appearance, which can only be done through exposure. Remember, exposure to a virus does not always cause fact most times we don't even know that we've been exposed to any given virus.

Also, remember that thousands of bacteria and viruses live within us and cause no harm at all either because we ourselves, via our immune system, keeps them in check or a vaccine does so via a targeted response to a specific pathogen. And whether the anti-vac folks like it or not the fact is that vaccines have saved countless millions of lives while endangering but a few in comparison. And in time a vaccine against COVID-19 will help do so as well.

Now as for masks and gloves...the “feel like we're doing something” protections against COVID-19...a virus that's absorbed only through mucus membranes. Let's start first with masks. What most don't know is that surgical masks are not meant as a defense against illness for the one wearing the surgical mask but to protect the sterile field of surgical procedures as well as protect the surgeon from blood splatters. And in regards to paper masks, what's forgotten is that the COVID-19 virus...100 million of which can fit on the head of a pin...can pass through or enter from around gaps in paper masks, and that unseen droplets from a sneeze or cough can not only pass through such a mask but out of it as well. Simply, paper masks and even self-made cloth masks offer its wearer little protection from viruses or from its wearer spreading a virus to another. And why...because these types of masks are flimsy porous barriers at best...they are not filter masks nor are they respirator masks.

A true respirator the ones firemen wear when going into a fire...has its wearer breathing in only self-contained air not the outside air coming in from around gaps in the paper type masks or air passing through the paper masks themselves. And know that there is not enough air within a paper or a cloth mask so one must breathe in through their mask outside air...air that could be virus or bacterial infected. Again, the masks we see people wearing are not respirator masks let alone filter masks but simple, for the most part, ineffective barriers which offer little if any true virus and bacterial protection.

And this can be proven by the fact that if you run water over these paper or cloth masks the water will slowly seep through, meaning microscopic viruses can get through as well.

And as for disposable gloves, they too give one a false sense of security. How so... remember that washing your hands for at least 20 seconds remains the best defense against COVID-19, but that when you go into a public place, grocery stores included, you most likely don't have access to soap and water, hand sanitizer, or sanitizing wipes by which to clean your grocery cart...a cart always exposed to viruses and bacteria in the air. And also being forgotten is that viruses stick well to disposable gloves whether they be latex or rubber, and that if you touch your face or rub your eyes you expose yourself to the very virus the wearing of gloves is supposed to protect you from. In fact, just the act of taking off said gloves can cause viral contamination unless you take them off from the inside out and dispose of them immediately. The nurse in the video below explains it best.

So where are we now as the infamous curve is finally starting to shows signs of flattening out? It seems we're still being force-fed half-truths, misinformation, and cleverly crafted panic mostly from the Democrats and propagated by the alphabet media. And it's all being done in a last ditch attempt to try and derail the “2020 Trump Train.” And why is this truth...because while we know that panic and terror tends to breed strange bedfellows we also know that if the Democrats and the media really cared about this summed up in their “we are all in this together” mantra...they would not be lambasting President Trump every chance they get...they would not be weaponizing a virus for political gain...but instead would be asking our president what they can do to help our country deal with a crisis not of America's or his doing. And with this being something they refuse to do then nothing more needs to be said.

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