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New York's Descent Into Hell 
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

With the signing of this bill, we are sending a clear message that whatever happens in Washington, women in New York will always have the fundamental right to control their own body.”
- New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on his signing the bill that legalized abortion for any reason up to birth

It's murder...cold-blooded and oh so calculated murder...there is no other way to say it. And it's murder of the most unspeakable kind for mothers are not supposed to kill their children. We women are supposed to be our children's nurturers as much as our men are supposed to be their protectors, and yet somehow the laws of both God and nature have been upended to be used against the most helpless amongst us...babies...babies in-utero who have no chance to fight back...full-term babies now being denied their chance at life.

And so it seems that abortion has morphed into the outright slaughter of “the unborn” with New York State leading the way by now allowing a mother to legally end the life of the child she is carrying up until the very day...up until the very minute...that child is to be born. Unimaginable and unspeakable in its horrors, the mere thought of a woman...any woman...even entertaining such an idea makes me sick to my stomach.

So whether the pro-abortion crowd likes it or not this newest abomination...this new law...reeks of the horrors of Nazi Germany when babies and children were thrown into the ovens...some while still alive.

And serious questions must now be raised...questions such as have we as a a society...really sunk so low as to allow third trimester, full-term, viable babies to be so easily disposed of as if they were but pieces of trash? Have we become so morally bankrupt that an act of pure evil has women...and some men...cheering this evil on as yet another supposed win for womanhood and reproductive rights?

The answer to both those questions in New York State is sadly yes, and it became so with Governor Andrew Cuomo's recent signing into law a new abortion bill called the “Reproductive Health Act”...a law which allows women to terminate a pregnancy of a ready-to-be born baby because said baby is now not deemed a “person” or a “human being” until it has been born alive. Remember this critical definition as I will get back to it in a bit for this definition can hold the key to repealing this murderous law.

So as it now stands, said full-term baby can be be legally injected in-utero with poison so that when the mother does deliver she will knowingly be delivering a dead child, and it's this new law that has allowed her...and of course her doctor/ commit murder.

And so New York State, the very state that already aborts babies at twice the national average...has just crossed over into becoming our country's gateway to hell.

So exactly what does New York's new law...the “Reproductive Health Act”...state as compared to New York's previous abortion law? Basically, this new law goes beyond “Roe v. Wade” as it allows "unborn" babies to be aborted even when the U.S. Supreme Court has said states may restrict abortions. Late-term abortions...abortions that were illegal in New York...would now be allowed, and even those who are not licensed medical doctors would be allowed to perform them. And then there's this most horrific little detail...if a baby somehow survives the attempts to murder it...and many do...and is then born alive, the previous section of New York's now former abortion law where it stated that efforts must be made to care for the child have been removed, leaving the baby to die on its own or by the abortionist severing its spinal cord while still alive. 
Abortion on demand...murder most proud...with no holds barred exceptions it seems.

And so this who still believes that abortion in four key circumstances alone must remain as law... circumstances such as rape, incest, when a baby has zero chance of survival once born, and when the life of the mother is in immediate finds myself unequivocally siding with those who take to the streets to protest the “killing fields” known as abortion. And I do so because I know that what Andrew Cuomo just signed into law is morally, ethically, and legally wrong.

From the day I heard my first baby's heartbeat; from the day I felt that first kick...a flutter actually...and from the day I saw the first sonogram pictures of the life growing inside of me, I knew this life would forever be part of my heart...a life I would protect with every fiber of my being for to even think of ending my baby's life would surely be the death of me. And I would hope that any mother would feel the same way.

Sadly, however, we now find ourselves living in times when right is wrong and wrong is right...when a human life can be easily discarded at whim for selfish, self-serving reasons alone. For that reason and of course for political expediency as this new law is nothing but the left's dangling the ability to commit murder in the hopes in garners Democrats more women's votes. Pandering of the worst kind is what Cuomo and his ilk are doing, but most unsettling is that they're getting those votes what with the lefts numbers and actions always seeming to silence our pro-life voices, after all they have the media aiding their endeavors.

And America's “unborn” children literally cannot fight back while they silently scream in agony as they die by the inhumane hands of those charged to “do no harm.” And while those once mothers become heroes in the eyes of the left we on the right must shoulder a bit of the blame for those babies deaths for we have become enablers of sorts because we are not trying hard enough to save these innocent children's lives. How so...because we allow outwardly pro-abortion sorts to be elected time and time again as our pro-life message gets drowned out not just by those on the left but by those who while championing life make this battle solely about God and morality instead of about the law.

Those on our side need to understand that fighting to overturn “Roe v. Wade” is not now nor will it ever be an attainable realty for precedence has been set. And even though the Supreme Court now leans decidedly to the right, these “originalist” justices will not overturn a law where precedence has been set. However, they might be willing to amend “Roe v. Wade” somewhat while at the same time throwing the issue of abortion back to the states where it always belonged, and where it should have stayed. 
So back to New York State it goes where the legalities or lack thereof of the “Reproductive Health Act” can be the very way and means by which to get this most vile of laws rescinded.

And how can that be pulling apart the very words of the law itself... throwing back at the pro-abortion lawmakers the illegalities and contradictions buried within this new law. One example can be seen at the very beginning of this article where I quoted Governor Cuomo's words that thanks to this new law women will now have a right to “fundamentally control their own bodies.”

However, there is a major flaw in that statement for once a woman is pregnant with a viable baby her body is not hers alone but is the "host" of someone else's body as well. Technically, while our bodies do belong to ourselves the life growing inside a woman's body is not hers, but is a life she invited to live within her by the simple act of her having sex. And while that life cannot live independently of hers until a certain point in its parasitic relationship with its mother "host," it is still a life separate from hers and a life worthy of being lived.

One can look at this in a more direct no holds barred way as well...if a woman is going to murder her “unborn” child so late in a pregnancy as the “Reproductive Health Act” would allow, why not give birth to the child and give it up for adoption and make a few bucks for being that child's “host.” That would be a win-win all the way around as the baby would get a loving home while the mother would get dollars to spend on who knows what...selfish person that she is for I cannot imagine anything but selfishness being the driving force behind murdering your child so late in the game...while at the same time denying her place of abortion the ability to sell her baby's body parts and keep all the profits.

In a perverted way this does make a bit of sense and would allow the clause regarding third trimester abortion to be amended where everyone is happy...especially the baby...or even possibly to be rescinded. Well maybe not everyone would be happy as the murdering abortionist loses a client and bucks in his or her pocket...a big plus I'd say.

And here's another example of the “Reproductive Health Act” being awash in double-speak. While this new law appears on the surface to restrict late-term abortions, the law actually contradicts itself with its adding of a “mental health exception” for abortions after 24 weeks. This exception actually gives women permission to abort their "unborn" babies up to nine months of in a full-term, deliverable, and viable child...for any reason the mother deems appropriate, including her age, economic and social status, and emotional factors with no specificity required. Simply, this new law gives a mother the right to murder her unwanted child no matter that its existence poses absolutely no physical risk to her maternal health at all.

So why is this exception even a part of the “Reproductive Health Act”...simply to allow New York's killing of babies to go on...murder and the selling of baby parts rakes in big bucks after all.
But herein, I believe, lies the legal key to repealing this abomination of a law. Remember back to when I said this new law changes the legal definition of what defines a “person”...of what defines a “human being” to mean one who is born alive...well with that being the case if an aborted baby still somehow manages to be born many do...with medical treatment now legally allowed to be withheld and with the abortionist now being able to legally severe the spinal cord of any aborted baby thus immediately killing that born alive “person”...then that baby's death whether it be by state sanctioned neglect or by a violent life ending action by one who swore to “do no harm”...than that baby's death is indeed premeditated murder in the first degree. 

And why...because that baby was sentenced to death before it was born alive by its very own mother with sentence now being carried out by a willing accomplice. Therefore, that baby's death becomes a crime deemed punishable in the eyes of the law...thus rendering the law illegal.

But the bottom line is this, New York's “Reproductive Health Act” is not only pure evil but it poses serious dangers to the very women who are heralding this bill as a step forward for womanhood, which it is not. Oblivious to the fact that this bill now removes protections from illegal abortions, thus allowing cheap back alley abortions with the high risk of maternal death to again become the norm.

Also, these women seem to ignore the fact that now allowed is a woman's abusive partner, parents, and others the right not to face charges for illegally killing an unborn baby even if that baby is but one day or less away from being born...even if the mother wants to keep the very child they force her to abort.

And while this bill amounts to both moral and legally sanctioned depravity at its worst, that depravity continued on with New Yorkers taking to the streets to celebrate the now totally sanctioned killing of the “unborn.” And sort of like with the Biblical golden calf, Governor Andrew Cuomo and crew staged one final act of overt in-your-face depravity as he had the 400-foot spire of One World Trade Center lit up in pink to honor the women of New York's right to kill their "unborn" children. And so the very ground upon which 3,000 Americans were murdered on a sunny day back in September of 2001, now has the distinction of being used to herald the murder of the most innocent amongst us.

Sad isn't it, but then what can you expect from the very state that will not allow convicted killers to be put to death, but will allow babies to be aborted up until the day of their birth. I truly hope Governor Andrew Cuomo can sleep at night what with the thousands of baby's deaths that will now directly lie on his head alone. He could have refused to sign this bill, but he didn't. Instead he rejoiced in it and did so for political gain...may God in His mercy forgive him...I know I never will.

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